Peru People’s Movement: “Crush the Reactionary Plan to Annihilate the People’s War through Genocide and Parliamentary Cretinism”

Proletarians of all countries, unite!
There is one goal, the conquest of power!


Peru People‘s Movement
December 2009

Red SunTranslated and reproduced by
The Red Flag


Today, December 3rd, when we celebrate the birthday of Chairman Gonzalo, leader of the Party and of the revolution, and the day of the People‘s Liberation Army, is a magnificent occasion to reaffirm our greetings and submission to the leadership of Chairman Gonzalo, to marxism-leninism-maoism, Gonzalo thought, mainly Gonzalo thought, to our heroic warrior, the Communist Party of Peru and its Central Committee, to its entire directorship system. As well as, to salute, on its day, with full optimism and great revolutionary rejoicing the People‘s Liberation Army, backbone of the new power, without which our people would have nothing, the new power, which is erected in the support bases and the people‘s committees heroically sustained and defended by the People‘s Liberation Army and firmly supported by the masses in arms.

As we have established, on dates like this, it is appropriate to take stock of the road traveled and to see the task ahead of us to take new impetus to serve the victorious march of the armed revolution.

In more than 29 years of people‘s war in Peru, the correctness and correctness of Gonzalo thought is proven. Our people‘s war initiated in 1980 with a leadership and guiding thought, with the Communist Party refounded as a Party of a new type, marxist-leninist-maoist, with a directorship, cadres and militancy that became militarized in the very course of the actions, reached the beginning of the strategic stalemate (beginning of the 1990s). Then came the 3rd Plenum of the Central Committee and preparation for the leap, the victory plans were approved. When we were at that moment, the reaction under the direction of the Yankee CIA and the help of some traitors, headed off the revolution with the arrest of Chairman Gonzalo, a large part of the directorship and cadres. We lost a great number of cadres, but we did not have battles of great losses, these losses of cadres and masses were due to the action of the most cowardly and proterious reactionary genocide that with the unleashing of the „white terror“ dreamed of subjugating the Party and the masses and putting an end once and for all to the rebellion. But they were only the dreams of genocidal hyenas, because the Party and the masses closed ranks with the masterful speech of Chairman Gonzalo on September 24th, 1992, where he called to continue with the people‘s war for what we are, that is, communists in formation.

Then came the Right that wanted to take over the directorship, Cox with Rita in coordination with the rat Morote, in prison, wanted to leave aside those who had to assume the directorship of the Party after the beheading. To this end, they planned to „organize the rescue of Chairman Gonzalo“ and they would lead „the operation“. Why did they hatch this black counterrevolutionary plan? To assassinate Chairman Gonzalo, usurp the directorship of the Party and lead to liquidate in a „desperate action“ the forces of the People‘s Liberation Army and deliver the arms and means to the enemy. And, therefore, after consummating their sinister purposes, to „capitulate for the defeat of the revolution“. The Left closed ranks with the leadership of Chairman Gonzalo and the Party directorship system and crushed the plans of the Right, then Cox surrendered to reaction.

Then, in mid 1993, reaction, under the direction of the CIA as part of its „low intensity“ counterrevolutionary war, mounted the revisionist and capitulationist Right-opportunist line with the aim of liquidating Chairman Gonzalo and Gonzalo thought, usurping the Party and annihilating the people‘s war. Bear in mind that neither before nor after was reaction able to defeat the Party in battles, reaction was furious and took advantage of the liberalism of labor in cities.

None of this is new in the history of the international communist movement, in China after the death of Chairman Mao, the Left was arrested by the same Right-opportunist line and subverted the dictatorship of the proletariat and used all its machinery for the repression and assassination of revolutionary directors and cadres and to stifle the struggle of the masses they used the people‘s army.

In our case, when the revisionist and capitulationist Right-opportunist line proposed to take over the committees, its main head was annihilated, out of prisons, and all the means and weapons were taken. The Right-opportunist line could not advance in its plan to take over the Party and the committees with the help of the CIA and the genocidal armed and police forces, so they went on a rampage with our prisoners whom reaction put in their hands to continue torturing and subjugating them.

Concretely and summarizing, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Peru took the position to assume the bend and overcome it and as Chairman Gonzalo teaches the whole Party, all its apparatuses, People‘s Liberation Army and people‘s committees and support bases, as well as the masses working with the Party are subject to the Central Committee. We close our ranks to defend the principles of the Party and the people‘s war and we reject amnesty, capitulation and enlistment, the triology of betrayal of the revolution that in Peru represents the revisionist and capitulationist Right-opportunist line increasingly unconditional to reaction and imperialism.

With the people‘s war the Party has defeated on the battlefield and in politics all the plans and campaigns of the enemy. Reaction has never been able to defeat the Party in battles, it has been ruthless and has taken advantage of the liberalism of work in the cities. The Party has persisted in the road, in the course, in the defense of the people‘s committees and the support bases. The People‘s Liberation Army fulfills its role; to be the backbone of the new power, defending it with blood and fire and reconquering what has been lost, counting on the unquestioning sacrifice of the masses. Today, the Party, developing the democratic revolution with a people‘s resistance war against U.S. imperialism with initiative, correct application of maoism and, mainly, counting on a militarized directorship, is dedicated to the mass work, in and for the people‘s war, planned and by campaigns, counting on better objective conditions than in 1980. This is the only way to advance in the people‘s war, which is mass war led by the Communist Party. The fascist, genocidal and country-selling government of García-Gampietri tries to isolate us from the struggle of the masses and gives laws to criminalize them and shoot to kill against their mobilizations, which are more violent every day. We cannot leave the daily struggle of the masses in the hands of revisionism, if we were to isolate ourselves from them, then it would be easy for the enemy to blow us up. All this Party struggle prepares the conditions for the realization of the new Congress of the Communist Party of Peru. For all this, reaction, developing the greatest military intervention of U.S. imperialism, is determined, with the new hiring of „Israeli advisors“, with the use of new weapons and equipment such as night-flying helicopters, etc., to carry out new and greater genocides in the countryside, not only in the VRAE, but throughout the length and breadth of Peruvian territory. The genocidal Gampietri, the Vice-President, with his proposal to declare the VRAE a „war zone“ to bomb the populations, only sought to formalize what they are already implementing.

But reaction not only seeks to isolate the guerrillas from the masses by subjugating them through „white terror“ and genocide, but as part of its „psychological warfare“, a component of its „low intensity warfare“, it seeks to counterpose in the population the participation of the Right-opportunist line in the elections, in the bureaucratic road; trying to oppose parliamentary cretinism against the democratic road, that of the people‘s war. Thus, we denounce that the reactionary genocide and parliamentary cretinism are part of the same counterrevolutionary plan of reaction to annihilate the people‘s war. That is why we call to denounce, crush and blow up this plan of imperialism, reaction and the rats of the CIA Right-opportunist line of electoral genocide. Therefore, it is appropriate to unmask the current specification taken by the revisionist and capitulationist Right-opportunist line with the counterrevolutionary hoax of the mammoth work entitled „De puño y letra“ with which they try to infamous Chairman Gonzalo as a renegade of the people‘s war and worshipper of parliamentary cretinism. Now the Right-opportunist line assumes a more unabashed phase, they are gathering signatures to register their electoral absurdity before the Office of Electoral Processes and participate in the elections of the old State. Moreover, when the rat Miriam in her letter says that Chairman Gonzalo has already „fulfilled his role“, in synthesis, she is generating public opinion for the physical annihilation of the Chairman, but before that, she is making it clear that „Miriam is“, that the Chairman „has already been“: and the Right-opportunist line, presenting itself as the authentic Party, is heading for the elections. All this is intended to lead the world opinion to see the Communist Party of Peru in elections without Chairman Gonzalo and without Gonzalo thought. The question is that when the reaction no longer needs to use the situation of absolute isolation of the Chairman, it goes on to annihilate him and that is what the Right-opportunist line is for. They aim to capitalize on the detention and the authority of the Chairman and the Party, in order to later have a tamed Party in the elections like the „Tupamaru“ of Uruguay. For that the genocidal government moves the so-called international community. And, therefore, we do not agree that the Committee of the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement, the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA and many other Revolutionary Internationalist Movement parties do not condemn the parliamentary cretinism, the participation in elections in Peru nor in Nepal. The CIA allows any front communist party as long as it participates in elections. A communist party is to initiate or lead the people‘s war, we are in the strategic offensive of the proletarian world revolution and imperialism and all its system of oppression and exploitation is sinking irremediably in the midst of the claws of the genocidal beast wounded to death. We are not in 1917 but in entering the second decade of the 21st century, in a period of restoration and counter-establishment, where only the communist party, in the world, keeps the torch before any circumstance. That is our contribution, that is to say, we continue to struggle to impose maoism as the commander and guide of the world revolution. While others support the path of parliamentary cretinism and the abandonment of the people‘s war and maoism in Nepal. In other words, they support revisionism. Therefore we call upon the communist parties, the communists of the world, the honest revolutionaries to fight to impose maoism as the only commander and guide of the proletarian world revolution. Therefore, we denounce, once again, the annihilation plans of Chairman Gonzalo of the reactionary CIA Right-opportunist line and we call upon the parties, organizations, communists and revolutionaries to denounce the annihilation plan against Chairman Gonzalo.

In view of this, it is clear that the ideological struggle in the country and at the international level will become more bloody and will be long and will be marked by the development of the people‘s war which is hard and prolonged but victorious. The revisionist and capitulationist Right-opportunist line will be a firm ally of reaction. The genocidal government of García-Gampietri has cut the so-called „penitentiary benefits“ for prisoners accused of „terrorism“, the rats of the Right-opportunist line say that they are going to go to the elections to fight against „neo-liberalism“ and for „human rights“, etc., thus giving space to the revisionists, that „left of the system of oppression“ for the benefit of the right of that same system. Thus, the genocidal Garcia is making concrete his promise not to allow anyone to be elected in the next elections who is not of his complete convenience. How? With the participation of the Right-opportunist line in the future contests of his electoral genocide, the right will be strengthened; because, thus, with the help of the Right-opportunist line, those who now head this other reactionary faction, the Garcías, etc., divide the other reactionary faction, the Humalas, Arana and others, this electoral fringe is divided. That is the question, that is the Right-opportunist line‘s service to García, that is the sinister condition of the Right-opportunist line, now more blatantly opportunist. Furthermore, and this is the main thing in the struggle between revolution and counterrevolution, because the masses are the arena of contention, reaction needs these revisionists of the Right-opportunist line because the other revisionists in Peru no longer move anything, that is why they want it to be the and, that is why the rat Miriam says we converge with Arana, that is how they are looking for a way to re-calcify themselves. This, as can be seen, is a process of „give and take“, reaction seeks, on the one hand, to oppose the masses moved by the Right-opportunist line with Arana or another to those that the Party is moving for the people‘s war, to the masses that the marxist-leninist-maoist, Gonzalo thought Communist Party of Peru is expanding its work with the people‘s war, in various departments of the country. We call on all the revolutionaries of the world to combat this plan of Peruvian reaction, imperialism and revisionism, a plan of the CIA Right-opportunist line of electoral genocide that seeks to annihilate the people‘s war. Likewise, we call on you to once again reject, crush and condemn the parliamentary cretinism that imperialism, as part of its general counterrevolutionary offensive and its genocidal wars, is promoting in the world, trying to drag, with the help of opportunists of all stripes, the revolutionaries and the communist parties to the elections for the replacement of authorities of the imperialist bourgeois State or those of its colonies and semi-colonies.






December 2009