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Armed Agitation and Propaganda

30/7/2021: Erecting of a memorial and 2’000-large mass rally for the fallen fighters of the people’s war in India – especially the comrades Haribhushan and others – in the context of the announced Martyr’s Memorial Week in Chhattisgarh. We quote the bourgeois newspaper „Telangana Today”:

„A memorial was built in Chhattisgarh in honour of outlawed CPI (Maoist) senior leaders Yapa Narayana alias Haribhushan, Siddaboina Sarakka and others, who recently died of Covid.

In a statement released to the media persons here on Wednesday the Maoist party State spokesperson Jagan informed that the party cadres have observed Maoist Martyrs Memorial Week in a grand manner in the presence of people in Dandakaranya in Chhattisgarh.

Over 2000 people took part in the rally and a meeting held on July 30 in Chhattisgarh forests commemorating Martyrs Memorial Week annually observed from July 28 to Aug 3. Homage was paid to Maoist leaders Kathi Mohan Rao, Madakam Eithu, Kovvasi Jogalu and others who died recently, he added.

On the other hand, Chhattisgarh police forces, during the past one week, have demolished several memorials built in the vicinity of tribal hamlets and forests in the State by the Maoists in the past.”

A photo of the memorial.



27/7/2021: Police murder of activists Jemar Palero and Marlon Naperi in Guinobatan town, Albay province. The two activists had taken to the Banao Bridge to spray „Duterte Ibagsak!” („Down with Duterte!”) – seeing as Duterte’s last State of the Nation address would be taking place the next day – when the police caught them and murdered them in cold blood. Afterwards, they tried to frame it as a „shootout”; the cops even shot at their own car to fake evidence of the activists attacking them.

We reproduce the statement issued by the National Democratic Front Bicol on the murder of the two activists:

„Imagine a world shrouded in darkness, where all space is controlled and all color blacked out. Everything is sleek but dull and uniform. Creative expression is limited. Paint, ink and paper are monopolized by the elite and the State that represents them. Whoever uses it for the purpose not intended is vilified. Whoever allows a shadow of light to enter or a tinge of color to emerge is just walled into that darkness.

This is the world that Filipinos live in at the moment. And it is the system in this kind of world that killed Jomar Palero at Marlon Naperi, activists from Guinobatan, Albay.

There is no space for the people’s culture and art in a semicolonial and semifeudal society. Jomar and Marlon are not the first of their kind. May it be graffiti, a novel, a poem, a painting or mural – artists who use their talent to truly illustrate the people’s struggle for justice, freedom and democracy are bullied, hounded and persecuted by the fascist state. Artists who went with the countercurrent of their generation were branded heretics, witches, guerillas, terrorists, enemies, liars and many more. Their tongues were cut out. Some were burned at the stake. Some were exiled. Some faced firing squads. Although in another form, up until now, they are killed and persecuted.

In Bicol, there have been about five media killed since 2016. Even more have their lives threatened with the continuous presence and surveillance of the military and police. Artist and cultural groups that project progressive works of art have been red-tagged, its members harassed and threatened.

But it is also this kind of society that invigorates more Jomars and Marlons. For every unfinished work of art, another artist rises to finish it. For every cry, a hundred thousand rise up to the challenge and seek out justice. At the most intense periods of history, the people draw inspiration from their outrage to create great works of art. Art, therefore, flourishes as a medium to illustrate the story of the people. It becomes an effective tool in reflecting the true state of the nation. Art is there to unite us all. Truly, no amount of silence and persecution can stop the people.

The greatest artists of all time are remembered, not just by the proportionality and creativity of their work or how beautifully they crafted words together, but most importantly by how their masterpiece reflected the people’s culture and struggle. Jomar and Marlon remind us that the most symbolic and poetic works of art are thost that come from the hearts of the masses.

It is the task of every artist of the country to fight the darkness and fill every corner of society with the most beautiful and most colorful works of art that reflect the legitimate demands of the oppressed and exploited masses. Let every stroke arouse the people’s sentiments. Let every image bellow as loud as the people’s cries for justice until they come to life from the countryside to the cities. Gradually, darkness will fall. Together, artists, alongside farmers, workers, youth and other oppressed sectors can create a society that will not deprive them of paint, ink and paper. Together, they can create a society truly free. And, likewise, create art that is truly for and created by the masses.

The world is our canvas and, right now, we are all artists. Pick up every canister, paint brush, pen and rifle that every artist, activist and Red fighter left behind. Continue Jomar and Marlon’s graffiti. Even go beyond Duterte, Ibagsak! and answer to the higher call to take up arms. And when you do, hold on to that rifle. Defend yourself, defend the people. Only then can we relentlessly advance and triumph in the fight for justice, freedom and democracy.”

The activists couldn’t even finish the graffiti before the cops gunned them down.

Likewise, the NPA Bicol – Romulo Jallores Command concludes their statement on the cold-blooded murder with:

„The Romulo Jallores Command-NPA Bicol calls on the public to make the criminal AFP-PNP-CAFGU and the US-Duterte regime pay for their blood debts within and outside the bounds of the courts. Because the laws of the reactionary government are deliberately blind and deaf, take arms and attain genuine justice and equality in the course of the people’s democratic revolution. End Duterte’s tyranny and ensure that no other power hungry tyrants like him shall ever cloak the Filipino society and the people’s future in despair and destruction. The masses are the decisive force. Genuine hope and change lies in their hands. Advance the people’s just war until victory!”

