Communist Party of Switzerland (Red Faction): „Gonzalo Lived, Gonzalo Lives, Gonzalo Will Live Forever“

We reproduce the following message sent to us by the Political Commission of the Provisional Central Committee of the Communist Party of Switzerland (Red Faction):

Proletarians of all countries, unite!
There is one goal, the conquest of power!


Political Commission
Provisional Central Committee
Communist Party Switzerland (Red Faction)

Death? As a materialist I know that life will end some day. What is most important to me is to be an optimist, with the conviction that others will continue the work to which I am committed, and will carry it forward until they reach our final goal, communism. Because the fear that I could have is that no one would carry on, but that fear disappears when one has faith in the masses. I think that the worst fear, in the end, is not to have faith in the masses, to believe that you’re indispensable, the center of the world. I think that’s the worst fear and if you are forged by the Party, in proletarian ideology, in maoism mainly, you understand that the masses are the makers of history, that the Party makes revolution, that the advance of history is certain, that revolution is the main trend, and then your fear vanishes. What remains is the satisfaction of contributing together with others to laying the foundation so that some day communism may shine and illuminate the entire Earth.“

– Central Committee of the Communist Party of Peru: „Interview with Chairman Gonzalo“, 1988.

Dear colleagues of The Red Flag,

Please receive our firm red greetings. Unfortunately, the subject of our message to you today is not a positive one, as we are sure you can already assume. Because of the importance of the topic and also due to the role we play in — atleast ideologically – guiding large parts of the proletarian revolutionary movement in this country, we ask of you to publish the entire present e-mail and title it „Gonzalo Lived, Gonzalo Lives, Gonzalo Will Live Forever“.

A man was murdered in prison today, a prison built just for him. Just across the shoreline of Lima, the capital of Peru — a country that is today still in chains, rich in resources but kept poor by the imperialist powers that dominate it and divide it up like pieces of cake among them. A country where 70’000 infants die every year due to treatable illnesses and malnutrition, where peasants are oppressed and exploited like in medieval Europe, by feudal landlords, where workers toil away in cancercausing factories and unsecured mines — all for the profit of a class of unspeakably rich parasites in other countries — the bourgeoisie — and their loyal servants inside of the country, the comprador and bureaucratic capitalists that sell Peru, its resources and people to the highest foreign bidder.

It was not just any man that died, colleagues, but Chairman Gonzalo, the leader of the Communist Party of Peru (CPP) and the revolution which it led. He was a communist who fought his entire life for not just the liberation of the Peruvian masses and people, but for the working class of all countries, for socialism and communism. That is the whole corpus delicti, the whole body of his appearent „crime“ — that Chairman Gonzalo led the Peruvian revolution, that he led millions of Peruvians in the people’s war against semi-colonialism, semi-feudalism and bureaucratic-comprador capitalism. That’s why they threw him into a tiny, subterranean concrete cell on the island of Callao, that is a military base of the Peruvian marines, where he was imprisoned under conditions of almost complete isolation for close to 29 years (in fact, they murdered him a day before the 29th anniversary of his imprisonment). Because he fought for the people, because he led them, he was a „terrorist“ under Peruvian law, because of course the ruling laws and constitution are always the laws and constitution of the ruling class. At the highest peak of the people’s war, the people, under the leadership of the CPP, built up a new society in in 40% of the country, while participation in the bourgeois electoral system dropped so low, that the boycotters were always the biggest party (and that in a country where not voting is punishable by law!). The illegitimate terrorists are not the communists, but the old, rotten State and government of Peru, and their footsoldiers, that sterilized hundreds of thousands of indigenous, poor women, so they would no longer „produce little communists“. The illegitimate State that only represents the exploiting classes, that has extra-judicially murdered and disappeared tens of thousands of people, and buried their bodies in unmarked graves all over Peru. They think they can drown the revolution in blood, and bury its fighters 6 foot under. But what they don’t know is that the comrades and colleagues they buried are seeds, and that the blood they spilt waters them. Hundreds of thousand of beautiful flowers will grow from these seeds, among them Chairman Gonzalo – not just all over the country, but all over the world.

