Comment on a Report by Wang Tung-hsing

Proletarians of all countries, unite!
There is one goal, the conquest of power!


Chairman Mao Tse-tung
July 1964

Reproduced by
The Red Flag


Decorations of potted flowers are things which have been handed down from the old society. This is a plaything of the feudalist official class, the bourgeoisie, and those young gentlemen who carry cages with roosting birds. Those people who have nothing to do after eating a meal have the ability to cultivate and dabble in flowers.

It has already been more than ten years since the liberation of the country. But growing flowers has not been reduced. Instead, it has become more developed than ever before. Now it must be changed. I do not like the display of flowers in the room; during the day, there seems to be some good points. But at night, there are bad points. Long ago, I had them remove the flowers from my room. Henceforth, let them also dispose of the flowers in the courtyard. Wouldn‘t it be satisfying and fine if you were to plant some trees in the courtyard? They can still be planted. Your flower cellars must be abolished. The majority of the flowers must be reduced and taken away; it is only necessary that a few people take charge of the yards and gardens. Henceforth, more trees must be planted in the yards and gardens and more fruit trees must be planted; some foodgrains, vegetables, and oil-bearing crops may also be planted. The public parks and Hsiangshan in the metropolitan area of the city of Peking must gradually change to planting some fruit trees and oil-bearing crops; thus, while they are pleasant to look at, they will also be practical and beneficial and will be advantageous to the future generations.