Proletarians of all countries, unite!
There is one goal, the conquest of power!





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This conference, reaffirming itself in the decision to uphold the red flag of marxism-leninism-maoism, mainly maoism, has as its objectives: to raise the defense of Chairman Gonzalo, leadership of the Communist Party of Peru and the Peruvian revolution; to combat revisionism and opportunism in the international communist movement; combat the plan of imperialism colluded with revisionism, of the „peace accords“ and all their hoaxes.

To serve the fight against the greater direct intervention of U.S. imperialism in Peru, that for years has been combating the people‘s war, with its so-called „low-intensity war“, which it leads directly since 1992 with plan, leadership, advice, training, equipment, financing, intervention of agents etc, under the cover of „war on drugs“. Since May this year, the United States have started to send combat units from its regular armed forces, to participate in its „low-intensity war“. In the „los Cabitos“ headquarters, the military base of the genocidal army in Huamanga, the capital of the district of Ayacucho, 300 Yankee soldiers have settled since May as an advance force to be followed by approximately 1,000 men that are to arrive during this year.

The Communist Party of Peru is prepared against all the genocide plans of imperialism and reaction, continuing the people‘s war in order to solve all the problems with marxism-leninism-maoism, Gonzalo thought. The greater intervention of U.S. imperialism will lead to the greater incorporation of the masses in the people‘s war; it will put the Communist Party of Peru in better conditions to unite the people against the old State, against the current fascist regime of Alan García. It will facilitate the construction of the conquest of power in the whole country and allow the people‘s war to merge even more with the wars of national liberation that are being developed in the world. The Party thus shows the way in how to fight the plans of imperialism, developing the people‘s war; in the worst circumstances, it has not in any way backed down like has been done in Nepal, and therefore it fulfills its role as shock force of the proletarian world revolution and acts as the red faction inside the international communist movement. This Conference responds to the necessity of developing the two-line struggle in the international communist movement and in the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement. The Committee of the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement does not correctly lead the two-line struggle in the movement, and this undermines its unity, because it can only be united by crushing and sweeping away revisionism and imposing maoism as its only commander and guide.

We invite all the communist parties and revolutionary organizations inside and outside the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement to participate in this Conference and to contribute to the debate, clearly putting forward their positions, so that we may advance, in the midst of a living combat of ideas, in imposing the red line to impel more the striving of the communists to unite on the international level, serving the proletarian world revolution.

Let us drive forward the two-line struggle in order for the movement as a whole to assume the great responsibility of struggling head-on against imperialism‘s plan of „peace accords“ and of annihilating directorship, to crush revisionism and contribute to imposing Maoism, serving for the left to impose itself in the communist parties and revolutionary organizations of the world, to initiate and develop people‘s war in the different countries in order to sweep imperialism and reaction off the face of the Earth.


September 2008


The Peru People‘s Movement has called for this International Conference to serve to put maoism as the only commander and guide of the new great wave of the world revolution, which demands us to smash revisionism in order to make a greater leap in this task. Therefore, the need to evalutate the application of maoism by the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement. Today, we want to state that there have been two applications, two directions. One is to build the new and the other to sustain the old. Once again, the center of the debate is the problem of power.


This does not demand a quick look at the historical experience of the Communist Party of Peru and the people‘s war it leads, and then contrast it with the most recent experiences in this regard.

Because, today the defenders of the „application of maoism“, who are for the old, present themselves with some differences of opinion as the newest applicators of „maoism“, the „concrete application to concrete reality“, denouncing and apostrophizing those who do not agree with them as „dogmato-revisionists“ and leftists, especially Chairman Gonzalo and the Communist Party of Peru.

But this is not new, already in Peru from the beginning, the revisionists, ringing out the propaganda of reaction, made similar accusations against the Party. The Party answered them — an answer that is also valid against their present impugners and summarizes the process of the Party and the application of maoism — thus: At the bottom they accuse us of „Leftism“ which is Rightism. Ultra-leftism is defined in marxism as the deviation that does not see the objective conditions and forces reality to act on it based on will, it is not handling laws, but could it be said of our process that for so many years we are forcing reality? Who has raised the semi-feudal, semi-colonial and bureaucratic capitalist character of Peruvian society? We and we are also the ones who are revealing the reactionary character of the old bureaucratic, pro-imperialist landlord State, who before, which political party has demonstrated it before the masses? Who has defined the character of the democratic revolution today on the uninterrupted road to socialism and through cultural revolutions to reach communism? Chairman Gonzalo, the Communist Party of Peru.

The Communist Party of Peru is the first party refounded as a communist party of a new type, marxist-leninist-maoist, Gonzalo thought, mainly Gonzalo thought, militarized, war machine to conquer and defend power with people‘s war. With leadership and guiding thought. A party that applies on the ideological-political basis, simultaneously building the organizational, in the midst of the class struggle all serving the people‘s war for the conquest and defense of power, construction linked to the fluidity of the people‘s war which is the main form of struggle today in the world. Militarization and concentric construction of the three instruments of the revolution, the Party, the axis of everything, builds around it the army and with these instruments, with the masses in people‘s war, builds around both the new State.

It is not an amalgam of parties that join together to participate in the governments and parliaments of the bourgeois States, including the landlord-bureaucratic, pro-imperialist States; at the service of imperialism‘s plan of the „peace agreements“. These parties practice frontism in the party and in the electoral front, a common characteristic of the revisionist parties as always, what do we see in this respect in Nepal today? That the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) applies the „unity of the left forces“ to participate in the elections and the government of the landlord-bureaucratic State in the service of imperialism, this is unity without principles. The Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) has unified with parties of known revisionist trajectory since 2006, such as the Communist Party of Nepal, the Communist Party of Nepal (Marxist-Leninist Center), the Communist Party of Nepal (Unified), the Democratic Republican Forum. What is the ideological-political basis for such unity? In fact it is not maoism, it is for the „participation“ in the Constituent Assembly and in the government of the old State, for change of course, to leave the people‘s war, as stated, on February 13th, 2008, by Comrade Prachandra about the April elections: The last round of the struggle with the parliamentary forces to push forward the rule of the proletariat.“

The Communist Party of Peru applies to solve the new problems with Gonzalo thought, this allows the Party to understand and advance in the building of the Party, in directorship, to advance in strategic centralization, in other words in articulating the work of all the Party committees, of the regional, zonal and local committees. Big advances in solving the problems of directorship, especially since mid-1998. In the present decade the weight of the directorship is more expressed to continue and develop more the people‘s war, more strategic centralization and tactical decentralization, the centralization allows the Party directorship many things, for example, it has happened with the campaign of encirclement and annihilation of the enemy „Excellency“, they said since last year that the Party is only in the VRAEM and then received by other sides, so the world must see it is not only there, it is in the whole country. Mainly in the Main Regional Committee of the Communist Party of Peru, as a whole with its different main forces of the People‘s Liberation Army, which act synchronized and in different places as such. Reaction says „they are remnants“ and that we are there because they had never arrived and that now they are going to do works. This is repeated by the revisionists and other whistleblowers. But, with the victorious development of our counter-campaign they saw that there are several main forces and with sufficient and adequate armament. We unmasked all these reactionary monsters of: „there are remnants“, „we will give jobs to the forgotten people“, „the people are with the self-defense committees“. They used these „self-defense committees“ subjected to force as „cannon fodder“, then they bombed the towns, then they were their „elite“ forces, they were given „hard and fast“, they lost! Just like that, they have nothing else. The Party directorship, under the comrade responsible for the whole Party firmly applies the basis of Party unity, the Party‘s plans and agreements, with decision and firmness and directs and carries forward a correct two-line struggle to impose the correct line. Thus the Party advances in the midst of enemy fire, crushing the plans of imperialism, mainly U.S. imperialism, reaction and its revisionist cronies, mainly the new revisionism, which dresses itself in maoist garb to try to be better suited to the enemy. When problems arise, the maoists do not capitulate but solve them in the midst of the struggle to the death between armed revolution and armed counterrevolution.

Thus, what happens with the representatives of the parties and organizations that accuse the Communist Party of Peru and any party, organization or person that defends the principles of marxism-leninism-maoism, like the comrades of the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist), the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA and the Committee of the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement, of dogmatism and „Leftism“ and raise as a creative contribution the old type of bourgeois revolution, as an intermediate stage, is that in reality they are defending the interests of the bourgeoisie, they take refuge in parliamentary cretinism and in denying the objective and subjective conditions for the revolution, they oppose marxism-leninism-maoism, because of the class character of their ideas. What they do is nothing more than follow the ideas of Comrade Avakian, who pretending to make a synthesis of marxism, points against marxist philosophy denying the objective laws of the development of nature, society and thought; in economics he denies the growing pauperization and the inevitability of the collapse of imperialism and attacks the dictatorship of the proletariat and socialism, denies the existence of the revolutionary situation and the universal character of the people‘s war, thus opposing the class struggle and the revolution.

Comrade Avakian, Comrade Prachanda, the Committee of the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement, the A World To Win magazine, etc., have said and others have repeated that because of this dogmato-revisionism, the Communist Party of Peru is in crisis of existence, divided into multiple fractions, there is no longer a people‘s war, or at most only „remnants“ (repeating loudly the lies of reaction). But, now all they have left is to publicly slap themselves in the face of the overwhelming advance of the people‘s war despite the arrest of Chairman Gonzalo and most of the former Party directorship. They are worried, because some of their rank and file are recognizing our advance and have greeted with great enthusiasm our great military successes conquered on the battlefield, which we take as self-criticism on their part, although they have to advance and recognize that this is due to the correct application of maoism, to the application of Gonzalo thought by the directorship of the Communist Party of Peru to the new circumstances of the development of the war and to the present development of the national and international class struggle.


It is with this correct application of maoism that the Party solves the problems that arise with the complexification of the war to death between people‘s war and counter-subversive war, which requires the Party to raise the clandestinity, in synthesis, Chairman Gonzalo tells us, in the 3rd Plenum, the struggle to destroy an old order and build a new order, to destroy an old State and build a new one requires clandestinity, to a greater or lesser degree according to the historical circumstances. This is an important question that has to do with the central question of power, with the two forms of application of maoism. When the war becomes more fierce, when the revolution advances and reaction takes out its claws, threatening or shaping foreign intervention, directly or through a third party, or through India, as in the case of Nepal, which also in that case would be direct intervention of imperialism, since it manages everything behind, the answer is not to capitulate and accept a „peace agreement“, to cease the people‘s war, as the application of maoism tells us that leaves everything for „peace“, but, as the directorship of the Party has done after the arrest of the Chairman. The decisive thing in these circumstances, as the Communist Party of Peru has been doing, is to develop the clandestinity with higher forms that have to do with the forms of struggle, the organizational forms, the forms of directorship, methods of directorship and the style of work, new ones that we have to develop. We cannot be focusing on the threat of the reaction that is coming or on the blows that the reaction gives us or can give us, that is erroneous, it is not seeing the revolutionary reality, our own transforming condition, seeing the reaction and remaining hypnotized by its action, that is the problem.

The correct application of maoism teaches us, then, with the experience of more than 28 years of victorious and invincible people‘s war, that we cannot be centered in seeing the reaction but in our own action, our own development that unfolds in a struggle of two hills, all right, but what good would it do us to see only the enemy hill and not our own? On which one is going to lean, on the opposing hill or on our own forces? Obviously on our own forces? The blow that reaction deals us has to do with the development of our own forces and with our own weakness that we still express on such and such fronts, or with the very experience that reaction draws from its action, with the engendering of a powerful counterrevolution, because that is part of the development of the revolution, the problem is to crush them. The fundamental thing is the development of our work, to develop new forms to put our organisms in a condition to be superior to the reaction. Similar happens with the problem of the transfer, on the road to encircle the cities from the countryside, the transfer of the weight from the countryside to the city, that requires intense work, some time; it has to do with our own work and with the development of the class struggle. Then, when the time comes, we must strive then to make this transfer concrete, however, this transfer requires tasks to be fulfilled, such as strengthening and developing even more highly the work in the countryside, particularly developing the work in the committees; promoting the work in the cities but starting to develop it, to take it to broader levels in the countryside, in the cities taking into account the small, medium and large cities and as a very special thing the capital itself. The transfer is an indispensable condition for the conquest of power in the whole country and that the center of that weight be in the city, nobody is unaware that it is a complex, hard, arduous but correct task. This is the correct application of the path of encircling the cities from the countryside and the problem of the transfer, very different from the one maintained by Comrade Prachanda, who says that it is necessary to leave the people‘s war to develop the work in the cities, to justify the change of course, to center everything in elections. For the correct explanation it is a question of building the conquest of power in the whole country, the main thing of this is that the new State or the People‘s Republic of New Democracy is the central task and that in the strategic stalemate what we are facing is to shape the relative stability of the new State.


And, the development of the people‘s war as every maoist knows from the beginning, the problem of the conquest of power in the whole country necessarily leads to the clash with imperialism, it is as if two plus two are four, therefore this contradiction will become the main one, because imperialism always fights the conquest of power and is determined to sink the revolution, a polarization takes place, this polarization implies that on one side there is imperialism and (domestic) reaction, that is bureaucratic capitalism, the landowners and all the reactionaries, and on the other the people led by the Party as the representative of the proletariat, it is a problem of class struggle… It is not as Comrade Prachanda and other leaders of the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) put it to justify the change of course. Then new conditions are generated with the development of the war, more difficult and complex, but at the same time better conditions to unite the people to conquer the power in the whole country and to establish the People‘s Republic of New Democracy and to lead the world anti-imperialist front. Whoever does not see this and focuses on the power of reaction and imperialism capitulates, follows the other road, is not for the revolution but for preserving the old order, with the bogeyman‘s tale of internal or external reaction. Two applications and two different results. One is that which leads us to the conquest of power in the whole country, as in the case of Peru, which develops a hard and prolonged but victorious people‘s war, and the other is that which leads to sacrificing all the achievements of the people obtained at the cost of so much blood for the „peace“ of the cemeteries, leads to preserving the old order whatever the apparent achievements of the moment may be, which will only be on the way to insert themselves in the old State to be its blackest, most nefarious, support.