This artwork (as well as every one in a similar style) was taken from the newext issue of the newspaper of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPPh), “The Country”. Sadly, it hasn’t been published in English yet; we will reproduce the issue as soon as this is the case.

31/7/2021: Martyr’s death of Ja Km, a fighter of the New People’s Army (NPA), in an confrontation with reactionary forces. Wie reproduce the tribute to him that his NPA command published on the Philippine Revolution Web Central (PRWC):

“The Celso Minguez Command, NPA-Sorsogon and the entire revolutionary movement salute Ka Jm’s dedication, diligence, devotion to strength and talent and selfless love for the people. Marvin Ebardo, known as Ka Jm, was killed in a fight on July 31 in Barangay San Juan Daan, Bulan, Sorsogon at the age of 26.

Cheeky, cheerful, hardworking, smart and unafraid to try new activities – these were the traits of Ka Jm that impressed all colleagues and masses he encountered.

Ka Jm came from a poor peasant family in the town of Irosin. As a child, he saw the hardship and oppression of peasants in the province. As tenant farmers, his family depended on charcoal and copra. He was accustomed to farm labor. It supplemented his education and helped his parents with production. After graduating from high school, he became a clothing salesman until he got a job as a security guard in 2015.

Because of what he experienced and saw, the colleagues’ explanations about the real root of poverty and what to do to change the existing system easily got through to him. He became part of the youth organization in his village and actively helped the colleagues – in delivery, communication, organization and more.

It was 2017 when he first joined the NPA. He immediately saw the potential in his courage to take on new tasks and his attitude of not refusing orders. But due to personal problems, after a year in the army, he went home without leaving. He was rehired as a guard at SM in NCR. Even in Manila, he did not break communication with his comrades. In 2019, he decided to go home to solve a personal problem. When the comrades were fighting in Bulan town in December 2019, he was one of those who delivered food to them. After his delivery, he also decided to rejoin the army.

“I always pay!” while smiling; this was always Ka Jm’s response when he was assigned a military or educational job. How many times he participated in military activities such as harassment, sniping and demolition, he had no reservations and wanted to learn everything.

As a trained political leader, he was always used for educational activities. He was courageous, and although he was ashamed, he was not afraid to give lessons to his comrades and the masses. On one occasion, while giving the study, he was almost drenched in sweat due to extreme nervousness while explaining. He just joked, “Why is it hot here?” while wiping sweat. In the assessment, he said, “I haven’t studied for a year! But it’s ok! Then I can get used to it again!”. He was always open to comments and advice from comrades on developing his activities.

Ka Jm had the fighting spirit and courage inherent in young people. Until the end, he did not give up on the desire of the Filipino people to free themselves from the semi-colonial and semi-feudal system and achieve true freedom and a society without exploitation and oppression. He was an inspiration to the comrades and masses he organized and interacted with. Surely more young people and peasants like him will follow his path.


8/8/2021: One year anniversary of the martyr’s death of Ka Maymay, a CPP member and NPA fighter who was shot in the hands of the 7th Infantry Division of the Philippine Army after he refused to make a single statement to them. We reproduce a tribute to him published on the PWRC:

“The Kabataang Makabayan-Demokratiko a Tignayan dagiti Agtutubo iti Kordilyera (KM-DATAKO) pays a red salute and the highest salute to Pamela “Ka Maymay” Peralta, a red fighter of the New People’s Army!

Ka Maymay was martyred on August 8 due to the intensifying and relentless attacks by the military fascists in Ilocos Sur. A year later, his great life remains an inspiration as a true model of relentless service to the people.

Ka Maymay was a brave and contented revolutionary. He dedicated his whole life to the liberation of the people. Ka Maymay joined the NPA in May 2014.

Ka Maymay was a great writer and layout artist, he was the associate editor of a publication at a university in Baguio. Ka Maymay diligently organized among the youth and students. He later became an active member and officer of the KM-DATAKO branch. He patiently and patiently explained to the members of KM-DATAKO the studies related to the people’s war.

Because of his diligent action and serious fulfillment of his revolutionary duty, he was invited to become a member of the Communist Party of the Philippines. He wholeheartedly accepted it and further deepened and put into practice the teachings of Marxist-Leninism-Maoist studies.

When he had the opportunity to attend a gathering in the guerrilla zone and mingle with the red fighters, he realized that the struggle in the city would not be enough. Therefore, he saw and embraced that the problem of the youth and the people is rooted in systematic injustice in society and the only answer to this is the advancement of the people’s democratic revolution. In the countryside he fought wholeheartedly with the poor and the peasants.

Ka Maymay will remain a living inspiration to the youth to continue to advance and win the revolution. His decision to renounce bourgeois living and courageously take up arms for social change was remarkable.

He wholeheartedly offered his talent, ability, and energy to the people. The acceptance of the revolutionary path far removed from bourgeois individualism and idealism should only be recognized and emulated by every youth as the most correct path to the abolition of systematic exploitation.

Contrary to what the AFP butchers wanted to release, Ka Maymay’s life was not wasted because the lessons and inspirations left by Ka Maymay gave rise to and will give rise to many more Ka Maymays and red fighters among the youth and masses he served.

Everything scattered by the enemy painting his portraits as a youth ruined by the future, was erased by the true narratives of his life as an activist and revolutionary! The most meaningful is the life sacrificed to serve the people.

Under the continuing and intensifying crisis of the semi-colonial and semi-feudal system, many more young people will diligently follow the path he has taken.