Central Committee of the Communist Party of Peru: “Resolution: Day of Heroism”

Proletarians of all countries, unite!
There is one goal, the conquest of Power!


Central Committee
Communist Party of Peru
June 1986

A World To Win
No. 6, 1986
Reproduced by
The Red Flag


The reactionary American People‘s Revolutionary Alliance (APRA) government, since the very start, followed in the footsteps of its predecessor and carried out genocide against the People‘s War, covering it up with high-sounding demogogy supported and aided by the electoral opportunists. This was amply proven by the crimes committed by the police and armed forces of the Peruvian State in Aqomarca, Umaru, Bellavista and Llocllapampa.

The reaction took sinister aim against the prisoners of war and planned their genocidal annihilation. This took concrete form on the 4th of October last year in the cowardly and brutal murder of 30 combatants in Lurigancho prison. This abominable crime, as well, has not been punished. The triumphant people alone will punish it.

On the 18th of June 1986, in El Fronton, Lurigancho and Callao, the prisoners of war rose up in rebellion against the new genocide underway. They had repeatedly and publicly denounced, before the courts and the authorities themselves, the butchery that the government and its armed forces were plotting. They arose in defense of the revolution and of their lives, putting forward 26 very justified and reasonable demands.

On the 19th, the reactionary APRA government headed by Alan García went through the grotesque farce of manipulating the so-called „peace commission“ and then unleashed a reactionary and perverted extermination operation, mobilizing the army, the navy, the air force and the police, under the Joint Command, to carry out the most monstrous genocide, killing hundreds of guerrilla combatants and sons and daughters of the people, soaking themselves once more in the people‘s fiery blood. Let Alan García, his cabinet, the Joint Command, the armed forces and the police be covered with indelible shame that the people shall never forget and that only the people will punish!

The combatants of the People‘s Guerrilla Army (PGA), prisoners of war, with their slogan „It‘s right to rebel!“, fought heroically and boldly, setting a landmark of heroism, valor and courage that history will cherish as exemplary of the heroes that only a People‘s War can bring forth.

This 19th of June is forever stamped as the DAY OF HEROISM. The blood of these heroes is already nurturing the armed revolution, fanning its flames, arising like a tremendous flag unfurled and like an inexhaustible war cry summoning the inevitable final victory.

The glorious death of these prisoners of war in battle is wrapped in the blood already spilt before, and before it we Communists, we combatants and sons and daughters of the people, pledge our unwavering commitment to follow their shining example, to advance the People‘s War in order to serve the World Revolution until the unextinguishable light of Communism remains upon the whole Earth under the unconquered banners of Marx, Lenin and Mao Tse-tung, of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism ever green.



Peru, June 1986

Central Committee
Communist Party of Peru