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Guerrilla Combat

20/8/2021: Attack on the 45th battalion of the Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) and seizure of an AK-47 and other equipment. We quote the bourgeois newspaper Yahoo News Singapore:

„Two Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) personnel were killed in a Naxal attack near ITBP camp Kademeta in Narayanpur district of Chhattisgarh on Friday.

The Naxals attacked the 45th battalion of ITBP at around 12.10 pm.

In the attack, two jawans–Assistant Commandant Sudhakar Shinde and Assistant Sub Inspector Gurumukh Singh – were killed. Shinde was a native of Nanded District, Maharashtra, and Gurumukh was from Raikot, Punjab.

The Naxals fled from the spot after looting one AK-47 rifle, two bulletproof jackets and one wireless set, said Inspector General Bastar P Sundarraj.”



16/8/2021: Bombing of a 50-man NPA guerilla unit in Dolores, Eastern Samar, by the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP); 19 NPA fighters were murdered. We fully condemn this genocidal attack. For more information, we refer our readers to this statement.

Mass action:

25/8/2021: 6th expulsion of reactionary recruiting soldiers in Barangay Lavides by the Quezonian people. We quote the Philippine Revolution Web Central (PRWC) (translated from Filipino):

„The people of Quezon once again expelled the recruiting soldiers in Brgy. Lavides, General Luna in the second week of August.

According to the report, the landowner did not consent to the area due to the cut down coconut trees.

Other evictions of military camps throughout the province have previously been reported. This is the 6th time that the Quezonians have rejected the military in the province.”

Guerrilla Combat

4/8/2021 & 14/8/2021 (respectively): Defense of the Lucio de Guzman Command of the NPA Mindoro against an attack of the 4th Infantry Batallion of the Philippine Army (IBPA) and the Philippine National Police (PNP), killing four and wounding two; and explosives attack on reactionary military vehicles. We quote the PRWC (translated from Filipino):

„Lucio De Guzman Command-NPA Mindoro (LDGC-NPA Mindoro) units successfully launched an offensive and an active defense against the last wave of focused military operation (FMO) of the 203rd Brigade and PNP-MIMAROPA in the framework of NTF-ELCAC and Joint Community Program (JCP) Security this August. These military actions once again frustrated and defeated the AFP-PNP’s uninterrupted FMO in the towns of Roxas, Mansalay, Bulalacao, and Bongabong in Oriental Mindoro.

On August 4, at least 4 were killed and 2 were wounded in the successful active defense of an LDGC unit against the attacking fascist forces of the combined elements of the 4th Infantry Batallion (IB) and PNP-MIMAROPA in Sitio Lupok. , Brgy. Panaytayan, Mansalay at three o’clock in the afternoon. The LDGC unit was conducting an education campaign among the indigenous people against the Covid-19 pandemic when it was attacked by fascist troops. To the astonishment of the fascist troops, they fired indiscriminately in the vicinity of the target. Meanwhile, the NPA unit retreated safely.

The command detonated explosive (CDX) of another LDGC team detonated a convoy of six 6 × 6 fascist vehicles. One of the vehicles was caught causing the said convoy to stop and stop advancing to their destination. The offensive took place on August 14, at 10 pm in Sitio Tambangan, Brgy. San Juan, Bulalacao.”