EUROPE: Imperalists Militarize in Preparation for 3rd World War

European imperialist and reactionary leaders met in France to discuss preparations for a 3rd World War. Here is our analysis.


  • The Heads of State of the European Union have met in Versailles, where the treaty ending the 1st World War was signed in 1919. They discussed the ongoing energy crisis and the Russo-Ukrainian War.
  • The leaders of the European imperialist States as well as the other reactionary States making up the European Union are massively increasing defense budgets, the draft and technological capacities, and are preparing to create joint European armed forces.
  • The creation of a European army would be the first step in the direction of a «European Federation», which would be nothing more than a project for the purpose of strengthening the position of the European imperialist powers and their capital relative to the U.S. imperialists within the Western Bloc, for the purpose of creating a united imperialist front against Russian imperialism in Europe, and for the purpose of creating a stronger apparatus for the suppression of the national and labor movements within Europe itself.
  • The Versailles Meeting and Declaration are therefore objectively a part of the preparation of a new, imperialist 3rd World War, in that they serve to further the encirclement of the Eastern Bloc of Chinese and Russian imperialism, which is the strategic goal of U.S. imperialism. The 3rd World War will break out once one of the imperialist blocs is certain that it can win in a struggle against the other imperialist bloc, which the European powers declare to be around 2030.

«Of course, temporary agreements are possible between capitalists and between States. In this sense a United States of Europe is possible as an agreement between the European capitalists… but to what end? Only for the purpose of jointly suppressing socialism in Europe, of jointly protecting colonial booty against Japan and the USA, who have been badly done out of their share by the present partition of colonies, and the increase of whose might during the last 50 years has been immeasurably more rapid than that of backward and monarchist Europe, now turning senile.»

V. I. Lenin: «On the Slogan for a United States of Europe» (23.08.1915)

On March 10th and 11th, the Heads of State of the members countries of the European Union met for an «Informal Meeting» in Versailles, France in order to discuss the Russo-Ukrainian War, the ongoing energy crisis, the applications of Moldavia and Georgia for E.U. membership, and other matters which are important for the imperialist and reactionary governments of Europe. Present were also top E.U. bureaucrats, such as Ursula von der Leyen (President of the European Commission and former German Minister of War) and Charles Michel (President of the European Council and former Belgian Prime Minister). The Meeting adopted a Declaration, which among other things states:

«Russia‘s war of aggression constitutes a tectonic shift in European history. […] Confronted with growing instability, strategic competition and security threats, we decided to take more responsibility for our security and take further decisive steps towards building our European sovereignty, reducing our dependencies and designing a new growth and investment model for 2030.»

Concretely, the Meeting discussed bolstering defense capabilities, reducing energy dependencies and building a more robust economic base. These three main points all constitute key aspects of preparations for an imperialist 3rd World War against Russian imperialism.

In terms of bolstering defense capabilities, the Versailles Declaration resolved: «A stronger and more capable E.U. in the field of security and defence will contribute positively to global and transatlantic security and is complementary to NATO, which remains the foundation of collective defence for its members.» This statement in particular serves to put more pressure on Swedish and Finnish imperialism joining the NATO alliance, which would complete the Eastward march of the Western imperialist bloc, especially together with the expansion of the E.U. to Moldavia and Georgia. Moreover, the Declaration pointed out the European imperialists‘ and reactionaries‘ intention to increase defense expenditures, develop collaborative investments into defense capabilities, invest in cyber warfare and space warfare, integrate the civilian population into national defense, and strengthen the defense industry. This point is a plan for completing the full redivision of Eastern Europe between the Western and Eastern imperialist blocs, for massively increasing imperialist militarism, and for putting the people of Europe more and more under military control and discipline, all in the service of bourgeois «national defense».

In terms of reducing energy dependencies, the Versailles Declaration resolved: «In this respect, we agreed to phase out our dependency on Russian gas, oil and goal imports and soon as possible […].» This includes accelerating the reduction of reliance on fossil fuels, diversifying supplies and routes, further developing a hydrogen market, speeding up the development of renewable energy, completing and improving the interconnection of European energy networks and synchronizing the power grids, reinforcing contingency planning for security of supply, and improving energy efficiency. This point, thus, is a plan for eliminating any type of dependency on Russian imperialism and Chinese social-imperialism in terms of energy, so as to prepare for a war between the Western and Eastern imperialist blocs.

In terms of building a more robust economic base, the Versailles Declaration resolved to secure sources of critical raw materials, achieve 20% of global market share in semi-conductors, increase production of medicines, increasing digitalization and reducing dependencies on imported agricultural products. This, too, is a preparation for imperialist world war through securing the ability of the Western imperialist bloc to wage war on its own conditions.

