GENEVA: Demonstration in Solidarity With the Palestinian People

This Saturday 15th of May, a demonstration in support of Palestine took place in Geneva, in the pedestrian zone of the Mont Blanc, to denounce the actions committed by the illegitimate State of Israel against the Palestinian nation, generally against the apartheid and genocide perpetrated against the Palestinian people and specifically against the massacre of the protest at the Al-Aqsa mosque and its subsequent burning on the 11th of May.

This is nothing new for the settler-colonial genocidal State that, since its creation by the British in 1948, has committed numerous extremely reactionary crimes against the Arabic people, with the genocidal Apartheid, the transformation of the Gaza strip into an open-air prison, the colonization of Cisjordania by expelling the Palestinians from their lands, and so many other crimes. But the settler-colonial State doesn’t limit itself to oppress Arabs on „its“ territory. Israel has committed crimes against Lebanon, during the civil war of the 1960’s-70’s; in Syria, by seizing the region of the Golan heights from the Syrian people to install a military base, or with the civil war that has lasted since 2011, during which Israel has massively bombarded Syria, officially to „fight against the Islamic State“, but in truth to impose reactionary terror against the Syrian people; and then also in Egypt, during the 100 days war, which had for result the arbitrary occupation of the Sinai peninsula for more than 10 years. The State of Israel is nothing more than the base of operations of Yankee imperialism in the Middle-East, its main ally in the region, its moves to project its plan of imperialist domination of the Middle-East.

The demonstration, of 500 strong, started at 14h and had a clearly anti-imperialist and internationalist character. Many slogans in solidarity with the Palestinian people have been shouted, such as „Viva viva Palestina!“, „Israel murderer“, „Death to Israel“, „We are all the Palestinian people!“, „From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free!“, some have been shouted in arabic, and an arabic song has been sung. Proletarian revolutionaries from the Internationalist Youth Movment (IYM) were also present, and shouted slogans such as „Down with national oppression – worldwide intifada!“, „Death to imperialism – People’s War until Communism!“, „Palestine is a rebellion – what we need is a revolution!“, „It is right to rebel – Palestine demands freedom!“, „Intifada antifa!“ and „Against all occupations – the Communist Party is the solution!“ These slogans have agitated the demonstration and made it more combative, as every following slogan was shouted in a more energetic and angry way. The PdA was also present and has made a speech during the demonstration, speech which was drowned by the slogans of the masses, the revisionists not being able to do their sermon. The demonstration ended at 16h30. This demonstration shows us that yes, the masses are internationalists, yes, the masses are combative, and all that say the contrary despise the masses and make themselves followers of revisionism, opportunism and capitulation.