Proletarians of all countries, unite!
There is one goal, the conquest of power!


Red Star — Switzerland

Reproduced by The Red Flag



We have learnt from a number of quarters that the Central Committee of the CPSU recently sent to fraternal parties a letter which is directed against the Communist Party of China. This letter distorts the facts of the current public polemics in the international communist movement, manufactures lies slandering the Communist Party of China and instigates a so-called ‚struggle against the great-power and trotskyite views and the factional and disruptive activities of the Chinese leaders‘. This letter has not, however, been sent to the Communist Party of China, from which it has been kept a secret.

It must be noted in all seriousness that, while crying for a halt to public polemics under the pretence of desiring unity, the leaders of the CPSU are engineering a new campaign against the Communist Party of China and other marxist-leninist parties behind the back of the Communist Party of China and are unscrupulously engaging in sectarian, factional and divisive activities. Throughout the recent years the leaders of the CPSU have been wearing one face in public and another in private, and saying one thing and doing another. Your vicious two-faced tactics are a gross violation of the principles guiding relations among fraternal parties laid down in the 1960 Statement as well as of proletarian internationalism.“

Central Committee
Communist Party of China

The relatively ‚peaceful‘ character of the period between 1871 and 1914 served to foster opportunism first as a mood, then as a trend, until finally it formed a group or stratum among the labour bureaucracy and petty-bourgeois fellow-travellers. These elements were able to gain control of the labour movement only by paying lip-service to revolutionary aims and revolutionary tactics. They were able to win the confidence of the masses only by their protestations that all this ‚peaceful‘ work served to prepare the proletarian revolution. This contradiction was a boil which just had to burst, and burst it has. Here is the question: is it worth trying, as Kautsky and Co. are doing, to force the pus back into the body for the sake of ‚unity‘ (with the pus), or should the pus be removed as quickly and as thoroughly as possible, regardless of the pang of pain caused by the process, to help bring about the complete recovery of the body of the labour movement?“

V. I. Lenin
January 1916

Today, we are sending this document to the colleagues of The Red Flag for publication. It isa polemic from a former proletarian revolutionary group, one of the antecedents of today‘s movement in Switzerland against the German revisionists of the Committee Red Flag. This polemic was originally sent to the Committee Red Flag in the beginning of 2021 and it was attempted to circulate it among the parties and organizations of the international communist movement.

However, soon after it was written, it became clear that a directive had been issued by the Germans, who maintain organizational control with a large amount of organizations in the international communist movement in Europe, which forbade any such party or organization from meeting or corresponding with Swiss communists — even ones that act in Switzerland. Together with this directive, a polemic full of lies was circulated against the Swiss communists; however, it was not sent to Switzerland.

The Committee Red Flag is correctly characterized in this polemic. It was once a communist organization, which due to inherited problems and limitations began to degenerate and in 2020 became an outright revisionist organization — the negation of what it once was. Today, they are completely revisionist — former comrades and not comrades like they were referred to here. Despite this fact, it continues to have a large amount of prestige in the international communist movement.

Today, as Chairman Gonzalo‘s health situation is extremely dire and he is concretely in the process of being assassinated, the intrigue of these revisionists is beginning to show itself. They have done nothing to defend the life of the great leader of the proletarian world revolution. Thus, they concretely participate in the campaign to murder him. They are concerned with only one thing: taking Chairman Gonzalo‘s place and substituting Gonzalo thought with revisionism in the international communist movement.

Comrades and colleagues all over the world — take a stand! Are you with these revisionists or against them? The split in the international communist movement already happened when the Germans were expelled from Switzerland last year, but it was covered up with lies and shouts about „unity“ and „splittism“. It is time to make this split clear and visible.




July 2021



The need for a Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Communist Party that firmly applies independence, autonomy and self-reliance […]“ (Our emphasis.)

1st Congress
Communist Party of Peru

Relations between socialist countries are international relations of a new type. Relations between socialist countries, whether large or small, and whether more developed or less developed economically, must be based on the principles of complete equality, respect for territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence, and non-interference in each other’s internal affairs, and must also be based on the principles of mutual support and mutual assistance in accordance with proletarian internationalism.“ (Our emphasis.)

Central Committee
Communist Party of China

Revolutionary movements can be neither exported nor imported. Despite the fact that aid was accorded by the Communist International, the birth and development of the Communist Party of China resulted from the fact that China herself had a conscious working class. The Chinese working class created its own Party — the Communist Party of China.“ (Our emphasis.)

Chairman Mao Tse-tung

We address this document to the left of the International Communist Movement (ICM) in general and the Committee Red Flag (CRF) in particular.

As the Strategic Offensive of the Proletarian World Revolution (PWR) develops through the reconstitution/constitution of the Communist Parties on the basis of Maoism, the initiation and development of the People‘s Wars, and the „50 to 100 years“ in which imperialism and world reaction will meet their demise gradually coming to a close, we find it to be of extraordinary importance to reaffirm ourselves in the great slogan: „Proletarians of all countries, unite!“, and in the Campaign for Maoism, the Campaign to Defend the Life of Chairman Gonzalo and the struggle for the reconstitution of the Communist International. We are for this process of struggle to re-unify the ICM in order to serve the PWR.

In October 2020, the proletarian revolutionaries in Switzerland organized a split from the abroad work of the CRF. This abroad work had been present in this country since April 2020, when it usurped the apparatus led by the Red Star — Switzerland (RSS). During the period of CRF control with our work, problems arose and were developed more and more, until it became clear to all of the Swiss Comrades that the abroad work was revisionist and it was not possible (or fitting) to wage the two-line struggle inside of the abroad work apparatus. Thus, the split was concretized, and the RSS was re-established.

In this document, we seek to elaborate on the root causes and reasons for the split, which concretely means to criticize the way in which the CRF led its abroad work in this country. We believe this to be of importance — not to „wash our own hands“ as the Germans might claim, but because of the role the CRF plays internationally (and particularly in the imperialist countries), its problems have far-reaching consequences for the German Revolution, the revolutions in the countries where its abroad work operates or operated (such as Denmark or Switzerland), and the revolutions in the countries where Comrades follow its advice.

We believe that the German Comrades are able and willing to listen to criticism. Therefore, we hope that this document will serve to correct the mistakes of the CRF, correct the problems caused by those mistakes in other countries, and thus contribute to the reconstitution of the Communist Party of Germany (CPG), the re-unification of the ICM and the reconstitution of the Communist International.


As we understand it, the CRF had two contradictions it needed to solve. The first contradiction was that of its own advanced general understanding of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism and task of imposing Maoism in Europe. For us, this meant imposing it in France and Italy. The second contradiction was that of its Campaign for Gonzalo Thought in the Federal Republic of Germany (FRG), which required creative application to complete, and its outright negation of creatively applying Gonzalo Thought.

