PEOPLE‘S WAR REPORT: New Actions + Article about the fascist CoBRA Units in India

Report every two weeks on the newest actions from the people's wars of the world.

People‘s War Report

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07.03.2022: Communist dropped a propaganda banner with an explosive trap attached to it between the villages of Awapalli and Ilmidi (Chhattisgarh). The trap was triggered by cops that were trying to take down the banner and one state trooper was injured.


27.02.2022: Ambush of a unit of the Central Police Reserve Force’s «CoBRA» counterinsurgency battalion. Two mercenaries were badly injured and one of them (an assistant commander) lost his legs after an explosive planted by the Naxalites hit him (the evacuation helicopter took to long for medical assistance to be given on time). The protracted people’s war is starting to crush the reaction’s morale in the region — bourgeois media reported on growing discontent among mercenaries and veterans over the lack of evacuation infrastructure of the Indian armed forces, who are demanding its improvement since «the Naxal threat is a long-term threat».


09.03.2022: Arson attack against a Poclain machine near Piwarpar village (Gaya, Bihar). [see cover photo]


25.02.2022: Annihilation of a constable belonging to the 22nd battalion of the Chhattisgarh Armed Forces in Bijapur (Chhattisgarh). This constable was responsible for the murder and plunder of indigenous people in the area. His corpse was placed at the edge of road with posters denouncing his crimes as a warning to other genocidal enemies of the people in the area.



28.02.2022: Sniping attack against the 504th Maneuver Company of the national police‘s Regional Mobile Force Battallion in Esperanza village (Pilar, Sorsogon), killing one reactionary and injuring another. This attack was part of a campaign being carried by the New People‘s Army (NPA) to fulfil the Sorsogon masses‘ demands for justice against the responsibles behind the ongoing police attacks in the region. Since 2020, the cops have arrested 24 masses and accused them of NPA membership, planted weapons on nine masses, staged six fake encounters with the NPA (one of which left five farmers dead at their hands) and killing twelve more masses other than this.


08.03.2022: The NPA punished a landlord by the name of Roleto Peñaloga from Libertad village (Bunawan, Agusan del Sur) by setting fire to his machinery. The Revolutionary People‘s Court had ruled him guilty of multiple crimes, which include land-grabbing from peasants, promoting illegal logging and building police and military assets to spy on the NPA in the area.


02.03.2022: Annihilation of Ramil Balod, a police and military asset, in Antongalon village (Butuan City). It had been his job to spy on NPA guerrillas disguised as a hunter in the region.

Poster by the C.P. of the Philippines‘ women organization MAKIBAKA for the 8th of March (International Women‘s Day of Struggle)


«The enemy has a single advantage — the numerous contingents of their forces and the armaments they rely upon — but every other aspect constitutes their weak points. Their objective is to defend the old and rotten Power of the landlord-bureaucratic State. It has a bourgeois military line; it is a mercenary army. It does not have conscious discipline and its morale is low. It has profound contradictions between officers and soldiers, and it is discredited before the masses. Furthermore, the very foundation of the reactionary army is of worker and peasant origin, which can disintegrate during the course of an unjust war. Apart from this, the Peruvian armed forces have never won a war and they are experts in defeat. Furthermore, they have repeatedly counted on and still count on the support of international reaction, but we count on the support of the oppressed nations, of the peoples of the world and the international proletariat, which are the new forces.»

Abimael «Gonzalo» Guzmán: «Bases of Discussion» (Before January 1988)

The people‘s war in India waged by the Communist Party of India (Maoist) for the new-democratic revolution has been going on for almost 18 years. The centre of the contested «Red Corridor», in which the people and the country-selling State of exploiters are contending for power, currently encompasses 50,000,000 inhabitants across the states of Chhattisgarh and Bihar-Jharkand. When the current campaign of the Communist Party of India (Maoist) is finished, this area will span 200,000,000 inhabitants.

The perspective of a red India, of 18% of of the world population living under socialism, is making the Indian and international reaction tremble more by the year. The old Indian State classifies the Naxalite movement as «the biggest threat to national security». Their assessment is joined by U.S. imperialism, which ranks the Communist Party of India (Maoist) as the third-most «dangerous terrorist group» in the world. It too fears a world with a socialist stronghold like India and the impulse this would give all revolutionary and national liberation movements, which is why the CIA has taken on a leading role in the Indian counterrevolution. Operation Green Hunt, the «low-intensity warfare» campaign against the Naxalites and the Indian people has been going on since 2009. Today‘s article is about a genocidal special battalion founded in 2008 during the preparations for Green Hunt: the «Commando Battalion for Resolute Action» (CoBRA), whose literal only task is to drown the revolution in blood (speaking of blood, the bloodied fascists on the cover image of this article belong to CoBRA).

CoBRA soldiers prepare for hunting revolutionaries.

CoBRA belongs to the fascist paramilitary «Central Reserve Police Force» (CRPF). Between 2009 and 2011, ten CoBRA battalions were set up. Their structure itself is proof that the people‘s war is militarily undefeatable, for they are trying to copy aspects of it. Troops are specially trained in guerrilla combat inside jungles and also receive inteligence and spy training. Absolutely no secret is made of CoBRA existing only because of the people‘s war. CoBRA‘s founder stated in an interview: «The Maoist menace is a grievance-driven movement and ideology-driven insurgency. Hence, CoBRA would require new tactical doctrines, skills and resources. While the Maoist struggle is total—no time limit or fixed geographical target—CoBRA had to operate under limitations of law. There were no drawn lines of conflict, and CoBRA had to account for every person apprehended, injured or killed. The extremists have no such liabilities.»

