“Call of the Comintern”

Rise up, fields and workshops! Come out, workers, farmers!
To battle, march onward! March onward, world stormers!
Eyes sharp on your guns, red banners unfurled,
Advance, proletarians, to conquer the world!

Oh you who are missing, oh Comrades in dungeons!
You’re with us, you’re with us, this day of our vengeance,
No fascist can daunt us, no terror can halt!
All lands will take flame with the fire of revolt!

The Comintern calls you! Raise high Soviet banner!
In steeled ranks to battle! Raise Sickle and Hammer!
Our answer: red legions! We rise in our might!
Our answer: red storm troops! We lunge to the fight!

From Russia victorious, the workers’ October,
Comes storming reaction’s regime the world over.
We’re coming with Lenin for Bolshevik work
From London, Havana, Berlin, and New York!