And, they justify themselves, saying that it is not possible to conquer power by arms and that in case of achieving it, the „powerful“ U.S. imperialist world gendarme and the Hindu expansionists will come and overthrow them, for that reason it is necessary to unite with them and their local representatives and ask for their approval and help, there is nothing more absurd. In this process, everything that has been wrested from the reactionaries is to be handed over to them: the right to revolt, weapons, new power, land, etc. There is no reason, when what is being expressed there is the expiration of that old order of oppression. And what do we see in the world? The failures reaped daily by the imperialists in their wars of plunder and occupation of countries, now with the greatest economic crisis of imperialism to date. A colossus with feet of clay. And the old Indian State? It is a bureaucratic landlord State, which is being swept away part by part by the communists of that country, advancing every day in constituting the new power. An old State that cannot face a revolutionary war in its own country, much less sustain a war of aggression against a people‘s war, even with all the support of U.S. imperialism. These comrades forget, in order to sustain such things, Chairman Mao‘s famous statement of May, 1970: whenever the people of a small country dare to rise up in struggle, dare to take up arms and take into their own hands the destiny of their own country, they will unfailingly be able to defeat the aggression of a big country. This is a law of history.

These „applicators“ say that there was a „change of contradiction“, that the main contradiction would have been of all against the king, when they first wanted to negotiate the exit of the „Constituent Assembly“ with the King leaving aside the parties, but imperialism and India said no, triangular negotiation. Seeking to resurrect the reactionary parties that were moribund. These „applicators“ propose „a new and masterful strategy“, with which they want to turn maoism upside down. And they say that since the people‘s war is a political war, it is now necessary to enter into agreement with the parties to change the King for the republic, then they set as a great goal to change the system of government, they say as an intermediate or transitory stage. But everything established by maoism in this respect denies the possibility and the necessity of such a democratic revolution of the old type in the present era of the proletarian world revolution initiated in 1917. No, we do not only want to change the system of government but the main and decisive thing is to change the dictatorship of the ruling classes, the class dictatorship of the State, the State system, to overthrow then the reactionary classes of this old State and to build a new State of joint dictatorship, of united front of four classes in which the proletariat has hegemony through the worker-peasant alliance, the only State of new type that can apply the new democracy, that is the dictatorship against those who exploit and democracy for the people. But Comrade Prachanda has a bourgeois concept of democracy, for him there is no democracy without parties, pluralism, that is to say the free manifestation of the individual, that bourgeois abstraction. What is concrete is that if it is not the new State of new democracy it will be nothing but the restructuring of the old bureaucratic-landlord State, and that State cannot be in any way of democracy for the people, that is an impossibility, because a State of exploiting classes will generate in a society like that of Nepal a democracy for those at the top and the conditions to develop are nothing but to ask that bureaucratic capitalism be developed (reimpulsed by bureaucratic capitalism).

As for the problem of the front, we conceived the front for the people‘s war and not apart from it, we constituted it in the countryside as a State of joint dictatorship and in the cities as the Revolutionary Movement in Defense of the People aiming today to develop the revolutionary united front for the conquest of power. Against our application, the comrades of the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) propose that since the main contradiction has become against the King, it is necessary to unite with the parliamentary parties, expression that the main contradiction is against feudalism, for that reason it is necessary to make the front to develop the democratic republic (of the old type, our note) to later, when they have the parliamentary majority, declare the republic of new democracy. They also say that because it is not possible to triumph militarily, a peace agreement was reached and in the face of the danger of foreign intervention by U.S. imperialism and Hindu expansionism. For us this is an absurdity, as the Party has established, because the ideological basis that should lead the front is marxism-leninism-maoism, Gonzalo thought, in our case, if we are not abdicating the leadership of the proletariat in the front and giving way to the bourgeoisie to lead it, these like all the others who consider that the communist party should not lead the front, are supporters of the order and pretend a front with the big bourgeoisie, so that it may lead it; what we conceive is that the proletarian leadership is guaranteed through the basis of the worker-peasant alliance… And to criticize us they use the accusation of sectarianism when they are the ones who oppose the leadership of the proletariat and seek the leadership of the bourgeoisie; secondly, they play that socialism has failed, that the dictatorship of the proletariat is useless, that it is necessary to apply the multiparty democracy of the 21st century, in convergence with the general counterrevolutionary offensive. And as we have already said, they seek to lean on the hill of the enemy and they are afraid and distrustful of the deepest masses.


And the Committee of the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement has great responsibility in all this, since before the arrest of Chairman Gonzalo, among the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement parties, especially in those of South Asia, they disseminated translations of the documentation of the Communist Party of Peru with serious errors, to later argue that it was a problem of translation. After the arrest of the Chairman, they have disseminated among the parties reports elaborated by themselves, which are nothing but a reproduction of the propaganda of the enemy‘s psychological warfare, refusing to hand over the documentation of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Peru and to debate on it. This is how they claim to promote the debate and the two-line struggle in the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement.

Then, as the Party has pointed out repeatedly, there is much responsibility of the Committee of the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement, after the arrest of Chairman Gonzalo, when the enemy at the beginning of October, 1993, launched the hoax of the „peace letters“ of the CIA and the Right-opportunist line, they aimed at wanting to remove international support to the campaign for the defense of Chairman Gonzalo‘s life, this was seen in the statements of some members of the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement, who said: „we are going to investigate“, „Chairman Gonzalo is behind the letters“, „the red flag is flying in Peru“, i.e. people‘s war without Chairman Gonzalo; positions that were affiliated to the Right-opportunist line, repeating the spawns (video and audio) fabricated in the National Intelligence Service. Because of Chairman Gonzalo‘s ascendancy within the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement, imperialism and revisionism worried that the Right-opportunist line positions would have repercussions in the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement, attacking the marxist thesis of leaders of the revolution, with the so-called cult of personality, attacking the military theory, the people‘s war, detaching it from the support bases, their objective aiming against the fundamental of Gonzalo thought: power.

And as the Party pointed out in August 2006, the issue is that some members echoed the lies of reaction and echoed them. Today the people‘s war in Nepal can change course, from a democratic revolution to a bourgeois revolution, the communist party is to initiate and lead a people‘s war, not to coexist and share responsibilities with the bureaucratic bourgeoisie. That destroys, molds it, corrupts it, they become fascist parties, it is of great responsibility of the comrades of Nepal.

With these questions we present the present document for debate in the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement and outside of it to arrive at a balance of the application of maoism.

October 2008



In this synthetic intervention we want to expose our point of view on the general situation and on the Italian situation, and on the fundamental role that the Peruvian people‘s war and Gonzalo Thought play even more today as the maximum synthesis in a given country in this historical phase, and as a teaching to the authentic communists of the world, to the maoists, of the correct application of marxism-leninism-maoism for the revolution.

A teaching that for us and discriminating in the building of a marxist-leninist-maoist, mainly maoist communist party in our country.

Point of view and teaching that we affirm in a work of orientation and ideological battle that he and taken up in Italy in precedence from a small nucleus of communists constituted him in the fire of the fight and in the resistance to the repressions of the bourgeoisie, in the 1980s in the regions to North East of our country, Italy, adding in these last years communist block in some important proletarian concentrations of the country, in the ideological and political fight for the construction of the three instruments of the revolution.

Struggle that and only begun, and that even sees in the presence of parties that maoism and marxism-leninism-maoism are called again, still the absence of a unitary center of the authentic marxist-leninist-maoists, propulsive in the country, after the clear defeat of the tendencies of armed revisionism.

Our fundamental divergence with other comrades in Italy is founded on the same conception of the Party.

Party which for us can be given and only be affirmed in the correct application of the mass line and in the construction of the three instruments of the revolution, even in different times and ways, but all are present.

In these last two years the revisionist positions have been stepped on and many groups of proletarians and communists have organized themselves autonomously. The same institutional revisionist parties have suffered organized desertions with the departure of the trotskyist components from within them, and they are all disappeared by the parliamentary representation.

Suddenly the proletarians and the workers have seen the reality so and authentically, giving from a phantom politics in the parliamentary classrooms, to the parliamentary classrooms without any seductive communist.

The same revisionist union of CGIL is forced to break off some negotiations with the other confederations, after having for some time sustained the reactionary drawing of regulation of the rights to union representation against the growth of self-organization.

The rank-and-file unions outside of the workers are developing in the direction of corporative struggles, in the lack of unity towards the rank-and-file union organizations and in the repetition of the bureaucratic methods of the CGIL. Many workers and other sectors (such as railroad employees) are hit by the capitalists‘ targeted and selective repression. This question is international and recently from the Philippines has arrived the proposal of the world day against the repression of the workers militants, on November 16th.

The need for a communist party is an authentic necessity in Italy, but the realization of the aspirations of the masses in this sense can only come from a communist party of political orientation and leadership that can only be defined in the definitive defeat of the anti-maoist and opportunist positions, Right and „Left“, bourgeois and trotskyist, in the communist movement in Italy, as well as in the discriminating consideration is that the construction of the base of the three instruments of the revolution, foresees that the entire revolutionary structuring must be consequently coherent to the practical exercise of the right to the proletarian critique and to the recognition of the diversities historically constituted in the backward social economic formation of the country.

Indeed we affirm that our country and it is commanded by an imperialist State, and has a great quantity of accumulated capitals, but maintains to the inside the characters of a social backwardness that symbolically we will be able to define with the term of country of the hundreds thousand belfries, belfries of the church, the army, the police, the entrepreneurial and agrarian capital, the criminal mafia and the mafia of the false cooperation and the financial capital, the new foreign mafias, the right, and of the false „Left“, that is to say a system looking for it seed-feudalism, much to represent the abnormal presence of centers of power, small and big, that if they develop around the dominant interests and clash, at the expense of the working class and proletarian, in a hidden war that involves not only a total loss of social and political rights for the masses, not only a growing mass impoverishment and a growing debt of the families, but also various tens of thousands of deaths per year.


The need for socialism reappears strong with the repeated international financial collapse, 20 years after the collapse of revisionism, through the mouths of the same bourgeois economists who for years have sustained the governability of the financial markets to a growth of the economic development of the poorest countries.

While a lousy Berlusconi laments that Italian companies are undervalued, the reality of a schizophrenic and exponential valorization at the fall of the profit test, comes out with power in the demand for a regulation that in fact is only the mask to the attempt to save the system.

The same concept of value comes less than the abnormal difference that concretely is plugged between the realistic value of the products and their real value (it sees for all the real estate speculation). An economy bent to a system that lives in the long run of debt twists on itself engendering the collapse.

Obviously to save the salvageable, today, while even the jackals in power in some countries applaud the destruction of some of their competitors, it is peacefully admitted that the governance of the markets follows a higher priority to the economic development, and therefore they openly put themselves in front of the immense majority of the world population, (that part which does not have resources of it accumulated capital to worry about), with their true face of dictators.

The bullshit of the European reformers about the sustainable development and the different forms of cooperation, are represented more and more by that which they have always been, of the dancing fleas in a circus of madmen in search of notoriety.

The political and social consequences of the crisis of the financial markets are that it is the most obvious, but by no means the only, representation of the current general capitalist crisis, which is increasingly weighing heavily on the living conditions of the masses in the imperialist countries themselves.

There are also significant consequences in the political areas which, from Seattle onwards, sought to give themselves to the guidance of a „global“ contestation to the system, but outside a revolutionary point of view.

Having lost an „identifiable center“ of the enemy, because of the abandonment of the proletarian point of view and the revolutionary marxist-leninist-maoist ideology, these areas have completely lost the sense of reality and define the present situation as the year zero of a new phase. The „year zero“ for them, that they have realized unsubsistence of the same theories, almost apologetique of the force of imperialism, corresponds in reality to the historical moment in which the marxist scientific forecast of the world-wide extension of the capitalist mode of production it and realized.

In Italy all this and other expressions of degeneration contribute to give the sense of a regime of modern fascism that consolidates itself in appearance, while under its feet everything crashes.

This is evident in the same drift of the culture, also among the so-called young protagonists, up to the total loss of the sense of class, as demonstrated by the case of the young literate that from antagonist he was first journalist and then civil guard in bourgeois that the police put before the revolution in the perspective of the solution of the social problems and it is seen even in the hysterical appeals of the government to the students fighting against the privatization of the schools, that they do not do „politics“…


In these last months the force of marxism is demonstrated to the eyes of the whole world in the repeated collapse of the financial markets; the value of the capital quoted on the stock exchange has lost 50% in 10 months.

Enormous wealth and nominal resources have been shown for what they represent.

An enormous nominal valorization constructed with artifice in the last decades in order to displace on the financial capital the fundamental decisions and the very fate of the capital invested in the production and transformation of the commodities.

Already since 20 years ago, the editorial collective of Social Relations, Italian magazine to which we collaborated in the 1980s and beginning of the ‘90s, defined the general crisis that manifested itself already in 1984 and in the financial crisis of 1987 as general crisis of absolute overproduction of capitals. This analysis he is fundamentally proved correct.

On the world plan, the analysis of the international situation produced by the Communist Party of Peru in 1991, it is proved correct. The position of the Communist Party of Peru on the main contradiction in this historical phase, it is proved correct. Chairman Mao Tse-tung‘s position on the new great wave of the proletarian world revolution and on the division of the world, he is proved correct. All the dreams and the sociological and revisionist analyses, produced by how much the analyses of USSR revisionist by Khrushchev, Brezhnev and Gorbachev have always been called back, have been revealed note great dazzles and errors.

