Association New Democracy: “We Are Advocates of the Theory of the Omnipotence of Revolutionary War”

Proletarians of all countries, unite!
There is one goal, the conquest of power!


Association New Democracy
April 2021

New PeruReproduced by
The Red Flag



Our center is to combat.

Our base is the proletariat and the people.

Our road is the People‘s War.

Our objective is the People‘s Republic of Peru.

Our ideology is Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Gonzalo Thought.

Our final goal is the Proletarian World Revolution and Communism.

The axis of everything is the Communist Party of Peru, its leadership and the Great Leadership of Chairman Gonzalo.“

Central Committee
Communist Party of Peru
„Construct the Conquest of Power in the Midst of the People‘s War!“

Starting from reaffirming our greetings and full, conscious, unconditional and voluntary subjection to Chairman Gonzalo, Great Leadership of the Party and the revolution, the greatest living Marxist-Leninist-Maoist on the face of the Earth, continuator of Marx, Lenin and Chairman Mao Tse-tung, center of Party unification and guarantee of triumph until Communism; to our all-powerful ideology, Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Gonzalo Thought, mainly Gonzalo Thought; to the Communist Party of Peru (CPP), to its leaders, cadres and militants, who in the present circumstances persist in holding high the invincible banner of People‘s War, strictly subject to our Party principles and very particularly to our Great Leadership, crushing with People‘s War the plans of imperialism, reaction and revisionism, pledging Communist heroism in abundance in the struggle for the general reorganization of the CPP. Thus, very especially our full and complete subjection to the 1st Congress of the Party, Marxist Congress, Marxist-Leninist-Maoist, Gonzalo Thought, mainly Gonzalo Thought, which established our Base of Party Unity (BPU) with its three elements: the ideology, Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Gonzalo Thought, mainly Gonzalo Thought; the Programme; and the General Political Line, with its center, the Military Line; as well as the 3rd Plenum, historical and transcendental, and the Speech of Chairman Gonzalo of September 24th, 1992, which shines victoriously and powerfully before the world as a weapon of combat, as well as the Party plans and accords that correspond to its application. We salute the combatants of the People‘s Liberation Army (PLA) and the masses of the New Power who despite all the genocide and revisionist betrayal remain unwavering in their commitments to the Party and the revolution. We salute the Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Parties and Organizations worldwide and the People‘s Wars under their leadership, we salute the International Communist Movement (ICM), marking with fire all the attempts of Avakian and Prachanda‘s revisionism, which led to the de facto liquidation of the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement (RIM) with the eagerness to erase everything that could be advanced with it, mainly thanks to the struggle of Chairman Gonzalo and the CPP, with People‘s War. We renew our commitment to defend our Great Leadership against all attacks, wherever they come from and to pay the necessary price.

This reaffirmation is not and cannot be a mere salute to the flag, an empty formula or a cliché, but a militant Communist expression of struggle for the general reorganization of the Party, in a fight to the death against revisionism and the reactionary plan to destroy it, to annihilate the People‘s War. Here, abroad, this commitment today has to be embodied in unmasking and crushing the sinister traffic with the name of the Party, its generated organizations and means of agitation and propaganda, on the part of a counter-revolutionary element that fulfills to the letter the plan of imperialism, mainly Yankee.

Many comrades at the international level are confused, they don‘t know how to orient themselves, they ask themselves: „Who is who? There are so many factions… there is nothing?“ This is not strange, because this is precisely what the imperialist plan is aiming at. The position of the Communists has to take its starting point in a class position, in a principled position and in the light of our common universal ideology, Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, mainly Maoism, to see the concrete facts of the class struggle, the struggle between armed revolution and counter-revolution in Peru. It is not a question of starting from good wishes, in some cases, or from petty interests in others, but to remember what Chairman Mao emphasized, the class character and the relation with practice, which our conception of the world has. First, position, and, starting from this, we see practice. It is not enough to do one without the other — to do only the first is dogmatism, and to do only the other is pragmatism in the style of Avakian. Both are needed.

At present we apply this fundamental method, to clarify the situation and see who is who. This by wielding the combat weapons that Chairman Gonzalo and the Party have endowed us with.


In order to be as clear as possible, to facilitate understanding, it must be clearly stated that „the multiple factions“, on which imperialism, reaction and its revisionist lackeys always insist, do not exist as such. What exists in Peru is:

— The 2nd Right-Opportunist Line (ROL), revisionist and capitulationist, of the hoax of the „peace agreement“, that is, the Movement for Amnesty and Defense of Fundamental Rights (MOVADEF) with Julio (i.e., the traitor of Huallaga who presents himself as Artemio). These rats have long been outside the Party, even this line was structured outside the Party.

— The 3rd ROL, also of a revisionist and capitulationist character, what reaction presents as „the VRAE faction“, headed by the rat José and his brood. This line has been structured in the Party since the end of the 1990s.

— Committees, cells of different Party levels, and in their environment, concentrically, units of the PLA and the organizations of the New Power/Front, dispersed, acting until now without centralized national leadership but firmly subject to the Great Leadership, our ideology — Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Gonzalo Thought, mainly Gonzalo Thought — and the BPU, who are fighting for the general reorganization of the Party in the midst of the People‘s War.

This is so, let there be no doubt.

The Central Committee for years has been blown up by the convergent action of the rat José and the rat Julio, in collusion with Peruvian reaction, in fulfillment of the plan of Yankee imperialism. Therefore: what the counter-revolutionary element, which has usurped the magazine Red Sun and its web page, affirms, is pure lies. It is a story. It is part of the enemy‘s disinformation campaign, it is part of the psychological warfare (a fundamental and indispensable component of the „low-intensity warfare“ led by Yankee imperialism). In the document published in October 2011 — FOR THE GENERAL REORGANIZATION OF THE COMMUNIST PARTY OF PERU AS PART OF THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE PEOPLE‘S WAR TO CONQUER POWER IN THE WHOLE COUNTRY! GRASP GONZALO THOUGHT TO SOLVE NEW PROBLEMS! — we have pointed out the guidelines on how this process took place, that is to say, how it was possible for the Central Committee to be blown up. We think that it is not necessary to repeat here everything that was exposed there, we recommend that such a document be studied again.

Assuming our commitment, here and concretely, to serve the general reorganization of the CPP, promoting the reorganization of the Peru People‘s Movement (PPM), the organization generated by the Party for the Party work abroad, we demarcate, reject, condemn and mark with fire the call to capitulation of the counter-revolutionary subject that usurps the name of the CPP, of its Central Committee, of the PPM and of the magazine Red Sun, as we have denounced in our document of October 2011.

The subject in question has published, in the name of the „PPM“, the rag of a document: „AGAINST WIND AND TIDE, THE GLORIOUS COMMUNIST PARTY OF PERU MAINTAINS THE ROAD OF THE PEOPLE‘S WAR!“, last March of this year, on the usurped web page Red Sun, in which the reactionary position that he represents and defends is concentrated.