The Versailles Meeting represents an extremely important development in the military strategy of the European imperialist and reactionary leaders. At Versailles, the European Union leaders informally decided to prepare for an imperialist 3rd World War by the year 2030 at the latest. This is part of the plan devised by the Biden Administration in the USA to complete the strategic encirclement of Russia and China by 2030-40, so as to achieve strategic superiority and launch a world war for the redivision of the entire globe. Thus, the Versailles Meeting is a concrete preparation for imperialist war.

This is reflected in the statements made by the European capitalist leaders at Versailles. French President Emmanuel Macron called the Russian invasion of Ukraine a «tragic turning point» and stated: «We can see how our food, our energy, our defense are all issues of sovereignty.» He followed this up with the following:

«About 10 days ago, Germany decided to make historical investments and Denmark made a historic choice deciding to ask the people if they want to come back to the European defence and security project. Everywhere you look historic choices are being made.»

Moreover, following the Meeting, it was decided that the World Trade Organization will impose tariffs on Russian goods, that Russian representatives will likely be expelled from the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, and that the E.U. will ban the export of luxury goods to and the import of iron and steel goods from Russia, as well as a ban on European investments in the Russian energy sector.

The sanctions imposed against Russia and increasingly China by the Western imperialist bloc are objectively part of preparations for an imperialist world war. The sanctions imposed by Swiss imperialism also fall into this category, since Switzerland is objectively a component part of the Western imperialist bloc, although a part with a special diplomatic and economic role to play and its own independent interests as well. All of these sanctions, such as blocking trade with Russia and blocking Russian bank transactions, only hurt the people, but not the ruling classes, since the latter have sufficient means to simply continue their parasitic lives as usual.

The Versailles Meeting was preceded by two developments of extraordinary importance. The first was the Danish Government‘s drastic change of course following secret negotiations in Berlin and Brussels. Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen stated:

«[…] every country must decide for itself how to contribute to strengthening the West, our democracy and our freedom even further in the best possible way. It is about putting Denmark in the right place now.


The decision we make now about abolishing the defense reservation is first and foremost a decision about the fact that Denmark must be part of the European security infrastructure, both regarding NATO and regarding the E.U.»

This was then followed up by the announcement that a vote would be held on June 1st, at which the Danish defense reservation should be abolished, according to the Danish Government.

Denmark has a legal reservation against joining a European military. This defense reservation was implemented when Danish imperialism joined the European Union in 1993. After a referendum had been held and the population voted against becoming an E.U. member country, this and three other legal reservations were proposed, and a vote was held again. Only narrowly winning with a low turnout, the second referendum led to Denmark joining the E.U. Demonstrations in the Danish capital Copenhagen on the occasion of the referendum were shot at by the police and 13 people were injured with bullet wounds. Since then, the Danish legal defense reservation has been the only thing stopping the creation of a joint European army, which in particular the French Government has been pushing for since Macron‘s election in 2017. Now that Denmark is slated to abolish this reservation, the European imperialists and reactionaries can increase their preparations for a 3rd World War.

The second important development was the German Government‘s decision to massively increase military spending. Germany was historically one of the largest military powers on Earth, and as the biggest threat to world peace in the early 20th century, it played the main role in launching two imperialist world wars. German Chancellor Olaf Scholz announced that 100,000,000,000 EUR would be added to the budget of the German armed forces — adding up to over 2% of Germany‘s gross domestic product. This was supported by the German opposition, which made the following statement:

«[Germany must] finally be prepared to define its interests in this world and, above all, be prepared to assert these interests. This includes not only, but also the ability to effectively protect and defend its own territory and its own population against any form of violence and coercion.»

The decision to boost the German armed forces‘ capabilities is part of the general trend of imperialist militarization in Europe. It is also part of the plan announced in the Versailles Declaration. With the 100,000,000,000 EUR boost, the German military will now be the strongest in Europe and the third-strongest on Earth, according to military expenditures. This will immeasurably strengthen the position of the Western imperialist bloc at the world level in its preparations for war.

The European imperialists and reactionaries are consolidating their position and preparing for a 3rd World War. This consolidation inevitably leads in the direction of transforming the European Union into a European Federation — that is, a new imperialist State, which would objectively be a superpower and erode the status of U.S. imperialism as the sole hegemonic superpower, that is, the only superpower which is capable of exercising decisive influence over other imperialist powers. This was already included in the Coalition Agreement of the German Government of 2021, which states:

«We use the Conference on the Future of Europe for reforms. We support the necessary treaty changes. The conference should lead to a constitutional convention and lead to the further development of a federal European State, organized decentrally according to the principles of subsidiarity and proportionality and based on the Charter of Fundamental Rights. We want to strengthen the European Parliament, for example, in its right of initiative; preferably in the treaties, otherwise interinstitutionally. We will again give priority to the Community method, but where necessary lead the way with individual member States. We support a uniform European electoral law with partly transnational lists and a binding system of top candidates.»