The consequences of the impossibility for the surplus value to increase stably, reach the new crisis of valorization, also successively, also because of the somehow natural limits reached by the development of the productivity, and of the difficulty to overcome such limits by new productive fields that imply a smaller contribution of living work, (computer science and telecommunications, energy, biotechnology, pharmacology), have manifested themselves then, in the last twenty years, in the attempt to pass to the introduction, even in certain disguised cases, of mixed forms of exploitation also slavery (immigration in the western countries) and of delocalization. That is to say to displace (by strongly reducing it) the cost of living labor thanks to the employment of other populations, peoples and countries.

A fundamental difference with respect to the previous colonialism, where the force-labor was substantially employed in the collection and preparation of the raw materials for the production that had to be developed in the western countries. A difference that however does not engender also a progress but a greater chaos, new and greater inequalities and injustices and a growing ungovernability of the system.

The destructive tendency of capitalism is caused not only in the material conditions in which the extraction of surplus value takes place in the dominated countries, but also in the material conditions in which life develops in the same dominant countries.

Inevitably, the new technologies have narrowed the possibility of market development, centralizing greater wealth in the hands of a smaller number of large capitalist monopolies and reducing proportionally the quality of life of wage earners in Western countries, while the number of wage earners in the dominated countries has become greater than at any other historical moment.

Inevitably the introduction of slave forms of exploitation has produced a greater uncertainty in the consumption and new forms of survival of the proletarians that have been reproduced negatively in the cycle itself.

This and also occurred in the country that mainly leads the imperialist war and is politically recognized as the guide of the system, the United States. In the USA the rate of poverty and superior to that of the European countries.

Inevitably the delocalization produces social strips contiguous to the capital in the oppressed countries, that however do not have instruments to increase the wealth of the same countries, and that reproduce therefore in these countries in advanced and sharpened form then the contradiction between wage-earners and capital.

It is not true either that with the delocalization of the material production of goods in third countries (phenomenon this in any case partial, that does not go assolutizzato), a qualitatively better redefinition of the labor engagement of the citizens of the western countries is engendered. On the contrary, the precariousness, the insecurity, the dramatism of the life become the normality for great masses of the same countries to imperialist guide.

Rather, just to deny in ideological form the necessity of the social State, the great institutional centers (the great cities, the regions, the ministries), in Italy have begun to produce an impulse to the „great works“ that, apart the structurally mafia nature of the economic modalities and management — subcontracts — you adopt, produce a greater destruction of the territory, a greater loss of identity of the country, and above all, do not help the growth of the surplus value but cause rather the opposite, a greater fall of the same one.

In fact, the speculative nature has a return in the need for reinvestment, and this cannot find a solution only in the criminal market of drugs. It turns then to the world of advertising and information, which become more and more a crushing hang-up on the total economy of the country.

The measures of the supranational organizations (European Union, IMF, World Bank, etc.) are therefore not less and less in conformity with the possibility of a better order of the national economies of the western countries by „evil“ or because more and more of the forecast tied to the multinationals, these institutions, but just because the „margins“ of the system have disappeared, are simply not more economic margins than maneuver. Only capitals to throw on the financial markets, to govern a maddened herd which does not have to grass more to devour.

All this finds a unique solution and confirmation in a future (next) inter-imperialist world war, which is represented today on the horizon in the dark and silent panorama of the destruction created by the false progress of capitalism and the wars initiated in the phase in which, on the contrary, according to the apologists of capital, it would have been possible to contribute to the well-being and to the established world after the fall of the countries which had previously experienced the construction of socialism.

This phase was initiated in 1991, with the imperialist aggression against Iraq, for the first time acted by NATO.

The imperialist acceleration of 1999 („justified“ by the mount on the aggression in Kosovo) and of 2001 and 2003 (after the „justification“ of punishing those responsible for the Twin Towers massacres, apparently carried out by a group commanded by a former CIA collaborator named bin Laden), allowed NATO to qualify itself as a Western international police. In the meantime, the United Nations has almost ratified all the police interventions, almost exclusively in defense of corrupt regimes, which have been undertaken by Western countries. The same zionist imperialist State of „Israel“ has carried out many other aggressions against Lebanon and the Palestinian State, of a very serious nature.

This situation of rubbing world war, and due today to the passage to the main contradiction in the world, that between imperialism and oppressed peoples. The political form that the capitalist states acquire in front of the recognition of their necessity to intervene militarily in other countries and of the fascism in relation to the growing wave of the masses.

Not by chance in Italy the Prodi and D‘alema governments, which have twice opened the street to the puppet of the mafia and the black bourgeoisie, Berlusconi, in 1998 and 1999 have brought in Italy some modifications of the repressive structure (the Centers of imprisonment, called CPT, for the non-regular immigrants, and the hidden services and the groups of the mafia and the black bourgeoisie, Berlusconi, in 1998 and 1999), and the hidden services and the special groups of the penitentiary police, internal services UGAP and groups of nazi GOM, the political police dependent on the Anti-mafia Divisions integrated to the Mobile Operative Groups in the prisons), that have in aim determined in chain a series of phenomena of fascistizzazione first unthinkable.

We have assisted to the progressive abolition of the social State and the greater possibilities of financial speculation that has involved a greater debt of the workers practically forced to the inventory of the dwellings with the arbitrary growth of the value of the real estate.

The bourgeois dictatorship over the labor market has been enormously increased, with the de facto withdrawal from the jobs of unemployed workers, the reintroduction of the nominative call, the possibility of renting labor, the concessions to exploitation granted to capitalist structures disguised as cooperatives, the extension of the contractual possibilities to short and brief, or intermittent, periods of work, thus doubling a good part of the movement of the workers, insofar as mainly blackmailable and divided.

In this criminal activity of buying and selling of human flesh, the institutional unions have done their part by collaborating to the introduction of the criteria of concertation in hiring and to the criteria of workers‘ representation on list vote arriving already since 1992 to the abolition of the factory councils which before were composed of directly elected workers‘ delegates in the many production departments without list vote.

The birth and the development of forms of class self-organization among the workers and in the territory is still represented as insufficient and incapable of acquiring the majority of the workers to the project of transformation of the society in revolutionary sense.

The repression it and extended therefore to all these manifestations, arriving even for the first time since the end of fascism (1945) to the inquisitorial criminalization of a trade union, SLAI Cobas for the class union, from a member of the magistracy submitted to the strong powers of the entrepreneurial class, the Riva and Fiat.

The situation therefore in these years it and developed with the exclusion, for the first time of 1945, of communist deputies from the Parliament. This exclusion and is cause of its revisionist school, that has destroyed own structures in the territory, practically only having become occupied parties to institutional level.

It is therefore the advance of youth and proletarian realities that seek the same street in the struggle, but still something diffuse and present in the country and maoism, which is leading on various fronts, in any case a winning struggle against the opportunist and verbose positions in the class struggle, introducing the revolutionary ideological and political contents of marxism-leninism-maoism.


Counterrevolution is at work in the current world war imperialism ↔ oppressed peoples, on all fields. That of culture and information, for the capitalists and theirs, is an authentic field of war. Chairman Gonzalo had it theoretically and practically already demonstrated since the beginning of this new stage of the epochal clash between proletariat and imperialist bourgeoisie, in 1990-1991.

Also because of this the marxist-leninist-maoist communists in the world had all recognized as at the time the Communist Party of Peru and the people‘s war in Peru the lighthouse of the new great wave of the proletarian world revolution stabilized by Chairman Mao Tse-tung.

This is the real reason why the dirty war of the media mystification against the people‘s war of Peru, made direct use of the basic criteria of modern imperialism: Goebbels and nazism, COINTELPRO and mass disinformation.

It was not enough, as in the past, to assassinate revolutionary leaders like Che, like them in Palestine, in Turkey, in Latin America, in Spain, in the peoples in struggle in Asia. It was not enough because they, like Kaypakkaya, later became internationally recognized heroes. It was up to the imperialists to do more like that.

The false communists, the opportunists, the „half-baked“ maoists, have not been able to understand this, and already since 1993 they have given themselves to contribute to the defamation of the Communist Party of Peru, the people‘s war, Chairman Gonzalo and maoism, which they previously considered unjustly defunct.

They have even on some occasions supported the black line of the political solution, the Right-opportunist line. Or they have contributed to sell false Right-opportunist line documents for Party documents.

All this for the importance of the few sentences, extremely synthetic and clear, that Chairman Gonzalo was able to express on September 24th, 1992 in the general quartier of the DINCOTE in Lima, ruining to 100% the clownish construction of the regime.

Those words contained the sense of a historical direction of the revolution, of a path that, if in Peru has been able to continue to be given, and if it has been able to develop according to the same conditions in other countries, among which the Philippines, India, Turkey, to some extent Nepal, where already now that you and a government of national unity, immediately the class contradiction emerges within the Party, in other countries and it is also slowed down just thanks to the weight that these have been able to give to the mystifications, and to the silence that these have understood to build on the people‘s war of Peru.

We all know that great masses have become conscious in the world, that great masses are politically mobilized.

Perhaps someone has forgotten that in 1992 the world paid great attention to the Peruvian Revolution, perhaps someone has forgotten that the passage to the offensive phase of the Revolution for the seizure of power, seemed already within the reach of the Party and its army.

It served then to give a different direction, for the capitalists, to these great masses, it served to „invent“ a different movement, to build an alternative to the „blood“, so they said, while of blood the planet and submerged for millennia and anchor today certain the capitalists do not rule with conviction and pretty words.

To the silence on the Communist Party of Peru served then an „alternative“.

Our words colleagues are heavy, but still heavier the injustice of the enemies of the revolution and the servants, on the Peruvian people and on the proletarians and fighters of all the world: how much and happened in Mexico speaks clear. A revolution in jelly, praised and declaimed by all the imperialist mass media of the world, the goal of the opportunist pilgrimages of the whole planet, Italy understood, legitimized even by the class enemy to parade peacefully through the capital, while a peasant and proletarian revolution that new popular organizations were repressed in blood and torture, an army and a People‘s Revolutionary Democratic Party, led on a very different perspective, on the basis of the multi-decennial experience (since 1967) in the unity of 14 marxist-leninist revolutionary organizations (1996 to beginning of the 21st century).

The same thing is happened with the solidarity of the executives of the parties to revisionists and Trotskyists as the executive of the PRC Bertinotti (towards organizations engaged in processes of national liberation as) for the FARC, maintaining instead total disinterest in the blood and sufferings of the Peruvian people engaged in the people‘s war.

But it speaks clear also how much and generally happened in the countries of the South of the world with the NGOs.

Or how much he and developed in Palestine and Lebanon. Where he and seen to what has led the degenerating bourgeois component of the revolution, A. Fatah, in front of a situation in which the imperialist State of Israel has received a greater support from the other countries to imperialist guide, also at the time when it has violated all the possible laws of international law, with the kidnapping of the prisoners in March 2006, with the new aggression to Lebanon in the estate of 2006) that is to say, with the siege of Gaza.

In all the countries dominated by imperialism, there are already circulation of information, cultural and political changes. Is it necessary for imperialism to say: behold, in Peru we have defeated the people‘s war, in Palestine we have under chess piece the guerrillas, we have invaded Iraq and Afghanistan, in the imperialist countries we have socially reintegrated all the terrorists, what do you want to do to us here?

But this and false! And it is false that the people‘s war in Peru has suffered a bending. The people‘s war in Peru has clearly suffered a blow with the capture of Chairman Gonzalo in 1992 but the Gonzalo thought and a weapon known and wielded by large masses in Peru and the people‘s war and also continued with great successes and attacks on military structures, without that of this the Western media have given news, rather while university professors members of the institutional left in Italy, have slandered the people‘s war of being allied it to drug trafficking. Perhaps there are transnational economic interests that want to cover up the real responsibilities of Italian mafia traffickers on drug trafficking in Peru, attributing it to the Communist Party of Peru? Anything and everything is possible, but what is relevant?

Is this question relevant: is it important anchor, for how many are defined communists in the world, to distinguish the authentic from the false one?

If the answer and it, not and possible silence an evidence: that the people‘s war has continued to develop, that the strategy is not defeated, that the liberated bases are increased, that the tactics and improved, that the adhesion to the Party is increased, that the Party and the people‘s war have helped the popular uprising, and have not cut off from it the street, that the liberated bases are centers of a new society and not streets of escape of desperate troops. And all this, in spite of the propaganda to the traitorous solutionists, to the Right-opportunist line, in spite of the daily infamies of the Peruvian national media and those of the Western world.

We have also seen it recently, with the great victory of October 9th, when in the zone of the country where the control and the genocidal policy of the army is greater, the People’s Liberation Army has destroyed a military column in the jungle leading to the annihilation of almost 20 super-trained and well-armed soldiers.

In order to cover the negative effect of a heavy defeat, the genocidal military have spread through the media of the West then the false news of the death of 7 civilians, including children. What perhaps because and why, they were armed with Israeli Galil rifles, dressed by military, of robust size and athleticism. The news passed by the western televisions and this, Saturday, October 11th. We know that 18 soldiers were killed, that the guerrillas took 19 Galil rifles, and that only one soldier remained alive, and that no guerrilla lost his life in the battle, which lasted 1 hour. On the newspapers of the following day, Sunday, October 12th, at least to be in Italy, silence. A silence that had to cover the lie of the local authorities. It is known that these victories come to the guerrillas, to the popular wars, in phases in which can also occur a change, an unexpected collapse of the regime. It is known that information today is the product of the political line.

Then why do the false communists in Italy and in the Western countries continue to be in the game of the imperialist media? Because they are false communists!

