Editorial Note on this Week’s People’s War Report

The Editorial Board has decided to retract this week’s People’s War Report due to several severe factual inaccuracies, in particular regarding the Communist Party of Burma and the people’s war in that country.

Specifically, the colleague who wrote the Report has (without specific intention to do so, simply due to a lack of research) promoted support for the trotskyite, “Left”-adventurist, counter-revolutionary and revisionist Red Flag faction, which separated itself from the Party in the 1940s. The Communist Party of Burma itself overcame its problems of revisionism and initiated a people’s war under the leadership of Chairman Thakin Than Tun — who was referred to as a “browderite” by the Red Flag wreckers.

There are also other factual mistakes and limitations in this week’s retracted People’s War Report, but this is the main one.

Due to technical limitations, the Report cannot be deleted from the front-end at the moment, so we are publishing this editorial note to remind our readers to please observe a certain discretion should they choose to read it. A corrected version will soon be released.