In that document, he expresses his role as the true spokesman of the government of the fascist, genocidal and country-selling Ollanta Humala and calls for capitulation: in Peru, to the leaders, militants, combatants and masses who persist in the People‘s War, in the complex and difficult situation of the bend in the road through which the People‘s War, the Party, the Army and the Front/New Power are going through; and, abroad, to those of us who work with the particular responsibility of fulfilling the tasks established by Chairman Gonzalo for the PPM: To serve to create public opinion favorable to the People‘s War in Peru, to contribute to the reconstitution of the Communist Parties and to serve the World Revolution and, within this, to fulfill the tasks related to RIM. Tasks that we fulfill by developing the two united and inseparable campaigns: the campaign for Maoism and the campaign for the defense of our Great Leadership, Chairman Gonzalo, and Gonzalo Thought. The latter is like the key link, because the successful development of the campaign for Maoism and of our three tasks depends on its fulfillment.

In their filthy rag, with full brazenness, impudence and trying to deform the principles of the Party and of the People‘s War established in the 1st Congress of our Party and endorsed by the experience of more than 31 years of invincible People‘s War, they say:

[…] For the Party, the question is to continue to anchor in the mass work. Armed actions in this situation will continue to expand the scope of the axis of the People‘s War; the countryside is still the main thing, but not the jungle; and with the leadership in the countryside, to focus on mass work. Thus, the Party continues to assume its responsibility as the vanguard of the proletariat, leading the People‘s War, and as the Red Faction within the International Communist Movement. In this task, the PPM firmly assumes its role of serving the ideological struggle against revisionism on a world level […]“. (Our underlining.)

In the above quotation is where the crux of the matter lies of this whole mamotreto, as well as of the others, which they have been publishing profusely on the Internet in fulfillment of their „ideological struggle“ against the Peruvian Revolution and the World Revolution, trying to cover it up, with their already well-known double-faced counter-revolutionary style, as a struggle „against revisionism on a world level“. It is in this quote, in which his reactionary position and conception is summarized, which, sowing more confusion on all levels, pretends to present it as Marxist-Leninist-Maoist, Gonzalo Thought, while disarmed, sinisterly and with all its brazenness disfigures it to the point of turning it into counter-revolutionary poison to propagate capitulationism and revisionism, to serve the need of imperialism and reaction to annihilate the People‘s War, thus serving the bureaucratic road against the democratic road.


After this, it has published a spurious „Red Sun No. 37“, in which all its contents are marked by the counter-revolutionary position and conception that we are here breaking into pieces, as we will demonstrate by touching on some essential questions that are dealt with in it.

But, first, it is necessary to deal with the position assumed by these two-faced individuals, in view of the events that took place in the Convention Valley in Peru, starting on Monday, April 9th, in which an armed action of the ROL led by the rat José took place, in which, according to the reactionary press:

They took over the installations of the contractor companies of the Gas de Camisea project, located in the town center of Kepashiato, district of Echarate, province of La Convención (Cusco). Taking hostage several workers of the companies TGP, Skanska and Construcciones Modulares.“ (Note that appeared in all the national newspapers, as it was information from the Ministry of the Interior.)

After which, large military operations were carried out by the Peruvian Armed and Police Forces under the military command of the Southern Command of the Yankee Army, under the name of Operation Liberty. Yankee intervention, which was revealed by the destruction, by the attackers, on the 12th, of „a PNP helicopter“, as first reported by the authorities, which later turned out to be a helicopter of the Yankee DEA, the UH1H Huey II helicopter that collapsed. In addition, Yankee military commanders have been entering the country since January, they say to „coordinate“ Operation New Horizons 2012, which will take place from May to August of this year.

Continuing with the recounting of the events by the press, on April 14th the newspapers reported that the armed group released the 36 workers.

The Shining Path members demanded a payment of 10.000.000 dollars to release them. It was not yet clear if the companies paid any ransom, but experts said that it is possible that the captors and the companies reached agreements that led to the release, in which the Armed Forces did not participate.“ (As reported by international press agencies and most of the country‘s newspapers.)

In the military operations under the command of the Yankees, massive bombing and racketing of the Convention Valley and other valleys of the Apurimac and Ene rivers, which extend from the department of Cuzco, in the south, to the limits of the department of Cerro de Pasco, in the center, causing deaths, injuries and forced displacement of the peasant populations of this vast area of our country, which covers more than 300.000 Km2 of territory, is being carried out.

Faced with these facts, the reactionary government has called for „national unity“ and condemned the „kidnapping of the workers“ to hide the Yankee military intervention and the genocide against the people that they have been committing.

In view of the facts, we denounce the military intervention of Yankee imperialism and the fascist, genocidal and fatherland-selling government of Humala. We denounce that, the current military operation that they are conducting under the name of Operation Liberty, is not just any operation but one of great proportions, in which, under Yankee command, combined forces from different parts of the country are participating, bombing and raiding vast areas of territory and targeting the civilian population.

So, we are not before one more act of Yankee intervention in our country, nor are we before a simply repressive decision to „establish the authority“ of the new reactionary government; rather, Yankee imperialism is intervening militarily in application of what they understand to be threats to their security, in the context of weak states, etc., as they are doing in Mexico, with the Merida Plan.1 According to this concept of imperialism, this „demands the coordination of civilian and military actors“, the integration of security and development practices, as Humala and his government have been proposing, that with these operations and genocide, their hesitations are over and they are now developing more openly a fascist, genocidal and country-selling government, under the call for „national unity“, counting on the support of the Armed Forces.

We denounce this new sinister genocide that they are committing against our peasant masses to subjugate them, to set a bloody precedent and to make them submit to the hegemonic and counterrevolutionary plan of Yankee imperialism and that of the fascist, genocidal and country-selling government of Humala.

Regarding the actions of the 3rd ROL and the character of this, we reaffirm what was pointed out in our document of October 2011, which states:

It is necessary to see what the ROL of José and his cronies puts forward accurately to be able to demolish and sweep away all the convergences with this ROL. Its content is feudal-imperialist, it is against the Great Leadership of Chairman Gonzalo, it is against Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Gonzalo Thought, it is against the Party and against the People’s War. They aspire to bring forward the Four Changes: change in leadership, denying that the Center of Party Unity is our Great Leadership; putting forward the Central Committee as a supposed Center of Party Unity, negating what was put forward in the 1st Congress about the role of Chairman Gonzalo, instead of a proletarian leadership they try to impose a leadership of warlords; change in line, negating the GPL and its center the proletarian Military Line, they want to impose their revisionist ‚new programme‘and their bourgeois military line, negating the CPP as a Marxist-Leninist-Maoist, Gonzalo Thought militarized Party — trying to impose their ‚Militarized Party‘ which is nothing more than a variant of the miscarriage of a ‚political-military organization‘ of the rats of the Túpac Amaru Revolutionary Movement (MRTA), and; they want to change the People’s War into a mercenary struggle in the service of the highest bidder.“2

We call to serve the reorganization of the CPP in the midst of the People‘s War fighting to the death against revisionism, specifically against this 3rd ROL, revisionist and capitulationist, without neglecting to continue the struggle against the 2nd ROL, because they are nothing more than two sides of the same coin of revisionism and capitulation at the service of imperialism and reaction.

