About Us

The Red Flag is a communist website providing revolutionary news, analysis and one of the largest available archives of communist theory on the internet. We serve the struggle for the refounding of the Communist Party of Switzerland as a party distinct and opposed to all ruling class parties and the socialist revolution in Switzerland and Liechtenstein, that is for a the new and red Switzerland. We support all people who fight for this goal, a struggle in which the Communist Party of Switzerland (Red Faction) is playing the role of vanguard in formation.

Get Organized!

If you are intersted in getting involved with the proletarian revolutionary movement in this country or abroad, please get in touch with us. Our editorial board can be contacted here.


When using this website, please consider using the Tor browser and the Tails operating system. This is for your own safety. It is well-documented that websites like ours are monitored by both domestic and foreign intelligence services, and with the recent passing of the law on police measures against terrorism in Switzerland, those who sympathize with our views are considered “terrorist endangerers”, because they could carry out “efforts to influence or transform the State order” and could be subjected to house arrest, regular interrogations and contact bans without trial. Our website has in fact already been censored, under pretenses of communist propaganda.

Legal Information

The above mentioned law is unconstitutional. According to the Swiss Federal Constitution:

No person may be discriminated against, in particular on grounds of […] ideological, or political convictions […]

Freedom of expression and of information is guaranteed.

Every person has the right freely to form, express, and impart their opinions.

Every person has the right freely to receive information to gather it from generally accessible sources and to disseminate it.


Freedom of the press, radio and television and of other forms of dissemination of features and information by means of public telecommunications is guaranteed.

Censorship is prohibited.


Every person is presumed innocent until they have been found guilty by a legally enforceable judgment.


The guarantee of political rights protects the freedom of the citizen to form an opinion and to give genuine expression to his or her will.


Restrictions on fundamental rights must be justified in the public interest or for the protection of the fundamental rights of others.

We reserve our democratic right to spread information about the proletarian revolutionary movement in Switzerland and about the world revolution, and will not allow ourselve to be censored.

Onion Service and Clearnet Site

Because of the censorship our website has experienced, we run our website on an onion service, that is to say a Tor backend, which is practically impossible to be removed from the internet or censored. On the basis of this backend, we set up clearnet websites, and once a clearnet site is taken down, we set up a new one on the basis of our Tor backend. In this way we ensure that the red flag can never be lowered.


This backend can be accessed using the Tor browser and is the most secure way to access The Red Flag. We ask of all our readers to bookmark the following link, so that the can continue accessing our site in case a clearnet URL gets banned.