Communist Party of Peru: “Summary Document of the 3rd Session of the 1st Congress”

Proletarians of all countries, unite!
There is one goal, the conquest of Power!


Communist Party of Peru

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(A Marxist Congress, a Marxist-Leninist-Maoist, Gonzalo Thought Congress)




GREETINGS. Receive fervent greetings, in these nine years of expansive and victorious People’s War, in the name of the Central Leadership, the leaders, cadres and militants of the Party, the combatants of the People’s Guerrilla Army (PGA), the masses of the New Power and the masses that work more closely with us.

Let us seal with great success the 1st Congress of the Party, Marxist Congress, Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Congress, Gonzalo Thought.


The agenda should be seen within the laws of previous sessions of Congress, but it has its specific issues. We propose that it be called 3rd SESSION OF CONGRESS, bearing in mind that it is the final session of Congress. The agenda would comprise three parts:


1. On the People’s War.

2. Development of the Congress.


1. Actions.

2. Construction.

3. Rectification Campaign.


1. Foundation, conditions and perspective in which it is given.


3. Application of the Plan to the Committees and organizations.


In the first part, we have to develop the Congress and culminate the pending issue: to analyze the People’s War, hence point 1. On the People’s War, let us remember that in the 1st Session we analyzed the ideological-political and in the 2nd Session the construction. For this point each base has presented a Report on the People’s War, investigation agreed in the 2nd Session, carried out at the level of the Committees of Leadership; in the Central Leadership we think that it is a good base to develop, in this it will be a study that will lead us to the subsequent drafting of a document on the people’s war Consequently, there is the fundamental material to fulfill this pending point that, although it is not the only one, it is fundamental.

2. Development of the Congress, consists of evaluating this historical milestone in its three Sessions and in its application and aiming concretely to finalize the work of the Congress, to finish off this great task.

In the second part, it is about making the balance of the plan, of the second part of the 3rd Pilot Plan Campaign.

1. Actions. We see a great leap in quality and quantity, there are more than 60.000 actions in this campaign; the 4 forms of struggle are in full development and the conquest of weapons and means, particularly modern weapons, stand out. The Party with the people’s war has stirred up the country in its deepest depths; so much so, that the reaction, stirred up, seeks how to rethink its strategy incapable of fighting us, but whatever it may be, the well directed people’s war is and will be invincible. The great leap is expressed in all the Party apparatuses and some Committees are already expressing their fundamental condition, we should feel so exhilarated by the actions of the People’s War, especially because we are entering each day more and more into the mass war.

2. Construction. It advances, particularly that of the PGA which has grown gigantically and this cannot but lead us to a growth of the Party; I stress once again that, for reasons easy to understand, for being the vanguard of the proletariat, because the best of the class enter the Party and because of the character of our society, the Party cannot grow so fast, but the Congress is strengthening it ideologically, politically and organically, therefore we already have the elements to strengthen it more and more every day. The New State has a considerable growth and the four forms of the People’s Committees and in some cases the fifth form are being expressed.

Thus, the construction is developing through the People’s War, a burning and scorching forge that is allowing us great progress in the construction of the three instruments; and, our practice demonstrates that Maoism is valid, it is clear proof of what Chairman Mao teaches us, that from the canon of rifles everything comes out.

3. Rectification Campaign. We must become more conscious that it is a specific form of handling the class struggle in the Party, the two-line struggle concretely, to make an effort to better handle this instrument because it is the one that will allow us to prevent the formation of a Right-Opportunist Line (ROL) that would be revisionist, it is also what will allow us to assume and solve new problems that we are already facing.

We ask for more firmness and sagacity in applying it, to be guided by its objectives of uniting, differentiating and leading, not to be surprised by problems in its management, especially if it is a new instrument, but let us think that it should lead us to an ideological leap qualitatively superior to the Initiation, it is a new challenge, a new challenge, to conquer power in the whole country; A leap in the first place in the Party, in all its levels starting with the ideological and, in second place, a leap that will be made in the masses starting with those who fight in the PGA, then, in the masses who are in the New Power and, finally in the broad masses, since we have to unite 90%, of course following the class criteria of which we are unshakable followers, even more so, practitioners.

And, as we know, it encloses in perspective the problem of the dictatorship of the proletariat passing, logically, through the joint dictatorship in the new democracy which has to finish off the first stage of the Peruvian Revolution with the establishment of the People’s Republic of Peru.

However, its importance does not remain only in what has been said but is linked to our condition of proletarian internationalists, that is to serve the World Revolution, especially if we see what is happening in the world today.

In the third part, we must see the GREAT PLAN TO DEVELOP BASES approved in ‘86 which began as a pilot plan, see its key location in the People’s War, since it has to do with the Bases of Support, marrow of the road to encircle the cities from the countryside, furthermore, it is linked to the conquest of power throughout the country, hence this great plan must lead us to Strategic Stalemate.

