Central Committee of the Communist Party of Peru: “International Directive”

Proletarians of all countries, unite!
There is one goal, the conquest of Power!


Central Committee
Communist Party of Peru

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The Red Flag


To the Peru People‘s Movement (PPM):

1. We send you fervent greetings, making you participants in our exultant jubilation over the brilliant and successful application of what has passed of the 2nd Campaign of the 4th and penultimate Military Plan under the slogan „In Defense of the Great Leadership, Against the Genocidal Dictatorship!“, a victory of Chairman Gonzalo, the Party and the revolution, that has met the main objective of defending the life of Chairman Gonzalo and dealt demolishing and forceful blows to Yankee imperialism and to the treacherous and genocidal dictatorship, crushing the counter-revolutionary slander of the phony „peace accord“ letters and video montages, whose sinister and wicked objective has been and is the major genocide against our people, mainly their current plan to assassinate Chairman Gonzalo, plant capitulation, liquidate the Party and annihilate the People‘s War.

We send you our recognition of your efforts to defend the life of Chairman Gonzalo, celebrate the Mao centennial and service to crush the counter-revolutionary slander.

2. We reaffirm, and we should all do so, the Accords of the Central Committee of August 1993, from which we derive the resolution „Long Live Maoism“, the directives for studying the Speech and especially the Declaration of October 7th, 1993. The Session and its derivations are no more than reaffirmation of our full unconditional, conscious and voluntary commitment to our Chairman Gonzalo, Great Leader of the Party and the revolution, to our 1st Congress, a Marxist Congress, a Marxist-Leninist-Maoist, Gonzalo Thought Congress that established our Base of Party Unity (BPU); the Communist Party of Peru (CPP), its Central Committee and its entire system of leadership; our 3rd Plenum and the masterful speech of Chairman Gonzalo that condenses it and calls on us to put out every effort to continue applying the 4th Strategic Plan of Development of the People‘s War to Conquer Power in the Entire Country and the 6th and Penultimate Military Plan to Construct the Conquest of Power, and it demands we celebrate the centennial of Chairman Mao Tse-tung to see that Maoism, embodied in the peoples of the world, commands the New Great Wave of the Proletarian World Revolution that began with the start of the people’s war in 1980. Here we express that revolution is the main historical and political tendency as Chairman Gonzalo taught us.

3. The generated organizations, for that reason the PPM are pledged to:

1. Be guided by the BPU, whose main point is Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, Gonzalo Thought, mainly Gonzalo Thought.

2. Democratic Centralism.

3. To serve the development and triumph of the People‘s War.

Today, according to the directives of September-October, you must muster all your forces to complete the two inseparably linked tasks: 1. Defend the life of Chairman Gonzalo; 2. Celebrate the Mao Centennial, whose basis is contained in the speech by Chairman Gonzalo, the Resolution and Declaration of 07.10.1993.

4. We reject and condemn the communiqué of 12.10.1993 and the person who spreads the slander in it. Not only has he not spread the Declaration of the Central Committee, but he has returned it, and even more he has gone so far as had the gall to prohibit it. With what right?

We ask this gentleman: are you going to submit to the principles established by Chairman Gonzalo or to the dictates of Yankee imperialism and to the treacherous and genocidal dictatorship? Lenin taught us that he who abandons principles splits and in this case this gentleman falls head over heels into the neighboring swamp, capable of selling the revolution for a plate of lentils. Furthermore, he cannot traffic with the name of Chairman Gonzalo and no one should permit this.

We reject what this person spreads, the counter-revolutionary slander staged by Yankee imperialism and the treacherous and genocidal dictatorship. Here the Party leading the people in People‘s War under the Great Leadership of Chairman Gonzalo says:

„Counter-revolutionary slander“ was crushed. Imperialism, the reptile Fujimori, the genocidal armed forces, Belaúnde, Alan García, all the reactionaries, capitulating revisionists, informers, repentants, have shredded their clothing by affirming the authenticity, while they developed a major, widespread offensive against the bases of support, cruelly repressing the prisoners of war (the real ones, not the repentant ones) and plot the assassination of Chairman Gonzalo.

The slander has been crushed, the old State and the treacherous and genocidal dictatorship has entered into grave and sharp problems that they cannot resolve. The Party has fortified itself and become more cohesive around Chairman Gonzalo, the BPU and the People‘s War. The people have taken up even higher the task of seizing power countrywide and the People‘s War has developed to a higher plane in defending the life of Chairman Gonzalo and preparing the strategic counteroffensive that we will inevitably reach with the application of the 4th Military Plan.

The individuals that persist in the slander are a handful of friends of Yankee imperialism and the treacherous and genocidal dictatorship, spreading propaganda that the intelligence service has been circulating since last July as part of the psychological war and today they sinisterly ascribe it to Chairman Gonzalo who is in the most complete isolation and cut off from communication, persisting in their wicked and insane plan of assassinating him and calling in desperation to hold back the 4th Military Plan and exchange the justified and correct slogan we have established: „In defense of the leadership, against the genocidal dictatorship!“ for one of a „peace accord“, by which they show their concentrated hatred against Chairman Gonzalo, the Party, the People‘s War and the people.

They negate Gonzalo Thought, the People‘s War, the World Revolution and the new era, and the great campaign to defend the life of Chairman Gonzalo, unbreakably linked to the celebration of the Mao centennial; they deny the development of the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement (RIM) and the Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Communist Parties in the world.

In synthesis they concentrate the rotten feudal-imperialist ideology.

We say no more for the moment. For brevity we refer to the complete work cited and corresponding commentaries so that they can be used as a negative example.

5. We reiterate our greetings, encouraging the complete accomplishment of all your tasks that serve the People‘s War, the Peruvian Revolution and the World Revolution.

Peru, 01.12.1993

Central Committee
Communist Party of Peru