Two months ago, we sent you colleagues our statement „Between the Darkness and the Dawn There Rises a Red Sun”, about the plan desived by the Peruvian State of murdering Chairman Gonzalo, by letting him die from his untreated illnesses. At the time, the old State had openly announced that they would be moving Chairman Gonzalo to a hospital supervised by the military. Already then we wrote:

If he dies, may it be in that hospital, or in the Callao concentration camp, it will be murder. To deprive a man of three decades of his life, to deprive him of the most basic rights and conditions, and then to watch him die — of „natural“ causes or otherwise — that is murder, assassination, no matter what the enemy says.“

That is the fact of the matter: Chairman Gonzalo was murdered. After decades of denying him medical treatment, they put him in a hospital, sure. But then, they moved him back into his tiny, asphyxiating cell in August, and ever since then, there was no medical treatment for the Chairman. The Peruvian State even admits themselves, that his condition gravely worsened on the 9th of September, but that they denied him treatment until his death (they claim they were going to give it to him on the day he died, but it is clear this is nothing but a cheap charade).

Colleagues, now is not the time to be pessimistic. No matter how many lies they spread about communism, about communists, no matter how much they try to muddy the water: we will clean the filth — they will not be able to fool people forever. Now the bourgeois monopoly media tries to heap trash on Chairman Gonzalo‘s grave and to throw his corpse in that very muddied water. But corpses float, their crime will not go unnoticed for too long. Communist vengeance often comes late, but it comes inevitably. As we already said:

Sometimes things can seem dark and moody, but remember: when the night gets the darkest, that‘s when you know that the sun will soon rise again. In 1976, the red sun set on China, with the restoration of capitalism, not only in China but in Kampuchea and Albania as well, our class was left without an international support base, but mainly with hopelessness and loss of perspective, and right before dawn, when it seemed the darkest, a red sun dawned on Peru — with rays that burned away all lies about „the end of history“, „the fall of communism“ and „the obsolesence of marxism“. A sun that will one day illuminate all of humanity, as it already illuminates millions in India and on the Philippines. Today it is just like this, the sun rays struggle to break through the darkness, but like Chairman Gonzalo says, we have to be optimists, because we know that the sunrise is a law independent of humanities will. Sunlight does not care how you feel about it. There will be many more like Chairman Gonzalo. He will not just be avenged, but succeeded.”

The sun will rise again, this is a law that does not care of our personal feelings. Because the cause that Chairman Gonzalo dedicated his entire life to, communism, is inevitable. Because that march that Marx and Engels began traversing alone in 1848 has never stopped, not one second. When one person falls, many more take up that red flag of freedom, the harbinger of the future. If the working class of today doesn‘t conquer power, then most of the earth, and most of us along with it, will die. The richest of the rich of the imperialists may flee to Antarctica, Greenland or Mars and make the poorer ones of them become the most exploited of workers, if not slaves. Even then, communism will still win, it may just take longer, because humanity will never be entirely extinct, and as long as there are classes, the class struggle will develop towards communism. They may have killed Chairman Gonzalo, but they cannot kill his thought, or communism, no matter how much they try.

The exploiters, the oppressors — they know that they are dying. They are afraid. A case study of this is Hernando de Soto, a bourgeois Peruvian politician and economists, who‘s austerity measures were nothing but a genocide against the people of Peru. He tweeted:

The genocider [Chairman Gonzalo] died. I will make sure that Gonzalo thought will die with him. […]“

While this may look like triumphant mocking, in fact it reveals that the bureaucratic and comprador capitalists know that Gonzalo thought is still alive, that even the physical annihilation of Gonzalo could not kill the theory he acted according to his entire adult life, which he passed on to others. It shows that they know that, no matter how much they declare that order reigns in Peru or anywhere else in the world, the revolution will rise up again and again — everywhere — and declare: „I was, I am, I will always be“.