The solution to the first objective would be, on one hand, the reconstitution of the CPG and the initiation of the People‘s War in the FRG; and on the other hand, developing patient, honest international work on the basis of proletarian internationalism. With the reconstitution of the CPG and the initiation of the People‘s War, this international work would be able to bear fruit, as the French and Italian Comrades would see the validity in the positions of the CRF. However, because the CRF was unable to solve this contradiction, it ended up centering on convincing the other Organizations through two-line struggle only. However, the Comrades were not convinced by the CRF, and thus, new impulse to its prestige was needed.

The solution to the second objective would be, on one hand, putting more emphasis on understanding the history of the proletariat in Germany, in order to identify, retake and develop the red line in the light of Gonzalo Thought; and on the other hand, the construction of the CRF so the process of grasping history could be expressed in the Communists forged in class struggle and the Campaign for Gonzalo Thought completed, serving the reconstitution of the CPG. However, because the CRF was unable to solve this contradiction, it ended up centering on purely quantitative steps: translating more documents, gathering more people for demonstrations, doing more actions, etc. etc. But because there was no creative application of Gonzalo Thought, this did not lead to a leap, but rather to political degeneration.

Therefore, the CRF faced two problems: How to get international prestige and how to get more forces for the Campaign. They found the solution in the establishment of its abroad work.

In Switzerland, since early 2019, there had been an organization of proletarian revolutionaries: the RSS. The Comrades involved were inexperienced and needed assistance, in particular regarding style of work, but they had opened up the grand perspective of reconstituting the Communist Party of Switzerland (CPS) and initiating the People‘s War. The Comrades had potential — but the development of the Swiss Revolution contradicted the two objectives of the CRF.

The CRF established a plan for Switzerland: First, develop bilaterals with the RSS to gain respect; Second, establish a system of joint decisions and planning in order to influence the Swiss Comrades more; Third, usurp the Leadership and put the Swiss Comrades under the leadership of the CRF. If these three steps were completed, the CRF would be able to develop a Paper Party in Switzerland to firstly support it in front of the French and Italian Comrades, and secondly to contribute forces to the completion of the Campaign. This was the plan of the CRF, as explained by the politically responsible of its South-West Committee to the former local responsible in Switzerland.

The first phase of the German plan began in April 2019. The second phase began in November 2019. And in April 2020, the Leadership of the RSS was resettled to the FRG with the promise of „forging her“. During her stay in the FRG, the Germans isolated her completely from the masses, ordered her to do translations and other dirty work, used every method to break her mentally (for instance, threatening her with a ban on political work in all of Europe if she didn‘t clean her room when her psychological state was at its worst because of past abuse that the German Comrades just continued instead of aiding in rectifying it), provided her too little food (her host had little food in the house, but a lot of alcohol), didn‘t shield her from repression although she was an illegal immigrant, her attempts to raise criticism were undermined through administrative measures, she was officially permitted to see her fiancée but wasn‘t actually told so, etc. etc. As a result of months of this abuse, the Comrade was pushed to give up responsibility for the Comrades in Switzerland to a local responsible. Shortly thereafter, the abroad work was imposed, disguised as „cooperation between the proletarian revolutionaries in Switzerland and the FRG“. After this, the CRF even wanted her to stay in the FRG to keep carrying out the translations for their Campaign, since they didn‘t have the forces to do it themselves.

From this, we can clearly see how the German plan came to fruition: They explicitly wanted to get rid of our Leadership; they won her trust by giving advice at first; they undermined her by setting up a system of joint leadership later; and at the end, they isolated her from her Comrades, attempted to break her and usurped our apparatus. Thus, in April 2020, the RSS was dissolved and its members became part of the CRF abroad work, even though the Swiss Comrades had pledged to struggle for the Swiss Revolution, not to do the work of the CRF. In this way, the CRF laid the basis for developing a Paper Party to serve its own objectives, without giving a damn about the reconstitution of the CPS and the Swiss Revolution — and this is why we call it the politics of social-imperialism! You Germans should know better, since your own Party was usurped and turned into the „Socialist Unity Party“, the Paper Party of Russian social-imperialism!

We will end this section by briefly quoting Chairman Mao Tse-tung on the politics of social-imperialism: A ‚socialist community‘ indeed! It is nothing but a synonym for a colonial empire with you as the metropolitan State. The relationship between genuine socialist countries, big or small, should be built on the basis of Marxism-Leninism, on the basis of the principles of complete equality, respect for territorial integrity, respect for State sovereignty and independence and of non-interference in each other‘s internal affairs, and on the basis of the proletarian internationalist principle of mutual support and mutual assistance. But you have trampled other countries underfoot and made them your subordinates and dependencies. By ‚united action‘ you mean to unify under your control the politics, economies and military affairs of other countries. By ‚inseperable‘ you mean to forbid other countries to free themselves from your control and enslavement. Are you not brazenly trying to enslave the people of other countries? (Our emphasis).1


Later, a „Plan for the Cooperation of the Revolutionaries in Switzerland and the FRG“ was established. In this was concretized the objectives of the CRF abroad work in Switzerland: „1) Unfolding of the Campaign for Maoism in Switzerland. 2) Establishment of a solid activist group in […]. 3) Establishment of solid contacts in at least […] Geneva“.2

Again and again, the CRF insisted that the Swiss Comrades could not have Gonzalo Thought as their basis of ideological unity. They did not think we would be able to comprehend it, since we were, after all, not even „a solid activist group“. For this reason, the Plan of the Germans states: „[…] on the basis of the ideology of the international proletariat, Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, principally Maoism“.3 As the CRF itself has made clear4, the international proletariat can only have one ideology, and it is our position that this ideology is Marxism-Leninism-Maoism-Gonzalo Thought, principally Gonzalo Thought. Gonzalo Thought is universal, it is the highest expression of the ideology of our class, and thus, it is the principal aspect, while Maoism is the basis. Since we are within the stage of Maoism, which is not yet universally grasped, the task on the international level is to carry out the Campaign for Maoism. But in Switzerland, our basis of unity is already Gonzalo Thought, and thus, the negation of Gonzalo Thought in this country by the CRF abroad work is revisionism.

The CRF also did not think we could apply Gonzalo Thought creatively or identify the red line in our own history. Thus, they not only denied us Gonzalo Thought, but also the identification of Comrade Leonie Kascher as the highest expression of the proletariat in Switzerland to date, and the creative applications of our Leadership (such as identifying Comrade Kascher‘s red line and developing the Three Nations Thesis). With this, it became clear that the CRF did not want us to identify, retake and develop the red line in order to reconstitute the CPS and initiate the People‘s War. Instead, their negation of creative application would lead us to simply form a „new Party“, which Chairman Gonzalo made clear is a crime, since it is the task of the Communists to rectify their Party when it deviates (or re-found it if it is liquidated, as the CPS).

