BASEL: Action against the revisionist “Party of Labor”

Revisionism arose as a complete negation of Marxism. Modern revisionism, likewise, is always aiming to substitute bourgeois philosophy for Marxist philosophy, going against political economy, particularly denying the growing impoverishment and the inevitability of the downfall of imperialism. Revisionism strives to falsify and twist scientific socialism in order to oppose the class struggle and revolution, peddling parliamentary cretinism and pacifism. All these positions have been expounded by the revisionists, who have aimed for and continue to aim for the restoration of capitalism, the undermining and blocking of the world revolution, and to denigrate the conquering spirit of our class. But here I feel it is necessary to spell out some points to make this concrete: revisionism behaves like any imperialism. […] This includes setting up phony Parties, Communist in name only, ‚bourgeois workers‘ Parties‘ to use Engels’ words. And this is how Chinese revisionism and all revisionists act, differing only with regard to their particular circumstances, according to who pulls their strings.

Therefore, for us, the task is to fight revisionism and fight it relentlessly. We must keep in mind the lesson that we can’t fight imperialism without combating revisionism. And our Congress has declared that we must wage a relentless and uncompromising struggle against imperialism, revisionism and reaction worldwide.“

Central Committee of the Communist Party of Peru: „Interview With Chairman Gonzalo“, July 1988.

A natural complement to the economic and political tendencies of revisionism was its attitude to the ultimate aim of the socialist movement. ‚The movement is everything, the ultimate aim is nothing‘ — this catch-phrase of Bernstein’s expresses the substance of revisionism better than many long disquisitions. To determine its conduct from case to case, to adapt itself to the events of the day and to the chopping and changing of petty politics, to forget the primary interests of the proletariat and the basic features of the whole capitalist system, of all capitalist evolution, to sacrifice these primary interests for the real or assumed advantages of the moment—such is the policy of revisionism. And it patently follows from the very nature of this policy that it may assume an infinite variety of forms, and that every more or less ‚new‘ question, every more or less unexpected and unforeseen turn of events, even though it change the basic line of development only to an insignificant degree and only for the briefest period, will always inevitably give rise to one variety of revisionism or another.“

V. I. Lenin: „Marxism and Revisionism“, April 1908.

In essence, the process of reconstitution is a struggle against historical, contemporary and internal revisionism, simoultaneously reconstructing the apparatuses of our Party which were liquidated by revisionism, today as militarized apparatuses, mainly liquidated by the Right-Opportunist Line, in recent times structuring itself under the name of the ‚Labor Party‘ and ‚Workers‘ and People‘s Party‘, including its stillborn offspring, the Strasserists who traffick with the name of our glorious Party, those who act in Italian-speaking Switzerland and sell out more and more each day the Swiss Revolution and the Proletarian World Revolution. To these revisionists, and all revisionism which acts in this country and abroad, we, the Communist Party of Switzerland (Red Faction), express our deepest and most burning class hatred. We will sweep you off the face of the Earth with People‘s War, aiming resolutely at the singular mountain which weighs down on the shoulders of our class, masses and people: imperialism, mainly Swiss, whose lackeys are the reactionary old State and revisionism.“

Provisional Central Committee of the Communist Party of Switzerland (Red Faction): „Move Heaven and Earth for the Reconstitution of the Communist Party of Switzerland!“, 13.03.2021.

Marxism and revisionism are enemies to the death. It cannot be any other way. Imperialism, revisionism and reaction must be combated inseperably and without any conciliation.

The „Party of Labor“ (German: PdA) is the 2nd Right-Opportunist Line (ROL) in the history of the Communist Party of Switzerland (CPS) since the constitution of the CPS in May 1919. This 2nd ROL is revisionist and capitulationist; it arose as the negation of armed struggle during the period of fascism in Switzerland during the 2nd World War, as a continuation of people‘s front opportunism, as the arch-revisionist, Bukharinite agent Jules Humbert-Droz said: „The proletariat needs one Party, based on the programme of the Social-Democratic Party“ (Humbert-Droz, the Swiss „Earl Browder“, eventually fled to the Social-Democrats and became their general secretary). These were the politics of the 2nd ROL when it arose, developing at the end of the 2nd World War in opposition to the armed struggle led by the CPS against Swiss and German fascist imperialism. They sought to overturn the ban on the CPS and to turn it into a parliamentary machine, not the clandestine combat machine of the class. The CPS leadership was full of miserables from the 2nd ROL, who liquidated the Party apparatuses in favor of cushy parliamentary seats. Swiss imperialism supported this capitulation and enlisted the liquidators in its ranks, as in the case of Humbert-Droz. The rats and traitors of the PdA, who were formed in the 1940s as an instrument of this 2nd ROL, deserve the utmost class hatred from the proletariat.

But these revisionists and capitulationists are not done trafficking with the name of the Party. They say:

If not all of our colleagues today describe themselves as ‚Communists‘, then that was already the case at the founding of the PdA, but our Party is clearly standing in the tradition of the CPS. And when we celebrated the 70th anniversary of the PdA in Le Locle in 2014, it was really ‚only‘ the 70th anniversary of its public reappearance under a new name, since we were banned. But our old colleagues of the CPS never gave up their struggle, not even in clandestinity. And we know that they had to pay a very high price for that. In the same sense as back then, we today carry on the struggle. We thus find ourselves in the continuation of a work, which begun 100 years ago, with one single goal: to change the world!

Hasta la victoria siempre!“

These miserables traffick with the name of our Party, even saying that they are the CPS under a new name; in the same article, they claim that the CPS was not founded until 1921, when the actual Party was the victim of a coup by the Social-Democratic opportunists who held the revisionist „1st Congress“. They solely emphasize the 1st Right-Opportunist Line which then ran the Party, because the 2nd ROL is its heir. The 1st ROL, that of miserables like Welti, were crushed at the 5th Congress in 1930, which approved the 6th World Congress of the Communist International and sanctioned bolshevization. The miserables of the PdA-ROL even dare to falsify the slogan of the Party. In reality it says: „There is one goal, the conquest of Power!“.

Today, we see more and more how they capitulate in front of imperialism and reaction. Internationally, they call Yankee Vice President Kamala Harris the „hope of the US proletariat“. In Switzerland, they support the arch-fascist „Zero Covid“ strategy, promoting it as a Swiss version of the strategy of „socialist countries like Vietnam and Cuba“, demanding the nationalization by the bourgeois State of banks, insurance companies and „important strategic business sectors“, which is supposed to lead to „democratic control“. This is nothing but the policy of Mussolini:

Fascism should raise corporativism, because it is the perfect fusion of the power of government and business.“

Therefore, it is clear: revisionism is fascism and capitulation in front of imperialism and world reaction. It is an enemy to the death of the proletariat, the masses and the people. The miserable rapists and snitches of the PdA-ROL are no exception.