And, in the face of these facts, what position does the counterrevolutionary spokesman take, who from the usurped page ofRed Sunspreads his sinister propaganda?

The one that corresponds to him according to his true class nature, that of the true spokesman of Operation Liberty carried out by Yankee imperialism and Peruvian reaction, following his call, gave him a chorus. Logically, as a double-faced element, he issued a pronouncement entitled: „REJECT AND CONDEMN THE COUNTER-REVOLUTIONARY ATTACK OF THE ‚LEFT‘-OPPORTUNIST LINE AGAINST THE CLASS, STOP ARMED REVISIONISM, LONG LIVE THE PEOPLE‘S WAR!“, in which he presented himself as a great fighter against the revisionism and capitulationism of the „‚Left‘-Opportunist Line“ (LOL), that is, the 3rd ROL of the rat José. Against which he pointed as if it were the main enemy, and not as what it is, revisionist and capitulationist servant of imperialism and reaction. And changing tactics, he went from inflating the 2nd ROL and its MOVADEF (seeking to cover up the 3rd ROL), as he had been doing until his March pamphlet, to attacking it as the main enemy, joining the government‘s call for „unity“. In order not to take a position against the main enemy, imperialism and reaction, in order not to take a position before the intervention of Yankee imperialism and its lackey, the government of the day. To hide the genocide that they are committing against the peasantry. In short, they pointed against the armed action of the 3rd ROL, to throw dirt in the eyes of the people, to seek to hide the imperialist intervention and the genocide against the people.

In its pronouncement, very ready and opportune for the reaction, usurping the name of the PPM, etc., among other things it says:

“The PPM reaffirms the position of our Party, the CPP, its Central Committee and its entire system of Party leadership, to reject and condemn the miserable attack of the traitors of the LOL against the class and the workers in Cuzco. It is an attack against our class, which clearly expresses the class position of these wretches and their condition of traitors of the revolution and our people. Furthermore, it is an attack that shows how the LOL serves and is part of the counter-revolutionary plan of imperialism, reaction and revisionism in Peru and worldwide to spread revisionism, confusion, split and capitulation in the revolutionary ranks, aiming against Maoism with its ‚peace agreements‘, amnesty, parliamentary cretinism and armed revisionism. See for example the latest news about the kidnapping in India in the context of this imperialist plan, with which they seek to present all this armed revisionism as ‚Maoism‘.”

And in another paragraph he adds:

In this context one must see the actions of the LOL and that of the miserable Artemio, who ended up as a drug dealer with his own maceration pit.“

And to try to cover up their attack on all that is revolutionary violence with the pretext of leading against „armed revisionism“, they say:

For us, we develop the armed actions to build the new society, building the Party, the Army and the Front in the midst of the People‘s War, linking it to the heroic struggles of the people for their daily demands […]“

But, that they carry out „armed actions“ is pure babble, which he repeats at every moment to continue with the deception that he represents a „CPP“, his „Central Committee“, since they do not carry out any, as can be seen in the very pages of his spurious „Red Sun no. 37“, where he cannot report any of his „armed actions“, despite the fact that there he claims to have six „Regional Committees“, but none of them is capable of reporting a single armed action. The armed actions, which appeared in previous years in Red Sun as „List of Actions“, were made up from what appeared in the reactionary newspapers, that is, from sources of reaction, in the absence of Party reports; since the double-faced counter-revolutionary subject, who claimed to be the representative of the Party abroad for more than 12 years, never reported any of them. For that reason, these „lists“ presented actions of the ROL of the VRAE and actions of the ROL of the Huallaga, as their own actions.

Moreover, neither this subject, nor the „Committees“ that he says support him, as we read in his „pronouncement“, appearing in that same „Red Sun no. 37“, present a report of their own, partisan, of their own „mass work“ and of the struggles of the masses — which they call „social conflicts“ just like the reaction — to which they cynically say they „listen to their heartbeat“; they only refer to these struggles, they „greet“ them, following a „greeting“ of their „Central Committee“, the only thing it does is to enumerate some struggles, repeating, plagiarizing a report of the „Ombudsman‘s Office“ (institution of the old State set up to divert the struggle of the masses towards „dialogue“, saying that the genocidal State watches over their „human rights“, when they violate them every day). Whoever wants to verify this, should read the alleged pronouncement of the „Six Regional Committees of the CPP“ („Red Sun no. 37“, p. 3 et seq.), repeated in their article on the „National Situation“ (p. 14 et seq. of the aforementioned „Red Sun“, as a quote from the pronouncement of their „Central Committee“).

We suggest that they compare this „greeting“ of their „documents“, with the „reports on social conflicts“, prior to those „Internet leaflets“, which have never circulated in the country. But, whoever does not want to take that trouble, it may suffice to see the style in which the list of struggles of the „greeting“ is made.

Going on, as for the pronouncement of the counter-revolutionary spokesman, to put it briefly, it confirms once again what he is and his nature as a double-faced reactionary agent, of this subject who pretends to present himself as an „envoy of the CPP“: he uses a pretended denunciation against an armed action carried out by the ROL of the rat José, whom, he joins with the rat Artemio of the other ROL, to accuse them of drug traffickers, that is to say, they are no longer revisionists and capitulationists, but mainly „drug traffickers“, „kidnappers“.

Why does he do this? Because it believes that the time has come, hiding behind the struggle against the actions of „armed revisionism“, to raise and try to give „legitimacy“ to the hegemonist and counter-revolutionary plan of Yankee imperialism, which it is developing through its Southern Command in our country and other Latin American countries, as „war on drugs“, „war against narcoterrorism“, „counter-insurgency warfare“ (a concept that according to the field manual of the Yankee Armed Forces (Field Manual of the Yankee Armed Forces, 2007)3) covers the war against the „actions of organized crime“, which „includes kidnappings by irregular armed groups“, etc.). Hegemonist and counter-revolutionary plan which is served by the hoax of the „peace agreements“, all the sinister attacks against our Great Leadership and Gonzalo Thought, as well as this sinister pronouncement.

With the pronouncement, using the „fig leaf“ of the „struggle against armed revisionism“, this subject openly serves to create public opinion favorable, not only to the Yankee intervention in Peru and Latin America, and offers his service to try to hide the genocide it is committing, but also, he puts himself directly at the service of the present government, which is at the head of the old bureaucratic landlord State, submitted to imperialism, mainly Yankee. Thus, also, they put themselves concretely at the service of the third and main task, the need of imperialism and Peruvian reaction, that of annihilating the People‘s War.

And internationally, where does this pronouncement that we are crushing, rejecting and condemning point to?