This example and that even more important of the „peace letters“ scam shows that when the alleged communists of other countries use the news provided by the bourgeoisie to doubt a communist Party that fights and leads proletarian revolution in the people‘s war, then there is only one explanation: they want to take away the leading role of the proletarian world revolution that historically and practically corresponds to maoism, they want to drown maoism in the name of maoism.

And this is the select policy that the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA has adopted, and it has done it scientifically, to be able to go along without big problems, postponing those which are the elections and those which it also needs to face in a big country to imperialist, people‘s war, and trying to tarnish the leadership role in the international communist movement that the Communist Party of Peru it and conquered on the field of the foundation of the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement in then.

We recognize ourselves therefore in the importance of this Conference in the valorization of the role of the Communist Party of Peru has conquered the people‘s war of Peru, in the correctness of the position of this red faction of the international communist movement.

Recognizing that communism is a free society that can occur at a level of development still higher than the present of mankind, therefore pregnant with diversity and specificity, not a society that cancels the diversities in the name of a general principle, but many diversities that concur to a general principle, equality, the absence of abuses, violence and exploitation, but a society that destroys the exploitation and its methods and systems.






October 2008




Communism is a frame breaker. The main task of our ideology is to break and smash the frames that capitalism enforces it to masses for more exploitation and modern slavery. Traditional Overt and Covert Operations, is to thicken the frame and prevent the influence of Communism to destroy the walls of this frame and release people.

Capitalism learnt a lot from Marxism and passes through the experiences of traitors to spread it‘s propaganda that Communism time is over. Traitors are those who deal with Capitalism, or try to replace reformism instead of Revolutionay rules. A communist should never forget the view of Che Guevara that says leftists must seize power by force rather than submitting to established political rules. We believe in that this is the method of traitors.

We are not surprised that at the same time, and approximately with the same words and unfolded fears, the affiliated reactionaries in countries like Iran and turkey, have been trying to say to people that Marxism is dead.

We understand well that they are really shocked by growing and developing of Communism from Latin America, to Europe, Asia and Africa. The very harsh oppression, interferences, invasions, and using the instruments like the different sects of religions and traitors, proves that the main worry of unleashed Capitalism is the modern growing of revolutionary socialism, and not different „isms“, Like Islamism which ruling class thought that will take place of „ism“ in Communism. Capitalism is well aware that just this „ism“ will continue to fight back, and develop the struggle to break down the frames and walls of imperialism as the highest degree of capitalism.

National Liberation, could pave the road for Guerrilla warfare, and ultimately people‘s war to destroy this brutal machine, but when it depends to different tools of the same machine and have ties to these facilities and any kind of affiliations, it works as the enemy of communism and pave the road for the other side against the struggle.

We have now a parallel enemy, which we have had since the beginning of this struggle. In current situation, this parallel enemy is more active than ever. This enemy, some times have even red banner and uses red words. Any approach and any kind of comprehension with this enemy are against the principals of communism. These enemies may be called Social Democrat, or even anti imperialist National Liberation movement. This enemy, cheat the people by repeating that it is challenging U.S. benefits. But the aim of this traitor is not to abolish capitalism. Instead, it‘s just a well known form of competition that will never end to destroy the ruling system, and finally it will stand against the Revolutionary Socialism and people‘s war towards Communism.

Comrades! We should never forget that any approach to Capitalism and Imperialism, by any means and banners, will strengthen the main enemy of proletariat struggle.

As Lenin emphasise, our task is to fight these traitors and anti revolutions parallel the historical struggle to destroy the machine of Bourgeois.

We should influence the masses, learn from our comrades in Latina America, and bring the people to the field without wasting the time, and continue to fight non-stop. Finally, as Chairman Mao and Che Guevara emphasises, we will not win this war, less we hand over the banner of Revolution to young generation.




October 2008


The Friendship Association Sweden — The New Peru greets this International Conference, to which the Peru People‘s Movement has invited us to participate in the very important debate that today is taking place worldwide on the world revolution and the role of maoism in it. We are proud to participate here, and we address our revolutionary greetings to the participants of the Conference.

To participate in this Conference is, for us, a concrete expression of our struggle in Sweden to support the just struggle of the Peruvian people, that is to say the victorious people‘s war that today continues marching forward to conquer power throughout the country under the leadership of the Communist Party of Peru. This struggle can in no way be a bourgeois „solidarity work“ nor can it be a hypocritical „charity“ work — like any struggle against imperialism, this struggle cannot be carried out without a relentless struggle against opportunism and revisionism. That is why our Association takes up the call of the Communist Party of Peru to openly debate the disputed questions that exist in the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement and in the international communist movement as a whole. Therefore, we want to express our firm position on some central questions:

The victorious people‘s war in Peru today continues marching towards the conquest of power throughout the country. The latest forceful actions, which have been published in the reactionary press all over the world, as well as this Conference, are evident examples of this. This is possible because the directorship of the Party, headed by the comrade who directs the entire Party, continues to masterfully apply Gonzalo thought to solve all the new problems that arise on the road of the revolution — just as the Party has always acted since the arrest of Chairman Gonzalo. The defense of Chairman Gonzalo‘s life and of Gonzalo thought is, therefore, a central task for the progressives, revolutionaries and communists of the world — it has become, as the Communist Party of Peru says, the main question for the people‘s war in Peru and the world revolution.

We reject and condemn the plan of imperialism, mainly U.S., to impose the policy of the so-called „peace agreements“ throughout the world. It is through the firm application of Gonzalo thought that the Party has crushed the revisionist and capitulationist Right-opportunist line in Peru, and we are convinced that the revolutionaries and communists in Nepal and other countries will draw these lessons to reject with proletarian firmness the „peace agreements“ of imperialism, condemn those who sell the blood of the people for a few seats in the parliament of the exploiters and oppressors, and continue the people‘s war without ever surrendering arms, until communism. That is what the masses of the world demand, and we see the proof daily; in India, in Iraq, in Afghanistan — throughout the third world as well as in the imperialist countries themselves.

Marxism-leninism-maoism, mainly maoism is the ideology of the international proletariat, and there can be only one maoism. That is why we reject any attempt to put forward a so-called maoism, domesticated and adapted to the plans of the imperialist exploiters and their lackeys. Whoever calls themselves a maoist, but rejects the fundamental marxist principles of the omnipotence of revolutionary violence, of the dictatorship of the proletariat, of the leadership, is not a maoist, and therefore is not a marxist. The question of the bourgeois parliament as a way to seize power, is already crushed long ago by marxism and by history itself. Consequently, to raise this revisionist thesis again is not, and can never be, a question of „21st century maoism“ or „tactics“ — it is to reject the revolution itself, and is a shameless capitulation to imperialism, reaction and revisionism.

These questions are not academic, and the points we have made here are not mere rhetorical slogans. They are truths proven by the material reality in which we live, by the reality of the masses throughout the world. The main example is precisely the people‘s war in Peru and the fact that the new power in the revolutionary support bases continues to exist; that is to say that the red flag of the proletariat is waving victoriously and defiantly today in Peru. Only a desktop revolutionary, locked in their library, can deny that the international proletariat and the oppressed peoples of the world, billions of masses, are ready with weapons in their hands to crush and sweep imperialism and its lackeys from the face of the Earth. The task of the communists is to lead them.




October 2008


Rising above that miasma, that revisionist, opportunist, electoral surface; the main thing is that underneath it stirs the colossal and self-propelled mass on which we operate with the most powerful instrument of rebellion that exists on Earth: armed action. We are the cry that says: ‚To rebel is justified!‘“


The New Peru Association of Spain expresses its warmest greetings to the Peru People‘s Movement that is organizing this great event.

From Spain we would like to send our greetings to all revolutionaries, to those who maintain themselves in this precluded objective, to the international proletariat and to the peoples of the world who persist in the revolution, in revolutionary violence, to those who defend, raise and apply the revolutionary line, which is now (and this must be clear) marxism-leninism-maoism, mainly maoism. For this very reason we reaffirm ourselves in our ideology and we consider that marxism-leninism-maoism is the universal ideology of the international proletariat, and maoism is the main thing to uphold, defend and apply, being the third, new and higher stage sustained in the two previous stages. For this reason we unite absolutely to the objectives of this International Conference:

1. We reaffirm ourselves in raising the defense of Chairman Gonzalo, leader of the Party and the revolution.

2. On revisionism, we ratify ourselves in the unquestionable truth that it is of indispensable necessity to implacably combat revisionism and opportunism in the international communist movement. We are for the correct application of the two-line struggle, because only in this way will we achieve the cohesion of the revolutionaries of the world, only in this way will maoism be imposed as the only commander and guide of the proletarian world revolution.

3. We assume to fight fiercely against the plan of imperialism, which, in collusion with revisionism, aims to domesticate the revolution, using hoaxes and sowing betrayal with pathetic „peace agreements“.

On this last point we want to delve deeper: It cannot be possible to fall into the miserable traps set by imperialism, reaction and revisionism. As they say in good Peruvian: „The apple does not fall so far from the tree“, and in Spain it is insisted that one cannot be so innocent that even „they give it to us with cheese“.

Proof to the song: in mid-August of this year 2008 ratified in public trial, in front of the massive attendance of all the media, the number two of the CIA of the Peruvian National Intelligence Service, Merino Bartet, that the authorship of the „peace letters“ was his, also offering new documents from the hard disk of the plot. Among other pearls, he added that everything was forged and supported by the CIA and the National Intelligence Service as part of the „Storm in the Andes“ plan (the name given by the CIA lackeys Montesinos-Merino to the implementation of the CIA plan). „Letters“, that in a previous session of the trial and video in between, Montesinos, had presented as one of his achievements.

What more evidence is needed to prove the hoax. In Spain they say „white and in bottle“, as if to say „clearer than water“.

The Party denounced before the world that reaction, colluding with the rats of the Right-opportunist line, sought to infamous Chairman Gonzalo as the author of the „peace letters“ to present him as a capitulant and a revisionist; thus seeking to destroy the image of the leader of the Party and of the revolution and his all-powerful Gonzalo thought.

We repudiate, we mark with fire, any hoax that aims to annul the incontrovertible truth of the people‘s war, we reaffirm that this has become a touchstone to elucidate with certainty between maoism and revisionism. To apply people‘s war means to fulfill our duty as revolutionaries, and it is the only way, as Chairman Mao said: „To carry the revolution to the end means to employ revolutionary methods to liquidate resolutely, definitively, thoroughly and totally all the forces of reaction, to persist without hesitation in overthrowing imperialism, feudalism and bureaucratic capitalism.“

Thus also, we, in this indispensable event, reiterate our reaffirmation in our ideology, because without raising, defending and applying, mainly applying, marxism-leninism-maoism, mainly maoism, we cannot advance in the proletarian world revolution.

Likewise, we urge the revolutionary comrades of the world to act with honesty and indefatigable tenacity. There are no more convincing truths than the truths proven in the bonfire of the people‘s war in Peru. That is why today the Communist Party of Peru is marching towards a new Party Congress, which will develop on the basis of the basis of Party unity and will be a tremendous push to the development of the people‘s war, we are fully convinced that this new Congress will also serve as a spur to the world revolution and to all communists worldwide in advancing towards higher and higher levels of unity on the solid foundation of marxism-leninism-maoism, mainly maoism.


Madrid, October 2008


We are a group in Hamburg of young revolutionaries that four years ago was formed due to the non-existence of a communist party in Germany. We have taken up the struggle for socialism and the dictatorship of the proletariat and see it as our main task in the formation of consciousness of the youth. For this we use scientific socialism as a compass not only in political work, but also in everyday life.

To the revolutionaries at the conference we address our warm greetings. We hope that the struggles in the present heavy crisis of capitalism will bring successes, which humanity has been demanding for a long time. Above all, we stand in solidarity with the peoples who are oppressed by German imperialism and are united with them in the struggle against the same enemy. Thus we contribute to the destruction of imperialism worldwide.

Our struggle must also be directed against all kinds of revisionism. We expect the rulers and their helpers to tremble before marxism-leninism, we will conquer the hearts of the workers through our struggle.

Only if we succeed in uniting the trade union struggle with the political struggle, we will be able to light the torch for socialism. Communists must be at the top of the class struggle and show that only they are more determined to represent the interests of the workers.




October 2008


The New Peru Friendship Association, USA, sends its warmest revolutionary greetings to the 2008 Hamburg Conference, to its organizers and participants. We send special greetings to Chairman Gonzalo, in the highest shining trench of combat, to the Communist Party of Peru and its directorship, to the invincible people‘s war in Peru which they lead, and to the new power; and our warmest greetings to the new Congress of the Communist Party of Peru.

The whole imperialist system, as forecasted by the Communist Party of Peru, is sinking deeper and deeper into economic and political crisis. Imperialism has bitten off more than it can chew and is going from one defeat to another. They send more and more sons and daughters of the North American working class off to Iraq and Afghanistan to slaughter these peoples with whom they share common class interests. They are sent there to kill and die for the interests of U.S. imperialism. So when these mass-murderers return to the stage every four years for their „democracy“ performance, who are the ones trying to sell tickets to the workers? Besides the imperialists themselves, it is the opportunists and revisionists, of course (or „re-envisionists“ in this case). This is an important way revisionists serve imperialism. Neither elections, nor peace agreements correspond to the historic task of the proletariat. And, clearly, these things have no place in the international communist movement.