The CRF made it clear that it did not even consider us to be „a solid activist group“. We are militants in formation — but the CRF did not want that. They wanted us to work for them, in order to achieve their two objectives (international and in the FRG), and for this reason, we had to sell the „Red Post“ instead of developing our own newspaper, travel to Hamburg (!) for legal (!) demonstrations instead of participating in the ones here, wait for news to be posted on before we posted them ourselves, let the Germans design and produce our propaganda material instead of doing it ourselves, etc. etc. Thus, they negated our development as Communists in formation completely, by simply denying that we were such to begin with.

With the objective of „solid contacts in at least […] Geneva“, we see how the strategic, international objectives of the CRF are concretized in this Plan. They established their revisionist „axes“, which served to deny the development of work in several cities, even ones where there were already contacts. Instead, everything served getting to Geneva, and from there to France. The CRF did not want a Committee of Communists in Formation in Switzerland, but a „Border Zone Committee“ with us and the French Comrades, in order to pressure their local work in the border region. Their „axes“ were not for the Swiss Revolution, but for their own international work.

In general, the dogmato-revisionist views of the CRF can be summed up in their own words: „If you want to learn how to creatively apply, you have to mechanically apply first“, and „Everybody in this country [the FRG] is an expert on the history of the CPG, except for us; but that is a good thing“. We will let these views speak for themselves.

It thus became clear to us that the abroad work was an obstacle on the path to the reconstitution of the CPS; an obstacle which had to be removed. That is the ideological background of the split between the RSS and the CRF.


The CRF did not work to construct a vanguard in formation of the proletariat in Switzerland. Instead, they worked to construct a Paper Party in the style of the old Soviet-led Parties, in order to comfortably participate in legal front work with revisionist organizations. In the revisionist Plan, political construction is wholly dedicated to this front work. In addition, we were instructed: „As long as there is no material from Switzerland for this purpose, newspapers, stickers, etc. from the work in the FRG will be used for this“.5 In this way, the purpose of doing such front work became to generate public opinion for the work of the CRF, not to develop a revolutionary movement in Switzerland.

Additionally, the CRF warns us: „Accordingly, an application of the ‚Three Withs‘ as it is being put into practice in the FRG is, in the situation in Switzerland, not right, and would instead be a mechanical copy stemming from an idealist attitude“.6 Taken on its own, this statement is correct. However, when there is no speak of mass work in the proletarian neighborhoods at all, no focus on developing politics for the class struggle and the political situation in Switzerland at all, then what can we understand from this? Only one thing: That the CRF simply wanted forces following their own line as quickly as possible, and not people who cared about the Swiss Revolution, since these would come from the deepest and broadest masses.

The fundamental problem is the two objectives (international and in the FRG) of the CRF. But here, the principal problem is that of right-opportunism, more specifically tailism. Essentially, considering the situation in the „left scene“ in Switzerland, only doing this type of anti-imperialist front work would have been tailing Revolutionary Construction („Aufbau”), the organization which leads the „revolutionary movement“ in this country. And in some cities, there is not even a genuine „anti-imperialist movement“ to carry out this front work with! Instead, what we have are lumpen and petty-bourgeois circles overflowing with post-modernism, patriarchal and national chauvinism and other ills. What spaces would be opening up? Our only option would be to hollow out our own politics, which would be frontism.

Regarding frontism. We issued a statement of our Organization on „Struggle and Criticism“ in February of 2020 entitled: „Comrade Barbara Kistler, Martyr of the Proletarian World Revolution, is Immortal!“. This was on the occasion of the 27th anniversary of the immortalization of Comrade Kistler in the People‘s War in Turkey. Comrade Kistler was an activist of „Aufbau“ in Switzerland, who went to fight for the TKP(ML) and TIKKO. She fell in Dersim in 1993. Comrade Kistler is a great example of proletarian internationalism and a hero of the international proletariat, the Turkish people and the revolutionaries in Switzerland. But there are some who do not view it this way. The leading core of „Aufbau” are angry at the TKP(ML) for „killing their friend“. And when this statement was published, the CRF first applauded it, but later heavily criticized it, because it would „antagonize the relation to ‚Aufbau‘“. We believe this to be a clear expression of frontism, or „everything through the front“. If we could not present our politics independently, what would we be doing other than tailing the much stronger „Aufbau“? It would be nothing but right-opportunism.

In accordance with the frontism of the CRF, there is also the persistent problem of legalism. Applying revolutionary violence at demonstrations is viewed by the CRF as „left-radicalism“ (even though most demonstrations in Switzerland result in street struggles without our interference!). Because we insist in the principle of forging Comrades in revolutionary violence and also winning revindications through it, we criticized the 3rd of October demonstration in Hamburg this year, which was „Against the Police State FRG“. We said it was legalist and tailist. In response, it was stated by the political responsible of the abroad work: „Revolutionary violence and breaking with legality is when you drive to Geneva during corona”, even though everything was closed there and there was no tasks there to fulfill, the only thing that would’ve been achieved is burning Comrades. And regarding a demonstration against the World Economic Forum where masses shot fireworks at the police, it was called „ritualized violence“, something that does in fact not happen every year and is an expression of class struggle sharpening.

By all of these examples, it can be clearly seen that the CRF behaved as nothing but right-opportunists in this country. If we didn‘t want to end up as a small revisionist circle, we would have to leave the abroad work. This is one political reason for the split between the RSS and the CRF.


The CRF wished to export all of their views to their Paper Party in formation in Switzerland. This included their national chauvinist or patriarchal chauvinist attitudes and ideas, which they had already worked hard to consolidate within the FRG itself. Thus, they began not only trying to convince our Comrades of their erroneous ideas, but also antagonizing Comrades (such as our Leadership) who were deemed „degenerates“ according to the chauvinist criteria of the CRF.

Firstly, there is the point of Greater German chauvinism and how the CRF tried to export it here. Comrade Alfred Klahr described „the Greater German idea“ as follows: The Greater German thought from 1848, then a progressive revolutionary-democratic thought, was used as the ideological basis for the ambitions of German imperialism. Unfortunately, even the German left inside of Social-Democracy and later the CPG did not understand this character of the Greater German thought in the epoch of imperialism, and imported the Greater German, Pan-Germanic poison into the working class […].7 We believe that the German Comrades, despite all their talk of „Germany Must Die“ and their formal publication of Comrade Klahr‘s document, nonetheless are deeply affected by the plague of Greater German chauvinism.