It aims against the People‘s Wars and the revolutionary and anti-imperialist armed struggles taking place in the world. That is why in their „Red Sun no. 37“, internationally, they only focus on the other hill and not on how the New Great Wave of the World Revolution is developing; that is why they do not highlight at any moment the development of the actions of the People‘s Wars and the armed struggles of liberation, which daily beat imperialism and reaction in India, in Afghanistan, in Iraq, in Palestine, etc. Therefore, without any knowledge and concrete analysis of the actions carried out by the Communist Party of India (Maoist) (CPI (Maoist)) as part of developing the People‘s War, he takes a news item from the press taken out of context to attack the comrades in India as armed revisionists, accusing them of also carrying out kidnappings and not actions of the People‘s War. That is to say, he accuses the Indian comrades of doing „armed revisionism“, that they carry out „kidnappings“, just as much as the „armed action carried out by the revisionists of the LOL“.

Why do they proceed in this way, why, just now, after having presented themselves for 12 years as the personal representative of the rat José, are they now attacking him?

In general, both in Peru and worldwide, to use his femetitious struggle against „armed revisionism“, against the „armed actions“ of „revisionism“ to seek to discredit the armed actions of the People‘s Wars and the armed struggles in Peru and the world, that is, to attack in this way the main form of struggle of the peoples of the world, the armed struggle, revolutionary violence, the People‘s War, that is, to condemn armed actions under the pretext of fighting against armed revisionism, and to say that what corresponds is to do „mass work“, mass work which thus separated from the People‘s War, is nothing more than calling to fall in line with the „mobilizations of the masses“ led by all kinds of revisionist and reactionary leaders.

For this reason, let us take up now, something more of their „Red Sun no. 37“, in it, following the style of their „Party“ documents and with the same purpose, they publish a map of a monthly report of the „Ombudsman‘s Office“, published in the newspaper The Republic, and so that there can be no doubt as to what their ideological dynamic is, these, in the same article on „national situation“, below the quote of the supposed pronouncement of the „Central Committee of the CPP“, that is of their own „Central Committee“, they say:

The current situation in Peru is marked by the sharpening of the class struggle, whose symptoms are, mainly, the development of the People‘s War led by the CPP and the social conflicts that run through the entire national territory (among others Ancash, Lima, Cajamarca, Piura, Junín, Huancavelica, Ayacucho, Madre de Dios, where, in clashes with the police there have been 3 dead and 36 wounded) in defense of mining and natural resources (see map in infographics of the newspaper ‚The Republic‘ 15.03.2012).“ Quote that we tear apart a little further on.

But see, also the following quote, from their article on „National Situation“ of their „Red Sun no. 37“, how they stand behind the authorities of the old State, and say there:

Greet the Peruvian people who have been fighting and shaking the country, conquering their demands in the midst of heroic journeys; to enumerate some of them […] the mobilization of Tacna villagers together with the regional authorities against the Southern mining company project.“

Who are these „authorities“, who are they? They are nothing more than small-time representatives of the regional power of the old State. As a reactionary agent, they have to appear more brazen and crafty than the revisionists Avakian and Prachanda, who are being targeted to cover up their real role in the class struggle.

Contrasting the reality, with what this wretch who usurps the name of the CPP says, that they carry out „armed actions“ is pure babble, which he repeats at every moment to continue with the deception that it represents „armed actions“, „mass work“, etc., it is very clear that the organization it really represents is a false reactionary construct; as can be seen from everything that comes out of its own jaws, from what is written and what is not, in the pages of its spurious „Red Sun no. 37“; and moreover, they cannot show a single material proof of its real existence: such as leaflets, photos, reports of Party meetings of any level whatsoever, and this for more than 12 years.

That is why the „action lists“ of the issues prior to the spurious „Red Sun no. 36“, were mostly a mixture of actions of the VRAE ROL and actions of the Huallaga ROL, presented as their own actions in the „action lists“ of the Red Sun prior to the spurious issues „36“ and „37“ — „lists“ made up abroad as we have already pointed out above.

Now he is saying, to continue with his deception, that José‘s „LOL“ has only been structured a year ago, when at the beginning of June 2009, he took a position on the interview granted by the rat José to Peruvian TV, in which, José personally pointed out: that since July 1999, he and his brood had broken with Chairman Gonzalo and his Central Committee, whom he insulted as „revisionist“, „traitor“, „terrorist“, etc. Moreover, this double-faced counter-revolutionary subject, in March 2011, made propaganda for that interview, showing parts of it as if they corresponded to the CPP (in an event organized in Sweden on the occasion of March 8th). In addition, whoever wants to see the course of the revisionist and capitulationist ROL of the rat José and its structuring, can do so by entering their website, where there is documentation since 2006.


Well, we have already seen that this reactionary spokesman has nothing to do with People‘s War; and neither does he have anything to do with the struggle of the masses in and for the People‘s War. That is to say, he has nothing of the Left, pure smoke, there cannot be more false than these. Not only that, but in trying to document his deception, he only succeeds in choking on his own lie.

And his deceptions are exposed at every turn, because this guy has, not by a long shot, nothing of our position and conception. Therefore, it is necessary to disembowel that previous quote, in which he wants to equate „People‘s War“ with „social conflicts“, as „symptoms of the sharpening of the class struggle“. Everyone knows that the terminology of „social conflicts“ is used by reactionary sociology, it does not correspond to historical materialism, but to reactionary sociology that preaches the possibility of social peace, that with dialogue social conflicts can be solved, because there are no antagonistic, irreconcilable class interests between exploited and exploiters, between oppressed and oppressors, i.e. class struggle, whose highest development is the People‘s War. Which is not a simple symptom, but rather, the historical development, the development of the class struggle has brought us here, as Chairman Gonzalo tells us.

Therefore, this reactionary spokesman cannot confuse anyone with his imposture, because the development of the class struggle has brought us to its highest form, the People‘s War, this is the main form of class struggle of the proletariat and the people in our country, to which the Army corresponds as the main form of organization. It is by developing the People‘s War through actions, through the PLA, that the CPP carries out the work of the masses, uniting the struggles of the masses for their immediate demands to the struggle for power through the People‘s War. In this way the mobilization of the masses is raised to higher and higher levels.

To say that the People‘s War […] and the social conflicts“ are „symptoms of the sharpening of the class struggle of the present situation“, as it is written in this spurious „Red Sun no. 37“, is nothing more than lowering the People‘s War to a conjunctural factor or symptom, nothing more than a reactionary bungling; while for these bunglers, another symptom would be, the „social conflicts“. Which, according to the definition of reaction, of the „Ombudsman‘s Office“, include „conflicts“ of various types, ranging from disputes between authorities at „local, regional and national levels“, „environmental conflicts“, of „electoral claims“. In doing so, it is complying with a reactionary mandate, that is, with the task of the „Ombudsman‘s Office“ to publicize the existence of these „conflicts […] as a warning signal addressed to the State, the companies, the leaders of the social organizations, the media and society in general so that decisions are taken to conduct the conflict by means of law and dialogue and to avoid violent outcomes.“ („What is the report on social conflicts?“, Ombudsman‘s Office of Peru, can be read in each of its reports.)

Then, to this „symptom“, corresponds the „dialogue“ and „agreements for its peaceful solution“. And, according to these, when considering the „People‘s War“ as a symptom, what would correspond, according to the logic of „conflict resolution“? Following the thread of this reactionary bungling, we arrive at what they do not dare to say, the „peace agreements“ (imperialism‘s plan).

