Bases, Communist Party of Peru: “Fight and Resist, Repudiate the Elections of the Genocidal Regime and Further Develop the Armed Struggle!”

Proletarians of all countries, unite!
There is one goal, the conquest of power!


Communist Party of Peru
February 1985

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„The Red Flag


The exploiting class always resorts to violence whenever its existence is endangered. The moment it is threatened, the exploiting class goes all-out to violently annihilate the revolution. […] It also uses violence to repress the revolutionary people as soon as they rise to seize power.“

Chairman Mao Tse-tung

People of Ayacucho!

The Communist Party of Peru (CPP) salutes you and honors you, as today, repeating your glorious heroic exploits of past combat, you rise up, a heroic and unbreachable bastion of the armed struggle, of the peasant war which is shaking the reactionary Peruvian State to its very foundations.


It has been almost five years since the 17th of May 1980, when from within the very bowels of your centuries-old poverty and smoldering rebellion, a concrete hope, the armed struggle, was defiantly unfurled amidst scorching fire. A handful of the sons and daughters of our fatherland, flesh of your own flesh, dared to take up arms to overthrow the old exploiting order and create a new world, a world truly for the people, for whom the existing work is nothing but growing misery and oppression.

These five years, fleeting but rich in accomplishments, have been tortuous, leaving us resounding victories and instructive setbacks. Overall, it has been immensely positive: more than 20.000 actions, ranging from simple armed agitation to excellent, highly developed guerrilla actions. Our Party has multiplies its forces several times over. A People‘s Guerrilla Army (PGA) made up of thousands of men and women, especially poor peasants, has been tempered in more than two years of struggle against the reactionary armed forces. Most importantly, a new State power is taking shape in hundreds of people‘s committees which carry out State functions; the revolutionary support bases are being established and advancing in the construction of a New Democratic People‘s Republic.

All these things are growing out of the barrels of the guns. New things, things which belong to the people, are growing out of the armed struggle, and destroying the old and reactionary. We emphasize that our greatest advances have been won precisely during the two years since the direct intervention of the armed forces of the outmoded and rotten Peruvian State.


This State, because of its class nature as a landlord-bureaucratic dictatorship subordinated to imperialism, particularly Yankee imperialism, responded to the armed struggle with persecution and police repression, applying an evil policy of „steal all, burn all and kill all“. In addition, arrests, torture, annihilation and massacres were unleashed against our people. Concentration camps were filled with the people‘s sons and daughters, and their blood ran in torrents. But this could not make us bow down, nor can it. The concentration camps have become Shining Trenches of Combat. For every one that falls, 100 rise, swelling the fighting ranks and pushing forward the creation of new people‘s committees, the basis of the New Power.

As a result, at the end of 1982 the reactionary armed forces intervened directly, occupying Ayacucho particularly. Every armed body has its class nature and reflects the strength of the State it defends. Their very actions have proved the truth of this statement: first they used mesnadas made up of lesser landlords and their lackeys, protected and directed by the reactionary armed forces. Under threat of death they tried to get the masses to murder the so-called „terrorists“, which led to the plotting of cowardly massacres such as that of the journalists. When this plan failed they resorted to genocide, before and after the municipal elections, and to the so-called „disappearances“ which are no more than unpunished foul murders.

But since these „new plans“ also proved incapable of driving the masses of people away from us, they began levelling villages and crops, robbing the peasants of everything so as to create their own version of „strategic hamlets“. They tried to use the reactionary armed forces to re-establish the power of the landlords and subject a part of the masses to the barracks discipline of militarized corporativization.