It makes sense to use the example of the Right-Liquidators. These lumpen, degenerated Strasserists, some parts of whom today even are openly Nazi-Fascist, began as part of the CRF. They organized a sinister, right-opportunist split and immediately began displaying their Greater German chauvinism, their dreams of „re-unification with Austria“ and „German South Tyrol“. But where did these ideas come from? They came from the CRF not having a clear grasp of and position on the German nation. And in the CRF today, we see expressions of those same views: Complete disregard for the Wars of Resistance fought against German imperialism during World War II; viewing the Swiss-German dialects as „not speaking like a normal person“, „only a child would use that word“, etc.; viewing the Danish people as „half-German anyway“, so one might as well sell the „Red Post“ in Copenhagen; hating the Austrian partisan song „Drei rote Pfiffe“, but loving „Arbeiter von Wien“, since it is „German worker‘s music“; playing the victim by stating that the GDR was a „semi-colony of social-imperialism“, when it was really a 2nd World imperialist power in its own right (and in general portraying the fall of fascism in East Germany in 1989-90 as a complete defeat for the German people); telling Danish Comrades that they „would probably like if we Anschluss‘d Denmark“ (a country which was a German colony from 1940 to 1945!); etc. etc. There are many examples of the Greater German chauvinist attitude of the CRF and we could go on, but we believe that we have made our point clear. Nobody hates Germany more than us!“, say the German Comrades, but in their attitude and how the develop their abroad work, they are nonetheless thinking and acting inside of the dead, but not yet buried, Reich. Let the Right-Liquidators be a warning to you, Comrades — rectify your chauvinism before it is too late.

In Switzerland, they acted based on this Greater German chauvinism. Essentially, they viewed the Swiss-German nation as part of the German nation, because they negated the Three Nations Thesis. So they wanted us to sell the „Red Post“, even though it was nothing but news from the FRG, which the masses could not relate to. They wanted us to learn a little bit of French and go to Geneva, „they will be happy if you just speak a few words French“. They converged with the blackest Urschweizer nationalism, which sees the Swiss-German nation as the „Herrenmensch“, under which the two other nations must be subjugated — only they saw the Swiss-German nation as nothing but a minority within the Greater German Volk in the first place.

Secondly, there is the point of imperialist chauvinism, or in particular, the kind of arrogance described by Mao Tse-tung: We must never adopt an arrogant attitude of great-power chauvinism and become conceited because of the victory of our revolution and certain achievements in our construction. Every nation, big or small, has its strong and weak points“ (Our emphasis).8 This quote is a striking criticism of the way in which the CRF views itself and speaks of Comrades in other countries.

The CRF views itself as „the vanguard of the proletariat in the imperialist countries“. We believe that this accurately described the CRF until 2019-20. However, being the most advanced is no excuse for being conceited and arrogant. At a summer camp in 2020, the CRF stated: „We are the only Gonzalo Thought Organization in Europe.” At a separate Comradeship they also proclaimed: „If you want to learn Gonzalo Thought, come to us.“ We think this is a great disrespect towards Comrades belonging to the left of the ICM, who also uphold, defend and apply the universal contributions of Chairman Gonzalo.

Concerning the Austrian Comrades specifically, it was stated: „If only they actually put proletarian internationalism in the first row, like we do“. We think the international work of the Austrian Comrades in the Balkans quite clearly shows that they do put proletarian internationalism in the first row.

When a Comrade stated it was a shame that the Indian Comrades don‘t participate enough in the ICM, the Central Leadership of the CRF exclaimed: „Fuck the Indians! We are Gonzalo Thought, we are the fourth stage of Marxism!“. Do we need to elaborate on why this is chauvinist?

There are other examples, but we will let these views speak for themselves.

Thirdly, there is the point of how the CRF, in the most patriarchal-chauvinist way, deliberately avoided developing female Comrades because they belonged to the left. During the time when the proletarian revolutionaries in Switzerland were under the leadership of the CRF, very heavy mistakes were made on the side of the responsibles. One of these mistakes was in the behavior towards the female Comrades, who compared to most male Comrades had less experience and knowledge in ideology and politics. One female Comrade was conscious of this and had therefore informed her local responsible as well as the Comrades from the FRG about her insecurity and wish for ideological consolidation. Until the split with the FRG in October, nobody had read with the Comrade or changed this behavior. As another example of patriarchal chauvinism, the German Comrades, also including ones with great responsibility, complained about the Comrade wearing ‚too short pants‘.

Also with the female contacts/organized masses, none to few things were read, and when it happened, it was only together with their partners. At these meetings, there was too little focus on the female Comrades, and together with their insecurity, this kept them back a lot. One female Comrade was organized with us for more than five months and had only one time taken part in an action of military character, but she had undetaken many logistical tasks and cooked at all events and many meetings.

In synthesis, one can say that the female Comrades were systematically underdeveloped under the leadership of the FRG, in order to keep them unknowning and cooperative. They were viewed as accessories to their male partners, and were at most developed as such. Instead of developing them in actions and schooling them in work style and method, they were only (ab)used for logistical tasks and used aesthetically. The abroad work of the Germans in Switzerland was not only revisionist, but before all else also patriarchal.

And finally, there is the point of queer-antagonism, in particular trans-antagonism, which was expressed to an extreme degree against our Leadership and other Comrades in our Organization. We understand that the queer question is a new problem, left unsolved by Marxism until this point, and that the views of the CRF on this question are also shared by others in the ICM. For this reason, we have elaborated our position on this question in a separate document, which is distributed alongside this criticism.9 In this criticism, we will thus focus not on the general analysis and synthesis of the queer question on the basis of Gonzalo Thought, but instead the specific ways in which this kind of patriarchal chauvinism was applied by the German Comrades in their abroad work in Switzerland.

What are the positions of the CRF on the queer question? Since there is no public document on this question by the German Comrades, we will summarize our understanding of the positions of the CRF in a few points:

1) The existence of LGBT+ people is viewed as a product of patriarchal oppression within class society, in particular imperialist society. LGBT+ people are viewed as individuals who choose to live in a certain way, because they could not bear the responsibilities that come with fulfilling a certain role in patriarchy. In this way, LGBT+ people are degenerated elements, made to degenerate by patriarchy, and being LGBT+ is alien to the proletariat.

2) It is a democratic right to be LGBT+, but Communists are not allowed to, since they must be the vanguard of the proletariat, and the class is not LGBT+. In this way, being LGBT+ is viewed as similar to being religious.

3) Since LGBT+ people are alien or degenerated elements to the class, the class and the masses do not like or respect them. Therefore, those Comrades who have responsibility cannot be allowed to be LGBT+, since the masses will not follow them.

4) Transgender people have capitulated in front of combatting patriarchy and instead chosen „the easy way out“, an individualist solution, so as to not be oppressed by patriarchy or having to oppress others within patriarchy. However, they cannot change their biological sex, and as such, they end up ruining their bodies and become degenerated elements alien to the class.

5) Marriage before the Party or the New State is between one man and one woman, since that is the proletarian conception of romantic relationships. LGBT+ relationships are cultural degeneracies alien to the proletariat.

6) There is no special „queer oppression“ within patriarchy, only the exploitation and oppression of women and the pressure on men to oppress women.

