On Changes, New Beginnings and Things to Come

Statement of our Editorial Board concerning the 1st Plenary Session of the Provisional Central Committee of the Communist Party of Switzerland (Red Faction), the reorganization and redesign of «The Red Flag» including our adoption as the Organ of the Red Faction.



In early January of this year, a clandestine sitting of the Communist Party of Switzerland (Red Faction)‘s [CPS(RF)] Provisional Central Committee [PCC] took place. This meeting culminated a long fought for task: the completion of the 1st Plenary Session of the Swiss communists. We are extremely happy that we can finally publicly share this news, and the changes, new beginnings and things to come they entail for the communist movement at large, and our website specifically.

We want to firstly create some clarity. Some readers may ask themselves why we are now announcing the completion of a plenum, which we already reported to have been completed on the 25th of May 2021. Others may be wondering why it has taken so long to complete it since then. The answer to both is simple: a sharp struggle between the red, working class and the white, bourgeois line inside both the CPS(RF) and later on in the communist movement at large (including our Editorial Board — but more on that later).

The first four sittings held — which made up the so-called «completed plenum» announced in May of last year — were tainted heavily by dogmatism. And «[] dogma», as Chairman Mao Zedong says «is less useful than cow shit. One can make whatever one likes out of it, even revisionism []»i. And turned into revisionism it was. The stench of dogmatic-subjectivist revisionist bullshit even infected the Left-wing of the PCC, which was put into a position where it was simply fighting symptoms instead of the larger revisionist disease.

The struggle sharpened last summer, when the Left decided that it would not accept the completion of the 1st Plenary Session as a revisionist one. The fruits of the ensuing struggle were plenty. Among them was the convening of a 5th sitting, at which the Left pushed the document «Long Live the Indian Revolution!» through (among other things) and ultimately, a 6th sitting of the PCC — made up for the first time completely of members of the red line — held under the slogan: «BREAK WITH REVISIONISM! FIGHT FOR COMMUNISM!». It adopted as its central document a resolution on refounding the Communist Party of Switzerland — which lays out the history of the Swiss working class and its political party and establishes the tasks of the CPS(RF) in refounding this party — which we have shared the main parts of on our website. It also adopted resolutions against revisionism, mainly dogmato-revisionism. It additionally has made a concrete and scientific analysis of the world situation at present, in which, besides the existential threat of climate change, the peoples of the world are facing the threat of an imperialist 3rd World War, which is being instigated by the three imperialist superpowers today: U.S. imperialism, Russian imperialism and Chinese social-imperialism (meaning socialist in words, imperialist in deeds), of which Russian imperialism is the main threat to world peace at present. Our answer to this can be summed up under «CLASS AGAINST CLASS, WAR AGAINST WAR!»

As we mentioned above, we were not spared from this very important two-line struggle taking place in our movement. With the help of comrades from the CPS(RF), we were able to purge dogmato-revisionism and «Left»-liquidationism from our Editorial Board. This struggle has led to a much deeper understanding of the communism of today — marxism-leninism-maoism-Gonzalo thought — on our side, including its application to the conditions of the Swiss revolution. As a result, we are proud to announce that The Red Flag is now the official organ of the Communist Party of Switzerland (Red Faction)!

As a result of this, it naturally follows that some reorganization and redesign of our website has been necessary. We will now be putting more emphasis on news articles and are also in the process of reworking our vast archive of marxist theory under the guiding principle of «better fewer, but better». A comrade has written an extremely important theoretical article — published at the time of launching — on the road and strategy of the socialist revolution in the imperialist countries. Additionally, we will soon be publishing a report on the situation of the communist movement in Peru, a task that we have taken over from the defunct magazine Conquest of Power.

The necessary ideological foundations for carrying out the refounding of the Communist Party of Switzerland in the mid-term future has been laid. Now is the time to put it into practice, for comrades and colleagues to take the spirit and lessons of this 1st Plenary Session back to their battlefronts — neighborhood, work places, schools or wherever they may fight.


Switzerland, February 2022

i Mao Zedong: «Interview with André Malraux» (July 1965)