1. Foundation, conditions and perspective in which it is given. We must see that it is solidly founded in the whole Congress and in previous Party meetings such as the 4th National Conference and the 1st Plenum of the Central Committee; moreover, it is proven in the practice of more than two years, from 1986 to 1989 in the three campaigns of the Pilot Plan.

To place it in the conditions of the international and national class struggle in which it takes place, particularly in the political conditions.

At the national level, to see that the contradiction old society-new society is being expressed, to keep in mind how is the semi-feudal base of this old society on which the two imperialist superpowers act, especially the Yankee, without failing to see how social-imperialism is penetrating more, nor ignore the action of the other imperialist powers, see how the crisis of bureaucratic capitalism is deepening which, as the Party said in 1974, is born sick from this semi-feudal base of the old Peruvian society in its various degrees and from the agonizing imperialism. And to bear in mind that since 1980 it has entered its definitive destruction.

Analyze how today this old society has entered into a change of authorities, into an electoral situation that will last for a long time until the new administration is installed, be it a civilian or military regime. To see that this sharpens the contradictions in the heart of the reaction and the collusion and struggle is an everyday thing; the facts prove that what was agreed in the previous sessions of the Congress on the concretion of the period is fair and correct.

But we have to analyze more how the struggle against us is unfolding on the ideological plane; everyone is aiming against us, we must therefore see well and differentiate, as well as the role of the Church as an ideological shield, without ignoring its political role that will grow more and more, that of ignorant, plumiferous and arch-reactionary individuals like F. Guerra who, in the „Express“ of May 17, 1989, lashes out against Marx but at bottom against us, calling us fundamentalists, a fashionable chant that began with F. Iwasaki, a little historian, anthropologist or whatever; but all those who today come out to „fight us on the ideological level“, dreaming of „sweeping away Marxism, Communism and Communists“, are nothing but the big bourgeoisie, defenders of the old society, supporters of that outdated order and an ideological development of the big bourgeoisie has no perspective.

The same can be seen in the revisionists and opportunists of the United Left; those of „Unity“ are very worried because their riding on the masses is politically expiring, their cackling about Perestroika is nothing but a repetition of their masters and they confirm what we agreed in the previous sessions: that they have entered a new revisionist counter-revolutionary offensive. In „Cambio“ of June 15th they lash out against Gonzalo Thought, but the bottom line is their anti-Maoism, their revisionism about which they say nothing; against us only lies, but their „ideological combat“ lacks foundation, besides expressly distorting what we say and even twisting Chairman Mao, whom they do not conceive of as being on the same level as Marx or Lenin. Also in „Amauta“ there is, among others, an article by Winer where they fight us as fundamentalists, but what do they want to tell us? that we have a conception of religious background just like the imbecile F. Guerra, who repeats an Englishman and gets a lot of nausea and regurgitation. All this is nothing but part of the old idea that ideologies have gone out of fashion and this is not new, it is 30 years old. So, then, on the ideological level a struggle opens up against us and it could not be otherwise, but they find themselves with the most powerful truly scientific and invincible ideology, Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, mainly Maoism.

See also the political content of the struggle they wage against us pretending to contain the people’s war, but the people’s war if we apply it justly and correctly, following its principles, is invincible and they will not be able to contain it neither with tanks, bombs, nor with splinter helicopters, nor with fighter-bombers.

Pay attention to the concern they have for our advance in the masses; the reactionaries as well as the revisionists and opportunists, also the Church and see what forms they will use against the Party, against the People’s War, for example in „Unity“, „Cambio“ and „Amauta“ they call for the Mining Congress to condemn us just as their ANP (National People’s Assembly) did, In the congress of the revisionists of „Unity“, in a resolution, they call for the class to fight us and brand us as genocidal, while the Apra, on the other hand, proposes that it will generalize its repression even more; Or we see the posturing of Villanueva, Mantilla or García himself who in the face of armed strikes travel to ask them not to stop.

They are worried about our advance in the peasantry, García has stated that it is a mistake to fight those who plant coca and „Amauta“ has just discovered that those who plant coca are peasants who live off it and that if they are fought they join our ranks, almost like the previous one, but they discover it after the Pentagon has stated it in its documents. They pull their hair out when they see our advance in the poor peasantry, for example the Unified Mariáteguist Party (PUM) is discovering that the SAIS are useless, but 20 years after having defended them even under the wing of Velasco; the plumíferos in „La República“ say if the SAIS Cahuide collapses all the SAIS in Peru will collapse, the Church in Puno is also acting against us. It confirms what the Party has been raising since the ‘60s, the land problem is burning but not only productivity but the ownership of the land, the land, because it is the basic problem that moves the class struggle in the countryside; in Puno we started the land invasions and the PUM, at the tail of the APRA, asked the government to apply its restructuring, their difference was in who was leading it; the agrarian strikes of Puno and Cusco, as well as ‘74, today, with variants, have also served for the government to apply its plans and the signed minutes are proven.