This is something Chairman Gonzalo himself said already, as we quoted him in „Between the Darkness…“:

What Chairman Gonzalo has put forward continues to be valid, more so than ever before:

[…] you should not be confused by false earthquakes, after all, if there is an earthquake, the whole house falls down, you remove the rubble and continue working, it is a principle. By then the faction said it this way: the problem is that the party is the party, and if the party is destroyed you have to build it once more and that‘s it, if it is destroyed ten times you get up eleven times and if it is eleven times, then twelve. It has always been like that, […] it is the firm resolution of the class, I think it is important.‘

-Remarks by Chairman Gonzalo during interrogation by the SIN, September 1992.

And furthermore:

You can take anything away from a man, except what he has in here [in his head]. This cannot be removed, even if he is killed. Even if they do kill him, it will remain with others.‘

-Remarks by Chairman Gonzalo at his arrest in Lima, 12.09.1992.

[Will there be more Chairman Gonzalos?] I think there will be many and better.‘

-Remarks by Chairman Gonzalo during another interrogation by the SIN, 1992.

Chairman Gonzalo may have been an initiator, but we will be his continuators. Chairman Gonzalo synthesized maoism, and he created Gonzalo thought, which is the application of communism to the conditions of Peru, but at the same time contains crucial lessons that are necessary for the success of the world revolution today. These contributions of his need to be studied, they are the only systematized contribution to the fourth stage of marxism that will arise in the coming decades, where – in the face of destruction of the earth we live on by imperialism – the people of the world will have to choose between socialism or extinction. It is an absolute necessity for us communists, if we are to succeed in our revolutionary endeavors, to take up Gonzalo thought, that is to say its universal aspects, the contributions. Of course we will also have to study and learn from Chairman Gonzalo’s mistakes, and more so we will have to develop his contributions forward by applying them, to actually make the new, fourth stage of marxism a reality. But make no mistake, today’s communism is marxism-leninism-maoism-Gonzalo thought.

The time has come, comrades and colleagues. The time to turn the campaign to defend the life of Chairman Gonzalo into a campaign to avenge his life. We reaffirm ourselves in what we already established:

„We have written a lot of words. But actions will speak louder than words. The point is that we need to act. To defend Chairman Gonzalo‘s life, to demand his release, to avenge him should he die — the purpose is to keep his thought alive, to change material reality with criticism by weapons. […]

We are not here to make empty political demands or to regurgitate what is repeated over and over and over again by opportunists. Graffiti, leaflets, empty manifestations — will this keep communism alive?

Everyone who participates in the campaign to murder Chairman Gonzalo — who is our Chairman as well — those who two-facedly „support“ him, will be punished. Those who have been campaigning for his execution for decades will be punished. Those who have denied him healthcare and the rights of prisoners of war will be punished. These people will be punished with military action. Military action will lead to political transformation, as he himself has taught us. He will never be released or avenged as long as words remain words and deeds are left undone. And if Chairman Gonzalo is murdered, these actions, concrete deeds, will show once more that no matter how much our flag is dragged through the mud, communism is today just as alive as in 1980, that it is even more so, because of his contributions.”

We think it is appropriate to end this message with the lyrics of the bolshevik funeral march that was played at the funerals of so many of those who died for communism:

You fell victims in the deadly struggle
Of unselfish love towards your people
You gave whatever you had for it
For life, for honor, for freedom.

You sometimes crouch in moist jails
Judges and executioners had passed judgment
On your boldness
And grudgingly you went with fetters on your feet.

Tyranny shall fall and the people will rebel
The great powerful and free people
Farewell our brothers! You have walked with honor
Your road of worthiness and righteousness.

Today, the order of the day is:






P.S.: We are happy, that The Red Flag is online once more — and not just on an onion service but on the clearnet as well. Truly, solidarity to all of you, never stop doing what you‘re doing. We also want to take this chance to denounce this anti-communist censorship against you colleagues. Because of that we are with you in raising the slogans you did in your statement: