Peru People’s Movement: “Impose Maoism and Crush Revisionism”

Proletarians of all countries, unite!
There is one goal, the conquest of power!


Peru People‘s Movement

Red SunTranslated and reproduced by
The Red Flag


With the celebrations of the new anniversary of Chairman Mao‘s birth, on December 26th, the activities of the year 2009 come to an end; and the first decade of the 21st century closes and a new decade opens.

In the decade that is ending, in our country, the Communist Party of Peru has persisted in developing the people‘s war, assuming the defense of the leadership of Chairman Gonzalo and Gonzalo thought as the main issue for the people‘s war and the world revolution. It has continued the forging of the directorship arising from the people‘s war itself and all its apparatuses, as well as its directors, cadres and militants, the People‘s Liberation Army and the people‘s committees and support bases. The masses working with the Party are subject to the Central Committee. Thus, we have the three instruments of the revolution in concentric construction as a single clenched fist to defend the principles of the Party and the people‘s war; rejecting with deep class hatred capitulation, amnesty and enlistment, the trilogy of betrayal of the revolution that in Peru represents the revisionist and capitulationist Right-opportunist line increasingly unconditional of reaction and imperialism.

With the people‘s war the Party, in this decade that is ending, has defeated on the battlefield and in politics all the plans and campaigns of the enemy, persisting in the road, in the course; raising the slogan that Without State power, all is illusion!“, it has persisted in the defense of the people‘s committees and the support bases having as its backbone the People‘s Liberation Army led by the Party. The new power has been defended with blood and fire and what has been lost is being reconquered, relying on the foolproof sacrifice of the masses. The Party has dedicated itself to the work of the masses in and for the people‘s war in order to make a new leap in its incorporation into the people‘s war.

Concretely, the Party develops the democratic revolution with people‘s resistance war against U.S. imperialism with initiative, correct application of maoism and, mainly, counting on a militarized directorship. It is therefore necessary to continue to struggle to create the conditions for the realization of the new Congress of the Communist Party of Peru in the new decade on the solid bases laid in the different levels of Party work. The Party, after the resounding victories obtained especially in the last two years, both on the battlefield and in politics, is preparing hard and seriously to face the new campaign of encirclement and annihilation that the reactionary armed forces and police under the directorship of U.S. imperialism, with more troops and with new weapons and equipment, are preparing for the beginning of the new year, that is to say to face the greatest genocide that is coming. As always, the Party fighting in our own way will confront them accordingly and will deal them crushing blows in politics and on the battlefield. The reaction will resort to the blackest attacks against our leadership and its thought, trying to separate people‘s war from Gonzalo thought, they will use the revisionist and capitulationist Right-opportunist line to try to sow confusion in our ranks and above all to confront us by counterposing us in the heart of the populations, where the Party does mass work, the work of the Party in and for the people‘s war against the propaganda of the rats of the Right-opportunist line for the elections and parliamentary cretinism, for the participation in the old State.

Thus the ideological struggle as the Central Committee of the Party warned us in the new decade will be even fiercer. But we are sure to smash each of the campaigns of reaction and all its hoaxes. As the Party has pointed out, as long as we do not let go of the gun while firmly maintaining the established course there is no problem, the rest is only time and this plays in favor of the revolution. The Central Committee of the Party is very conscious and highly values what a leadership is, our leadership, Chairman Gonzalo, and his system of directorship (directors, cadres and committees). Some do not even imagine how and what it costs to forge each one of them.

The question is to see the experience of the world revolution, when a revolution is beheaded, as happened in Russia at the death of Lenin and then at the death of Stalin. When Stalin died, the Right staged the coup and never clarified his death and prepared the repression of the Left by the same members of the Central Committee. They were all in power, occupying functions in the government, in the new State and in the armed forces. In China it was the same, but during Chairman Mao‘s lifetime, he was excluded from the Secretariat of the Central Committee, even during his lifetime; when he died, the repression came and the four of them were centered on Chiang Ching.

In our case, we had not conquered power, we were in the strategic stalemate, we were in hiding, the Right could not capture the Central Committee, when Chairman Gonzalo fell, the Right first tried to ignore who was to take over and part of the Permanent Committee and other members of the Central Committee, they formed a group in some places; But the Left blew up their head from outside, from where they plotted the assault on the Party apparatus; but when they neutralized the head of Right-opportunist line, from outside, the whole plan forged by the CIA itself was thwarted. The rats panicked and did not want to enter because some others, who were not left to tell the tale, also got what they deserved. So they retreated with the logistical support of the CIA-Montesinos at the time, now they have the one given to them by the genocidal García. That is why they are going to use the Right-opportunist line more to try to divide, to generate confusion, they seek to get people to speculate about who is the new comrade responsible for the whole Party, if he is a peasant, if he is educated or not, etc. They will look for mistakes that are made to paint themselves red and throw some against others. But the main attack comes from reaction. The Right-opportunist line is not the main enemy, these rats do not take a step without the support of reaction. Today they are about to go to elections, in one way or another, from less to more, from hidden to open, and they will go in the end to end up like their revisionist congeners of the United Left, like the MRTA.

Reaction will say: you see, those are the real maoists, the maoist democrats. Then what difference will the APRA government feel when dealing with the revisionist Communist Party of China and the Right-opportunist line, none, and Comrade Avakian will keep silent, as on other occasions, he will not say this is my mouth, just as when the revisionist betrayal of the people‘s war in Nepal took place; thus the Chinese social-imperialist revisionists will feel maoist. Therefore, the struggle against the revisionist and capitulationist Right-opportunist line, rats sold body and soul to the Yankee CIA, the question is to always keep in mind where we are, in what period, how to act and how to move. They will continue attacking us, they will say that we are not followers of Gonzalo thought, or that we are, or that we are another party, etc., according to the tactics with which they will seek to confront us at each moment. Since the 1980s they have been telling us everything, in the 1990s they were already embarrassed by the advance to the strategic stalemate, the world said that we are a torch. Therefore, as long as we do not let go of the gun with the established course, there is no problem, the rest is only a matter of time as we have said.

To the Peru People‘s Movement, as the organization generated for the work abroad, it corresponds in the new decade to continue serving the people‘s war and the world revolution, as such to further develop the struggle against the new revisionism on the international level, this implies assuming the defense of marxism-leninism-maoism, mainly maoism, beginning by generating the debate in the international communist movement and in the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement, as part of it. The new revisionism presents itself as maoism, but they are faux maoists, they have said goodbye to the people‘s war and long live the elections. For them the people‘s war will be for „when there are conditions“; that is the distinctive feature of today‘s revisionism: it does not say no to maoism, but it says no to the fundamental of it, power, it detaches it from the people‘s war. They are no longer revisionists called marxist-leninists, but marxist-leninist-maoists. Thus, as things stand, the struggle will be fiercer but we are firmly rooted in maoism, we have the rifle and we firmly maintain the established course. Revisionism is doomed from the start. With this firm conviction we enter with firmness and full revolutionary optimism, in the new decade, to raise our struggle to serve to impose maoism as the only commander and guide of the world revolution and to fulfill the tasks that the people‘s war demands of us in the service of the Peruvian revolution as part of and at the service of the world revolution.