This position was expressed towards our Comrades in many different ways, and principally towards a trans female Comrade. She was told that she couldn‘t lead, since the masses would not respect her; she was told she was an individualist, because she would not sleep and shower with the male Comrades at a summer camp; internally, male names were used for her and another trans female Comrade behind both of the Comrades’ backs; a remark was made that she was „ruining her body“ by taking estrogen; a remark was made that her relationship was „just gay with extra steps“; she was consistently referred to as male by the German Comrades; etc. etc. Another trans female Comrade experienced a similar attitude from the German Comrades, for example being criticized for doing a toast to proletarian feminism at a Comradeship or told not to shout slogans at a 25th of November demonstration in Hamburg.

We completely disagree with the position and attitude of the CRF on the queer question. We will address the five points above:

1) LGBT+ people exist across every mode of production and every nation, people and tribe in the world. They are viewed and treated differently according to the content and form of each society. There is a biological, genetic basis for being LGBT+, and whether/how one chooses to live as LGBT+ depends on the concrete conditions of society. Many proletarians and masses are LGBT+. In imperialist patriarchy, LGBT+ people are oppressed, which makes them „queer“.

2) Queer people are a trench of combat in the masses. They have their specific democratic demands, such as combatting discrimination, fighting for the right to marry and adopt, fighting for the right to free medicine for transitioning, etc. Communists can be queer and the Parties and Organizations must open their ranks to queer Comrades and ban discrimination and harassment of such Comrades.

3) The masses do not disrespect or hate queer people. Progressive masses support them, centrist masses accept them and even backward masses accept them if they know them personally. It is only the most reactionary elements and the lumpen who hate or disrespect queer people. By taking up the view that „the masses would not be led by queer people“, the CRF is tailing the most reactionary sections of the masses.

4) Transgender people have a medical condition which creates an antagonistic contradiction between their psychological view of themselves (which is physically located in the body map of the brain, or Homunculus) and their physical body, on which basis a contradiction to societal gender roles is also established. Since ideas can be turned into material reality through practice, it is possible to change one‘s sex and gender roles (philosophically speaking). With hormones and/or surgery, it is possible to change one‘s secondary sexual characteristics (fat distribution, hair growth, voice, breasts, bone growth etc.) completely and even parts of one‘s primary sexual characteristics (genitals, chromosomes). Of these, the secondary sexual characteristics determine what role one occupies in society. For this reason, transgender people materially become their desired gender when they transition, and it is sexual metaphysics to suggest otherwise.

5) LGBT+ marriages have existed since primitive society and were always an established institution within the queer section of the proletariat. The purpose of proletarian marriage is not having children, but serving the revolution and Communism. Thus, queer people must be allowed to marry before the Party and the New State.

6) Patriarchy has two aspects: The exploitation and oppression of women, and the oppression of queer people. Queer people are those who diverge qualitatively from the patriarchal roles of man and woman. The pressure men face to be oppressors is not relevant in this regard, since it is only based on quantitative divergence.

Regarding the attitude of the CRF towards queer Comrades, we can see that it springs from these erroneous positions. But these positions do not correspond to the ideology of the proletariat and they do not correspond to the actual views of the masses. They only serve to tail the most backward sections, and for this reason, the class character is lumpen.

From all of the previous points, it can clearly be seen that the CRF behaved as the most arrogant Great Power chauvinists in this country, dripping with national and patriarchal chauvinism. If we didn‘t want them to dismember our apparatus, force our best Comrades into capitulation and strengthen the black line inside of the remaining Comrades‘ minds, we would have to leave the abroad work. This is another political reason for the split between the RSS and the CRF.


We believe that the CRF, because of being unable to solve its two contradictions (its Campaign and its international work), had to carry out its reorganization and develop its work in a new way. They were in a hurry — we do not know exactly why — so they abandoned their original plan to slowly and methodically develop thinking and acting militants in formation in the various cities in the FRG, and instead moved existing ones to these cities so as to control them directly. Based on this, a new criterion for development of leadership, forging of Comrades, cadre policy, was established. We refer to this criterion as the „Party Soldier“ criterion, a criterion which negates the Maoist criterion for developing leadership, forging of Comrades and cadre policy.

Because the CRF was unable to find anybody who could lead their abroad work in Switzerland independently once they had usurped the Leadership, they settled for a similar method in this country: They chose a Comrade fit for Special Work, and put him in charge as local responsible. On this basis, they could develop him as a „Party soldier“.

Chairman Mao Tse-tung summarized the Maoist cadre policy as follows:

We must know how to take good care of cadres. There are several ways of doing so. First, give them guidance. This means allowing them a free hand in their work so that they have the courage to assume responsibility and, at the same time, giving them timely instructions so that, guided by the Party‘s political line, they are able to make full use of their initiative. Second, raise their level. This means educating them by giving them the opportunity to study so that they can enhance their theoretical understanding and their working ability. Third, check up on their work, and help them sum up their experience, carry forward their achievements and correct their mistakes. To assign work without checking up and to take notice only when serious mistakes are made — that is not the way to take care of cadres. Fourth, in general, use the method of persuasion with cadres who have made mistakes, and help them correct their mistakes. The method of struggle should be confined to those who make serious mistakes and nevertheless refuse to accept guidance. Here patience is essential. It is wrong lightly to label people ‚opportunists‘ or lightly to begin ‚waging struggles‘ against them. Fifth, help them with their difficulties. When cadres are in difficulty as a result of illness, straitened means or domestic or other troubles, we must be sure to give them as much care as possible. This is how to take good care of cadres.“ (Our emphasis).10

However, this is not how the CRF applies cadre policy. Firstly, they did not give the Comrades a free hand in their work. They instead insisted on decisions only being made in meetings with Comrades from the FRG, unilaterally established plans for the work in Switzerland, only allowed us to independently handle small, tactical problems, gave us orders on what actions to carry out, etc.

As an example of them giving us orders without basis, for the 28th anniversary of the Speech of Chairman Gonzalo, they told us to do an action with the slogan: „Viva PCP!“. One point is that the slogan was wrong — it should be: „¡Viva el PCP!“. A second point is that the slogan is in Spanish, which Swiss people in general do not speak. A third point is that „PCP“ could also refer to a drug, and there were already people in the Swiss „left scene“ who accused our Organization of glorifying drug abuse, because some Comrades had been junkies before they transformed and became revolutionaries. In the end, we did not carry out the action under the slogan the CRF ordered us to use and instead used the thousand times more appropriate slogan „Defend the life of Chairman Gonzalo!“.

Secondly, they did not raise the level of the Comrades. The local responsible of the abroad work never understood Gonzalo Thought as an integral whole, as an integrated whole, and emphasis was instead put on him learning specific aspects, such as studying „Circle Spirit or Combat Party?“ in order to crush the left in our Organization. Comrades were made to study things they either already knew (in the case of our Leadership) or had no immediate need to know (such as the Democratic Revolution). For study material, „Class Position“ was used instead of documents of the Communist Party of Peru. Female Comrades in particular were underdeveloped on purpose and viewed only as „girlfriends of Comrades“. The planned „seminars on the Basis of Party Unity“ in Freiburg were never carried out.