But they are also discovering that the peasant patrols can be used by reaction against the People’s War and against the interests of the peasantry, forgetting that the same United Left members, together with the APRA, People‘s Action and other reactionaries, approved them in Parliament. The Congress has already issued its opinion on the peasant patrols and what specific policy we should apply, we have said that we must see their class content, who they serve and that we are against armed organizations dependent on the unions, since the armed forces are directed by the Party.

In the intellectuals the People’s War is having more and more repercussions and they are beginning to differentiate themselves and turn towards us, also reaction is going to act against them to frighten them and make them move away, they will apply greater repression than they already apply today; the revisionists, as with the masses in general, traffic with their interests and some are nothing more than false revolutionary intellectuals.

Thus, our advance in the masses, expressing ourselves more as a mass war, makes reaction and revisionism tremble and put them in serious trouble.

On the one hand there are those who are defenders of order and seek to preserve it, their political problem is to collude and fight for who will win the most positions, with different specifications: the APRA, to be the government; the FREDEMO, the old-fashioned demolitionists and the United Left, with its multiple ruptures and denominations, to present itself as „socialist“; they also have the problem of the coup always present. On the other hand, there are those who fight for the construction of the new order through People’s War.

In the economic sphere, the deepening of the crisis of bureaucratic capitalism is so evident that they themselves are seeing the economic situation and its perspective black, what the APRA is aiming at today is to use the few economic resources of the country for their electoral purposes, for that reason let us unmask all their „works“ hoaxes, since they serve to continue oppressing and exploiting the class, the peasantry, the masses of our people, whose explosiveness will grow even more.

Thus, the class struggle in the country is becoming more acute every day in the ideological-political and military aspects, but mainly in the political aspect, and the winds are blowing in our favor. All this only confirms our positions agreed in the two previous Sessions of the Congress and we must define others on new problems.

Also, we must look at the conditions of the international class struggle. We have dealt with Perestroika in part, we must continue to fight it because it is part of that sinister revisionist counter-revolutionary offensive, in this Session we will deal more with analyzing the situation in China. We will make an effort to locate the historical characteristics of China, there are one billion inhabitants today and that immense mass weighs in the world, when in 1949 the democratic revolution triumphed, the correlation of forces in the world was changed and the socialist camp that existed was enlarged, Today we hear Yankee spokesmen commenting that if the political situation in China could not be managed, military leaders would emerge again and the stalemate that they strive to maintain would be broken, this is not strange because the contradictions of the two imperialist superpowers and other imperialist powers converge there, but there is also proletariat, peasantry, people and what we are interested in seeing is that there are Communists, there is left and this is expressing itself. Seeing the geographical location of China, it is key in the Pacific Ocean where current conflicts are becoming more acute, it is the ocean of the coming century, and this is not geopolitics but political understanding. What would it mean if the USSR were to meddle in China? or the USA? or France? or Germany? or Japan? or England? It would be a serious war of prey, it would disable its European stability. Gorbachev keeps prudent silence, until today he has only expressed his concern. Bush has omitted official opinion and through his spokesmen. It would be, therefore, a new tearing apart of China.

We have to keep in mind all that Chairman Mao told us because we are Maoists and in his light analyze and take a position as Marxist-Leninist-Maoists that we are, as Communists, because it is our obligation; to see everything from a class point of view, from our invincible ideology. Chairman Mao told us that if China changed its color it would turn from red to black and fascist; he told us that since 1911 when the last dynasty was overthrown no one has been able to rule peacefully, Chiang Kai-shek at most could stay 20 years, moreover, they could not maintain the unity of China. He told us that it was very likely that at his death the right wing would usurp the power but that his life would not be peaceful. He taught us that the restoration and counter-restoration that had taken place in China between slaveholders and feudalists demanded a process of 250 years of class struggle to finally crush the restoration of slavery, a process that involved struggles and wars to regain the usurped power. He also told us that it would be a beautiful spectacle, right and left wielding it to fight each other. And, at the height of the Cultural Revolution he said we have at least 20 to 50 years of class struggle in China and what do we see today, Chairman Mao has died in 1976, not even 20 years have passed yet and what is happening, the events in China today have this background.

