Chairman Gonzalo: “Declaration in Front of the Court”

Proletarians of all countries, unite!
There is one goal, the conquest of power!


Chairman Gonzalo

Translated and reproduced by
The Red Flag


Mr. Director of debates, Mr President.

I have nothing to declare. Why? Because I have nothing to do with Tarata. When will you understand? Try to prove that I caused Tarata! Try to prove it and I will believe you! That is a complete farce! I have nothing to do with that!

The Central Committee does not agree on specific actions. You do not understand what armed struggle is. How are you going to judge us? Try to seek a military officer who knows and is able to provide you advice, as they do in other cases.

On the second issue, the problem of illegal drug trafficking.

All along my life, sir, I have never touched a blessed substance of drugs, because I was formed this way. I have a head; I do not need to get drunk in order to think, less to get debased. Nor have I have participated in that case, never! Why? I am not one of those who poison others; I am one of those who fight for humanity. That’s what I’ve proved to be, sir! Others — poisoners — who fill their pockets and who are ruling Peru, those are the culprits.

Therefore I do not know what I‘m going to talk about, sir. What do you want me to tell you? That I do not know? Study the minutes of the Congress and there you will see the furious criticism that we made against this action of Tarata. And I‘m going to provide you a political reason sir. We arrived in a moment, 1991, in which we had to win over the national bourgeoisie. How could we deal them a blow? How then?

It makes no political sense, sir. It was a monstrous error of those who committed it. This is a political reason. Try to prove the contrary. We are politicians, we are not profiteers, nor adventurers who receive paychecks, we are not that, we are communists, combatants, sir. So? What am I talking about? Neither this case nor the other has to do with me. That‘s all, sir.