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There is one goal, the conquest of power!





Red SunTranslated and reproduced by
The Red Flag




In the name of the magazine Red Sun we greet the organizing colleagues and each one of those attending this important event on the people‘s war in Peru, which we assume as part of the struggle to make the magazine Red Sun the voice of the people‘s war in Peru, which imposes fighting with blood and fire imperialism‘s plan of the „peace agreements“ like that of the CIA Right-opportunist line in Peru, in Nepal, etc. Because, it is confirmed, that it is not possible to serve the people‘s war without fighting inseparably and irreconcilably against imperialism, reaction and revisionism.

Colleagues, this is the mission in which we are engaged, to bring to the international proletariat and to the peoples of the world the experience of the Communist Party of Peru in the application of maoism, in more than 29 years of developing the people‘s war in our country as part of and at the service of the world revolution; especially, after the fall of the leader and most of the directorship of the Party at that time; concretizing more, of the last 10 years in which the directorship headed by the comrade who directs the whole Party and the current Central Committee assume, by necessity and historical chance, the directorship of the Party and the people‘s war, fulfilling the principle that those who remain can and must continue.

The people‘s war in Peru was initiated and directed personally by Chairman Gonzalo, with a refounded communist party, with a leadership and guiding thought, in our case Gonzalo thought as a result of the creative application of marxism-leninism-maoism to the concrete reality of our revolution, concretized in general political line. It is the first revolution in the world to begin in this way.

People‘s war that once started, on May 17th, 1980 (ILA-80), has not stopped for a single moment; because it is to carry the revolution to the end. With people‘s war the Party leads the democratic revolution to its culmination with the seizure of power throughout the country, establishing the People‘s Republic of Peru and with it passing uninterruptedly to the socialist revolution and the dictatorship of the proletariat, to arrive at communism after successive proletarian cultural revolutions, always with people‘s war, with all humanity. It is not as Avakian and the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA (see especially the recently published letters of their criticism of Prachanda) and Prachanda and the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) maintain that it is only when power is seized in the whole country that the stage of the new democracy begins, a simple coincidence with Liu and Teng? For the maoists, the proclamation of the People‘s Republic is the first act of the establishment of the dictatorship of the proletariat and socialism.

Having the Communist Party of Peru with a justified and correct line, the organized vanguard of the proletariat, the heroic warrior that leads the revolution, the axis and center of the revolutionary construction, and the masses with the people‘s war, everything we have has been achieved, what do we want, everything, what is everything, power, except power, everything is illusion!

With the people‘s war the Party has defined maoism as the third, new and higher stage of our ideology; with it the guiding thought made a leap, of great importance, to Gonzalo thought; it entered its militarization through actions, applying the concentric construction of the three instruments of the revolution; the revolutionary army was generated (the People‘s Liberation Army) and the new power, the joint dictatorship, based on the worker-peasant alliance, led by the proletariat through its party, which finds its expression in the people‘s committees and the support bases whose system forms the People‘s Republic of New Democracy in formation. Its highest expression is the open people‘s committees.

With the people‘s war the Party has fulfilled the pending task of the 1st Congress, marxist-leninist-maoist, Gonzalo thought Congress that has given us the basis of Party unity, with its three elements: our ideology, our programme and our general political line with its center the military line, and generating and crushing a powerful counterrevolution, through plans and campaigns has defeated the plans and campaigns of the enemy and conquered the strategic stalemate in 1991.

For all these reasons, the people‘s war is the greatest epic of the Peruvian people, the demonstration of the full validity of Maoism and the vanguard of the people‘s wars in the world.

From the beginning, Peruvian reaction (with the help of imperialism, mainly U.S. imperialism, as well as the other imperialists, in collusion and contention, the revisionists and world reaction), sought to annihilate it with its counterrevolutionary war, its anti-subversive war. But, since April 1992 (with Fujimori‘s „self-coup“), U.S. imperialism began to direct it, renaming it „low-intensity warfare“. Thus, under the direct direction of the CIA, the Peruvian reaction captured Chairman Gonzalo and a large part of the directorship of that time and from there kept him absolutely isolated and tried to use this fact politically, thus bringing the Party and the people‘s war into the corner. Imperialism always intervenes against the revolution, the question is to confront it.