Such a European superpower would inevitably be a brutal, oppressive regime under German hegemony, which, as Lenin already predicted more than a century ago during the imperialist 1st World War, would only be «for the purpose of jointly suppressing socialism in Europe, of jointly protecting colonial booty against» the other imperialist superpowers and powers. It would be a joint regime of the imperialist nations of Western Europe for the explicit purpose of suppressing the national movements of the oppressed nationalities of the European Union. These movements, such as the Greek national movement against austerity measures or the Catalan independence movement, would suddenly face a united front of all the European capitalists and police, who would enforce Greek national debt, enforce Catalonian membership in the Spanish «federal state», and so on.

Moreover, it would be a joint regime of the big capitalists of Western Europe for the explicit purpose of suppressing the labor movement on the entire European continent. For instance, the methods used by the European Union to undermine the long-established labor rights conquered by the working class of France, Greece, Denmark, Sweden and other countries, such as early pension ages, high wages, short work-days and so on, have been systematically taken away through the directives of the ruling Brussels bureaucracy ever since the 1980s. A European Federation would be a huge step in the direction of completely abolishing all of the conquests achieved by the labor movement in Europe.

In a word, a European Federation would be a counter-revolutionary, imperialist and colonialist Goliath, created for the sole purpose of beating down the people of the entire world and preparing for a new mass slaughter of people not seen in the last more than 75 years.

The current agenda for the enlargement of the European Union.
Blue: Member States
Green: Candidate States
Yellow: Applicant States
Orange: Former Candidate States
Gray: Former Member States

Therefore, we must concretely recognize what the purpose of the Versailles Meeting and Declaration are — the creation of such a monstrosity for the purpose of carrying out such a global genocide. In recognizing this, we must also recognize our tasks in fighting these imperialist and reactionary designs. We must:

1. Oppose the European Union resolutely and completely. No more countries must join the European Union and the ones who are already members must leave it. Neither the E.U. nor NATO can provide adequate defense for the people of any country — joining will only make the country in question a target for aggression and occupation during a world war. The only safeguard against invasion and occupation is the general armament of the people.

2. Oppose the sanctions being carried out against the people of different countries by the various imperialist and reactionary ruling classes. The capitalists are only imposing sanctions so as to capture the largest possible market shares for themselves by criminal means. Oppose sanctions resolutely. At the same time, oppose trade with countries and companies which fund the imperialist war.

3. Oppose the creation of a single European economy, which would be nothing more than the complete colonial control of the economies of the oppressed nations on the continent. Every country must develop its own independent and self-sufficient means of production in the agricultural, industrial, service, educational, health, cultural and defense sectors. Only based on self-sufficiency can there be any talk of a «fair» trade.

4. Oppose the use of black energy, which destroys Earth‘s climate. Oppose reliance solely on green energy, which cannot create genuine self-sufficiency in terms of energy as long as capitalism exists. Demand that the capitalists pay for the creation of new and safer nuclear power plants, which will be the only means by which a small country can achieve energy self-sufficiency under capitalist rule.

The unity of the people of Europe and the world can only be achieved in a world where class society no longer exists. So long as there exists private property, patriarchy and systems of political power, there will be no true freedom in the world, and it will not be possible to abolish national borders. But in the process of the socialist transformation of society across the globe, the contradictions between nations will gradually disappear, and a single human people will emerge. This society will be one without wars, in which humanity will be at peace. But to bring about such a world requires passing through a period of revolutionary wars. As Mao Zedong said:

«Some people ridicule us as advocates of the ‹omnipotence of war›. Yes, we are advocates of the omnipotence of revolutionary war; that is good, not bad, it is marxist. The guns of the Communist Party of Russia created socialism. We shall create a democratic republic. Experience in the class struggle in the era of imperialism teaches us that it is only by the power of the gun that the working class and the labouring masses can defeat the armed bourgeoisie and landlords; in this sense we may say that only with guns can the whole world be transformed. We are advocates of the abolition of war, we do not want war; but war can only be abolished through war, and in order to get rid of the gun it is necessary to take up the gun(Our emphasis.)

Mao Zedong: «Problems of War and Strategy» (06.11.1938)

If an imperialist 3rd World War breaks out, we will oppose it with revolutionary civil war — also in the «neutral» countries, which profit from it. But if an imperialist 3rd World War does not break out, it will be because it has been prevented through the abolition of imperialism by means of revolutionary civil war. In this way, we revolutionary socialists concretely answer the question of how to deal with the possibility of a new world war. In this way, we create the basis upon which not only a genuinely united Europe of the peoples can be created, but a genuinely united world of the peoples as well.