A declaration in which the Communist Party of Peru reaffirmed its intention to carry on the people's war.

Proletarians of all countries, unite!


Central Committee
Communist Party of Peru

Red Flag Publications
Lima, 1993

Reproduced by
The Red Flag

This Declaration of the Emergency Central Committee of the Communist Party of Peru, issued on the 65th Anniversary of the Party‘s founding by J. C. Mariátegui, reaffirm the basis of Party unity and the necessity of continuing the people‘s war.


The Communist Party of Peru, organized vanguard of the proletariat, was reconstituted in more than 15 years of hard-fought struggle by Chairman Gonzalo as a new type of marxist-leninist-maoist, Gonzalo thought Party. Assuming its historical role of seizing power on behalf of the people and the proletariat, in May of 1980 it unleashed the invincible people‘s war. Since 1991 it unfolds in the strategic stalemate which today develops in its unstoppable march to seize power and the installation of the People‘s Republic of Peru.

In more that 13 years of battles and victories, the people‘s war has firmly rooted itself in our country and is the torchbearer of the proletarian world revolution. The people‘s war is also the living expression of the validity of marxism-leninism-maoism, mainly maoism, which has been creatively applied creatively to the conditions of the Peruvian revolution by Chairman Gonzalo.

We are now successfully applying the 4th Strategic Plan of Development of the People‘s War to Conquer Power and the 6th, and next to last, Military Plan to Conquer Power. We have completed the 1st Campaign and are initiating the 2nd Campaign, «In Defense of the Leadership, Against the Genocidal Dictatorship!», thus further developing the people‘s democratic road of liberation.

On the other hand, the bureaucratic road of the old State headed by the genocidal, the most obedient lackey of U.S. imperialism, the country-selling puppet Fujimorii is traversing the greatest crisis in the history of the Republic. The measures which he adopts do not achieve anything but illusory gains leading to general bankruptcy. Each time it confronts greater difficulty in applying its three conter-revolutionary tasks: reviving bureaucratic capitalism, restructuring the old State and annihilating the people‘s war. Of these, restructuring is the most fundamental. Reality has shown that accomplishing these goals is a historical and political impossibility. The April 5th coup took a step towards absolute centralization, just recently they carried out their farcical and fraudulent «referendum» which they need to approve, by any means. This travesty of a «constitution» is one step further in the reactionarization of the State, one more action toward Fujimori‘s presidential absolutism.

In order to carry out this counter-revolutionary plan, and in its desperation and impotence before the advance of the people‘s war, and as part of its psychological war within the «low-intensity conflict», it has mounted a sinister allegation. This vile falsehood has two purposes: 1. First, it seeks to defame Chairman Gonzalo prior to its premeditated, treacherous plan to annihilate him. 2. Second, it is nothing than proclaiming its dark dream of the «capitulation of the Shining Path». It is one of the many lies against the Communist Party of Peru that the forces of reaction periodically spread since the beginning of the people‘s war. Today, it is done by the genocidal traitor, a puppet hooked on the bayonets of the armed forces, Fujimori. He is being advised by the traitor Montesinosii and the murderer Luzaiii under the guidance of U.S. imperialism, mainly the sinister CIA. It is a ridiculous lie that no one with two ounces of sense can take seriously and which, like its predecessors shall be unmasked by the people‘s war.

The wave of strikes and massive demonstrations stirs the class struggle and shows that the revolutionary situation continues to grow and shall unfold as a revolutionary crisis.

Today, one year after Chairman Gonzalo‘s historic and masterful discourse of defiance before the world, his timely and wise words encourage the people and fill the reactionaries with fear. The reactionaries seek to conceal the fact that they are rotten to the core and their end is near, and hence, we, the revolutionaries, are getting close to victory. We say this because the word of the Party is a word that is met. As Chairman Gonzalo stated: «Once we solemnly promise not to lay down our weapons until communism, to persist in the struggle for Communism even if the superpowers or other powers armed to the teeth come with their powerful weapons. We communists know what we want and why we struggle. Nothing should nor can stop us in meeting the objectives of the Party to serve the people, the proletariat and the world revolution.»iv In celebrating the 65th anniversary of our glorious Party, we reaffirm our unbreakeable decision to guide ourselves by marxism-leninism-maoism, Gonzalo thought, to continue the people‘s war, serving the world revolution, and we vow to give our lives for Chairman Gonzalo, the Party and the revolution. The people‘s war will inevitably win and will decisively support the development of the proletarian world revolution. The People‘s Republic of Peru will become a trench of combat for the working class and the peoples of the world. We shall develop the socialist revolution and through successive cultural revolutions we shall march to our final goal: communism. The Communist Party of Peru assumes its communist responsibility in being the torchbearer and example, but it is Chairman Gonzalo with his unmatchable light and all-powerful thought, who has brought us to this point and who leads us to the golden, shining Communism with a sure and firm hand in his role of continuer of Marx, Lenin and Chairman Mao Zedong, which decisively contributes brings a new development to marxism.

We have the firm conviction that our heroic people under the directorship of the Communist Party of Peru, will reach a total victory. We take as our own the profound words of our respected and heroic Chairman Gonzalo, the greatest living marxist-leninist-maoist on Earth:

«We, based firmly on marxism-leninism-maoism are sure and convinced of the triumph of the proletarian world revolution, and of the unstoppable march of humanity to communism. We should assume each time with greater deciveness the conquest of power in the entire country and dauntlessly and unbendably fight for the complete and total triumph of the new social order: socialism until communism. We should take into account all the experiences of the world revolution, and mainly our own. The Party agreements on the ‹Eight Possibilities and the intervention of imperialism, mainly U.S., be it direct or indirect, alone or joint, and prepare ourselves on all levels to confront it at any moment under any conditions. We should brandish our unconquered proletarian ideology and develop the invincible people‘s war, always under the directorship of the Party. We should always resolved to oppose imperialism and reaction with a sea of armed masses for the conquest of power, for the People‘s Republic of Peru and its defense and for the future inevitable goal of communism […]. As Chairman Mao said: ‹The road is tortuous, but the future is bright. We should, then, dare to conquer power and dare to defend it; we must assume our destiny with our own hands.»v


Peru, 07.10.1993

i Alberto Fujimori (1938-) — Elected President of Peru in 1990 and served as its fascist dictator from 1992 to 2000 following a self-coup. Under his directorship, the Peruvian reactionaries managed to defeat the people‘s war in Peru with the assistance of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency and the help of traitors inside the Communist Party of Peru. He is currently imprisoned in the concentration camp on the Callao Naval Base in Lima alongside Vladimiro Montesinos, former head of the Peruvian secret police, Víctor Polay, former head of the Túpac Amaru Revolutionary Movement and several former members of the Communist Party of Peru.

ii Vladimiro Lenin Ilich Montesinos Torres (1945-) is a former Peruvian politician who directed the Peruvian National Intelligence Service from 1990 to 2000. He had strong connections with the CIA and specialized in the production of propaganda for the fascist Fujimori regime. After Fujimori‘s fall, he was imprisoned in the Callao Naval Base concentration camp outside of Lima.

iii Segisfredo Manuel Luza Bouroncle (1928-2012) was a Peruvian psychiatrist who worked for the National Intelligence Service under Vladimirio Montesinos.

iv Abimael «Gonzalo» Guzmán — Quoted in the Documents of the 1st Congress of the Communist Party of Peru (1988-89)