But, the enemy has never been able nor will be able to annihilate it, because the Party is endowed with directorship and Gonzalos thought, with the basis of Party Unity, and forged in that the Party never stops, that those who remain can and must continue the people‘s war, that even if only one communist remains, he has to do it all over again and continue with the people‘s war until communism.

In the people‘s war the continuators of the revolution are forged, thus has been solved the problem posed in this regard by our founder, Marx. Applying Gonzalo thought, the new problems of the revolution are being solved, practicing that everything comes out of the people‘s war, everything good for the proletariat and the people comes from it. The opposite, anti-marxist conception, sees only the other aspect of the war, agreeing with them Comrade Prachanda who tries to base „that the people cannot be subjected to such long sacrifices“, that it is necessary to „give a political solution“, is this not so similar to the so-called „political solution to the problems derived from the war“ of the Right-opportunist line rats? Of course it is.

Not being able to count directly on the beloved and respected leader was also the time to test the soundness and earthiness of our principles. All this time raises pending issues for the continuators of the revolution. The Party directorship recognizes the limitations, for example: what happened with the detention of Chairman Gonzalo and his defense? The question is that not only the directorship is key, but we lost the leadership, the Political Bureau, almost all the directorship, number of cadres, militants, decrease in the army, main forces, detachments, militias and people‘s committees; 65% of what we had. But the Party maintained the principles, on the basis that if a part remains, it must continue, and so it was done. So, in all these points, which are mentioned in these years, were dealt with extensively with figures in hand. And as the principles were maintained, progress was made.

We raised the strategic offensive of the world revolution in 1980 („We Are the Initiators“), then in the general political line approved by the 1st Congress. The Right-opportunist line pretended to deny it. It is important to see the history, documents, course and how now they want to deny it. It is important because in the Committee of the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement and in Nepal they are in the same. They have been sustaining, with some semantic differences, the same as the Right-opportunist line; of retreat, of non-combat, neither here nor in Nepal. That is why they all shy away from the debate raised by the Communist Party of Peru. Time endorses our position and it is up to us to capitalize on this in favor of the Left in the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement and the international communist movement. Today the Party points out: Imperialism is in frank recession, the oppressed countries are trembling before the disturbances of imperialism itself.“ So, it is appropriate, if imperialism is bogged down, bold advance, and in no way a „peace agreement“, neither here nor anywhere else. Moreover, the Party stands firm, that the „peace agreement“ is part of imperialism‘s plan. Thus we will say: first, we are in strategic offensive of the world revolution, and imperialism is in recession, it corresponds to advance to develop the new great wave of the proletarian world revolution in march (Avakian does not see class, people only see fundamentalists, that is why he denies it).

The key problem of directorship was then posed to us. In these circumstances we had to face the bend and the inflection, the falls, reorganizing everything and learning to lead in the course of the war itself. Decisive was to maintain the people‘s war, the course, the path of encircling the cities from the countryside. Problem: new forms, organizations superior to those of the reaction, the committees that maintained previous forms because they had given results until the beginning of the 1990s, were almost blown up, the reaction took them in single file, one after the other, while they thought of new forms, the committee became unenthusiastic, a hard struggle was given to correct this, it was crushed and all had to go down to lead actions, this is how progress was made.

Lesson: No more locking yourself up and racking your brains. Apply Gonzalo thinking and you see what is new, what is necessary, that requires action to see what is new again, that is living dialectics.

In addition, the reaction, also learning, used ways never seen before to infiltrate and try to destroy the fortress from within. They did what their „turn and a half“ gave them. Remember the helicopter with General Fournier and his entire army command under the direction of the SIN-CIA. A stratagem was set up, they followed the story, they came and lost several of their commanders, the helicopter, many modern weapons and equipment. To this day they are still lamenting.