The class is expressing itself there, the proletariat, the Communists, the left and this is the main thing, it is clear that this is not going to be spread by the reactionary press but we have to see it, the left is expressing itself little by little until it acts as a strong erosion that goes on the offensive. Facts like the appearance of portraits of Chairman Mao in the demonstrations, it will not be a forest of red flags as we saw yesterday but it is already a sign of the action of the Communists, the fact that three wretches have thrown ink against the official portrait of Chairman Mao makes us think that it may have been a hoax of the sinister Teng to say: They have even dared to go against Chairman Mao! And this is trafficking because what they were trying to do was to take him out, but such is the strength of the communists, of the proletariat, of the people that they have not been able to do it, and they are already fighting their battles and the dimension of the struggle of the masses we must think of it in a greater perspective. In Shanghai three workers are condemned to death, is it the action of the class or not, to confront tanks of that reactionary, fascist army, with simple molotovs, the appearance of a group called Dare! Is it not perhaps what Chairman Mao has taught us that the problem of making the revolution or not is to dare? do we not know the quote, he who does not fear to die cut into a thousand pieces dares to dismantle the emperor? The forms of struggle that they are applying, the heroism with which they are facing, the fact that a banner contains a quote from the Chairma: „The people and only the people are the motive force […]“, all this is not a resonance of the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution, I am not saying that today there is a cultural revolution but that we must see the background of the facts, that these are part of that process of struggles and wars through which the left, the Communists will recover the power and overthrow the revisionists and once again Maoism will shine in China.

That the bourgeoisie says that it is a movement for „freedom“, for „democracy“ does not surprise us, it is their class position, that others only see the massacre at Tian An Men Square, is not to see the main thing of the struggle, that „Amauta“ or „Cambio“ chimes like the revisionists of the USSR, are they not followers of the command staff, why are they silent about this heroism that only the communists, the class, the people can give? Because of their anti-Maoism! To differentiate ourselves clearly and sharply.

Also if one looks at the USSR, the problem of the Afghans is the same as in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, they are all national struggles which are also taking place in Georgia, Armenia, in Soviet Muslim republics, although each one has its own characteristics; think about it, if the USSR loses one subjugated nation at the end of the day it will lose them all.

There are extremely serious and important situations, the problems of Eastern Europe, in Hungary they have vindicated Nagy who was sentenced and executed for commanding the struggle of 1956. In Poland, we see unbridled eagerness to develop bourgeois political molds more akin to Yankee imperialism.

In their own system between the imperialist superpowers and the western imperialist powers there are serious problems; for example, the document signed between the USSR and the FRG is a subscription of the Pereztroika, defense of the rights of man above classes, why is it signed by a Christian-fascist democrat? because those theses fit him like a glove and there the US enters into problems.

Well, we raise all this because we see that this revisionist counter-revolutionary offensive has entered into serious problems, they enter into the problem of what road to follow, what course, what is it that the masses want and need? We must look at the facts with seriousness and mainly see their perspective; the ground is beginning to tremble for those supposedly powerful masters of the Earth, „handful of sand“ as Chairman Mao teaches us and his words are indelible. They have gone too far and when the right goes too far the masses begin to react and no longer allow themselves to be fooled, this was also taught to us by the Chairman. The world, then, is neither still nor at peace, winds are blowing and storms are rising in favor of the World Revolution.

2. GREAT PLAN TO DEVELOP BASES. It is the question of how this Great Plan leads us to the strategic balance, it has a circumscribed and key moment to make the leap from guerrilla warfare to mobile warfare, even more in the moment of the period in which there is a change of authorities of the reaction to preserve the old order, but as a counterpart it has the construction of the new Power through the people’s war and this is in our hands. To think also that the Great Plan to Develop Bases leads us to harder and more complex situations but necessary for the conquest of power in the whole country.

3. […] Thus, what corresponds to all of us is to struggle arduously through the People’s War to conquer power throughout the country and to enter into the process of the construction of the conquest of power. In view of the content of the agenda that we propose we must keep in mind that this 3rd Session is within the law of the Congress that in the Permanent Committee when we were preparing this meeting we were quite worried that being this Session the one that finished off the Congress there could be problems, because always the finishes as they sanction everything in short we only think if the People’s War had to be seen and this is the main thing together with construction is base and the Congress is guide and everything if it is part of the Military Line and this is the center of the General Political Line. It also has to do with the selection of the Leadership although on this we already have agreement from the 1st Session.

We consider that the present Session is ripe, the conditions are given and it already has the advantage of two previous sessions, it is based on the brilliant and expansive People’s War, which has been gigantically strengthened, it will also be based on the immediate preparations such as the collective study of Chairman Mao’s documents, Chairman Gonzalo’s expositions and the Party’s publications; it is also based on the World Revolution which is the main trend, its success is in our hands.

In synthesis, the Central Leadership considers that the 3rd Session of the Congress implies, on the one hand, reaffirmation of everything already agreed and, on the other hand, development in the perspective of the conquest of Power.