About us

The Red Flag began in March 2021 as a revolutionary online news site, journal and marxist-leninist-maoist archive. It represents the most consistently revolutionary journalism in Switzerland, according to the communist world outlook, class position and work style and method. Moreover, it provides access to the single most complete and most regularly updated online archive of marxist literature in the world.

Our website takes its name from The Red Flag, the organ of the Communist Party of Switzerland for French-speaking Switzerland. The same name has been used by Communist Parties all over the world — from the Communist Party of Germany through the Communist Party of China to the Communist Party of Peru — and it thus represents an international revolutionary tradition to which we are proud to belong.

As a result of the struggle between two lines in our Editorial Board, in January 2022, The Red Flag was formally adopted as the organ of the Communist Party of Switzerland (Red Faction). This has been a great leap forward for our website, which is now able to accurately reflect the general political line of the Swiss revolution, which is under development as a result of the practice of the Red Faction.

We are proud that The Red Flag takes a consistent, revolutionary position on current events and matters of theory. But that is not enough. We hope that with an increasing focus on the development of news articles, concurrent promotion of investigative journalism and all-round improvement of the theoretical work and archive of the website, we will be able to serve the people and the revolution more and better in the future.