In synthesis, these are things that were not done before, what all this implies has been a directorship at the edge of the slope advancing in forge and recognition of the directorship. In this way, the directorship made the reaction see that we learned from their intelligence games and we returned with growth. See this example, a new situation is seen, the directorship assimilates it, and gives an answer, there is the problem. It is not enough to see the problem, but to transform the war into new situations, maintaining the course. The new directorship has had to face so many new things and solve them without Chairman Gonzalo being present. This is to practice fidelity in the principles and be flexible in their application. Made in the middle of the war, with a cohesive directorship in Gonzalo thought and his leadership.


We are always facing new problems, every revolution advances generating and crushing a powerful counterrevolution. In its development, the revolution demands the fulfillment of one task after another, most of them complex. That is what reality demands of us, if there are no conditions we must generate them in order to carry out the pending tasks. Communists can never act as in Nepal that capitulated „on the verge“ of taking power. Nor like others who never think of initiating the people‘s war and say that they lead a „two-line struggle against the capitulation in Nepal“. No, that is not a two-line struggle.

The two-line struggle is between Left and Right in our bosom against ideas, attitudes that have a revisionist background and even revisionist positions, convergences with the Right-opportunist line, etc. to smash them and impose marxism, sweeping away revisionism as the main danger. It is to keep the Party and its organizations red. What the others practice is collusion and struggle for distribution and to impose their hegemony. In the end they fight to settle who is more useful to their imperialist master, sinecures and other perks.

The example of the Communist Party of Peru has to shake the world, the communists, all the revolutionaries of the Earth. The Communist Party of Peru shows that it is the heroic warrior, that we have a party made for the worst circumstances. Condition: If we stick to the principles and apply them with flexibility we advance. In synthesis, if we have a party with a leadership, with basis of Party unity and its guiding thought, this will allow the communists to face the worst circumstances and this is a contribution of the Communist Party of Peru to the world revolution.

This is of utmost importance because after the arrest of Chairman Gonzalo, reaction thought that without a Chairman there is no revolution and to capitalize on this in Peru and in the world they set up the revisionist and capitulationist Right-opportunist line, made up of CIA informants. A Right-opportunist line assembled, financed and manipulated by the genocidal armed forces under the direction of the CIA. All the material evidence subsequently made known certifies it. Their plan failed because they dreamed of breaking the Party, but the Party stood firm and became more steely, like pure steel of Gonzalo.

The members of the Committee of the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement and some of its parties wobbled, that shows who wobbles at the slightest wind, that marks their course who pulls to the Right. They did not condemn imperialism‘s plan, but rather they have echoed all the CIA‘s tricks. This convergence serves the plan of reaction. That is why when the „peace agreement“ came up in Nepal, they did not publicly pronounce themselves against this plan of imperialism and capitulation in order to push the Left in Nepal, but continued a struggle among „wise men“, so that they no longer served to impose the plan of imperialism and capitulation. That is waiting to accommodate; that is acting like the Catholic Church, going from feudal knights to kings, to monopolies and there they want to be to prosper. They sibylline and tenaciously opposed the Party‘s proposal that there was a need for debate, not to allow „peace agreements“ to take place, thus allowing imperialism‘s plan to advance. What it did with this attitude of „criticism by means of secret letters“, to remain silent publicly and let the problem, the evil, the cancer, advance. The experience of the Party shows the world the importance of fighting against revisionism, the Right-opportunist line in Peru, thus, in the midst of it the Party advances.