Below the commented quote, they write: „On the hill of the people the great struggles take place, where no one can deny the role of the CPP.“ („Red Sun no. 37“, p. 15). With which they put on the table that in spite of their efforts to try to deceive, they are not in favor of merging the struggle of the masses with the People‘s War. Rather they speak of „great struggles“ within which are not the actions of the People‘s War, so what they have in their heads, what they are propagandizing is the „People‘s War“ of those of the „Peace Accord“, with their „political war“, „without bloodshed“. As has always been openly maintained by the faithful accomplice of this reactionary subject — the element who works as the technician of the usurped web page and who is the only one who pays attention to him in the country where our main base was abroad — and who on various occasions has repeated, that the People‘s War is political war“, to say also, that he „does not want a People‘s War in [his] own country“.

This same false „representative of the CPP“ and the reactionary, who from Peru or from abroad, acting as „contact“, in June 2003, wrote a directive in the name of their „Central Committee“, in which they raised a similar action to that of April 9th in La Convención, against which today they have torn their garments — that of the Techint — of the 3rd ROL. Surprising? For us: No! Only confirmation that he has never represented the Party, but has always acted as an agent of reaction. We denounce this counter-revolutionary action of supplanting the contact of the Party with its organization generated for the Party work abroad, the PPM. This action is aimed at conjuring away the general reorganization of the CPP, to annihilate it and annihilate the People‘s War, to liquidate the PPM and serve the liquidation of RIM, in convergent action with that of Avakian and Prachanda, to attack the Communist Parties and revolutionary organizations of the ICM and to seek to discredit the People‘s War and armed struggles for national liberation.

In this way, what is real and concrete is that this spokesman of reaction serves the plan of imperialism and reaction in Peru and at the international level, on this level, when in his rags he attacks the People‘s War in India, filling it with counter-revolutionary denunciations, thus concretizing, what he understands as the task of his „PPM“ agreed upon by his „Central Committee“, that:

The PPM firmly assumes its role of serving the ideological struggle against revisionism at world level.“ (Our underlining.)

Their „ideological struggle“ is to attack the Maoists who carry out People‘s War in India, who are the main danger for Indian reaction and Yankee imperialism in South Asia, as „armed revisionists“, to deny all that is People‘s War in the world, through erasing the class line that separates People‘s War, that is, the Military Line of the proletariat, from the bourgeois military line applied by revisionism. What for? To sow capitulation and demoralization in Peru and abroad, to preach their mass work“, that is to say their „accumulation of forces“, that is to say to serve the bureaucratic road, the old road of elections and parliamentary cretinism.

In the case of India, this rag is at the service of world counter-revolution, of the hegemonist plan and world counter-revolutionary gendarme of Yankee imperialism, because it serves to create public opinion favorable to the warlike action of the armed counter-revolution of reaction and imperialism, mainly Yankee imperialism in India.


In the Chinese Revolution there was a very similar case, that of a double-faced counter-revolutionary, Hu Feng and his followers, who like this false „representative of the Party“, whom we will hereinafter call the native Hu, were true spokesmen for all counter-revolutionary classes, groups and individuals. Thus, at present, like this double-faced subject.

As a good emulator of the Hu Feng elements, he raises „to fight against the armed revisionism of the LOL“ to allude rhetorically to the actions of the People‘s War led by the Communist Party, just as when speaking of „revisionism“ they allude rhetorically to „Maoism“; exactly as the Hu Feng elements in the past spoke of „covert feudal forces“ to allude rhetorically to „People‘s democratic dictatorship led by the proletariat and the Communist Party and based on the worker-peasant alliance“, just as when speaking of „mechanicism“ they allude rhetorically to „dialectical materialism“.4

Many will say how could this happen? As Chairman Mao teaches us:

How do counter-revolutionaries employ their double-dealing tactics? How do they succeed in deceiving us by their false appearances, while furtively doing the things we least expect? All this is a blank to thousands upon thousands of well-intentioned people. On this account, many counter-revolutionaries have wormed their way into our ranks. The eyes of our people are not keen, they are not adept at distinguishing good people from bad types. When people operate in normal conditions, we know how to tell the bad from the good, but we are not adept at seeing through those who operate in unusual conditions. The Hu Feng elements are counter-revolutionaries who put on a disguise to hide their true features and to give a false impression. But since they oppose the revolution, it is impossible for them to cover up their true features entirely.“5

As we have seen in this case, as always, this native Hu uses:

Lu Tien‘s suggestion to use offensive tactics for defence […] Generally, when things are going badly for them, all kinds of representatives of the exploiting classes use offensive tactics as a means of defence in order to survive today and grow tomorrow. Rumours are fabricated out of thin air and lies told point-blank; certain superficial phenomena are seized on for attacking the essence of things; some people are lauded while others are condemned; and matters are distorted and exaggerated to ‚make a breakthrough at certain points‘ so as to put us in a difficult position. In short, they are assiduous in studying what tactics to use against us and ‚spying out the land‘ in order to attain their end. Sometimes they ‚play possum‘ and wait for a chance to ‚spring a counter-attack‘. They have long years of experience in class struggle and are skilful in different forms of struggle, legal and illegal. We revolutionaries must know their tricks and study their tactics in order to defeat them. Never be so bookish and naïve as to treat complex class struggle as a simple matter.“6


To annihilate the People‘s War is a necessity for imperialism and reaction.

So, now, let us proceed to disembowel his rag, „AGAINST WIND AND TIDE […]“, by showing all his counter-revolutionary wickedness distilled and condensed in the quotation at hand. Beginning by establishing: what is the meaning of all the filthy words of the quote with which he tries to paint all his counter-revolutionary action in red?

Internationally we have already seen that it points against the New Great Wave of the World Revolution, venting all its hatred against the People‘s War in India and opposes the armed struggles of national liberation that are developing in the backward countries against the imperialist war of aggression and therefore aligns itself with the plan of imperialism. That is the real class character of its misleading call for „ideological struggle […] against revisionism“.

Nationally, it is inscribed in the current campaign of psychological warfare of imperialism and Peruvian reaction, with the collaboration of its revisionist spawn of the 2nd ROL (Miriam, Morote, Pantoja, Cox, Nancy, Roldan), or of the 3rd ROL (that is, the ROL of José, Alipio, Raúl), as part of the counter-revolutionary war directed by Yankee imperialism as „low intensity warfare“. Current campaign of which the surrender of the miserable traitor „Artemio“ is an important part. Campaign, which calls on „the terrorist remnants“ to lay down their arms and surrender and to disavow Gonzalo Thought and revolutionary violence“.

What is the Peruvian reaction led by the CIA and headed by the current Humala government after? It seeks to annihilate the People‘s War, to fulfill its third reactionary task that the present government has assumed; a task that today takes the form of preventing the CPP, in the midst of the People‘s War, from fulfilling the pending and overdue task of its general reorganization. That is to say, reaction seeks to prevent the Party from solving the problem of its leadership in order to carry the revolution through to the end.