To achieve this they have carried out sinister offensives, systematic, repeated genocidal butchery which has taken thousands of lives. But all of this you have endured and are enduring, people of Ayacucho, because history has tempered you and you know that the armed struggle that you sustain, you above all, with your bread, your shelter, your strength and your blood is the final struggle for our emancipation, for the redemption of the people through this peasant war ardently led by the Party. But since neither destruction, persecution, torture nor genocide have succeeded in bowing you down, heroic people, warriors for a just cause, today they bring to your flourishing revolutionary soil the representative of the State of the Vatican, the Pope, head of the ecclesiastic hierarchy, of the powerful Roman Curate, who has nothing to do with the religious sentiments of the people except to lord it over them, to use them for the sake of his power, his zeal to impose theocracy to defend the old order. And what has this Pope done in Ayacucho? Bless the murderers‘ rifles, consecrate the sinister graves, shelter torture and above all absolve the notorious band of Cains starting with the political-military chief Mori Orzo and his strutting followers. This Pope has called upon the government and its henchmen to destroy us promptly and efficiently. This is the essence of it; the rest is just a bunch of old words about how the root cause of our armed struggle is sin. Today, as always, this is simply a defense of the exploitative and oppressive order, and concretely a defense of the Belaúnde government‘s politics of genocide and starvation, since it is this president who heads the counter-revolution.

Now that the Papal offensive is over comes the electoral spectacle. The old order of poverty and bloodshed needs the people to pick someone to oppress them in the name of „representative democracy“, the sacrosanct order of the landlord-bureaucratic dictatorship, which at the moment appears to be parliamentary but in reality has its center in the Executive, the bureaucracy and most of all in the forces of repression, especially the armed forces.

It is fitting to ask what the people have gotten out of five years of so-called democracy, out of that phony „Belaúnde the democrat“ and his retinue, and out of the so-called opposition? In short, what the people have gotten with this counterfeit two-faced coin is: nothing. Nothing except misery and blood. So what is there to vote for? To support some new miserable and bloodthirsty government? No! We cannot vote because to do so is to praise the bloodthirsty regime and the hunger it has brought about, and even worse to help support it, to defend a regime whose class character can only give rise to more hunger and genocide and which cannot do otherwise until with arms in hand we make it disappear, putting an end to this evil and ancient hysteria which for centuries has starved the people and sucked their blood, under the armed protection of its imperialist master.

Can an Ayacuchan vote in the coming elections? No! To do so would mean praising poverty and genocide, the bloodbath inflicted on Ayacucho. Worse, it would mean helping the installation of a new government whose class reality would lead it to cause even more starvation and genocide.

Ayacuchan! Father, mother, wife, brother, sister, son, daughter, relative of those vilely murdered and made to disappear, can you vote? Do you want your loved ones murdered once again? Do you want to help in the murder of others? You cannot do it — the blood of the dead would boil in your veins and their bodies turn over in your mind, because you would be killing them yourself, raising the assassin‘s knife to spill the blood of your own children. No — in Peru and especially in Ayacucho, the only choice is not to vote. Let the reaction solve its own problems, let it hatch plans for its horsemen of the apocalypse, hunger and genocide. It is their problem, not ours. We cannot vote! We cannot commit treason! The people of Ayacucho have never been traitors.


The armed struggle was born and took root in the fertile strength of the historically combative people of Ayacucho. There it has won its greatest successes, snatching the laurels from death itself. Thus the armed struggle blazes thunderously and triumphantly against the silence and the lies of cowardly deserters and the reaction‘s perverted and cynical campaigns. What was once a fire and is now a roaring blaze in Ayacucho is expanding against wind and storm towards the Central, North and South, towards the jungle highlands and at some points to the Coast. The liberating fire is intensifying and expanding, and expand it will, burning higher and higher until the peasant war led by our Party becomes invincible People‘s War, as Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Guiding Thought teaches us.

People of Ayacuch! Peasant, worker, laborer, woman, Ayacuchan youth! Remember, there are only two powers on this Earth today: the reactionary armed forces and the disorganized people, but our people is not what it used to be, it is a people more and more organized in arms by the revolutionary war itself, and its invincibility will make itself manifest, because it has seized upon Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, the only truly revolutionary science on Earth and a great and proven arm for transformation, because it has a Communist Party that guides it, because it relies on the masses, especially the peasants, and furthermore because it enjoys international revolutionary support, especially from the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement (RIM).

Colleague, combatant, fellow Ayacuchan, you know all this already, because you‘ve seen it and you see it still every day with your own eyes; you experience it in your own participation. You are a witness before Peru and the world! And you, more than any other people, have already given so much warm and generous blood, because your mind, your will, your spirit shout out to our fatherland and the Earth: WITHOUT STATE POWER, ALL IS ILLUSION!







Peru, February 1985

Communist Party of Peru