Peru People’s Movement: “Don’t Vote! Develop the People’s Resistance War Against U.S. Imperialism!”

Proletarians of all countries, unite!
There is one goal, the conquest of power!


Peru People‘s Movement
September 2010

Red SunTranslated and reproduced by
The Red Flag


In view of the upcoming regional and municipal elections organized by the old State: it is up to us to reject, once again, this farce of bourgeois „democracy“ and to extend to all our people the call of the Communist Party of Peru to apply the boycott. Elections within the prevailing system do not serve the interests of the people, it is nothing more than a cloak to cover the dictatorship of the big bourgeoisie and the landowners. The road of the people is another. The people‘s road is the people‘s war, that is the truly democratic road that serves to put an end to exploitation, hunger and misery. Nothing has been gained by the people with all the previous electoral processes and nothing will be gained with those to come. The „changes“ that will come from these elections, will only be a renewal of the authorities of the old State, a readjustment among those who will crush and oppress the people from the regional and municipal institutions of the old State. They will not change anything substantial in the life of the people.

What the people need is transformation, a new society without these bloodsuckers who today live as parasites of us. The need of the people is to be able to live as free and dignified human beings in the 21st century and not as now, treated as servants of past centuries. Peru is a country with natural riches, but these are not in the hands of those who produce them, under increasingly harsh conditions of exploitation, in the fields, in the factories, in the mines, in the rivers, lakes and the sea. Peru is a country of an immense peasant mass, but the peasantry is increasingly subject to the yoke of exploitation, and the renewed concentration of land in fewer and fewer hands, which increases the real servitude in which the great majority of our peasants live — not to mention the cocalero peasants who are hunted down like criminals just for fighting to support their families. Peru is a country with hundreds of thousands of students and intellectuals but, instead of these being able to serve their people, they degenerate and become brutalized as servants of a bureaucratic capitalism, whose only purpose is to plunder the country of everything of value — or they are forced to emigrate to clean the houses and streets of the rich in the imperialist countries with their diplomas. Peru is a country full of small merchants and manufacturers, artisans and small proprietors, but in spite of all their efforts, day after day, they are crushed by the monopolies; they work not to develop the country but to feed the big bourgeoisie and their foreign bosses. Truly national production is crushed every day by the big monopolies of imperialism, what they call „Free Trade Agreements“ are really „Free Plunder Agreements“. Elections will not change any of this, they will not provide jobs, they will not provide food, they will not provide health services, they will not provide better conditions for mothers, children or the elderly. To participate in the elections is to bless the present state of things, the hell that our people live today.

Whoever has doubts has only to look at the social scum that are the „politicians“ and officials of this old State. Starting with the fascist, genocidal and country-selling Alan García, down to the last local official, they are nothing more than a herd of hyenas, who have nothing else to do but enrich themselves while they sell the country to pieces. There is not a single institution of the old State that is not corrupt to the core. We see how they kill each other like simple mafiosi during the electoral campaign.

the electoral campaign to share the spoils. To suppress the people they do not hesitate, there they are brave enough to send the armed forces and the police to massacre the children of the people who protest and defend their rights. The armed forces of the old State is therefore nothing more than the backbone of this State, never in the republican history have they been capable of defending the nation; but they are experts in committing genocides — they are the main instrument of the bloodsuckers and the only flag to which they truly owe an oath is the flag of the stars and stripes of U.S. imperialism.

The worst traffickers are those who wave red flags to call on the people to participate in elections. These wretches, whatever the denomination of their parties or „fronts“, are crawling rats who want to channel popular discontent to divert it. They even call themselves communists, but they have nothing of it. They tremble before armed revolution and at the same time propose measures to patch up the outdated and moribund system, to keep it alive for a while longer. They do not want the people to take their destiny into their own hands, but the popular masses to live like beggars on what the rich throw at them. Among this rottenness stand out, as the most nefarious reptilian expression, the capitulants and traitors of the revisionist and capitulationist Right-opportunist line who traffic in the name of our leader Chairman Gonzalo and of our Party, the Communist Party of Peru. These rats are nothing more than agents of the U.S. CIA and the reactionary armed forces, no matter how they were previously identified; today they are conjured enemies of Chairman Gonzalo and the Communist Party of Peru. Well said, Chairman Gonzalo is people‘s war — these rats are for elections and „peace“ under the bayonets of the genocidal hordes. They will answer to revolutionary justice for their black treason.

The hope of our people is not in the bureaucratic path of the old State, but in the democratic path of people‘s war. So many times reaction and its lackeys of all stripes have declared that the people‘s war is defeated, but each time they have had to swallow their black vomit. They said that the Party was crushed, but in the face of the crushing blows of the people‘s war and the ongoing overcoming of the inflection that occurred with the arrest of Chairman Gonzalo. Now they cynically proclaim the hoax that the Communist Party of Peru has degenerated into „a drug trafficking firm“, even though they themselves are involved in this dirty “business” from head to toe, while the Party prosecutes the drug traffickers as the enemies of the people that they are. This hoax is a pretext to justify the ever greater intervention of U.S. imperialism to combat the people‘s war. This intervention of U.S. imperialism occurs because it sees how its lackeys in the country are incapable of defeating us. But the invader will be defeated, no matter how many troops they send and how many genocides they commit, since the People‘s Liberation Army has years of experience in fighting the units of the DEA and its Special Forces — which are supposedly the best they have. They are not to be feared, but taken seriously. Therefore, what is needed is to develop the People‘s Liberation Front to further develop the people‘s war of resistance against U.S. imperialism. The Communist Party of Peru is fighting to culminate the formation of the Peruvian nation with the democratic revolution, to continue immediately, without interruption, with the socialist revolution and march with cultural revolutions to our final goal of communism — all with people‘s war. Thus we will have a Peru that belongs to its people, therein lies the solution to all the ills we suffer today. For this reason we call on all the people to boycott the regional and municipal elections of October 3rd and to join the people‘s war.

In synthesis, we reaffirm our path of carrying the revolution to the end, in building the new power in the midst of the people‘s war and in boycotting the elections for the replacement of the authorities of the old State and parliamentary cretinism, the „peace processes“, in crushing capitulation. With the people‘s war in Peru in full development we call on the revolutionaries of Nepal and other countries to continue the armed revolution developing people‘s war, only in this way, we can confront the bloodbath of reaction.

Thus, in this September we reaffirm ourselves in taking up Chairman Gonzalo‘s call, in his masterful speech of September 24th, 1992, to continue the people‘s war and to fight in Peru and in the world against capitulation, amnesty and enlistment, in the call to the world to continue the people‘s war and to build the new power.






September 2010