This filthy appeal responds, then, to that renewed reactionary campaign that they are pushing forward with the handing over of the miserable traitor of Huallaga, Artemio, in which they all participate: the American CIA, the government of the fascist, genocidal and country-selling Ollanta Humala, the Catholic Church, the Armed and Police Forces, Antauro Humala, the ROL with Miriam, Morote, etc. and its MOVADEF with the rats Crespo and Fajardo, and, as it could not be otherwise, the rats of the ROL headed by José and the others who have usurped the Main Regional Committee (MRC) of the Party and have been setting up since the end of the last century their „new leadership“ — mainly in the zone known as VRAE of the highlands and jungle eyebrow of the MRC — their new 1stMilitarized Central Committee“ (which this miserable agent claimed to represent abroad, gave his full and unconditional submission to and to whom he always transmitted to the PPM: „the greetings of Comrade José, responsible for the Central Committee of the Party“). On this, it is enough to contrast the history from 1999 to date: before our denunciation of October 2011, this wretch tries to deceive that they were applying the two-line struggle against the ROL of the VRAE, that is why he gave his „full and unconditional subjection“ to these rats. Who are they trying to deceive with these explanations? When the truth has already come out and, unfortunately, everyone knows that in July 1999, José and his gang, in collusion with the rat Julio of Huallaga, handed over the leadership of the Party to the enemy. It was not only Raúl, but also José himself, Alipio and others. Then, the explanation of this counter-revolutionary, about his so-called „two-line struggle“, which he claims to have developed with these rats, is nothing more than another incredible traffic and contrary to the most elementary of what is the two-line struggle in the Party.


Let us go to the main thing, and this is: let us firmly take up the defense of Chairman Gonzalo and Gonzalo Thought, the BPU and the Party experience of more than 31 years of development of our invincible People‘s War to oppose it to this native Hu who calls for capitulation in Peru and abroad. Let us contrast it with the class truth that is written with the blood of Communists and masses, where it is recorded that with the actions of the guerrilla war the People‘s War is initiated and developed, that with it the concentric construction of the three instruments is made, with it the New Power is conquered, defended and developed and the masses are incorporated by leaps into the People‘s War and, therefore, mass work can never be opposed to People‘s War, much less postpone it or „diminish“ it with the pretext that first „we must do mass work“.

We reaffirm ourselves in what was established by the Congress:

The most substantive and developed part of Gonzalo Thought is found in the Party’s General Political Line; this Thought directly sustains, therefore, the line and its five elements, with the point of departure being how it understands and maintains the Programme firmly on course.“7

Therefore, it is necessary to refer to the Party documentation, so that everyone knows how to differentiate, that is, can understand what is the Marxist-Leninist-Maoist, Gonzalo Thought line, and what is the revisionist line and the plan of reaction.

The beginnings were modest, almost without modern weapons. Combat was given, it was advanced and it was built from the small to the big and from the weak material and initial fire came the great turbulent fire and mighty roar that grows, sowing revolution and exploding into ever more impetuous People’s War.

This third milestone lasted from May to December of 1980, resolving the problem of how to initiate the armed struggle, of crossing from the times of peace to the times of war. The militarization of the Party through actions and the masterful Plan of Initiation were key. This was how the new was born: The main form of struggle, the armed struggle and the main form of organization, the detachments and squads. The most outstanding actions in the field were the guerrilla actions of Ayrabamba and Aysarca and, in the city, setting fire to the Municipal Building of San Martín. The boycott of the elections in the town of Chuschi was the action that initiated the beginning of the People’s War. This plan was fulfilled, defeating the rightist positions that were saying that the Plan was ‚Hoxhaite‘ and that the actions were centered in the city. These arguments exaggerated appearances with reality and distorted their essence, since reactionary propaganda gave big headlines to the sabotages in the cities and minimized the actions in the countryside. It is a specificity of the People’s War in Peru to make the countryside the main theater of action and the cities a necessary complement.


Chairman Mao established the road of surrounding the cities from the countryside, with its heart in the Support Bases. He took into account that the powerful imperialists and their reactionary Chinese allies were entrenched in the main cities, and if the revolution refused to capitulate and wanted to persevere in the struggle it had to convert the backwards rural zones into advanced and solid Support Bases, into great military, political, economic and cultural bulwarks of the revolution to fight against the fierce enemy that was assaulting the rural zones using the cities, and to carry the revolution forward step by step to a complete victory through a protracted war.

Based on this Maoist thesis, Chairman Gonzalo has established the carrying forward of a Unified People’s War where the countryside is the main theater of armed actions. Since in our country we have an immense majority of peasant masses, that is where we must build the Support Bases. […] Furthermore, Chairman Gonzalo specifies that in the cities armed actions should be carried forward as a complement, since international experience, as well as our own, demonstrates that this is feasible.


The Support Bases are the strategic bases which the guerrilla forces rely on to fulfill their strategic tasks and to achieve the objective of preserving and increasing their forces as well as annihilating and throwing back the enemy. Without such strategic Bases there would be nothing to base ourselves on to carry out any one of our strategic tasks and to reach the war’s objective.

Chairman Mao expounded three reasons for the creation of Support Bases: To have armed forces, to defeat the enemy and to mobilize the masses. These were specified in our People’s War in 1982, by applying the Plan of Deployment of the guerrilla war in the part ‚Strike the enemy‘, aiming at destroying the old feudal relations of production. Police posts were assaulted, selective annihilation of feudal landlord Power was applied, and the police forces abandoned the countryside and were regrouped in the provincial capitals. The authorities of the old Power massively resigned which created a Power vacuum, while tens of thousands were mobilized. It is in these conditions that the Support Bases emerged and were specified in the Clandestine People’s Committees. Therefore, it is wrong to take the Chinese experience dogmatically since if the conditions were given and principles were in effect, we would have had sufficient reason to build the Support Bases. To agree upon this implied a struggle against rightism which argued that we had not defeated large enemy forces, when the problem was that the enemy forces had abandoned the countryside as a consequence of the rout of their political and military plans.

Chairman Gonzalo has established a system of Support Bases surrounded by guerrilla zones, operational zones and points of action taking into account the political and social conditions, the tradition of struggle, the geographical characteristics and the development of the Party, the Army and of the masses.

It is fundamental to support the validity of the road of surrounding the cities from the countryside and its heart, the Support Bases, because with only wandering guerrillas of insurrection the PGA would not have the Support Bases as a rearguard that sustains it, nor would the new Power be built. We are totally against focism.“

Since 1983, the political strategy of the Great Plan of Conquering Bases was completed through two campaigns of defending, developing and building Parts 1 and 2, and the Plan for the Great Leap with its four campaigns up to December 1986, show us the advance of the People’s War, that we are solidly linked to the masses, contrary to everything they say, since the facts belie them irrefutably. The People’s War has conquered an area that extends itself through the Highlands, the Jungle and the Coast, marching vigorously and strong, building the new and opening what is to be. The Support Bases which are the core of the road of surrounding the cities from the countryside have already been conquered.“8

All the above quotations are extracts from the Military Line of the CPP, center of the General Political Line of the Party, sanctioned by the 1st Congress in 1988.

Let them not come to us with stories:

Campaigns of ‚encirclement and annihilation‘ and the counter-campaigns, the main form of the People’s War. It is a law that the counter-revolution, in order to crush the revolution unleashes campaigns of ‚encirclement and annihilation‘ against each unit of the People‘s Guerrilla Army or against the Support Bases. The operations of the People‘s Guerrilla Army adopt the form of counter-campaigns and Chairman Mao has established nine steps to crush a campaign of ‚encirclement and annihilation‘.“9

The plan of reaction is to make us fall into the trap of counterposing „mass work“ to the People‘s War, this is what all the rag published on the usurpedRed Sunpage is for. We see some excerpts from the Mass Line of the Party to unmask this plan:

We should organize the masses with arms in hand because they clamor to organize the rebellion. As such, we must apply People’s War which is the main form of struggle, and organize the masses for the seizure of Power led by the Party.


[Chairman Gonzalo] differentiates from those positions that today are based on ‚the accumulation of forces‘, which propose parsimoniously accumulating the masses by way of the so-called ‚democratic spaces‘ or the use of legality. Such an accumulation of forces doesn’t correspond to the current moment of the international and national class struggle, it doesn’t fit in the type of democratic revolution we are unfolding and which shall have other characteristics within the socialist revolution, since we are living in a revolutionary situation of unequal development in the world. He is opposed to and condemns the opportunist positions of making the masses tail after the big bourgeoisie, either on an electoral path or by armed actions under the command of a superpower or power.


Organize the masses so that they can go beyond what is permitted by the existing legal order, so that they struggle to destroy the old order and not to maintain it. This is accomplished by use of the Three Instruments of the Revolution: The Party where the few converge, the Army with more participants, and New State-Front which is the base which progressively accumulates the masses through leaps. In the countryside this is achieved through People’s Committees and in the cities through the People’s Revolutionary Defense Movement. In this way the tradition of electoral fronts, which the revisionists and opportunists apply to channel the struggle of the peasantry and to divert the masses in the cities from not seizing power through war, is destroyed.

To center on political power also demands the organization of the masses in diverse new forms of struggle, because war imposes changes on the struggle and organization of the masses.“10

Who are they trying to confuse? Well, we have a main form of struggle, the People‘s War, and a main form of organization, the Army, and the mass work is carried out through the Army, all this is developed through the military plans of the People‘s War which are embodied in campaigns and armed actions with which the great mobilization of the masses is generated which then have to be incorporated into the Party, the Army and the Front/New Power. The People‘s War is carried out throughout the breadth and length of our geography, without excluding any geographical region — and not as this infiltrator says „but not in the jungle“. As we read in the quotations from our Military Line, actions are carried out not only in the countryside, but also in the city.

For that reason, we mark with fire everything that this native Hu repeatedly says, it is pure reactionary hoax. In the face of it, what we must do is denounce it, smash this reactionary hoax that uses the name of the Party, of its generated organization and of the Red Sun magazine to serve the plan of reaction to prevent the general reorganization of the Party, to liquidate the PPM and to use the prestige of the Party and the People‘s War, to oppose and stifle the struggle of the Communist Parties and revolutionary organizations to advance in the process of coordination to crush and overcome the situation in which the RIM finds itself due to the nefarious action of the new revisionism converging with the action of imperialism and Peruvian reaction. Opposing the efforts of the Communist Parties and revolutionary organizations, using as a battle flag the black reactionary banner of opposing a People‘s War against another People‘s War: as when this subject says that „to support the People‘s War in India is to isolate the People‘s War in Peru“.

Against all this reactionary hoax, what corresponds is to continue the task of the general reorganization of the CPP in the midst of the People‘s War to carry it forward victoriously until the conquest of power in the entire country and culminate the democratic revolution, under the Great Leadership of Chairman Gonzalo and Gonzalo Thought, which is the center of Party unification and the guarantee of triumph that leads us to Communism. For us in particular to continue with the construction at all levels, today focusing on the reorganization of the PPM, fulfilling our three established tasks and the two campaigns, mainly the defense of our Great Leadership as the key link that allows us to pull everything.

The reaction, through this rag, tries to call us not to fulfill our established tasks to serve the People‘s War, to continue developing the plans and campaigns of the Party in Peru and abroad. Because its plan and its campaign aim at spreading revisionism and capitulation, that is what corresponds to reaction and imperialism, they are the ones who have always promoted and engendered revisionism and treason applying the principle that strength is taken from within. That is why this wretch cannot present on behalf of his „PPM“ and his „Central Committee“ any Marxist-Leninist-Maoist, Gonzalo Thought plan and campaign, he cannot present any Party summary, much less of the two-line struggle that now after 12 years they say they have developed with their „responsible José“, that is why they cannot even characterize the current government, nor its reactionary tasks, that is to say, no political foundation of the Party situation, of the national and international situation, that is to say, no political foundation, nothing about the two-line struggle and the class struggle in the country and in the world, but only „brushstrokes“ about it that any „light leftist“ could say. He only repeats the same thing for 12 years about „mass work“ and „actions“, but nobody believes that story anymore, no matter how much he — like the rat José — tries to present them as „Maoism“ with quotes that denaturalize them to try to justify the unjustifiable from the Marxist-Leninist-Maoist, Gonzalo Thought, mainly Gonzalo Thought position, method and world outloook.

For us, the ideological struggle is inseparable from the political struggle, from the concentric construction of the three instruments and the work of the masses is part of the concentric construction of the three instruments of the revolution and the militarization of the Party in the midst of the People‘s War, that is, the mass work is within and for the People‘s War and is done through the Army.

We recall the great principle of construction: On the ideological-political base, to simultaneously construct the organizational, in the midst of the class struggle and the two-line struggle, all within and serving the People‘s War for the conquest of power. In the 2011 document we state:

The seriousness of the situation in the two-line struggle has led to a situation where organizational problems have become absolutely subordinate; the main thing at this point in the struggle must be the ideological, because what is at stake is the color of the Party as a whole. Without unity of understanding, without unity of ideology, there is no BPU. It is more necessary than ever to grasp Gonzalo Thought to solve new problems.“11

But that, is something fundamentally different, to separate the ideological struggle from the political struggle, from the problem of power for the class, because for our ideology to show all its transforming power it has to be applied to a reality, to a concrete situation, to the Peruvian Revolution; in our case, to solve the problems presented to the Party and the revolution. And that is politics, as Chairman Gonzalo tells us, the masses need politics, because only with it can we respond to their needs, if it is not applied — as Chairman Gonzalo tells us — it can only shine but it does not serve as the all-powerful weapon that it is, the most powerful weapon in the world in the hands of the proletariat and the people. It is with it that they will solve their main historical need, to make the revolution.


