Give Your Life for the Party and the Revolution!

Comrade Gonzalo's inscription for the 1st Anniversary of the Day of Heroism.

Proletarians of all countries, unite!


Abimael «Gonzalo» Guzmán

Selected Works of Abimael «Gonzalo» Guzmán
Switzerland, 2022

Reproduced by
The Red Flag

Comrade Gonzalo‘s inscription in commemoration of the 1st Anniversary of the Day of Heroism.i


It was from the inexhaustible masses of people that they received their first frugal nourishment and learned to walk; the class struggle shaped their thinking; and the Party, the main and highest form of social organization, raised their political consciousness by arming them with marxism-leninism-maoism, guiding thought, gave strength to their fighting spirit by organizing them into the People‘s Guerrilla Army, and by fusing them with the masses of poor peasants steeled their body and spirit in the inextinguishable forge of people‘s war. When they became prisoners of war, they never went down on their knees but persisted in fighting, mobilizing and producing, and through arduous battles transformed the sordid dungeons of the outworn and rotten Peruvian State into Shining Trenches of Combat.

The advance of the people‘s war and its resounding, accurate and implacable blows made the reaction shake deep inside like a whipped hyena, and its thundering demands resounded through the muddy and turbulent nightmares of the APRAii government, today more fascistic and corporativist than ever, and even more through the boundless ambitions of the demagogic apprentice «Führer» who heads it upiii; thus the reaction, the government and the already genocidal García dreamt up black and bloody plans meant to decisively smash the people‘s war by dealing it a devastating blow. The prisoners of war publicly exposed these sinister plans for mass murder by rising up in rebellion, in defence of the revolution and their own lives; the monstrous and infamous genocide perpetrated by the armed forces and the police, acting according to the Government‘s orders and with its permission to do whatever necessary, in a blind rage against the people and with perverse homicidal fury, crashed against the fierce, unyielding iron resistance of the comrades, the fighters and the children of the masses who audaciously unfurled and held high the banners of their ideology, courage and heroism in the midst of their raging warriors‘ defiance; while the reactionary beast drank its fill of their blood to impose the peace of the dead, their lives, wretchedly poor and cruelly frustrated, became immortal, giving shape to the monumental trilogy of the Shining Trenches of Combat of El Fronton, Lurigancho and Callao, an historic milestone which will ever increasingly proclaim the greatness of the Day of Heroism.

The devastating and decisive blow they sought to deliver backfired in their faces, tremendously discrediting them and throwing the fascistic and corporativist government of the APRA party and the man who pretends to be President in violation of the laws of their own State into a grave and still-unresolved political crisis; thus the rebellion of the prisoners of war, though it cost them their lives, brought about a great moral, political and military triumph for the Party and the revolution, and, what is more, greatly contributed to the successful culmination of the Great Leap with a seal of goldiv and laid the foundation for the new Plan to Develop Revolutionary Base Areasv, whose 1st Campaign has shaken the Peruvian State more deeply than ever before, giving the people‘s war its greatest impact so far in Peru and abroad. Thus the prisoners of war, like the legendary character, are winning battles from beyond the grave, because they live and fight within us as we win new victories; feel the beating of their robust and permanent presence, shining and teaching us, today, tomorrow and forever, to give our lives for the Party and the revolution.


Peru, June 1987

i This refers to the massacre of prisoners of war and political prisoners at three Peruvian concentration camps on 19.06.1986 on the order of fascist Peruvian President Alan García. More than 300 comrades and colleagues were murdered. This was documented in the pamphlet «Day of Heroism: 3rd Anniversary», published by the Peruvian People‘s Aid in June 1989.

ii The American People‘s Revolutionary Alliance is a social-democratic party in Peru. It was originally founded by Víctor Raúl Haya de la Torre in 1924, based on the idea of a class front, similar to the Guomindang in China. It was fought by J. C. Mariátegui who established the need for an independent proletarian political party in Peru. Later, the APRA developed as a social-fascist party. Under the leadership of Alan García Pérez, President of Peru from 1985 to 1990 and again from 2006 to 2011, it was responsible for the massacres against the prisoners of war and political prisoners in the Peruvian concentration camps, which took place in 1985 and 1986.

iii This refers to Alan García Pérez. See Note 2.

iv Complete the Great Leap with a Seal of Gold — This refers to the Plan for the Great Leap of the Communist Party of Peru, which preceded the Great Plan to Develop Base Areas. It was completed in December 1986 and resulted in a great leap forward for the people‘s war in Peru, in which the base areas were conquered and guerrilla warfare was generalized in the highland, jungle and coastal regions of Peru.

v The Great Plan to Develop Base Areas was established as a pilot plan by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Peru in December 1986. It lasted until May 1989 and its first part covered three campaigns: the Pilot Plan to Develop Bases, the 2nd Campaign to Brilliantly Fulfill It and Establish a Historic Milestone, and the 3rd Campaign to Consolidate and Develop the Great Completion; then followed the the second part of the pilot plan, which was called the Great Completion of the Pilot Plan. The pilot plan contained 63,052 military actions. This entire three-year pilot plan served to establish the Great Plan to Develop Base Areas to Serve the Conquest of Power, which lasted from August 1989 to August 1992.