Peru People’s Movement: “Down with the New Reactionary Hoax of the ‘Petition for Amnesty’!”

Proletarians of all countries, unite!
There is one goal, the conquest of power!


Peru People‘s Movement
September 2006

Red SunReproduced by
The Red Flag


The Peru People‘s Movement, generated organization of the Communist Party of Peru for the Party work abroad, addresses our compatriots abroad, the international proletariat and the peoples of the world in order to denounce the new sinister reactionary hoax of the „petition for amnesty“ fabricated by the new government of the fascist, genocidal and country-selling Alan García and the rats of the revisionist and capitulationist Right-opportunist line.

On the 24th of this month, we celebrate the 14th anniversary of the historic and masterful speech of Chairman Gonzalo, whose convincing and energetic words call us to continue the people‘s war until communism — words that strengthen the optimism of the communists and that make the reactionaries shake with terror. Since this historic date we have not seen our leader Chairman Gonzalo, nor have we heard his voice.

The people‘s war in Peru is developed victoriously and invincibly, because it is under the leadership of Chairman Gonzalo, based on his all-powerful thought, creative application of marxism-leninism-maoism, mainly maoism to our concrete conditions. The directorship of the Party, after the capture of Chairman Gonzalo, submitted to his leadership and his all-powerful thought, continues developing the people‘s war. We have a defined, proven directorship since 1992. The directorship persists in the people‘s war, develops it and maintains the course, applying firmness in the principles and flexibility in their application. With a proven and recognized directorship, the Party continues with the concentrical construction of the three instruments of the revolution: Party, army and the front ↔ new State. It tells us: „We have defended the support bases, we are recovering what was lost, they have not swept us away. The question is that we have Party and the masses are there; it is a question of retaking with plan and to this the Party is devoted. It makes us happy that we can now devote ourselves to the mass work in and for the people‘s war.“ And we, the Peru People‘s Movement, are a confirmation here of this, and once more we crush the counterrevolutionary hoax that the Party and the people‘s war no longer exist, etc.1

The reaction, until September, 1992, repeated periodically the hoax of „capitulation of the Shining Path“ as an expression of their dreams of annihilating the unstoppable people‘s war. After the capture of the Chairman, since the middle of 1993, the reaction has made the most of it in order to use it politically, and launched the hoax of the „peace letters“; afterwards they have repeated hoax after hoax to damage the image of Chairman Gonzalo, presenting him as a capitulant to serve their black plan to assasinate him, to divide the Party and to lower the moral of the class, and in this way realize their black dream of annihilating the people‘s war.

Today, before the failure of the „new trial“ against the Chairman and the advances of the Party and the people‘s war that it leads all-embracingly, and the greater sharpening of the crisis of bureaucratic capitalism, the new government of the genocidal Alan García, using the rats of the Right-opportunist line, through the rat Fajardo and the rat Crespo, have launched with a big propagandistic show the new hoax of the „petition for amnesty“. Fajardo presents it this way: „Dr. Guzmán [reffering to Chairman Gonzalo] can not talk about this because of his situation, but I“, says Fajardo, „am in charge of communicating to you about his petition for amnesty that includes everyone, political and military prisoners [those directly responsable for the genocides against the people] and there is a written petition.“

No honest person can believe, even to the smallest degree, this shameless and ridiculous hoax. It is the same that the rats always repeat: „he can not talk“ (when everybody else can, for example the common prisoners), „he will not talk in the process“. The written things they ascribe to Chairman Gonzalo are nothing but fabrications of the CIA, as was proven with the „peace letters“ when Merino (No. 2 of the CIA after Montesinos) declared that he wrote the „letters“ — and concerning this the magazine A World to Win reports nothing, nor does the Revolutionary Worker, nor Comrade Prachanda in his interview. The „self-criticism“ of Nancy came from the factory of Montesinos‘ SIN. What Fajardo says, „I met him“: we already know how these coordinations are done; the rats of the Right-opportunist line like Morote coordinated with the CIA agent, Montesinos. Morote worked for Montesinos and the cynical traitor said that Chairman Gonzalo was the author. In the selective annihilation against Party directors in May, 1992, Morote was the only one that was left safe and sound. Because of all this, the Party pointed out in the beginning of July this year that the new government of Alan García would make new use of the rats of the Right-opportunist line, like the governments of Fujimori, Paniagua and Toledo did. The rats have confirmed this particular law.

Chairman Gonzalo continues to be in a prison cell in absolute isolation. The only concrete and real is that there is no public statement from Chairman Gonzalo, because the enemy has him in its clutches, kidnapped and gagged in the middle of an „oral trial“, that they develop secretly and closed. And it is also a law that, like has happened with all the previous trials, the people‘s war blows it up into a thousand pieces. And it is a law as well, that in spite of this the rats of the Right-opportunist line continue spreading it for a while longer, and that others too, like Comrade Avakian and some members of the Committee of the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement, say: „It is necessary to investigate“, and then, when some time has passed, and we don‘t know by what kind of magic, say: „There are well-founded suspicions that it is true.“

We, the Peru People‘s Movement, with deep class hatred, reject, condemn and mark with fire this new sinister hoax of the „petition for amnesty“ that they want to blame Chairman Gonzalo for in order to denigrate him. We reaffirm ourselves in the leadership of Chairman Gonzalo and his all-powerful thought. We renew our promise to give life itself to defend the life of Chairman Gonzalo, to defend his leadership against any attack, from wherever it may come. And, once more:


September 2006

1Note: A detailed report of the hoaxes is found in the last edition of the magazine A World to Win in the anti-Party article that appears published on page 58 and following pages of the magazine. There, the enemy‘s hoaxes against the people‘s war are spread, as part of their „psychological war“ that is part of their „low-intensity war“. The same is spread by the spokespersons of some parties that belong to the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement.