DOCUMENTARY FILM: “How Yukong Moved the Mountains”

We share links to the various parts of the excellent French documentary film, “How Yukong Moved the Mountains” by Joris Ivens, which consists of footage of daily life during the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution during the years of 1972-74. Our readers should be aware that the English-language episode concerning the national minorities is not available.

In the future, we would like to upload the documentary film in its entirety in English to our website.

01 The Fishing Village
02 A Barracks
03 Training at the Peking Circus
04 The Generator Factory
05 The Ball
06 Craftsmen
07 Petroleum
08 Impressions of a City
09 Professor Tsien
10 A Performance at Peking Opera
11 The Pharmacy
12 A Woman, A Family