Raise Your Voice to Stop the Imperialist-Imposed War on Ukraine!

Statement by Comrade Abhay about the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Proletarians of all countries, unite!



Central Committee
Communist Party of India (Maoist)

Reproduced by
The Red Flag



The contradictions among the imperialists that are taking humankind towards destruction reached an intense state and war began on Ukraine. The statements of Russia and the U.S. reveal that this is not going to stop here. The Central Committee of our Party appeals to each and every person who wishes the welfare of the world to raise their voice to stop the war. It appeals the entire oppressed classes, sections, people and democrats of the country to demand the Indian government take all kinds of measures to bring back the Indians in Ukraine safely.

Russia identified Donetsk and Luhansk in the eastern region of Ukraine as independent and decided to send armies into the place and this brought the political, geographical and economic contention among the imperialists openly. The Russian armies not only penetrated into the eastern regions, but attacked Ukraine from all directions and are also attacking the capital city of Kyiv. This is the first time in Europe after the end of the Cold War that the danger of war came forth once again. These developments threw Europe, mainly the people of Ukraine in severe indefiniteness. Stock markets around the world collapsed. More than 20,000 Indians in Ukraine are helpless and apprehensive.

Crude oil prices rose to 110 dollars per barrel and it is assessed that it might go beyond 150 dollars in a few days. The economy of our country might be affected by this crisis. Apart from the prices of petroleum and diesel, those of sunflower oil, wheat, aluminum and metals also might rise.

When the Soviet Union disintegrated in 1991, the U.S. immediately violated its promise to Russia and started to expand NATO. The alliance confined to 12 countries was expanded to 30 countries including the Warsaw Alliance countries of Poland, Romania, Czechia and Hungary. It also included Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania five years later. These are adjacent to Russia. Later in 2008, the U.S. declared it would make Georgia and Ukraine part of NATO. If Ukraine becomes part of NATO, the alliance shall reach a distance of 500 kilometers from Moscow. Deployment of missiles by the U.S. in Ukraine shall be very dangerous to Russia. This shall affect Russia‘s hegemony on the Black Sea. The U.S. still continues training and arms to the Ukrainian armies and NATO armies.

Russia indulged in certain aggressive measures with the intention to sustain its hegemony on these areas. Putin sent army at the time of internal conflicts in Georgia in 2008 and brought it under its control. He gave military support to the separatists of Crimea island in Ukraine and made it part of Russia. Russia also intervened in Belarus and the Caucasus and is increasing its influence in the Asian countries.

Ukraine was made part of Russia during the tsarist period. Ukraine voluntarily joined the Soviet Union. When the Soviet Union parted it became an independent country. However, Russian people are more in numbers in the Eastern region of Ukraine. They are making armed rebellions with the demand of independent areas. Ukraine army is taking repressive measures on them. They are fighting back the Ukrainian armies with the help of Russia.

In 2014 Ukraine stopped these armies. There was an agreement between the two sides in Minsk in Belarus. Ukraine did not follow the Minsk-1 agreement and attacked these areas once again. The rebels defeated the Ukrainian armies. Then France and Germany intervened and made the Minsk-2 agreement between Russia, France, Germany and Ukraine. As per this agreement Donetsk and Luhansk shall be special regions and would have the right to self-rule. However, Ukraine has been coming in the way of autonomy of these countries with the help of NATO countries. On the other hand, it decided to join NATO. Then started the present war.

Immediately after Russia made an aggression on Ukraine, France, Germany and Great Britain imposed vital economic sanctions on Russia. Germany stopped the Nord Stream 2 pipeline. This stopped gas and oil from Russia to Germany. The Western countries state that economic sanctions are implemented for needs in defense sector, banks and billionaires close to Putin but these would be a heavy burden on the ordinary people. Thus, the western countries intend to put Russia in crisis. Russia decided to overcome the economic sanctions with the help of China.

Dear people!

The race between the U.S., British, French, German and Russian imperialists finally led to war and is putting the people of the world, mainly those of the European countries to severe difficulties. Humankind was deprived of peace in the two world wars and the Cold War. Crores of people lost their lives due to war frenzy. The present war conditions and tensions cause severe harm to humankind. They are making wars to overcome neck-deep economic and financial crisis. The economic, political and geographical hegemony and contentions are finally leading to war. The entire people of the world must condemn the war that the imperialists are imposing on humankind.

Russia must stop war on Ukraine and withdraw its armies from the eastern region of Ukraine. The Ukrainian government must immediately stop the war and implement the Minsk-2 agreement. Ukraine must not be made part of NATO. The whole areas must be demilitarized.

The Indian government has membership in military alliance such as QUAD under the leadership of the U.S. It arranged a missile system from Russia. On the other hand, it is speaking of peace in Ukraine. This will not allow overcome the conspiracy of war. All the people must demand that the Indian government must leave QUAD. Although it was clear that war was inevitable in Ukraine the Indian government failed in providing protection to the Indian citizens. The Indian government withdrew its Embassy that supports Indian citizens in these conditions. It increased the rates of Air India three times. The government announced that the people must go to the neighboring countries on their own expenditure and that they would be airlifted from there. This would be very difficult for the people. The measures taken after war were inadequate. We must condemn the negligent attitude of the Indian government.

We appeal to the workers, farmers, students, employees, nationalities, religious minorities, peace lovers and all the people to raise voice against the imperialists to immediately stop the war in Ukraine and to preserve the people, the Earth and the world.