It is the Communist Party of Peru, through its generated organization for the work abroad, the Peru People‘s Movement, which has been imposing, and will continue to impose maoism as the only commander and guide of the proletarian world revolution within the international communist movement and the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement. What corresponds to today is the necessity for militarized marxist-leninist-maoist communist parties to wage and continue to wage people’s wars until communism. And what is fundamental to people’s war is power. The conquest of power in Peru is materialized in the people‘s committees, support bases and the People’s Republic of New Democracy in formation for establishing the People‘s Republic of Peru. This is the line of the Communist Party of Peru. It is the maoist line. The line of the new revisionism, headquartered in the USA, but having terrible consequences around the world, like in Nepal, for example, is „peace accord“. These capitulationist creatures of the new revisionism are united with the genocidal wars that U.S. imperialism and the reactionaries wage against the peoples of the world. They foment and spread capitulation with the so-called „peace accords“ for afterwards wanting the revolution to be drowned in blood. They want communist parties without maoism, without leadership, without people‘s war.

We are sure that all of this revisionist dead weight will be removed like the cancer that it is and we are honored to be able to help, because it has been poisoning the international communist movement for far too long. It is not conditions in the world that have held us back — which the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA claims — but it is them, the new revisionism, that has held us back — their „peace accords“, their capitulation, their treason against the class. Let the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA participate in the U.S. imperialist elections — that‘s exactly where they belong.





October 2008



We from the 24th of September Study Circle salute with great revolutionary delight and optimism the carrying out of this International Conference. We salute it organizer and its participants and extend a special greetings to the Communist Party of Peru and the people‘s war it leads, which we are a product of.

This Conference come in a excellent time when the tasks for the maoists, given out by the world situation clarifies more and more every day; the struggle for imposing maoism as the only commander and guide for the proletarian world revolution, concretized in the reconstitution of militarized marxist-leninst-maoist communist parties of new type, witch develop people‘s war that is unified in a powerful tempest of world people‘s war. In Nepal have a moment under a banner of maoism moved into the parliament of the landowners and the big bourgeoisie and do everything in there power to be so housetrained as possible in front of the imperialists. In USA a split-group has form out of the citadel of new revisionism, the so called Revolutionary Communist Party, USA, and this housetrained, domesticated „maoism“ falls deeper and deeper in its crises. Also the general crises of imperialism become more clear in all spheres; political, military and economical. The now escalated economic crises is one more example of this general crisis and strikes with vast force against the people and proletariat, in both the oppressed nations and imperialist countries.

The 24th of September Study Circle is a movement in Sweden founded on marxism-leninism-maoism, Gonzalo thought. We fight for imposing maoism as new, third, and higher stage of marxism and regards the people‘s war in Peru as a shining example of the application of maoism. Therefore does our work include, of course, the defense of Chairman Gonzalo‘s life and to generate public opinion in support of the people‘s war in Peru as the guiding torch of the world revolution.

In Sweden the economical crisis have already stroked hard against parts of the working class, and more persons from the proletariat and the people get affected every day. The „warnings of losing one‘s job“ has increased during some weeks and the economic rent on houses has increased strongly even though the Central Bank has lowered their steering interest rate. Many are thrown down in misery and must go from house and home or strongly lower their living condition. Many get a hard awakening in seeing that they, being proletarians, does not own anything.

For Sweden, as for all lands in the world, the example to follow is not found in peace with the old system à la „Prachanda path“ or re-vision à la the „new synthesis“ of B. Avakian. No, the example is the people‘s war in Peru, from the struggle of Chairman Gonzalo to refound the Communist Party of Peru to the latest victorious actions; that the Party have been firmly grasping the course and have a guiding thought, and a leadership that has been guaranteeing this course — people‘s war until communism!

The people‘s war in Peru has resisted and overcome all problems that come up on the road of the revolution, by always upholding firmly the principles and applying Gonzalo thought, not by horse-trading with the arch-enemy. The leadership of the revolution was arrested, one group of traitors and revisionists arose in the prisons and a quantitative loss in the three instrument happened, this combined with merciless campaigns from the enemy in their low-intensity warfare, in which the psychological warfare and the so called „social actions“ plays an important role. Recently the imperialism, reaction and all revisionists croaked about „the death of the Shining Path“ for the 100th time, but every time they have had to eat up their words.

Newly the Peruvian armed forces staged a massive campaign to „smash the Shining Path in VRAEM“. Thousands of policies and military forces was mobilized, accompanied of huge contingents of so called self-defense forces, all under direct Yankee command.

The counter-campaign from the Communist Party of Peru came directly. A lot of actions of different type has been carried out, among those several ambush and direct battles, and a lot of armed propaganda and agitation actions. We salute with overwhelming joyfulness this triumphant contra-campaign that one more time confirm what can be achieved when you stay with the course.

Among all of the actions we would like to point out one of them that was carried out on the inter department road that combines Huancavelica with Ayacucho. The action vas initiated 19:99 the 9th of October, when a company of the People‘s Liberations Army had placed out mines on the road that detonated when a troop transport, from the anti-subversive base Cochabamba Grande made a try for passing by. This troop was mad up by reactionary special forces, that is the best the reaction can work up. The company from the People‘s Liberation Army, was divided into three platoons that opened fire, with modern arms, against the forces of the reaction. The number of casualties varies in the reactionary press between 12-21, and their wounded between 14-17. The Communist Party of Peru than confiscated the weaponry from the soldiers and made a organized retreat without known losses. The week before 20 other wounded soldiers had been brought in on a military hospital in Lima.

This in only a small taste of this magnificent counter-campaign that the Party now develop over the whole of Peru, always upholding firmly Gonzalo thought.





October 2008


Our era is the era of imperialism and proletarian revolution. Since Marx, the essence of capitalism has not changed. But it has evolved and developed. It has developed into what Lenin clearly identified: imperialism. This one has taken the form of so-called „globalization“ nowadays. This isn‘t a qualitative development but quantitative.

Through the so-called „globalization“, imperialism-capitalism affects all the people of the world. Even the most isolated tribes of the deep forests of South America, Africa and Asia are expropriated under the cover of exploitation of the natural resource by the big multinational corporations.

Capitalism has expanded all over the planet. According to capitalistic evaluations, capitalism would have raised life standard of population on average. Reality is that the gap between rich and poor and between oppressed and imperialist countries at international scale has grown. In short, inequalities are being sharper.

In that sense, objectives conditions for revolution are here and are more and more striking. We know very well that capitalist development in oppressed countries do not benefit to working class and peasantry but to the bureaucrat capitalist, to the comprador bourgeoisie. Others just get nothing.

If objective conditions for revolution are here, why didn‘t it already happened? To have the answer, we have to look at the subjective forces, the revolutionary forces. We have to see that they are weak now, either in the imperialist countries or in oppressed countries. International bourgeoisie says again and again that marxism is dead, that communism is history.

However, in 1980, Peru was reviving the fire of people‘s war and opened the door to the next wave of proletarian revolution. In the beginning of the 21st century, taking lesson from Peruvian experience, Nepali comrades could apply marxism-leninism-maoism to the concrete conditions of their country. However, there is nowadays an important two-line struggle inside the party. Clearly, it is the success of revolution that is endangered. A revisionist line in the party says that political revolution has been achieved and that economic revolution must develop now. This line is translated into reality by consolidating bourgeois democratic republic and development of capitalism, this last one becoming the predominant aspect.

An other line states that political revolution must go forward along with economic revolution and that federal democratic republic is just a „lift“ toward people‘s republic. This line wants the State to control principal economic resources of the country and by doing so, begin to build socialism. This line is for new democratic revolution when the other is for the consolidation of an intermediary stage and so delaying new democratic revolution. Each line states to be in favor of people‘s republic, the main question is when and how to establish it. This debate will probably be resolved during the next Party‘s cadre national conference in November.

The process is still going on ad it is definitively too early to say that Nepali comrades have sold out. The Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) is not monolithic and we have to support the revolutionary line. Isolated, Nepali revolution will be under constant attacks of the national and international bourgeoisie. Nepali revolution must live and for this we must support it! And this can be done only in the spirit of proletarian internationalism.

Lenin said: „There is one, and only one, kind of real internationalism, and that is — working whole-heartedly for the development of the revolutionary movement and the revolutionary struggle in one‘s own country, and supporting (by propaganda, sympathy, and material aid) this struggle, this, and only this, line, in every country without exception.“ This is the definition of proletarian internationalism and this is what we have to put into practice! Not only for Nepal but for all the advanced or not revolutionary movements in the world which have for ideology marxism-leninism-maoism, along with continuation of ideological debate at international scale in the process of „unity-struggle-transformation“.

It is necessary to support people‘s wars, led by the Communist Party of Peru, Communist Party of India (Maoist), in Bangladesh, Turkey, Philippines and the rebuilding of the maoist parties in South America, in imperialist countries.

The people‘s war, also in imperialist countries with specificities of each, is the only way to take the power.

That is why we are working in France to develop the maoist youth organization along with the Maoist Communist Party of France. We think that youth has always played an important role in the development of the revolutionary movement. Youth is the world’s future. We have to strengthen the dialectical relation between potential revolutionary energy of the youth and experience of the elders.

We also think that we need a new international uniting all the parties and organizations that have for ideology marxism-leninism-maoism to put into practice the „unity-struggle-transformation“ process. We think that no party must be hegemonic in this international and try to impose to others the experiences that it develops in its own country. Let‘s let the practice verifies, check the correctness of theoric position of this or that party. Revolution cannot be copied, it must develop.

Revolutionary struggle is not easy. It needs a constant work and involvement. It cannot be done in a talking room but in the field, in the practice, applying revolutionary theory. Only this process can enrich and advance forward ideology. Let‘s go forward to build a strong revolutionary movement with at his head parties with marxism-leninism-maoism ideology, with the final aim of communism at world scale!









Hamburg, 25.10.2008


Dear colleagues,

Due to our own activities, we are unfortunately unable to participate in your conference. With this message we want to express our shared feelings.

We are sure that we will meet soon in different activities for our joint perspective for the people‘s war and that we will continue our ideological struggle under the red banner of marxism-leninism-maoism as comrades.

The international revolutionary movement and our parties, as representatives of maoism, have both at home and internationally difficult tasks ahead of them. The international communist movement does not have to waste time in dealing with these tasks, of which we are all aware.

We have no doubt that your conference will take up these tasks and contribute to the solution of the problems. As partners we exchange experiences and learn from our mistakes.

It is a fact that our parties, those that recognize maoism as the leading ideology, at the moment are moving away to a lesser or greater extent from maoism, and with this we commit and have committed many errors at the political, military and organizational level. Then we have to become more conscious of our ideology as a practical guide and take politically correct steps that will find their concrete compensation in the strength of the masses.

Finally, we salute your conference and wish you much success. Many fraternal greetings from the comrades of Turkey/Northern Kurdistan.

October 2008


Colleague organizers and participants,

Receive fraternal and internationalist greetings from the Communist Workers‘ Union (Marxist-Leninist-Maoist) of Colombia.

In spite of not having received a direct invitation, we learned of it through the courtesy of a colleague, and attending to the terms of the same we send you the present message, since we are for the advance in the unity of the marxist-leninist-maoist communists, as long as it is the fruit of the defeat of revisionism of the 21st century and the defense of the always red banners of the proletarian world revolution that not too late will bury the fetid imperialist parasite in the whole planet.

At the present moment, when the world capitalist system is struggling in a general economic crisis of gigantic proportions that evoke the great crisis of 1929 when the imperialist system or the phase of dying capitalism had just begun, but that now takes place in the final period of its already prolonged agony; when the imperialist system has become a world system of oppression and exploitation which has inserted into the chain of its world economy the economies of all countries including those countries where the capitalist mode of production does not yet predominate; when the contradiction between the proletariat and the bourgeoisie has a world and main character; when imperialist capitalism no longer has where to vent its crises, as it was able to do at the end of the 20th century, aided by the Russian and Chinese revisionists who provided it with the economic oxygen of the former socialist countries; when the monstrous military machine of U.S. imperialism is tangled up in the struggle of the Afghan and Iraqi people whose resistance is only modest compared to a real people‘s war; when the great advance in Nepal of the proletarian world revolution was stopped, betrayed and surrendered by the prachandaist revisionism. … at a moment like this, it is completely just and necessary to summon the communists to discuss the problems of unity, struggle and organization in the international communist movement and the problems of the proletarian world revolution.

In that purpose we succinctly express our position. For the advance and triumph of the proletarian world revolution it continues to be necessary and indispensable the building of a Communist International of a new type based on marxism-leninism-maoism, as a conquest and essential expression of the unity of the international communist movement. Today the main danger for the unity of the international communist movement is prachandaist revisionism, escorted and protected by centrism and silence, whose expressions especially stand out in the ranks of the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement.

This Revolutionary Internationalist Movement, which in previous years played a vanguard role in the struggle for the unity of the international communist movement, today has not only lost its cohesion due to the gagging of the public line struggle, but by remaining respectfully silent in the face of the revisionist betrayal of one of its main member parties, the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist), it fell into frank bankruptcy as an ideological and political center at the international level and ceased its role as the embryo of a new International. Hence, the road to a Communist International of a new type can no longer be through the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement, but through a new organization of the communists, separated, detached and victorious over prachandaist revisionism.

