BASEL: Manifestation in support of the League of Poor Peasants for the Agrarian Revolution

On the 25th of April, a manifestation was held in Basel. The activist group “Internationalist Youth Movement”, of which we have already published a leaflet about the League of Poor Peasants (LCP) and the planned genocide of the poor peasants, has sent us the following report and photos:

On the 25.4.2021, we went to the square in front of the Matthäus church in the Klybeck neighborhood in Basel with banners, combat flags and leaflets, in order to raise awareness for the situation in Rondônia in Brazil. The main slogan of our manifestation was “Support the League of Poor Peasants! Long live the Agrarian Revolution in Brazil!”, which has already appeared on your website through our leaflet for the LCP-led peasant struggle and against the planned genocide.

A speech was held in which the LCP, their confiscation of landlord soil and the organization of the New Power in the liberated terrains was explained. Then, the terror that the brazilian reaction is carrying out against the peasants and is planning to keep carrying out was denounced. It was emphasized that the reaction is doing this out of pure fear, because the LCP poses a threat. A call was issued at the end of the speech to put lots of elbow grease into a broad revolutionary movement here in Switzerland; as Swiss imperialism, who profits directly from the exploitation and oppression of the Brazilian people, must be smashed in order to make the perspective of a new society in the whole world a reality.
The speaker wore a cap of the LCP during the entire manifestation.

After the speech, multiple revolutionary slogans were chanted in Prussian German, for example (our translation):
“The land to those who work it – long live the League of Poor Peasants!”
“Up the peasant rebellion – for the Agrarian Revolution!”
“The true face of their democracy – mass murderers, this is what they are!”

A slogan of the LCP was also chanted in Portugiese:
“Un dois tres, quatro cinco mill – avanca la Liga por todo Brazil!”

During the manifestation, copies of the leaflet mentioned above were distributed to masses on the square and passing by. The masses showed great interest in the leaflet and were shocked about the news that the old Brazilian State is terrorizing the poor peasants and wants to do a mass murder. Three masses spontaneously joined the manifestation, waved red combat flags with us and shouted the slogans with us. More masses had heard about the manifestation through hearsay and also wanted to join it, but the manifestation was already over by the time they arrived. During conversation with them afterwards, they expressed their sympathy with the manifestation and took some leaflets, saying they were up for distributing them in their personal lives. They also said that they would join a second manifestation and emphasized the necessity of mobilizing more people for it. This gives a very good base for developing the campaign for the Agrarian Revolution in Brazil and against the Genocide of the old Brazilian State further and more strongly. It also gives a good base for further connecting the youth that want revolution, as well as for the strengthening of our activist group.

We also share the speech that was held at the manifestation, on Basel German and Prussian German, in the German action report we have also sent you.

Internationalist Youth Movement