Let us ask ourselves: In the supposition that those letters that are now openly circulating had defended marxism against the revisionism of the others, did their authors perhaps think that the others were going to return to the correct path by simple appeals to the fold? No! Let us not be naïve, the two-line struggle is class struggle and as such participates, with its particularities, in the characteristics and laws of the class struggle in general. Moreover, yes, in this case it was an antagonistic struggle, but because of the particularities it had to be conducted as if it were not such. This is as in any struggle of two lines, it was necessary to crush the opposing line, to reject, to demarcate and to crush the capitulation by raising, defending and applying maoism and thus vaccinating oneself against this cancer of revisionism. Denouncing that the „peace agreement“ in Nepal was not the initiative of the revolutionaries, although all that appearance has been given, but the plan of imperialism driven through its lackeys in India and the special role of Swiss imperialism. Concentrating the radius of attack against the handful of followers of capitulation to imperialism and reaction, to serve to isolate them and thus drive out the Left within the Party and the masses of Nepal. Far from joining the call of the Communist Party of Peru to generate a big debate and mobilization, inside and outside of the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement, to galvanize the Left in Nepal against what they now publicly call „capitulation and betrayal“ and to serve to inoculate the parties and organizations of the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement and the international communist movement, against it, they proceeded to secretly correspond with their „old subordinates“ and sought to isolate the parties and organizations, like the Communist Party of Peru, who were for a principled struggle against capitulation. As the Communist Party of Peru maintains, and reality proves it, imperialism‘s plan of the „peace agreements“ goes together with the genocidal wars that imperialism unleashes against the peoples of the world to lead them to capitulation and impose the „peace of the bayonets“, in the concrete case of Peru and Nepal they aimed at breaking the maoists not only there but in the world, those who were initiating and those who were about to initiate.

The Communist Party of Peru is developing the people‘s war in Peru as part of and at the service of the world revolution and will continue to do so. The Party has already defined, with the Chairman, to act as a faction of the international communist movement. It seeks to aim well at the target of the new revisionism, at its groups, at the Right and to mobilize the Left that exists inside and outside our movement. We are for the struggle of two lines, if the Right has overflowed, it is up to the Left to assume and reorient itself. We are not in favor of blowing up organizations, liquidating them, but rather for their reorientation.


In the world, the most advanced of the class confronts, unmasks and crushes all the plans, such as the „peace agreements“ that imperialism and revisionism raise as part of their general counterrevolutionary offensive. In the different places of the Earth the masses reaffirm themselves in revolutionary violence in Asia, Africa and Latin America, as it also does in the old continent and North America and all over the world. This confirms that revolt is the main historical and political trend in the world today.

The Party has gone through very hard and complex moments, but we persisted in defending the principles, the course, the people‘s war. Defending the unity of the Party in the midst of the hard two-line struggles. There were some, for example, who proposed actions outside the principles of construction, which were crushed because they corresponded to the bourgeois military line. In the end they were expressing a struggle for directorship. Some others did not know what to do, they proposed going to the jungle, others, not to the highlands; they were crushed with a two-line struggle and persisted on the road, in the Strategic Development Plan, in the defense of the new power, of the people‘s committees and the support bases. The People‘s Liberation Army, in spite of the problems of the bend in the road, fulfilled its role; to be the backbone of the new power, defending it with blood and fire, counting on the willingness of the masses at all costs. Thus the fall was halted, which allowed the Party to focus on the solution of the problem of directorship. Once the problem of directorship was solved, the Party was able to focus on planned mass work and campaigns, counting on better objective conditions than in 1980, which has allowed a new leap in the incorporation of the masses into the people‘s war.

This is another teaching of special significance for the world, contrary to what the revisionists say, the masses are ready to take the bread out of their mouths to give us, to spill their blood and spare no expense in paying the cost for the hard and prolonged people‘s war, that is why the enemy has never managed to separate us from the masses, never!