Although by an extremely tortuous road, this is the path that is opening up in the struggle of lines in the international communist movement, where the most recent marxist combat against prachandaist revisionism has been waged very well by the Communist Party of Iran (Marxist-Leninist-Maoist) with its May statement: „The Revolution in Nepal: Great Victory or Great Danger!“, thus strengthening, in a very important way, the communist ranks that in defense of marxism from different flanks and even with diverse methods have confronted the revisionism of the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist), among which are the Communist Party of India (Maoist), the Communist Party of France (Marxist-Leninist-Maoist), the Union of Revolutionary Communists (Marxist-Leninist-Maoist) of Chile, the Revolutionary Front of the People (Marxist-Leninist-Maoist) of Bolivia, the Red Sun Magazine of Peru, the Maoist Organization of Colombia, the Communist Workers‘ Union (Marxist-Leninist-Maoist) of Colombia and various comrades from different countries who, even in their personal capacity, have had the courage to go against the current and the communist dignity of joining this struggle against this form of opportunism that has arisen in the ranks of Revolutionary Internationalist Movement. To advance towards the construction of the International of a new type, demands to advance in the elaboration of the general line of the international communist movement which implies an intransigent defense of the scientific marxist-leninist-maoist theory against the sly attack of the revisionist theories of prachandaism; it demands the profound rescue of the historical experience of the dictatorship of the proletariat, of the construction of socialism and of the 3rd International, against the revisionist and bourgeois rationalization that prachandaism has made of such experiences; demands the reaffirmation and creative application to the current problems and contradictions of the world situation, of the leninist theory on imperialism or marxism of the epoch of imperialism and of the whole era of the proletarian world revolution, against the renunciation of that theory made by prachandaist revisionism to accept the illusory bourgeois and social-democratic rehashes of resolving the contradictions of imperialism without the need for the violent revolution of the proletariat, without the need for the violent destruction of the bourgeois State, in short, without the need for a new State of dictatorship of the proletariat; demands to defeat the centrism that pretends to reconcile marxism-leninism-maoism with prachandaist revisionism, as well as to denounce the complicit silence of the Committee of the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement and several of its member parties, before the betrayal in Nepal and the official collusion of the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) with the enemies of the people; demands, in the words of the „Call to the Proletariat of All Countries and the Marxist-Leninist-Maoists“ approved in our last Assembly, „to develop bilateral relations and exchanges and to propose the realization of an International Conference of representatives of the marxist-leninist-maoist organizations on the basis of the defense of the role played by the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement and the combat against prachandaist opportunism and the betrayal in Nepal“. By itself, the irruption of prachandaist revisionism precipitated the bankruptcy of the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement, lined up around it a series of old and new revisionist parties, declared or shameful, many of which never uttered a word in the face of the people‘s war in Peru, Nepal, the Philippines, India, Turkey, but now they jubilantly exalt and support the decision of the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) to renounce the destruction of the old reactionary State to dedicate itself to its „reorganization“, which as the Iranian comrades say so well, only leads to the reorganization of the exploiters and oppressors of the people and the consolidation of their class dictatorship.

But this general differentiation between revisionists and centrists on the one hand and marxists on the other is not enough. From historical experience we know that it has always been necessary to wage a frank struggle of marxism against revisionism, demolishing theoretically the new forms of the old and known opportunist theories, completely demarcating the camps, separating with total accuracy true marxism from false marxism. And this, although with the method of a struggle among communists, is also valid for the ranks of the marxists whose common denominator today cannot be other than the repudiation of the revisionism of the 21st century. Also in our ranks it is necessary to sweep away all manifestations and contamination that may have left open or subtle opportunism, during this stretch of the road where many fellow travelers of the proletariat filiated in initial acceptance of the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement Declaration of 1984, for which, the last Plenum of our Directing Committee traced the orientation of: To undertake the process of unity and demarcation with the marxist-leninist-maoist parties and marxist-leninist-maoist comrades enemies of prachandaism and Revolutionary Internationalist Movement centrism, in view of a new International Conference of the marxist-leninist-maoists, urgent necessity for the advance of the international communist movement through the defeat of prachandaist revisionism, towards unity in an International of a new type.“

In this we are firmly committed, and in spite of the limitations imposed today both by the international isolation and the scarce economic resources, we will continue contributing and fighting for this international process of unity of the communists, the only pending condition to be resolved in order to give way to the great funeral parade of imperialism.



October 2008



Comrades present at this International Conference, on behalf of the Anti-Imperialist Movement of the Spanish State, receive a revolutionary greeting of firmness and combat. We also want to congratulate the Peru People‘s Movement for the organization of this event, which is consolidating itself as a meeting point of the revolutionary sector of the international communist movement (international communist movement), and thank these comrades for their invitation, which gives us the opportunity for you to know the opinion of our organization on the burning problems of our movement at the international level.

The international communist movement has been at a crossroads for too long now. The final defeat of the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution and the disappearance of the revisionist illusions with the collapse of the „socialist camp“, certified the stagnation and regression of all the currents which until then claimed to be communist. In the midst of this generalized collapse, the Communist Party of Peru forcefully introduced a brake on the prevailing discouragement and defeatism which, in our case we can say, influenced to a great extent the birth and subsequent development of what is today our organization. However, the events of 1992 in Peru and, above all, the renunciation of the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) to continue the people‘s war, when it was in full strategic offensive, certify, for us, the end of the revolutionary cycle that began with the October revolution of 1917, and the beginning of an intermediate period of ideological and political recomposition of communism, whose duration will depend greatly on the work carried out by the vanguard parties and detachments which at present are progressively shaping the international red line. The resurgence of the people‘s war in Peru, in the first place, together with the increasingly firm positions of vanguard parties and detachments against the revisionism of the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement, once considered the world red faction of the international communist movement and which has now become a predominantly revisionist organization, bicephalically led by the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA and the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist). The Revolutionary Communist Party, USA and the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist), give a special relevance to this Conference in terms of the historic role that, for us, it must play as the beginning of the recomposition of the international communist movement to overcome the crossroads in which it finds itself.


We are faced with the paradox of having to endure a triple global crisis of capitalism, which does not prevent it from maintaining, at the same time, an international reactionary offensive against the proletariat and the oppressed peoples. In the first place, a financial crisis, which is the one that monopolizes most of the news, but which is not the one that most affects the working classes at the moment. In second and third place, a rise in the price of energy sources, especially oil, and of raw materials, which has provoked a food crisis closely motivated and linked to the previous one, which are the ones that most affect the popular strata. It is precisely the governments led by the most reactionary sectors and supporters of absolute liberalism which, by means of public funds and nationalizations, are facing the crisis with the approval and collaboration of the trade union organizations. They are applying the program of the so-called third ways, which until now were defended by the reformist organizations. The labor aristocracy and political opportunism, which vertebrate the majority of the proletariat at world level, embrace the capitalist recipes, which are so familiar to them, to avoid a greater impoverishment of whose consequences they would be the first to be affected. In Europe, we have passed, in a decade, from the demand for 35 hours to the acceptance of 65 hours, without the least serious mobilization that could be, at least, a warning to the reactionary governments of the Union. The masses of workers show a scarce and generally ineffective resistance, whose goals, in the general absence of communist political leadership, can only be short-sighted. By this we refer to the advocates of the so-called socialism of the 21st century, so popular in some Latin American countries and with so many followers among our European revisionists. Among the ranks of the proletariat there is a mixture of rage contained in a sea of weariness and resignation, very widespread and enhanced by the individualism and corporativism to which the political and trade union opportunism of reformism subjects them, but nothing that denotes a qualitative leap in their struggle in the sense of their emancipation.

This is the dominant trend, in spite of the few enclaves in the world where the people‘s war is developing in its initial stages. For all this, the struggles of the masses of spontaneous character predominate throughout the planet, be they trade union struggles or armed conflicts of the peoples directly subjugated by the military boot of imperialism. These struggles are today the protagonists of the everlasting resistance of the masses to social exploitation and national oppression. Nothing to do, for example, with the sixties, when the social and liberation struggles mostly raised the red flag and pursued socialism, in spite of the different visions of it, not always the most correct.

Faced with this objective situation in which the reactionary offensive is developing on a planetary scale in the midst of the capitalist crisis itself, the still incipient development of the popular wars and the predominance of the anti-imperialist armed struggles led by reactionary organizations of a religious and nationalist character, together with the defensive position that carries the generally spontaneous and economic character of the struggles of resistance of the working class to prevent the worsening of the conditions of their exploitation, are unequivocal signs that there is no world revolutionary strategic offensive. Although the objective social and political conditions of imperialism represent a favorable terrain for initiating such an offensive, the complete absence of the subjective factor makes it impossible. There cannot be a world revolutionary offensive that does not go hand in hand with the process of reconstitution of the Communist International. The organization of the world party of the communist revolution will be the best vehicle to extend the international influence of the successes of the local processes of people‘s war, influence that will act as a catalyst for other processes of reconstitution and the beginning of the people‘s war everywhere, extending and expanding until creating the real conditions, political and military, of passage to the strategic offensive of the proletarian world revolution.


The international communist movement is a heterogeneous mass of parties and international groupings of counterposed currents which, for the most part, embrace political opportunism and ideological revisionism, both dogmatic and reformist.

The worst omens have been confirmed about the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement since Comrade Gonzalo exposed them, since its origins, in the sense of considering the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement only as a step in the refounding of the Communist International and on condition that it followed a justified and correct ideological and political line. The different planes in which Comrade Gonzalo summarized the problems faced by the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement have sharpened and have transformed it into its opposite, into a brake on the world communist revolution. What is happening in Nepal is, in this sense, most instructive. Ideologically, the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement has not only not advanced in the understanding of marxism-leninism-maoism, but it is contributing to increase the confusion, favoring revisionism and passing off as correct ideological approaches what is pure opportunism, forcibly molding to its liquidationist interests fundamental principles in order to support the abandonment of the people‘s war line. Politically, it has allowed the agenda of imperialism to mark the actions of the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) and justify its lowering of the red flag. It has renounced the reconstitution of the International, favoring polycentrism within it, and has abandoned the line of the masses which should have as its objective the reconstitution of communist parties to initiate and develop the people‘s war. It has renounced to forge itself in the direction of the world communist revolution and, with respect to the struggle between the two lines, it has replaced it with liberalism in the opinions and non-interference in the affairs and decisions of each one of its members. All these problems, not being fairly and correctly handled, have become phenomena of disarticulation. The concerns harbored by Comrade Gonzalo in the 1980s have been confirmed.

For the Anti-Imperialist Movement, the situation is ripe for the definitive split of the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement and with it the international communist movement into two wings. The task of developing as an internal faction within the international communist movement, which was concretized in participating within the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement, can no longer favor the international revolutionary line, but only delay the coalescence of the Left and the correct and useful development of the two-line struggle. Remaining at present within the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement is not a referent of the international revolutionary line, since this remains hidden under the revisionist directorship, generates false expectations of progressively changing the members who embrace the Right-opportunist line and does not allow to establish clearly the indispensable demarcation between revisionism and the red line. On the contrary, it supports, with the presence in its midst of the Left, the appearance of a revolutionary international organization before the whole organization, masking its revisionism.

Taking this into account, this Conference should represent the first step on the road towards the reconstitution of the Communist International, uniting the Left of the international communist movement. The present situation does not allow organizing it on the basis of an ideological programme, as would be the obligation to assume maoism as a precondition, mainly because maoism itself has not definitively resolved its condition of development of marxism-leninism, maintaining real and important points to be clarified, a situation for which there still exist organizations that have their reservations in assuming the ideology as it is put forward by the majority of the detachments self-defined as maoist.

Taking this into account, it is for the Anti-Imperialist Movement an unavoidable question the realization of the global balance of the October Revolutionary Cycle, in order to refound the communist ideology starting from the highest point of the experience of the Cycle, the Great Chinese Proletarian Cultural Revolution, and from the highest development reached by our ideology, marxism-leninism-maoism. An example of this is the need to approach in depth, from maoism itself, the still unpublished analysis of the cultural revolution in the light of the correct and novel slogan of developing the people‘s war until communism. This slogan implies, in fact, a synthesis of balance, but without previous analysis; it implies not a general balance, but partial evaluations of punctual episodes taken in isolation from our rich historical experience, an erroneous method that can only generate confusion and hinder the correct ideological definition. If innovative slogans are introduced that imply a critical reflection on that experience, it is necessary to make explicit the need for that reflection as a collective political task of our movement. This problem and this need, which are recognized in the facts, cannot be solved in passing or be avoided as political tasks of the reconstitution of the international communist movement. And the worst thing is that this counterproductive method will prevent us from drawing all the lessons offered by the experience of the proletarian world revolution. For example, in the case we have alluded to, the slogan of the people‘s war until communism obliges a global rethinking of the problem of the model of the transitional society, in particular, of the principles and methods of the construction of socialism. In China, the cultural revolution was neither conceived nor carried out since the people‘s war, and now, once power is conquered, this new orientation will imply the maintenance and development of the people‘s war during the whole period of socialist transition to the dictatorship of the proletariat, varying, at least, the prerogatives of the possible and foreseeable cultural revolution.

Assuming, then, the inconvenience of the ideological problem still to be solved, the situation demands and allows the left wing of the international communist movement to group around the general political line of the proletarian revolution, accepting its cardinal elements. These suppose, fundamentally, the people‘s war as a strategy for the communist revolution and the support of the people‘s wars that have already begun, and, following the valuable experience of the Communist Party of Peru, they suppose previously the defense and implementation of plans for the refounding of communist parties in the countries that lack it, which are the immense majority, in order to, subsequently, militarize them in the beginning and in the process of development of the people‘s war. Furthermore, it is a cardinal task to coordinate and strengthen the development of the intransigent struggle against revisionism. The resolution of the ideological problem requires the continuation of the struggle between the two lines within the left wing of the communist movement. If there is no revolutionary International, there is no international communist party. This is so because we lack, at this level, a basis of Party unity, so it is impossible to realize the revolutionary unity between our different detachments on the basis of an ideological platform. The only possibility to respond to the need to constitute the world referent for the communist revolution is to establish our unity by establishing it in the struggle for our common political objectives and in permanent struggle against revisionism in order to help to make a difference before the working masses.

