Central Committee of the Communist Party of Denmark: “Good Advice to Know and Follow at All Times”

Proletarians of all countries, unite!
There is one goal, the conquest of power!


Central Committee
Communist Party of Denmark

The Communist Party of Denmark and the Liberation StruggleTranslated and reproduced by
The Red Flag


1. Always be vigilant! Never careless, never thoughtless, never baselessly trusting when it comes to the Party and its organizational and agitational work.

2. Careful and dutiful! Firm Party discipline and firm work discipline. Instructions must be followed. Work one has taken on must be carried out all-sidedly and on time. Procrastination and delays in organizational or other work can be fateful.

3. No untimely curiosity! You are only to be interested in those questions, topics, organizations or persons who you know that it is your Party task to be interested in. What you do not have a Party need to know is not your business and you are not to attempt to get to know it. It is thus completely forbidden for the individual member to tell other members (or outsiders) who sits on this or that leadership or what functions that person has.

4. No unnecessary talk! A message or information is only to be furthered to that person, the message concerns. Do not entrust a Comrade with unconcerning things just because you believe that „he is good enough“. If one has knowledge of for instance the residency of leading Comrades, it is plain and simple snitching to speak of or imply this to anybody whatsoever. Do not speak of what you know! And remember that unintentional speech or acts (for example, to recognize or greet certain Comrades on the street) can be fateful.

5. Understand our work conditions! They cause that material can be delivered in a delayed fashion and that decisions can be delayed. Furthermore, they can necessitate that Comrades without further explanation are „exchanged“ by a leadership or „relocated“. In such a case, you are not to speculate forcefully about what he or she now will be doing.

6. Report everything of interest! Report the nearest leading organ about important events, be it of a political, workplace or eventual „police“ kind. Likewise, report about how our agitational material is received.

7. Be on guard against spies and provocateurs! They will be applied against us to a hitherto unknown degree. Confused minds can work in the same direction and those who spread „rumors“ do the work of the spies. Also be on guard against red herrings. The police often releases people in the hopes of „shadowing“ them, in order to find the Party. The same method is applied against the relatives of certain arrested persons. Therefore, care in dealing with these is enforced and required — remember furthermore, that in relation to the „Theses of the 10th of July“, point 11, are all Party members, who in any way have participated in the work of the Richard Jensen gang, expelled from the Party because they have „led the Party grossly behind the light and broken Party discipline“. This also applies to the acquitted persons (the list of names was published in the newspapers of the 8th of July).

8. Relationship to the authorities! If you are subjected to a raid, arrest or anything similar, remember and firmly hold that it is illegal and against the constitution. Protest against arrests, demand a court order before a raid. Closely study the guidelines of the „Yearbook“. Refuse to answer any question whatsoever from the police regarding the Party, Party work or the leadership. If you are interrogated, remember that you are the representative of the Party and the working class, and honor the Party — but as a general rule we can say that we have a greater need for free people than arrested people. Do not therefore subject yourself unnecessarily to arrest.

9. To protect the Party it is necessary that Comrades report on members who grossly break the above rules.

Denmark, 1941

Central Committee
Communist Party of Denmark