What a dirty lie! The People‘s Liberation Guerrilla Army of the Communist Party of India (Maoist) only targets forces of the old State and its agents and accomplices, never the Indian people. Meanwhile CoBRA commits genocide against the Indian people left and right. Even if they rarely operate inside the very limited boudaries of the fascist laws, these laws that only serve to preserve the plunder of the country for the State‘s imperialist lords are a crime against the people in and of itself. The list of places in which CoBRA and other reactionary forces massacred masses in the first years after the initiation of Green Hunt alone speaks for itself:

«In the first phase of OGH [Operation Green Hunt] large numbers of CoBRA and other para-military forces and Special Commando forces of the states were deployed. People were massacred in incidents such as Singaram, Palachelima, Gattapad, Endapad, Saatnar, Chinari, Vechapal, Gachampalli, Gompad, Rangayyagooda, Ongnar in Dandakaranya (DK), Taadko, Laadi, Badhaniya, Phulvariya-Kodasi, Gobardaha and other such by TPC, the killing of ten comrades on the border of Khagadiya-Munger by River Ganga through poison in Bihar-Jharkhand (BJ), in Khas jungle, Chikurdanga, Boyara, Chedabani, Bandarbani, Dooli (Ranja), Metla, Baarikool in Lalgarh in West Bung, Gunjivada and Narayanapatna in AOB, Padkipal in Odisha and other such incidents in a bid to end people‘s struggles. There were large scale arrests, tortures, atrocities on women, burning of people‘s houses and properties and other such destruction. There were attacks on PLGA.»

Central Committee of the Communist Party of India (Maoist): «Interview with Comrade Abhay» (November 2021)

The only thing CoBRA has on its side is a shit-ton of resources that of course were originally robbed from the Indian people. The battalion has gotten 13,000,000,000 Indian rupees (160,186,000 CHF) in all from the central government and has a large collection of weapons for terrorizing masses, including both weapons from India and around the world. It owns Fn FAL (Belgian imperialist rifles), IWI Tavor X95 (assault machine guns from the Israeli settler State) Glocks and SSG-69 (Austrian imperialist weapons), Carl Gustaf rifles (Swedish imperialist), MP5 and MSG90 by Heckler & Koch (so German imperialist) and Dragunov SVD-63 (Russian imperialist). When imperialism as a whole is theatened, the various fighting imperialist blocks are suddenly united once more.

However, this doesn‘t change CoBRA being doomed to fail along with all other Indian reactionaries in the end, as the starting quote indicates. 13,000,000,000 rupees spent on trying to fight the Naxalites with their own methdods… and the people‘s war is still advancing! Murderers of the people armed to the teeth truly are paper tigers, as Comrade Mao Zedong said — while they must be tactically taken seriously, strategically their terror will amount to nothing.

Hi-tech imperialist equipment won’t do anything if you’re fighting against the revolution.

We applaud the colleagues in India for not being intimidated by the old State‘s overpriced metal toys. Their perseverance is an inspiration for everyone in the world who wants revolution. The best help we can give from afar is still to wage revolutionary struggle at home. The ruling clique of the old Indian State around the Hindu-Nazi president Modi represents the imperialists that plunder the soil, the treasures and the people. The CIA working together with the domestic reaction in Operation Green Hunt proves this. If we smash the State of bloodthirsty bankers and bosses in Switzerland and expropriate their capital, there will also be no more Nextlé that can test its poisonous baby food on Indian infants. Concretely, today‘s demand against CoBRA and the counter-insurgency war must be: The immediate prohibition of all weapons exports to India and reparations payments by the former exporters to the people in all areas effected by Operation Green Hunt.

Already now, CoBRA is beginning to fall into despair over the people‘s war in India. The battalion (and the Central Police Reserve Force as a whole) is having big problems finding new recruits. Because of this, the maximum recruitment and promotion age was upped to from 30 to just under 40 for COBRA assistant commanders and from 38 to 43 for deputy commanders in September 2021.

Let‘s also not forget one of the most devastating actions of the People‘s Liberation Guerrilla Army in the last year: On the 3rd of April, at least 22 police were killed and 31 more were wounded in an ambush! The colleagues suffered just half as many losses despite only attacking with explosive devices and sub-machine guns. Meanwhile, 7 CoBRA soldiers were among those killed on the side of the generally well-equipped reactionaries. This equipment didn‘t help CoBRA either on July 19th 2016: One PLGA explosives device was enough to take out ten of their commanders!

«[The enemy army] does not have conscious discipline and its morale is low. It has profound contradictions between officers and soldiers, and it is discredited before the masses.» What was valid in the people‘s war in Peru is reflected in India just like everywhere else. On the 27.02.2022, a CoBRA unit got ambushed by the PLGA in Gaya (Bihar). Two mercenaries were badly injured and one of them (an assistant commander) lost his legs after an explosive planted by the Naxalites hit him (the evacuation helicopter took to long for medical assistance to be given on time). Afterwards, bourgeois media reported on growing discontent among mercenaries and veterans over the lack of evacuation infrastructure of the Indian armed forces, who are demanding its improvement since «the Naxal threat is a long-term threat». Despite all the intimidation and subversion, the cobra is biting out its teeth and will be swallowed by the revolution in the not too distant future. It has found its natural enemy in the People‘s Liberation Guerrilla Army.