We recognize the Communist Party of Peru as a party of a new refounded type which, due to its experience of the people‘s war in different forms, occupies the vanguard trench of the proletarian world revolution. For this reason, the situation demands of it, and we echo this, the assumption of the responsibility of becoming the central axis around which the whole Left of the revolutionary communist movement is progressively vertebrated and agglutinated, with the aim of configuring the embryo of what has to be the future International. This is the transcendental historic role that the Communist Party of Peru is called to undertake at world level and whose position it has earned thanks to its trajectory. It depends to a great extent on those present here that this immediate objective can be achieved. This is how the Communist Party of Peru will fulfill its role as the support base of the proletarian world revolution. Therefore, the main task of every communist in every country is to persevere in the struggle against revisionism to generate communist parties, which will be, in turn, the best support for the world vanguard, the people‘s war in Peru and in the other places of the world where its development has begun or is about to begin. We call to emulate the road taken decades ago by the Communist Party of Peru to refound itself, to fight intransigently against the respective opportunist lines and to prepare for the beginning of the people‘s war.


Our organization, following the above, places itself as a vanguard detachment against all types of political opportunism and ideological revisionism. Currently, the proletariat of the Spanish State lacks organization and guidance, so our immediate strategic objective is the refounding of the communist party in the Spanish State. For this, it is essential to combat in parallel and tirelessly the political programmes which establish intermediate stages prior to socialism and which substitute the communist revolution and the dictatorship of the proletariat for the „democratic“ reform of the bourgeois State. In our country this has been concretized in the defense of the 3rd Republic, under whose banner all the revisionist parties and groups are agglutinated. This is the way in which the prachandaist thesis of the „intermediate period of political reform“ has taken shape. That is why, in our case, it is the main reason for the political demarcation between revolution and counterrevolution, a struggle that expresses the international character of the class struggle and of the two-line struggle in our country. On the other hand, in the name of maoism, there also arise small groupings which, either are spokesmen of the international Right-opportunist line, or else, have irremissibly deviated towards the defense of political lines of a nationalist cut. In the struggle against them we are also putting all our efforts and knowledge. Following this task of combating the false communists and false maoists in the Spanish State, categorically separating with all revisionism and opportunism, we strive to unite the revolutionaries in order to build an incipient political pole that becomes a reference of the class and that creates the basis for the future culmination of the refounding of the communist party in our country.

Colleagues, the Anti-Imperialist Movement wishes that the objectives outlined by the organizers of this Conference be crowned with triumph. We salute in advance the successful realization of the 2nd Congress of the Communist Party of Peru, but we also wish to share our hope that this International Conference does not exhaust itself in the fulfillment of this task, but that it surpasses the initial perspectives and forges a new milestone of the international proletariat opening the road towards the refounding of the Communist International.






Dear colleagues,

Our Party will not participate in the International Conference organized by you, because the way we are currently carrying out the two-line struggle within the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement and the international communist movement is different.

It needs an international conference of our whole movement, with the participation of most of the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement parties and other marxist-leninist-maoist parties and organizations that are still outside the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement, particularly from India and Canada, so that it is possible to debate and struggle on the key points for the struggle of the international proletariat and the international communist movement:

— the analysis of today‘s imperialism, which knows how to find in the facts the confirmation of the features pointed out by Lenin and Mao;

— the evaluation of the experience of the people‘s wars in Peru, Nepal, Turkey, India, in order to draw the positive and negative lessons coming from these experiences;

— to bring to a new ideological, theoretical and political level the strategy and tactics of the proletarian revolution;

— in this context, the bilance of the first efforts of construction of true maoist communist parties in the imperialist countries, serving the application to the concrete reality of the universal way of the people‘s war, which in these countries has its summit in the proletarian insurrection;

— the programme of socialism and communism that defends the historical conquests of the international communist movement, from October to the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution, but that also analyzes their overthrow, to arm more and more proletarians in the construction of socialist States, in the development of cultural revolutions, until the triumph of communism on a world level.

These points can and should be discussed also before the realization of an International Conference. But the best way to do this is through seminars and bilateral meetings.

On the other hand, in our opinion, it is necessary to organize meetings and conferences in an open way to the vanguards and revolutionary masses, on the hot topics of the class struggle like, for example, the meeting we held in Paris on April 29th and 30th, 2006 „from the revolt in the outskirts to the proletarian revolution“.

We are willing to have bilateral meetings, seminars and to organize and participate jointly to these rallies.

We take this opportunity to greet you, the Communist Party of Peru, as the heroic warrior who leads the Peruvian revolution.

We join our voice to yours to congratulate you on the recent new victories of the people‘s war, which is developing in the fire of the class struggle, in the effort to build close ties with the masses.

We salute the 80th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of Peru and support the Party‘s plan for the preparation of the new Congress.

We send to your Conference our communist greetings and wish them good work.







Who has defined maoism as a „new, third and higher stage“? Chairman Gonzalo.

What is the main thing in Gonzalo thought? „To have defined maoism as a new, third and higher stage“ of marxism-leninism-maoism, mainly maoism.

In greeting this Conference, Chairman Gonzalo, the Communist Party of Peru, its direcotrship and the comrade who directs it, the army and the new power that form with the Party the three key instruments, the Peruvian masses that nourish the people‘s war, the Peru People‘s Movement that organizes this Conference, words run over, they escape us, because there is much joy, great, very great, because in the Andes the people‘s war is thundering, flashing. The economic keels of the empires are creaking, their political frames are unraveling, the ships are sinking, in a disgusting rat race. And there in Peru, in the hands of fighters, mainly poor peasants, the pain and hatred of the proletariat and the peoples of the world becomes lead, fire, steel. Hurricane of actions, like stars in the firmament, the leadership resists in a shining trench of combat. There is guiding thought to reach communism. Resisting tons of rocks on their backs, the magma remains red hot until it perforates, opens the volcano and jumps up to the sky. By resisting, the difficulties of the road have been overcome. Blessed are those heroic masses who have carried a whole world on their backs. Chairman, dear Chairman Gonzalo, our dear Chairman, it has been accomplished. You said bend and it was bend. Nothing more than that. Bend. Our hearts beat like lightning. Our eyes burst with tears. Blessed be those heroic masses and blessed be their most beloved son, Chairman Gonzalo. Blessed.

It has been many years, but it has been accomplished. How miserable the revisionists who questioned it while the Chairman, our dear Chairman Gonzalo, in absolute isolation, 16 years, keeps fighting in the dungeons of reaction, in a shining trench of combat! Those wretches who have dared to take for good or probable the hoax that Chairman Gonzalo is a traitor who wanted to seek a „peace agreement“, there they have the clean, clear and forceful answer of lead and fire of a People‘s Liberation Army led by the Communist Party under the leadership of Chairman Gonzalo and the guidance of his all-powerful thought. There you have the poor masses building the new power that will flourish in the future People‘s Republic of Peru. There you have the masses of the world awaiting the good news, the new cannon shots of the „Aurora“ in the Andean mountain range. There they have the matter in motion fulfilling the laws of the class struggle. There, there, to erase all doubts.

By what logic do the brains of those who consider possible „the hypothesis“ or „conjecture“ that when the proletariat in a country has forged, in people‘s war, a leadership and a guiding thought, imperialism and reaction can bend that leadership and plunge it into treason? With the logic of imperialism, revisionism and reaction. What is the logic of the communists, of the proletariat, of the people? That matter, whether in the form of nature, history or thought, moves governed by laws and that, therefore, no matter difficulties, appearances, shadows… in the end the change, the leap, the revolution is imposed. The logic of dialectical materialism.

It was in 1985 when we stated: „The new Communist International will be born from the Peruvian revolution and the Communist Party of Peru, in the same way that the 3rd International was born from the Russian revolution and the bolshevik party.“ We knew little of the documents of the Communist Party of Peru, but four things seemed evident to us: Chairman Mao had said „in the history of revolutions, the revolutionary center moves from the West to the East“ Peru was in the third world, in Latin America and in the center of the Andes with the heritage of a Mariátegui. It was simply a materialist position. If after 1976 matter, matter in the form of history, had organized itself into a party to rise up with rifles, matter would generate the corresponding thought and the new homeland of the soviets or popular communes would flourish. It was like saying: Russia, leninism, Soviet Union or China, maoism, cultural revolution. It is true that after 1976, „we communists were left scattered in the world without center or base of the world revolution“ (Chairman Gonzalo), but history had not come to an end and history would give us another center and another base.

Eight years later, at the end of November, 1993, a Peruvian sent us the Right-opportunist line instructions. He told us that they were „directives transmitted“ by Chairman Gonzalo. The statement of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Peru of October 7th, 1993, was made known to us months later. But we could not wait for clarification. We had to close the door to any doubt:

We cannot accept that they are Chairman Gonzalo‘s directives for the fact of transmitting them as such.“

Gonzalo thought can never be erased, nor can they move the Peruvian revolution from its place in history. No matter how many difficulties it encounters, the Peruvian revolution is becoming the center of the proletarian world revolution […] Therefore, for us, Chairman Gonzalo and the Communist Party of Peru are like Chairman Mao Tse-tung and the Communist Party of China in the years of the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution. We will never deny them nor will we ever doubt them.

In certain circumstances revisionism may grow, mainly in exile, but the Party will sweep it away and the revolution will continue its unstoppable march.“

It was on December 3rd, 1993 when we met to deal with it and that same day we resolved and cleared any doubts. We did not need any process of investigation or debate. These were matters of principle that could not be left open to doubt.

Chairman Gonzalo, our dear Chairman, those who try to deny it want to tear out our souls to leave us as dead fish in the current. That is why we have to affirm and reaffirm and reaffirm again. If a hundred times they try to deny, a thousand times we will have to affirm and reaffirm, dear Chairman.

Chairman Gonzalo explains to us that when Khrushchev launched himself against Comrade Stalin, the communists had to defend the comrade because „to take him away from us then was like taking away our soul“. This is what has happened in these 16 years. Imperialism set up the hoax that he was a traitor, that he wanted to negotiate peace. Revisionism, as always, was behind. Some, the puppets, said: yes, yes, yes, yes. Others, the „investigators“, said: it could be, we have to investigate, there are suspicions, we have to „verify“. Others, shoulder to shoulder with the „investigators“, let the doubt float, looking sideways, as if they had to wait for the „verification“; they believed that the occasion had come, considering that the people‘s war had collapsed, to put their „contributions“ (Nepal) on the market. Others took refuge in the shadow of doubt and kept absolute silence; believing that the people‘s war had collapsed, that the world revolution was going to continue without a center and that, therefore, maoism could be the pasture of all kinds of „contributions“, they took the label of maoists and put it on themselves. They all followed the script written by imperialism. Some sowed lies; others, doubt; others, silence. They all displayed bourgeois individualism and many centers or absence of any center“ (9th Congress of the Communist Party of China).

What have they demonstrated? They do not even have respect for the great man, the greatest living marxist-leninist-maoist, his titanic struggle during 16 years in absolute isolation. To question him, to cast him aside, to keep silent, is dishonest, wretched, crawling. The soul of hyenas. Not even the respect he deserves from any honest, progressive or revolutionary person. Respect is necessary, but it is not enough for a communist, who also has to put his heart, has to love.

To love the Chairman, the leadership, forging decades of refounding the party, initiating and developing the people‘s war, applying maoism until establishing the guiding thought of the Peruvian revolution and developing contributing to the world revolution, thousands of communists and fighters, mainly poor peasants, giving their lives for the Party and the revolution, developing the people‘s war serving the world revolution.

To want that torch, that lighthouse, that center, of the world revolution, because it gives us the light and without it, we would be blind. We would have to have the skin of a lizard not to feel, not to be moved to singing and tears, by the heroic deed of the proletariat and the Peruvian people, heroic deed that makes the light reach our eyes so that we can see, discover the reality of our countries and find the specific road of the people‘s war.

He deserves not only the respect of any honest person, but also the love of any proletarian heart.

The Stalin question was a key issue in defending marxism-leninism against Khrushchev‘s revisionism. To launch himself against leninism, Khrushchev needed to tear out the soul of the communists, „to tear out the great image of Stalin from the hearts of the peoples of the Soviet Union and the whole world“ (Communist Party of China). That is why he began to unwrap his revisionism with an infamous political intrigue: The „Secret Speech“ to the 20th Congress of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. The defense of Chairman Gonzalo‘s life and the defense of Gonzalo thought is a key question to defend marxism-leninism-maoism against the new revisionism in the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement. These new revisionists want to wrest Chairman Gonzalo from us in order to launch themselves against maoism. That is why they made use of the imperialist hoax to deploy their revisionism.

The Avakians of today follow in the footsteps of the Khrushchevs of yesterday. Khrushchev had to make the effort to translate the reactionary and revisionist criticism of Comrade Stalin into his „Secret Speech“. The „Secret Speech“, the „peace letters“, on which Avakian based his work was drafted directly by imperialism.

When Chairman Mao Tse-tung, at the head of the international communist movement, stood up to defend Comrade Stalin against the revisionist Khrushchev, he not only raised and defended leninism, he also applied it, prepared the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution and gave a new center to the world revolution and a „new, third and higher stage“ of marxism-leninism.

When the Communist Party of Peru, its directorship, the comrade who directs it, at the head of the international communist movement, defend Chairman Gonzalo and Gonzalo thought against the hoax, against the new revisionism in the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement, they not only uphold and defend maoism, they also apply it, they prepare the leap to the strategic offensive in the people‘s war and will give a new center to the world revolution and a new stage to marxism-leninism-maoism.

The historical periods between the first Russian revolution (1905) and the second Russian revolution (1917), between the Great Leap Forward (1958) and the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution (1966) and, in the people‘s war in Peru, between the conquest of the strategic stalemate (1991) and the leap to the strategic offensive, are historical periods that have been defined and are being defined as of an intense two-line struggle to prepare the great leaps in the world revolution.

In this struggle against the current to enthrone maoism as the „new, third and higher stage“, those who hold the life of the Chairman in their hands want to tear out our souls, they want to tear out our souls, to leave us as dead fish in the current.

Imperialists and reactionaries are making up lies to present him as a „traitor“. Some revisionists join in and repeat. Others say they have doubts, that things are confused. Others say nothing or say little, as if the matter did not concern them. The work of some is linked to the work of others.

We believe it is important to understand the relationship between deceit, doubt and silence. It is not only necessary to unmask the hoax, but also to break the silences.

The hoaxes of some serve the doubts; the doubts attest that „something remains“ after the „lie upon lie“ of the hoaxes. Silence gives shelter, with its shadow, to the „something remains“ so that the doubts continue to be cultivated; in the doubts find justification for the silences.

Hoax, doubt and silence. The sting, the poison and the prostration. The sting, the poison that is injected and the prostration for the sting to stick and the poison to spread. Without prostration, how can the sting inject the venom?

In 1918, in the face of the nascent Soviet Repiblic, imperialism also staged hoaxes speaking of „terrorism“. Revisionism, in the pen of Kautsky, had doubts, „investigated“ and came to the conclusion that there was some truth in those hoaxes. But the silence was broken and neither doubts nor hoaxes were of any use. Because the masses spoke and the silence was broken.

In Spain it was a notary, Juan Díaz del Moral, who best recorded the upheavals of the so-calledbolshevik triennium“ of 1918-1920.

The Russian revolution „produced the effect of an explosive among the militants of the Spanish proletariat […] the knocks of the call resounded, as at the beginning of the century, in all the confines of the peninsula […]“ „No one resisted the invincible avalanche. Any neighborhood, any group of houses, no matter how small, that esteemed itself something, hastened to form a workers‘ center […]“ „In my frequent conferences with workers I was able to note the process of enthusiasm and illusions. Every conversation inevitably drifted towards the Russian theme.“ „Through villages and farmhouses huge inscriptions were read saying: ‚Long live Lenin, Long live the Soviets, Long live Russia!‘“

In the face of that avalanche, what could the humbug of imperialism and Kautsky‘s doubts do?

It was necessary to theoretically demolish Kautsky, Khrushchev and Avakian. To gut their misrepresentations, infamies, humbug. Perhaps there remains some unfinished business with Avakian. We do not know.

But the moment to mobilize the masses to break the silences, generate the avalanche and initiate the people‘s war is approaching. The economic crisis chimes heralding that moment.

When we raise, radiating joy, the glass to celebrate the advances in the people‘s war in Peru, we cannot help thinking about what we have to do in our country to generate that avalanche, to prepare the people‘s war, to subtract forces from imperialism in its reconcentrated, genocidal attack against the people‘s war in Peru. If we do not think in this way we will become cup dealers.

After the mobilizations against the Burgos process in 1970, our country also experienced a sort of „bolshevik triennium“ until 1975. But the communists did not understand the need to paint in neighborhoods and towns „Long live Chairman Mao! Long live the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution!“ and there was not another 1936.

We have to learn from these two historical experiences to determine the steps to follow.

Chairman Mao Tse-tung teaches us that if the international proletariat puts an arrow in our hands it is to shoot it at the target of the revolution in our country. Chairman Gonzalo teaches us that if the light comes to us from the center of the world revolution, it is to see our country and discover or retake the road of revolution.

We must crush the lies, sweep away the doubts and break the silences. To break the silences we need to take the arrow to shoot at the target, take the light to discover or retake the path of revolution.






Spain, 25.10.2008


Those of us who form the ranks of the Communist Party of Ecuador — Red Sun salute the Conference to be held in Hamburg. We understand that the objectives of the Conference are the objectives of all the communists of the world who in one way or another wield the unfading banners of marxism-leninism-maoism.

The defense of Chairman Gonzalo‘s life, the struggle against revisionism and opportunism are unavoidable struggles that must necessarily engage the efforts of the international proletariat.

History has shown us that the struggle for the capture of power is a sinuous struggle, that it has its setbacks, as Chairman Gonzalo pointed out and as we have lived it in the daily practice of our vital effort to build the Party, to consolidate it and to support it on the supreme effort to develop the people‘s war and the construction of the united front.

But history has also taught us that we must unite, that we must internationalize our effort, our vocation to continue fighting. To understand that the correct work that the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement should undertake should not be directed to shore up in the international arena its effort on those countries where the communist comrades have already had the capacity to develop the people‘s war, but that the true advance of maoism and communism in the world is marked by the rhythm or scope of those who come or we come more relegated, because only there we will understand that the revolution and/or the attempts to unleash it are at the service of the international proletariat. The advance and speed of a column, and in this case, of a process is not marked by those who are in the vanguard, but by those who bring up the rear.

We hope that this Conference will have the success that its organizers hope for, but comrades, be certain that its true success will be reflected in the important contribution for more communist parties to flourish and in a better way to unleash the workers‘ and peasants‘ storms of the people‘s war.









First of all, we would like to apologize for our delay in responding to your invitation and convocation to the Hamburg Conference. We consider this event to be of great importance for the international communist movement, since it will address fundamental problems that need to be clarified. That is why we regret very much that we are unable to attend. We are not yet in conditions to deploy our work to the international field, but with tenacity we struggle for the defense and application of the mlm in our country. We have reached a stage in which the tasks of propaganda demand from us more and better theoretical foundations to develop an accumulation of forces that will allow us to make a leap. Right now we are concentrating on characterizing the development of bureaucratic capitalism, semi-feudalism and the semi-colonial character of Chile. We consider that the main thing in this is the point of view and the class position to understand reality; that it is basic to think and feel like the popular masses. We, children of the class and the people, struggle to apply this basic principle in the investigation of our reality, in order to find the specificities that differentiate Chilean society, while endorsing the universality of the ideology of the proletariat: marxism-leninism-maoism. Undoubtedly this goes hand in hand with the tasks that imply developing mass work, according to the forces. To bind ourselves to them is key to understand our society and never lose our class position. With this we want to express to you, in a few words, that at present the practical work and the theoretical work occupy us time and resources that are still very scarce for us.

This weighs on us, because we consider the Conference an opportunity to learn from the international experience, especially from the people‘s war in Peru to which we owe a great influence in our ideological definitions. It also weighs on us because having existed an organization in Chile such as the Revolutionary Communist Party, which actively participated in the international communist movement, it was liquidated in 1981 by its „butter“ leaders, producing in our country a long period without communist propaganda and without any link with the organized communists of the world. We say this — forgive us for extending ourselves on this point — because the situation of the people‘s war in Peru and the situation of the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement are questions of great importance to us, but of which we have little information.

We learned about the people‘s war led by the Communist Party of Peru from very distorted information that in the 1980s came through the reactionary press. On the other hand, most of the anti-Pinochet political groups (apparently more radical in their actions) did not go beyond armed revisionism of Castro-Guevarist inspiration and, if they came to have information about the people‘s war in Peru, they never transmitted it. We expanded our information only at the beginning of the 1990s through the literature of senderologist „experts“, who, in spite of the counter-propaganda in which they were engaged, gave a glimpse in their articles and pamphlets of the significant achievements of the Peruvian revolutionary struggle. This scarce information, however, awakened not only an immediate sympathy in us, but also — and even more important — put us in front of a concrete road to follow for the revolution in our country.

Let us expand a little more on some of the problems we have experienced and would like to share with you. The greater information we handled from 1994 onwards did not sufficiently impact the propaganda work. This was due to the impact caused by the betrayal we experienced at the end of that year by an important member of the leadership. The organization that existed until then practically disappeared; the subsequent reconstruction and recovery took about six long years until in February 2001 the Union of Revolutionary Communists was constituted and in 2002 in its 2nd Congress it took a position for marxism-leninism-maoism, initiating a somewhat more systematic propaganda of the ideology of the proletariat. As you will understand, the disappearance of the Revolutionary Communist Party caused a significant delay. There was no organizational continuity, there were no maoist cadres, everything had to be forged through work. It has been a real problem to form maoist cadres without cadres. The law of correct and incorrect has been our indefatigable ally.

Continuing with our theoretical link with the people‘s war in Peru, only in 1994 we had access to the „Interview with Chairman Gonzalo“, of which we knew of its existence but were unaware of most of its contents. Later, in 1997 we had access to a compilation of Communist Party of Peru works written by Chairman Gonzalo. This coincided with the expansion of the Internet and the appearance of more writings in digital media. As our knowledge at that time expanded, we defended the Peruvian revolution, but the truth is that we did not have enough experience to apply it immediately in practice. After that time, the information siege narrowed and we did not have access to new news. The capture of Chairman Gonzalo hit us; the same happened with the bend. Of the „peace letters“, we knew nothing more than what the press reported and this could only provoke deep distrust. Doubts, however, also filled us with uncertainty: Could it be possible that Chairman Gonzalo had gone over to the other side? It was not unreasonable to conceive it, but we insist, the information we had was insufficient, even to this day, as well as the sources. The truth is that at present we are more and more convinced that all that has been a hoax of the enemy, as the Red Sunhas been denouncing.

Regarding the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement, we also learned of its existence through the books of the senderologists. Initially it did not attract our attention until we had access to its documents and materials through web pages. Something similar happened with the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA, except that with the latter we learned of its existence through some veterans of the Revolutionary Communist Party in Chile. In relation to the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement, and in particular to its Committee, we must admit that at the beginning we did not understand very well the debate that was being held with them, especially if in the problem of the authenticity of the peace letters and those who attributed them to Chairman Gonzalo no convincing or new evidence was presented; but neither did we consider the arguments (that we found on the Internet) that accused these letters as hoaxes to be entirely reliable. Two decisive issues that prompted us to pay more attention to this debate were the evolution of the people‘s war in Nepal and the turning point being overcome in the people‘s war in Peru.

In the case of Nepal, the same serious accusations made against Mashal were later replicated in the leadership of the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist), yet the former had been expelled from the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement while the latter was very indirectly justified. Worse still, the Committee, as far as we know, has not publicly pronounced itself in this regard, not even now that there are no doubts about the prachandaist betrayal. On the other hand, no new evidence has been presented to confirm the suspicions about Chairman Gonzalo, and there has been no public pronouncement by the Committee, let alone any sketches of self-criticism.

We do not know how these contradictions should be concretely resolved within the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement and even more, within the international communist movement. We know that the correct method is the line struggle, but how to apply it in this particular case we do not see it with sufficient clarity. However, we fully validate the call for the Conference as an important, if not decisive, step in clarifying these momentous issues and clearing the way for the new type of international that organized communists around the world expect.

More relevant is the call when a key question in this new international polemic is the people‘s war, in our case its preparation and initiation; in this we fully coincide with the approaches of the Red Sun: „In this new great wave of the world revolution, with maoism as its only commander and guide, it is up to the proletariat and the peoples of the world to develop people‘s war to make the revolution, to confront the imperialist war of aggression and to confront with world people‘s war the imperialist world war, that is why maoism and people‘s war is the focus of the ideological and political struggle in the world.“

Colleagues, we hope we are not making a very serious mistake by missing the call, but it is indeed very difficult for us to attend. If it is possible by this means, we would like you to send us more details about the information that you cite in the document of the call referring to Chairman Gonzalo.

As soon as possible we will send you a message to the Conference to further elaborate on these last points. Regarding a paper, we see it more difficult for now.

With communist greetings,

October 2008




We wish to transmit our „red greetings“ to all the participants in the International Conference in Hamburg organised by the Peru People‘s Movement. We welcome the actions taken by the Communist Party of Peru and the People‘s Liberation Army in the last days in the VRAEM.

The issues programmed for the Conference are of great importance for the international communist movement and for the proletarian world revolution and the way they are addressed is a big responsibility for all communists.

In the same way that in year 1992 after Chairman Gonzalo’s arrest we denounced and fought against all the plots set up by the bourgeoise and the renegades of the Right-opportunist line, today the revolutionary forces in Nepal have to confront an important crossroads as some comrades in the executive of the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) are being influenced by the bourgeoise. There is a big struggle to carry on against opportunism.

It is not our objective in this document to analyse in depth the contradictions of the revolutionary process in Nepal but it is so to point out its elements. Today we know according to the documents and articles written by the members of the Central Comitee of the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) that there is a struggle between lines that is confronting the real Maoists with those who pretend to end the revolutionary character of the Party and to turn it into an appendix of the democratic bourgeoise. We hear arguments as the theory of „the development of productive forces“, calling it „economic revolution“. They have powerful friends: the Indian and Chinese imperialists.

We must adopt a decisive position as communists in favour of the revolutionary line supported by important directors in the Party and the masses. It would be a great mistake not to support them. Our position which was established two years ago follows four points:

The Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) under the direction of Chairman Prachanda has put forward a powerful revolutionary and democratic movement among the people which has accomplished many victories but has not yet concluded.

Within the Party as we know by dialectics there are two positions according to the classes that are in society and this means many mistakes can happen. There can be a struggle between two lines if mistakes are not corrected in Nepal or in any other place.

The position of communists at an international level should be to support the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist). We must also study the development of the revolutionary process using criticism as an instrument of unity and struggle in favour of revolutionaries in Nepal. We must be careful not to judge too quickly or support reactionaries and provokers.

The ways of revolution are very diverse and some of them we still do not know. We should oppose the dogmatic unilateralism which is a metaphysical enemy amongst our people.

We believe it necessary that the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement and its Committee take a public position regarding these events, the same as it did in 1993 about the situation in Peru.

We know the comrades of the Peru People‘s Movement criticize the positions of the Committee of the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement but we consider it necessary to work for unity and not for the separation of the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement. Criticism must lead to a greater unity and to make our people better.

Today when the great imperialist crisis is opening new battle fronts it is more important to unite the maoists internationally with our successes and our failures to fight for the proletarian world revolution.

We wish great success to the work of this International Conference. We are sure the dabates will be deep and that decisions will be made in order to advance through th bright path to revolution.

All the best to the International Conference!

Galicia, October 2008