In 1992, Chairman Gonzalo in his masterful speech, said to continue and assume the condition of communists, we persisted and the war generated the new directorship firmly subject to the headquarters, to the basis of Party unity, to Gonzalo thought, to the proletarian military line. Currently, reality demands from the Party the holding of a new Congress, which requires creating conditions, transforming reality through the people‘s war. The communists, fighters and masses in this struggle for the new Congress, in the midst of the people‘s war, are conquering these conditions in hard days. Today we have a new leap in the Party and the people‘s war with militarization of the Central Committee, with advance in the strategic centralization of the people‘s war, with victorious successes of the same, crushing the plans and campaigns of the enemy and actions of great national and international repercussion against the direct intervention of U.S. imperialism; with advance in the People‘s Liberation Army in quantity and quality, conquering weapons and modern means of the enemy and with advance in the new Power, defending, reconquering and advancing, extending the radius.

Thus, the struggle for the new Congress of the Party is advancing in the midst of the people‘s resistance war against U.S. imperialism to seize power. This means that the development of the people‘s war, on the one hand, and of the „low-intensity“ counterrevolutionary war, on the other, has led to the expression of the nation ↔ imperialism contradiction as the main one.

Everything, what has happened in these years, demonstrates to the world the contribution made: that if we have a Party with a leadership, with basis of Party unity and its guiding thought, this will allow the communists to face the worst circumstances; all these years without the Chairman, especially what has been done in the last ten years, proves the directorship, its plans, its cohesion and goals, allows us to see clearly how we fight and how they fight us. How the Party faces the difficult and complex circumstances that are presented to it in the direction of the war, of the revolution, how the directorship applies the line, how it forges, strengthens more and more and advances its recognition. This should shake the world, those who capitulate and integrate into the old state as in Nepal and abandon the revolution at the final moment.

The Party, so far this year, has advanced not only organizationally, but also militarily. As we have said, a new leap in the people‘s war, fighting the increasingly open intervention of U.S. imperialism, which intervenes in application of its hegemonist and counterrevolutionary plan of great gendarme. In particular, it should be stressed that the „Plan Excellence“ implemented by the Southern Command of U.S. imperialism has been a resounding failure, recognized by Tyrians and Trojans, it did not achieve its objectives. The Party‘s plan was successful and the Party, leading the People‘s Liberation Army and the masses, crushed the enemy‘s campaigns. The armed forces of the old Peruvian State, following imperialism‘s plan, entered Vizcatán and today they are bogged down. It has been demonstrated that the People‘s Liberation Army has them at the mercy of their accurate blows and these enemy troops bring the things that are needed. The enemy uses minors as „cannon fodder“ for a plate of food, and those who do not give them their tips, supplies, etc., showing as a result of their rottenness an overflowing and unstoppable corruption, their morale is at rock bottom. In other words, their entire campaign against the Party has been aborted. The Prime Minister, the defector, Simon asked for 20 days to present a new plan, which has led them to a greater dispute among themselves, in the midst of all this, it has emerged that neither the Parliament nor the ministers of the fascist, genocidal and country-selling García are aware of the matter, What is obvious is that the only ones who know about the „plan“ and its „improvement“ (which they call the „New VRAEM Plan“) are the commanders of the Southern Command and the high command of the genocidal armed forces of the old landlord-bureaucratic State, mainly at the service of U.S. imperialism. Bureaucratic capitalism, the old Peruvian society in general crisis, is sinking deeper, not only in the economic sphere but on all levels.

The Party, the army and the new power have been strengthened in the midst of the enemy‘s campaign and our counter-campaign, no base force, detachment, main force, or directorship was affected. It was of no use for them to move their ADCs.

The Party, developing the democratic revolution with people‘s war of resistance against U.S. imperialism, has demonstrated: 1. initiative; 2. correct application of maoism; and 3. above all, the importance of having a militarized directorship. These are three points that show that the Party is staying the course, in hard struggle against revisionism, in particular against the Right-opportunist line, revisionist and capitulationist, thus we have broken through. This clashes with the Right within the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement and the international communist movement, that is why we say that the people‘s war in Peru is a stone in the shoe of all of them. This should shake the communists and revolutionaries of the world to serve the development of the democratic revolution with people‘s war resistance war against U.S. imperialism in Peru and, mainly, to make the revolution in their own countries.



May 2009