Peru People’s Movement: “Close Ranks Around Our Leadership with People’s War Towards the Conquest of Power!”

Proletarians of all countries, unite!
There is one goal, the conquest of power!


Peru People‘s Movement
August 2003

Red SunReproduced by
The Red Flag


We express our greeting and full subjection to our leadership, Chairman Gonzalo, leader of the Party and the revolution, the greatest living marxist-leninist-maoist on the face of the Earth, center of Party unification and our guarantee of triumph until communism; to our all-powerful ideology, marxism-leninism-maoism, Gonzalo thought, mainly Gonzalo thought, with which the Party, in the midst of the people‘s war, in a brilliant way is solving each and every one of the new problems that present themselves along the road; to the heroic warrior, the Communist Party of Peru and to its entire system of directorship, to the Central Committee, to the Political Bureau and to the Permanent Committee, closing ranks with the comrade who today is heading the Central Committee and who together with other comrades is masterfully directing the people‘s war, showing before our entire people and the peoples of the world that we count on a proven and recognized directorship, forged in the image and likeness of Chairman Gonzalo, which is masterfully applying the principle that „the directorship never dies“. We once more reaffirm ourselves in the people‘s war that is burning powerfully and victoriously before the world and that shows its invincibility, crushing U.S. imperialism‘s sinister low-intensity warfare. The Peru People‘s Movement, overflowing with revolutionary joy, greets the successful application of the plans by the Party directorship and especially the great victories conquered in the latest campaign.


During the last months, the overwhelming actions of the people‘s war have shaken the country and the world; from the highest offices in Washington down to their puppets and miserable handymen at their service in Peru; they have had to swallow their black vomit about the „defeat of the people‘s war“ and saying that „there are only a few remnants in Vizcatán“, etc. and recognize in big headlines that „the country was deceived!“. Very much to their regret, they have been forced to admit that all these hoaxes are nothing but part of their „low-intensity warfare“, led by U.S. imperialism and applied by the genocidal hordes of the reactionary armed forces. The Party has never been crushed, the people‘s war has never been defeated, no, much to the contrary, the Party and the people‘s war have kept advancing and the war itself has provided solutions to new problems, once more fulfilling the great maoist principle that „everything comes from the barrel of a gun“. Prisoner of its own deceit, counterrevolution is now attempting to sow confusion, as usual by distorting and lying. It is in vain trying to cover the sun with a finger; the things that they are all belching up concerning the action in Techint and the one with the „lorry“ in La Libertad are clear examples. But, let there be not the slightest shadow of a doubt, both actions have been part of the fulfillment of the Party directive to conquer arms and means, which has been successfully fulfilled by all the committees, not only in the cases mentioned, but in the entire country, concentrating forces. Concerning Techint: reaction says „kidnapping“, but no such thing took place; since the very initiation, the custom of the Party, when it comes to a village to hold a meeting or a people‘s assembly, is to convene the masses to places that permit greater security, protecting the entrance ways with the containment force. The only thing that was different in this case was that it was a company and that the workers carried the dynamite, which thereafter was transported to another place by the masses from a support base. The meeting held with the workers and even with some policemen was for political mobilization. Thereafter, reaction sent 900 commando troops and more than 2,500 troops from other forces to assist these elite forces. The People‘s Liberation Army, all-embracingly led by the Party, crushed the „encirclement and annihilation“, annihilating a great number of reaction‘s elite forces. Thus, our camp has obtained the political objective, while reaction has suffered a big military, economical and political blow. In short: a great triumph for Chairman Gonzalo and the Party. Concerning „the lorry“ in La Libertad: reaction says that „they were common criminals“. Since when do common criminals carry out actions of this type? And further, they do not say that before the truck exploded, there was a massive clash between the People‘s Liberation Army and the reactionary forces, which were dealt a heavy blow and suffered several casualties.

What they cannot hide is the fact that the Party has been expanding the guerrilla zones and the lines of movement, that it is advancing concerning the question of the directorship and that the construction also is better and better, reinforcing and strengthening the apparatuses within the three instruments of revolution. The mass work of the Party, carried out through the People‘s Liberation Army, is bearing magnificent fruit, especially in the countryside, and the people‘s war is solidly projecting itself along the entire highland region; the new political power is defiantly shining before the world. Thus, it is once more shown and proven to the world that the Communist Party of Peru is a Party that has armed the world with communist ideology, which is maoism, and that it keeps fulfilling its role, developing the people‘s war serving the world revolution.


Reaction uses new forms to mount their new hoaxes against Chairman Gonzalo, but in the end, they do not put forward anything new, merely the repetition of the old tale of the „peace accord“, which serves reaction in its psychological warfare within its so-called „low-intensity warfare“. With their sinister fantasies on „fights between Comrade Feliciano and Chairman Gonzalo“, they aim at rousing the Party militants against the directorship, especially against the Main Regional Committee; that is the way it is, in „the low-intensity warfare“, reaction develops one reactionary propaganda for the Party militants, another for the people and likewise for their own forces, all of this having as its objective to defend their State of exploitation and genocide; but the strength of the Party militants is rooted in them having a superior ideology, we have the all-powerful Gonzalo thought. This is why the totality of the Party militants, just like the fighters and masses, close ranks around the Party directorship, under the leadership of Chairman Gonzalo, blowing all of reaction‘s runts into a thousand pieces.

They want to use the „Truth and Reconciliation Commission“ (CVR), imposed and paid by U.S. imperialism to condemn Chairman Gonzalo and the Party as perpetrators of genocide. This commission is a commission of hoaxes, an instrument for their counterrevolutionary war. And, by the way, who the hell wants to „reconcile“? We are never going to reconcile with the exploiters and oppressors. Imperialism, reaction and revisionism are never going to reconcile with us, because we defend the interests of the class and of the people, our mission and our victory is to bury the bloodsuckers and take humanity to communism.