Thirdly, they did not check up on our work. The Germans told us to handle all of the mass work ourselves and that they only wanted to know about serious problems. Of course, we were happy about this, since their abroad work here was parasitic and we could not allow its fingers to dig deeper into our apparatus. Later, they wished to change this, but it did not materialize. They did not care about our reports on a degenerated element whom they insisted should be in our apparatus, although we reported he was a junkie, untrustworthy and had no discipline or spine.

Fourthly, they did not use the method of persuasion. We already have elaborated on how they treated our Leadership — under the guise of „forging her“, bombarding her with criticism so as to break her — and this was also reflected with other Comrades. When Comrades disagreed with the CRF, they were attacked as „factionalists“ and bombarded with criticism, lies and insults. In this way, the CRF aimed to undermine and break the Comrades belonging to the left, but this did not work out for them.

Fifthly, the CRF didn‘t care at all about the personal difficulties of the Comrades. Mental illness was dismissed as „not being forged enough“, delays in job and housing search due to State bureaucracy were blamed on the Comrades, a few Comrades of the left had to carry the weight of all actions due to the inconsistency of the local responsible and the complete lack of discipline of the degenerated element, Comrades did not get sleep, Comrades had to miss school and work, Comrades did not have time to see their families and friends, Comrades were forced to translate documents in a matter of a few hours, etc. etc. In the case of the Comrades of the left, these things were specifically abused by the CRF in order to force their capitulation.

The result of these deviations can only be the „Party Soldier“ criterion, whose cadre policy is: 1) Give no free hand in the work. The CRF establishes every plan and the local Comrades carry out their work only based on orders (not directives, since they cannot be rejected if they don‘t correspond to Marxism). 2) Do not raise the level of the Comrades. Attack creative application. Only study the line, not the ideology. Underdevelop the female Comrades and undermine the left. 3) Do not assist the Comrades in the local work. Issue orders and only care about it when things go wrong. 4) Brand Comrades of the left as „left“-radicals and attack them. Enforce military discipline instead of achieving unity in two-line struggle, and combat opposition as „factionalism“ and „betrayal of secrecy“. Flood inexperienced Comrades with criticism so they take position for something they don‘t understand. 5) Personal problems must be solved individually, not collectively. When they are not solved, two-line struggle must be waged against the Comrade with problems „to forge them“. Mental illness is only an expression of „not being forged“ or having „capitulationist tendencies“. Abuse personal problems to force Comrades of the left to capitulate.

This is nothing but a militarist, revisionist criterion. Instead of developing Communists as Chairman Mao describes: Communists must always go into the why‘s and wherefore‘s of anything, use their own heads and carefully think over whether or not it corresponds to reality and is really well founded; on no account should they follow blindly and encourage slavishness. (Our emphasis),11 the CRF began developing soldiers, operating under military discipline and taking orders. Sure, these Comrades could maintain the cohesion of the apparatus — but at what cost? At the cost of sacrificing the German Revolution on the altar of more immediate objectives. This has nothing to do with the construction of the Party. It is the negation of its vanguard role, turning it into the „political-military organization“ of the revisionists (only without the guns).


In order to make it clear how the CRF operates in the question of two-line struggle, we will use the example of a Comrade from Denmark. This example is a specific one, but the methods applied by the Germans and their abroad work lackeys are one and the same, whether in Denmark or Switzerland. This case is simply the most obvious example to make.

This Comrade belonged firmly to the left and made significant contributions in bringing Maoism to Denmark and establishing the path of reconstituting the Communist Party of Denmark. She also made contributions to understanding the queer question. However, because of unsolved personal problems she was incapable of solving, she capitulated from her post of responsibility during the late Summer of 2020. After this, the CRF found another responsible for its work in Denmark, which before had the character of jointly led work, and now began developing as abroad work due to the character of the new responsible. The new responsible in Denmark was a petty-bourgeois element with no understanding of Marxism or how to apply it creatively. As he himself had put it: „I was just looking for something to dedicate myself to and die for“. He always had more respect for the CRF than the ideology of the proletariat or the objectives of the Danish Revolution. He was the perfect candidate for a „Party Soldier“, so he was put in charge of the apparatus in Denmark.

The former responsible was now put in charge of some specific tasks — but other Comrades had to keep an eye on her, so she didn‘t „say wrong things to the masses“. And then the deviations of the CRF began being expressed in the work in Denmark. The Comrade was banned from speaking of proletarian feminism with the masses, since it could open up a discussion about the queer question, on which the Comrade didn‘t agree with the CRF. In the most cowardly way, a „complete retreat from demonstrations and work in the left scene“ was declared. The entire work fell into „left“-liquidationism, with the People‘s Schools as the only expression of mass work. Documents by the former Organization in Denmark were deleted from the websites without it being explained why. And the Comrades kept going to demonstrations in the FRG, which had the character of legalism and frontism.

The former responsible raised criticism of the CRF and the new responsible after the demonstration in Hamburg on the 3rd of October. She had raised criticism of the CRF before, esp. regarding the queer question. As a response to this, it was declared factionalism to discuss the question without the presence of German Comrades, and betrayal of secrecy to discuss the question with masses. When the new responsible heard the criticism regarding the 3rd of October, he refused to take position on it, stating that it would be factionalism. He said he would forward it to the CRF. The former responsible demanded do meet with the CRF, since that was her right as a member of the leading group in Denmark, but this was denied — a meeting with the CRF had been held in her absence, where she was removed from her post. She would now have to work under a Plan that was being developed, but she did not have the right to know anything about its content or raise any criticism. Then, she demanded a meeting of the local Comrades, but this, too, was denied without any justification.

In these different ways, it became completely impossible for the former responsible to wage any two-line struggle against the incorrect positions of the CRF. The new responsible also applied revenge politics, for instance by constantly mocking the former responsible for being „petty-bourgeois“ (the Comrade has a mostly proletarian class background, is a high school dropout and has worked several unskilled jobs as early as the age of 16), even though the new responsible had a labor-aristocratic job, has petty-bourgeois parents (his father is a pilot who owns villas in 3 different countries), went to university and had his Swiss grandparents pay tens of thousands of Danish Crowns for surgery in England to replace his penis with a zero-depth vagina (a luxury not afforded to any proletarian transgender people — and he‘s not even transgender). The new responsible always, refused on principle to take position on criticism of the CRF, instead acting as a middle-man. When he was criticized, for instance for not distributing leaflets to women in the neighborhoods and only their men, he denounced the criticism as „springing from petty-bourgeois sensitivity“, cancelled all planned leafleting actions and used administrative measures to isolate the former responsible. The new responsible never arrived to meeting points on time, often showed up to the former responsible‘s flat uninvited and for no reason, and forced her to go on a long walk in the summer heat with him while she was sick with severe breathing problems, just because he was bored.