Logically they are aiming at capitulation through telling us that abroad „line alone is enough“, that is a rotten revisionist line of reactionary character. What they seek is to depoliticize our ideology so that it serves the plan of reaction and imperialism: to separate ideology from politics, pretending that it is not put into practice, that abroad the established tasks are fulfilled and that in Peru only „mass work“ is done, repeating the old revisionist nonsense of more than 80 years of „accumulation of forces“; this is what the wretch has been propagating here through his „directives“ for 12 years.

We reject this reactionary monstrosity that says that what corresponds here is to carry out „ideological struggle“ simply, because for us it is strictly linked to the political struggle and to the construction in the midst of the People‘s War, to serve its development and triumph. Ideology cannot operate independently, class is strictly political, because it is thought and transforming action.

With this monstrosity that calls only „ideological struggle“, it is intended to take away all practical sense from the ideological struggle, which for us is centered on the defense of Chairman Gonzalo‘s Great Leadership.

This reactionary plan is embodied in concrete, as always, on the grounds of „new circumstances“; however it is presented, in essence it is „there are no conditions to continue the People‘s War“. According to this reactionary plan, it is only necessary to carry out some actions (to deceive the unwary, but even then they do not even speak of any concrete ones, because their „Central Committee“ is nothing more than a reactionary figment) and to focus on „mass work“. Round! That is José‘s ROL that reaction promotes.

Look at the development of this ROL for more than 12 years: they usurp a Party Committee and focus on one zone and only carry out actions to maintain themselves and do „mass work“ to defend fiefdoms, but without constructing the conquest of power in the entire country, because they are not for the revolution, for power for the class, for the Party, but for personal power.

That is why the agent who has usurped theRed Suntries to paint himself as a defender of the Great Leadership and of Gonzalo Thought, but in the pure style of the rat José says „as in China“, „as Chairman Mao says“, trying to paint himself as a Maoist, to oppose Chairman Mao against Chairman Mao by denying Gonzalo Thought which is the creative application of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism.

It is therefore a „Marxism of eavesdropping“, of „hearsay“, as befits its reactionary nature. Since the end of the last century it has been transmitting the directives of the rat José and his fiefdom as directives of the Central Committee, intermingled in recent years with Cubanist positions and those of Red Fatherland and interspersed with what they catch in the blogs of the Internet and what the informers of reaction catch in their prison eavesdropping and the documentation that has fallen into the hands of reaction.

That is why in all their documents — no matter how much they put our cheers and slogans — in all their content, they only exhume those positions contrary to Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Gonzalo Thought.

As we have already pointed out above, the plan of reaction has been to use theRed Sunto cover-up the capture of the Party Committees one after the other by José. Because of this, in theRed Suneclectic positions have been being published, taking a leap starting in 2005, which come from the „new leadership of the Party“ — which is none other than José himself. The call for a „new Congress“ is framed within these and it was the Left of the apparatus abroad that imposed that nothing be published on the matter — without failing to stress that a new Congress is only possible on the basis of the BPU sanctioned by the 1st Congress.


In the present document we have demonstrated, contrasting the black position of the counter-revolutionary agent who has usurped the name of the Party, the PPM and theRed Sunwith the Marxist-Leninist-Maoist, Gonzalo Thought position of our Party. For this reason we have had to resort to long quotations. Lenin taught us that complicated issues must be re-studied several times in order to understand them well and to be able to firmly take the just and correct position and defend it under all circumstances. Therefore, the comrades and colleagues need to re-study the document of October 2011 and the present one; in this case there has been so much confusion due to the disinformation of the enemy, so much repercussion of their psychological warfare. We must take a firm stand for our Great Leadership, our ideology, our BPU, our Party and the People‘s War and smash the reactionary plan. An indispensable part of this is to develop our revolutionary practice in new forms, as part of and in the service of the People‘s War. We call on all comrades and colleagues to celebrate next May 1st, the Day of the International Proletariat, and May 17th (anniversary of ILA-80) with actions that serve to develop the two unified campaigns. Furthermore, we call upon all the forces that were mobilized by the campaign to defend the life of Chairman Gonzalo, as well as the new forces that have emerged and those who are for Communism, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Chairman Gonzalo‘s speech which shines victoriously and powerfully before the world as a weapon of combat. We are already coordinating with different Parties and Organizations of the ICM; we want it to be a conscious celebration of Chairman Gonzalo‘s role as a continuator of Marx, Lenin and Chairman Mao.

In Peru and abroad, the process of reorganization of the CPP is advancing with sure steps. We know that only with more People‘s War is it possible to fulfill the task properly, for: „Finally, today more than ever, we Communists and revolutionaries, the proletariat and the people, need to forge ourselves in: ‚Yes. We are advocates of the theory of the omnipotence of the revolutionary war. That it is not bad thing; it is good thing. It is Marxist‘; which means adhering to the invincibility of People’s War.“12






Germany, April 2021
Association New Democracy

1„The ‚Southern Command 2007 Report, Command Strategy‘. The document was the most ambitious strategic plan that an official U.S. agency had conceived in years with respect to the region. The Southern Command announced and understood its projection in the area. Its mission and vision seemed overblown, to such an extent that it claimed to be the leading organization among existing agencies to ensure „security, stability and prosperity throughout the Americas“.

This new Southern Command strategy reinforced the military component of U.S. international policy toward the area. For example, between 1997 and 2007, total U.S. military and police assistance to the region was approximately $7.300.000.000. From 2005 to 2007, four countries in the region were among the fifteen largest recipients of U.S. security assistance (Colombia, fifth; Bolivia, eighth; Peru, tenth; and Mexico, twelfth). Between 1998 and 2008, the total number of Latin American military personnel trained in the United States reached 141.430.

In this regard, the approval of the Merida Initiative for Mexico and Central America in June 2008 and the new deployment of the 4th Fleet. As of July 1st of that year, they took place in the context of a greater extension of U.S. military power in the region and in the context of an inflation of tasks assigned to the armed forces after September 11th.

In turn, the agreement forged in 2009 between Washington and Bogotá for the use of Colombian bases was part of this trend, but a more ambitious ingredient was added … the qualitative leap that the commitment between Colombia and the United States signified became evident. In essence, the agreement was presented in Bogotá as a necessary continuation of the fight against drug trafficking and terrorism, and in Washington it was presented as an indispensable replacement of the Manta base in Ecuador, which the United States was to leave in November, as locations to carry out „contingent operations, logistics and training“ and as a bridge to expand contact between the Southern Command and the recently created African Command, according to the specific language of the Pentagon documents.

But now we are witnessing a new dimension of the „war on drugs“: it serves the Southern Command to have a broader scope, and the military to continue unperturbed the strategy of U.S. primacy that was drawn at the beginning of the Post-Cold War and that has not yet been modified.“ (Tokatlian, Juan Gabriel (2010): La „guerra antidrogas“ y el Comando Sur. Una combinación delicada. En: Foreign Affairs- Latinoamérica, Vol 10, N° 1. Buenos Aires: Universidad Di Tella.).

2Association New Democracy: „For the General Reorganization of the Communist Party of Peru as Part of the Development of the People‘s War to Conquer Power in the Entire Country! Grasp Gonzalo Thought to Solve New Problems!“, October 2011.

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