BASLE: Solidarity Photo for the Red Youth Bloc at the Lenin-Liebknecht-Luxemburg Demonstration

This is an unofficial translation of an action report published by the Communist Youth League of Switzerland (Refounding Committee).

It’s January. For most of us (if we had any real vacation at all), exploitation is now back on the agenda. Working long and hard, making bosses and owners rich through our labor, being robbed of our surplus value so that these losers can fill their pockets. And most of us are already growling when we look at the pittance we got at the beginning of the month — because we already know that with inflation rising and wages staying the same crap we will have to skip meals at the end of the month. Most of us — who of course can’t afford anything but the worst “HeAlTh InSuRaNcE” – are now faced with the decision: “Pay rent or go to the doctor?” (a decision that, for all of us who don’t want to be homeless, has already been made for us). Or we are busy looking for housing, because we are being pushed out of our neighborhoods, or looking for work so that we can have a place to live at all.

January means not only individual small struggles, but also political, revolutionary struggles. Because in Berlin, the Lenin-Liebknecht-Luxemburg demonstration is coming up, and with it, the commemoration of murdered working-class leaders around the world. We have all heard of Lenin, but maybe you are wondering who Liebknecht and Luxemburg were. Karl Liebknecht and Rosa Luxemburg (along with Eugen Leviné and August Bebel) are the most important historical leaders of the German working class. They were consistently against the 1st World War and fought to the bitter end for the working class of all countries. They split from the Social-Democratic Party (partly because it supported the German Empire in the war) and founded the Communist Party of Germany, and organized revolutionary mass action and workers’, soldiers’ and peasants’ councils. They always consistently stood on the side of the exploited and oppressed, and fought for their empowerment, for a new society where workers ruled and not capitalists. Because they were always on our side of the barricade (and not only metaphorically), they were murdered bloodthirstily on January 15th, 1919 – by former “party colleagues”, by “labor leaders”. Friedrich Ebert and Gustav Noske, the new social-democratic representatives of the capitalist State, planned their assassination, which was then carried out by fascist and retrograde citizen’s corps mercenaries. They thought that by killing Karl and Rosa they could bury everything they stood for. Noske and Ebert were dreaming.

The LLL Demo, as it is often called, has commemorated these murdered worker’s leaders since 1919. The demo always falls on the second Sunday in January, and tens of thousands walk along. From red-coated social-democrats and fake communists (and all sorts of opportunists) to fighting anti-fascists, revolutionaries and communists, all sorts of people march here. This year, various red youth groups have joined forces to march together as a sign of increased cooperation toward a new organization that can meet the tasks that the class struggle presents to us.

We support this urge for unity of all true revolutionaries of Germany. The strengthening and multiplication of the Red Unity organization in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia is a good sign, as are the actions throughout Germany under the same slogan on November 25th. All this is heading in the right direction: the refounding of the Communist Party of Germany founded by Karl and Rosa — not as an electoral club, but as a fighting party of the working class!

We especially welcome the struggle for maoism (the communism of today) led by our colleagues from Münster, and the upcoming support work for the people’s war in India by the Infrared Media Collective

Last year riot cops brutally attacked the LLL Demo, dozens were injured and arrested. And this is no surprise, because the Berlin police chief Barbara Slowik was appointed by social-democrats, and they claim until today to have “defended democracy” by the murder of Karl and Rosa. In times when Olaf Scholz wants to live up to the legacy of Friedrich Ebert through occupation bans for revolutionaries, it is very possible that the demo will be attacked again this year. But if Scholz and Slowik believe that they will intimidate the communists with their coked-out robocop mercenaries, stop them, then they are dreaming even more than Ebert and Noske ever dared!

In February 1919, the Communist Party of Switzerland wrote in the article “To the Gentlemen Judges and Prosecutors”:

“A children’s story tells how a little boy tried to stop an express train by putting straws and little stones on the rails, thinking the train was only a little toy. You too are little boys, and the express train is the history of the world, the inevitable coming events. As little as this boy stopped the train with straws and stones, so little can you prevent the social revolution, whether you keep the communists in protective custody, whether your class justice rages and rages, whether you threaten or cajole prisoners — it is of no use to you. These are only pebbles and straws, the onrushing locomotive will pay no attention to them.”

Vladimir Ilyich Lenin
Leader of the Great October Socialist Revolution
Founder of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union

Unfortunately, due to shitty working hours and lack of cash, none of our YCL cells will be able to walk with the Red Youth Bloc — but we hope to be able to send a delegation next year. However, to support the Red Youth Bloc despite all this, the Birsfelden Cell took this solidarity photo.