Because of this extensive isolation, suppression and abuse, the former responsible decided to leave the work. In a brief meeting with the new responsible, she raised criticism of the CRF similar to what we are putting forward, and stated the above reasons for her capitulation. The 2nd responsible of the Danish Comrades wished to take position on the criticism, but was forbidden to by the new responsible. After this, a falsified report was given to the CRF, in which it was stated that the former responsible of the Danish Comrades had called the CRF „a cult“ and said that „the dictatorship of the proletariat is totalitarian“. These were lies, everybody knew they were lies, but this criticism was still used as a basis for the CRF to impose a ban on political work for the former responsible once she moved to Switzerland. The CRF used military discipline to enforce the ban at first, even though the Comrades of the left rejected the reasons for the ban and even the local responsible could not take full position for it, stating „I can‘t see where the Marxism is in this“. When Comrades of the left rejected the ban at first, they were flooded with attacks and lies against the Comrade, in addition to re-emphasis of „discipline“ etc. and the application of other dirty methods, which resulted in Comrades getting panic attacks or being completely unable to respond to the far-out allegations, leading to the Germans simply declaring a hollow „unity on the discipline of the Committee“, even though the Comrades did not agree to the measure and had rejected it.

We share this story because it serves as a good example of how the CRF suppresses the left instead of imposing it. We want to emphasize once more the points regarding usurpation of our Leadership, underdevelopment of female Comrades and the development of „Party Soldiers“, since all of these points were part of how the „cohesion of the apparatus“ was enforced more than revolutionary politics, precisely in order to liquidate those politics. We also emphasize: When the CRF proposed the „reorganization“ of its abroad work in Switzerland, a Plan was developed for this purpose. In this Plan, the emphasis is put on more direct German control with our work, while Comrades of the left were sidelined, removed from positions of responsibility, given no tasks and gradually excluded from the work during a period of 1-2 months. In particular our Leadership, who was to only carry out translation of German documents into French, and no other work — despite the fact that she is the best among us and, as the CRF itself admits, „the only one who has any idea how to lead“12!

We also wish to make clear how the CRF abused the illnesses of several Comrades of the left in order to force their capitulation. The handling in the question of psychological illnesses by the CRF is based on a dogmatic and opportunist line, which suppresses any development in the understanding and handling of this question in general and the developement of Comrades in specific cases. Instead of applying the necessary care for Comrades — as was made clear by Chairman Mao Tse-Tung: „We must understand how to take care of cadres. […] Fifth, help them with their difficulties. When cadres are in difficulty as a result of illness, straitened means or domestic or other troubles, we must be sure to give them as much care as possible. This is how to take good care of cadres“ — a mechanical understanding that can be summarized in two main aspects is preached. First, that there exists no material basis for psychological illnesses and second, that Comrades who have to deal with these kinds of problems just aren’t willing enough to fight against them. Comrades who suffer from psychological illnesses aren’t supported in their struggle against it in any way, honest communication about it is seen as a sign of weakness and is suppressed by pure phrase-mongering. Any scientific data and discovery is blatantly dismissed as bourgeois science which isn’t even worth to be analyzed and understood. The conclusions and the interpretations drawn by bourgeois scientists are usually worthless and dishonest but to discard the data collected because of that is dogmatic and wrong. We have to remember that Comrade Friedrich Engels for example couldn’t have developed his undestanding and analysis of the family to the extent he did without data collected by bourgeois science. They compared taking medication as part of treatment for psychological illnesses to drug abuse. How exclusively ideological struggle can lead to handling more drastic illnesses like i.e. shizophrenic disorders continues being a mystery to us.

In the context of the abroad work of the CRF in Switzerland psychological illnesses and psycological problems of Comrades were used constantly to suppress the left. Comrades on the left who were struggling with these kinds of problems were constantly wrongly portrayed as „capitulants in perspective“ not to be counted on, as it was put to the illegitimate local responsible, who was appointed to his Prussian „Beamten“ post by the CRF. By that they effectively took any tasks away from them — specifically work that included contact with masses, with the goal of isolating these Comrades. By this method and many more manipulative and abusive behavior towards the Comrades in meetings, and behind their back when meeting with their party-soldier local responsible — without regarding the limitations of the Comrades in any way — the CRF actively tried to suppress the two-line-struggle and to push Comrades of the left out of the work by trying to force them into capitulation.

With all of this, it became clear to us that our old methods of struggle would no longer work. It was necessary to form a faction. The Comrades of the left and the former responsible of the Danish Comrades met to form the faction. They wished to slowly and methodically struggle to win over the entire apparatus, and then having the CRF leave in May of 2021 (since this had been vaguely promised by the Germans). However, events moved too fast for this to take place. Suddenly after the arrival of the Comrade from Denmark, the local responsible reported on the existence of a faction and the CRF imposed its „reorganization“.

After these incidents, it had become abundantly clear that the two-line struggle against the revisionist abroad work could no longer be waged. It was being suppressed with administrative (fascist) means at every step of the way. The faction decided to carry out the split when the CRF announced their „reorganization“. And thus, it was carried out. It was not clean or nice, but it was done, and we learned a lot from it, like how to do cultural revolution. And in the end, we won, but the Germans did not give up so easily.


When the CRF experienced the military attack against them by the Right-Liquidators on the 1st of May 2018, they and the entire left of the ICM condemned it as a military attack against the international proletariat. Rightfully so, only a militarist could see such an attack as „just a slap“. And rightfully, the Right-Liquidators have blood debt. The incident was described, analyzed and synthesized completely correctly by the CRF.13

With this in mind, we want the Comrades, especially those of the ICM, to consider the following paragraphs in the light of the attack against the CRF on May 1st 2018. A sinister action was carried out against the German Comrades on that day. But when we carried out our split — and we have made it abundantly clear that it was the correct and justified thing to do — the CRF not only carried out one „military attack“ against us, but several. An entire campaign against us. Attempts at psychological warfare and white terror. What was this about? We will elaborate.

We concretized the split after the local responsible of the abroad work capitulated. It was not possible for him to carry out a reorganization and campaign which would push his Comrades out of the work. He gave up his post to our Leadership after being convinced that the only correct and justified thing would be concretizing the split.

We then briefly met with the principal organical responsible of the abroad work. We informed him of the capitulation of the local responsible and of the decision to split from the CRF. He refused to take position or reply in any way, instead demanding that we show up at a specific meeting point and proceeding to (literally!) run away. We then decided to put our declaration of the split into writing by sending a letter to the CRF.