The true objective of this hot air about „reconciliation“ is to whitewash the true perpetrators of genocide, it serves to give them a rigged „sentence“ in order to thereafter grant them „amnesty“ in name of such „reconciliation“. Neither should we forget the role of the Church, not only of Cipriani, Lansier, Bambarén and Durand, but of all those who blessed the guns of the genocidal hordes before they went out to massacre the people. The APRA has its interests; they are in particular aiming at the 2006 elections. Revisionism is coming out of their catacombs and just like all the others, they want to use the „CVR“ for their own ends. The miserable rats of the revisionist and capitulationist Right-opportunist line seek to „save democracy“ and they are in favor of this „reconciliation“, even though they, since they are traitors, will never be considered as anything else than the rats they are. Thus, the problem is complex for all of them.

When they talk of genocide, they show a cynicism without limits. They are the perpetrators of genocide; they are the ones who from head to toe are stained in the blood of thousands and thousands of workers and peasants, mainly poor peasants, and of other sons and daughters of the people. The countless genocides they have perpetrated in the countryside and in the city against unarmed masses show our whole people that they are wild beasts that do not stop at anything when it comes to killing, torturing and raping, in order to steal all, burn all and kill all. They are the ones who ferociously unfold their reign of white terror in order to, through blood and fire, suppress the people that have risen up in arms, in rebellion, under the directorship of the Party. Nobody is going to be able to deceive the Peruvian people on this question. Nobody is going to be able to deceive the masses whose sons and daughters have paid the highest cost in order to serve the establishment of a completely new and just society, without exploiters and oppressors. They are the perpetrators of genocide, not we, not our people, nor the Party. These perpetrators of genocide can form all the commissions and sub-commissions they like, they can fabricate as much propaganda as they like. Nothing will be able to deceive our heroic people.

As part of its general counterrevolutionary offensive, imperialism, mainly U.S. imperialism, wants to question Chairman Gonzalo and his all-powerful thought, with the desire to prevent maoism from being embodied by the peoples of the world and to prevent that it, generating militarized marxist-leninist-maoist communist parties, will lead the new great wave of the proletarian world revolution that has begun to develop. To this end, they use the „CVR“. The entire human rubbish in their service lends itself to this, mainly the fascist Toledo regime but also revisionism (highlighting Risco of the parliamentary sub-commission), APRA, all of them come out saying: „we have met with Guzmán and he is in favor of the political solution“. Now, they even want to use one of the rats abroad, as well as one insignificant character, in order for them to come out repeating the same hoaxes. The insignificant character in question has never had anything to do with what he is being accused of, but because of his supercolossal ego, he has handed himself over to the enemy, lending himself as legal precedent to be used to strike against the Party work abroad. Likewise, the dissemination of videos, audio recordings and photos, supposedly from the Callao Naval Base, has the same aim. The revisionist and capitulationist Right-opportunist line is applauding and serves this, together with their „shyster lawyer“, it serves the spectacle of the „trial“ — behind closed doors, of course. Reaction will present videos, photos, etc., but not Chairman Gonzalo himself, because they do not want there to be a direct presentation of him. Very much to their regret, due to their conflicts, all this is blowing up in their face. Sayán came out saying: „Guzmán is being held in absolute isolation, it is not possible that he is to have ordered the latest actions.“ The „audios“ they „leaked“ barely held one day, their own people denounced that they had been edited by the Marine, which now is giving the dictations to the Right-opportunist line, which was previously made by Montesinos, now just like before under the supervision of the CIA. In addition to this, it is indispensable to denounce the positions taken by some members of the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement, these being headed by the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA, who serve imperialism‘s plans to try to negate Gonzalo thought, echoing every pulp document by the enemy and who are those who maintain the contact with the rats of the Right-opportunist line, with the cronies of reaction, saying that it is in order to „investigate“, when what they really do, is making common cause with them in order to negate Chairman Gonzalo and Gonzalo thought. To this end, they try to revise the history of the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement and deny that they, together with others, opposed maoism as third, new and higher stage of marxism. Due to political interests, they coincide with what imperialism puts forward, they converge, so as to later on put forward that „that‘s not the way to wage people‘s war“ in order to sell the tale on the „accumulation of forces“. Thus, without proletarian ideology, the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement would march towards revisionism.

Therefore, reaction needs its „CVR“ in order to be able to continue governing, in order to do it in a way that is easier to handle, in order to maintain „democracy“, with the mortar of genocide, by peasant blood. They applied it in Argentina and Chile, but as the President of Chile, Lagos, recently said: „the CVR in Peru is different, because you have an internal war“; what this lackey of imperialism said does in a certain way sum up the problem: the particularity is that in Peru, there is a people‘s war that is advancing, guided by marxism-leninism-maoism, Gonzalo thought, mainly Gonzalo thought, that the Party will never permit that we become mortar for „democracy“, for this bourgeois dictatorship, as the Right-opportunist line wants.

We crush the hoax of the Right-opportunist line that says that „we initiated with leadership“, that „we developed with leadership“ and that „when the leadership is imprisoned, you cannot conquer power“. Since when is this the case? Today‘s unit is to maintain the people‘s war and the new power led by the Party; this fills them with fear. May the world be well aware: More than ten years after Chairman Gonzalo‘s detention, the people‘s war is being defiantly maintained, pursuing its objectives step by step, ever more forging its directorship, showing that is led by a Party that is the creation of Chairman Gonzalo!

The Central Committee of the Communist Party of Peru has established the slogan: Close ranks around our leadership with people‘s war towards the conquest of power! What is due to each and every one is to take up their condition and uphold, defend and apply it duly.






August 2003