Soon after this incident, the Germans began their attempted campaign of psychological, white terror against our Comrades, our masses and even unorganized masses. Firstly, they carried out doorbell terror against the roommate of a Comrade, first at the street level, then somehow getting into the building and knocking on her door. This person has severe mental illness and trauma from being raped. The two German men, whom she did not know, stormed into her flat after she broke down, opened the door and sat in her locked room with a kitchen knife.

Later, the Germans began harassing our mass contacts. Calls during work or in the middle of the night from virtual phone numbers was one example. At the same time, the Germans met with the previously mentioned degenerated element, whom we had kicked out of our Organization after finding out he was a rapist and had talked to the police about us during an interrogation. The Germans said: „He took position for continuing the [abroad] work“. Soon after this, this scum went to the mass contacts who had been victims of phone terror, and told them to go with the CRF, or they „would be considered revisionists“. He said that our Comrades „have capitulated“.

This degenerate was punished swiftly and harshly. An action of the type selective annihilation was carried out against him. Don‘t understand this in a militarist sense — he was not killed — but the methods were the same. He had to be punished for his rape and police work. The Germans had to know they could not support themselves on such an element. He was beaten up. The same night as the CRF gave him crucial information about the RSS, he went to the police and told them everything he knew about the RSS and the CRF. Then, he went to the Germans the next day and lied through his teeth. A letter was written by the Staatschutz in the rat‘s name, in which we are referred to as „the Shining Path“. The footsoldier police arrested several of our supporters and are now attempting to wage a trial about politically motivated assault. This rat, who is unmasked and is known by everybody except for the worst opportunists as complete scum, has blood debt, and the German Comrades must understand and self-criticize for carrying out police work by involving this degenerate in the work and giving him crucial information about the proletarian revolutionaries in Switzerland which led to harsh repression against several supporters.

Later, other attacks were carried out against us. Some CRF members from Freiburg broke into the former local responsible‘s home and attempted to threaten him into leaving with them. Previously, some Comrades had been at the house. The Germans sat outside and spied on the Comrades for hours. The responsible for the action said: „We considered attacking the meeting, but decided not to“. Comrades of the CRF: You should keep your soldiers in a shorter leash. If they had attacked us, you would have lost 3 of your people that day.

When it became clear that they would not get the former local responsible, and that they could not work with the rat, the Germans began applying other methods. They sent 6 of their people in a car. There were not just people from Essen and Freiburg this time, but Hamburg and Bremen. First, they went to our Leadership‘s home to threaten them into giving up our websites. The Germans said: „The material belongs to the proletarian revolutionaries of Switzerland“. Comrades of the CRF: The RSS was here before you, and it will be here after you. Do not take credit or claim ownership of what you have no right to.

After this, the Germans stationed some people outside of the Leadership‘s home and proceeded to track down other Comrades. They threatened the former local responsible and his family, who were sitting in a car. And while harassing a Comrade‘s neighbors to let them into the building, the police was called on them — in this way, they put our Comrades in danger and led the police to them. But when they found another Comrade of ours, on his way home from work, they stated: „Your friends called the police on us“, and tried to split us apart, saying: „Why don‘t you want to talk with us? Don‘t you have your own opinions?“. Then, as the final act of that day, a threat was made: „Come to […] on […] and bring the materials, or we will continue doing this“. However, this was the last time they were here.

Are we wrong to characterize this as the politics of social-imperialism? In „Leninism or Social-Imperialism?“, the Chinese Comrades described acts of this exact same character: It [social-imperialism] has adopted the most despotic and vicious methods to keep these countries under strict control and stationed massive numbers of troops there, and it has even openly dispatched hundreds of thousands of troops to trample Czechoslovakia underfoot and install a puppet regime at bayonet point. Like the old Tsars denounced by Lenin, this gang of renegades bases its relations with its neighbors entirely ‚on the feudal principle of privilege‘. (Our emphasis). Did the CRF not send it troops to Switzerland to threaten us and trample us underfoot? Did it not attempt to install a „puppet regime“ led by the rat? Was its abroad work not precisely based „on the feudal principle of privilege“?

The CRF have carried out all of these actions. Are these not military attacks against us? Is this not a campaign of white terror, of psychological warfare? We think it is. But despite this, we still think the CRF do good work in the FRG. To us, they are still „the German Comrades“. We believe they can learn from this criticism and rectify their mistakes, and that they are willing to — we are certainly willing to forgive these acts against us and have diplomacy, as we have stated in multiple letters to the German Comrades. But the German Comrades should also know: We are patient, but we will defend ourselves if attacked.


This concludes our analysis of the revisionist character of the abroad work of the CRF.

From this, we can draw out the following points: 1) The CRF usurped the RSS in order to fulfill its own international and national objectives, which it was not capable of doing otherwise. 2) The CRF negated creative application of Gonzalo Thought, because they did not want us to reconstitute the CPS, but instead construct a Paper Party under their control. 3) The CRF deemed us „left“-radicals and applied the politics of legalism, frontism and tailism. 4) In all of its dealings with us, the CRF displayed Greater German chauvinism, great-power arrogance and queer-antagonism. 5) In order to protect the cohesion of the abroad work, the CRF developed party soldiers instead of militants in formation, which is a militarist-revisionist criterion. 6) The CRF suppressed the two-line struggle by all means necessary because it did not want a split. 7) When the split was concretized anyway, the CRF carried out a military campaign of terror, police work and psychological warfare against the RSS, in order to breathe life back into its buried abroad work.

From this, we can conclude that our Comrades in the FRG are experiencing some serious internal problems, which led them to develop abroad work based on the politics of social-imperialism.

We are for the re-unification of the ICM and the reconstitution of the Communist International. This can only be achieved on the basis of proletarian internationalism and through equal relations, respect of territorial integrity and non-interference in each other‘s internal affairs. We are against the politics of social-imperialism, which negate these Communist principles and would, taken to an extreme, lead to the rebirth of the Reich with red flags.

We are for the reconstitution of the CPS and the CPG, as sister Parties, and the initiation of the People‘s Wars in our two countries, as parts of and in service to the PWR. We wish for diplomatic relations with our Comrades in the FRG and for an end to the petty infighting. If the CRF would agree to this and cease their wrecking activities on our soil, we will in the interest of the international proletariat forgive the acts they have done against us.

We wish to end with a quote from Mao Tse-tung: „What kind of spirit is this that makes a foreigner selflessly adopt the cause of the Chinese people‘s liberation as his own? It is the spirit of internationalism, the spirit of Communism, from which every Chinese Communist must learn. […] We must unite with the proletariat of all the capitalist countries, with the proletariat of Japan, Britain, the United States, Germany, Italy and all other capitalist countries, before it is possible to overthrow imperialism, to liberate our nation and people, and to liberate the other nations and peoples of the world. This is our internationalism, the internationalism with which we oppose both narrow nationalism and narrow patriotism. (Our emphasis).14






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