Peru People’s Movement: “Long Live the 27th Anniversary of the People’s War! Once Hoisted, the Flag of Armed Revolution Will Never Be Lowered Until Communism Has Been Achieved!”

Proletarians of all countries, unite!
There is one goal, the conquest of power!


Peru People‘s Movement

Red SunTranslated and reproduced by
The Red Flag


On a day like today, May 17th, 27 years ago, the Communist Party of Peru, marxist-leninist-maoist, Gonzalo thought party, under the leadership and personal directorship of Chairman Gonzalo, unfurling to the wind the red and flaming flag of rebellion, began the people‘s war, opening the road of the democratic revolution to overthrow imperialist, mainly U.S., rule, feudal oppression, bureaucratic capitalist exploitation and the old ruling State whose backbone is the reactionary armed forces.

Thus, raised in armed actions, fully convinced that only with the force of arms can the world be changed, a handful of communists, the best children of our people, began the hard and brilliant road of encircling the cities from the countryside, the glorious road of the people‘s war calling on the proletariat and the people to carry the democratic revolution in arms to culminate it with the seizure of power throughout the country, establishing the People‘s Republic of Peru and with it, without any intermediation, to pass immediately to the socialist revolution and the dictatorship of the proletariat, to then continue the revolution developing successive cultural revolutions, always with people‘s war, until entering together with all humanity to the always golden communism.


The Party began to act with armed hands, from times of peace to times of war. It went on to lead the people‘s war — to the militarization of the Party through armed actions — to liquidate resolutely, definitively, thoroughly and totally all the forces of reaction, to persist without hesitation in overthrowing imperialism, feudalism and bureaucratic capitalism, the three mountains, to overthrow reactionary domination throughout the country and to establish the People‘s Republic of Peru. That is, to carry the revolution to the end, overthrowing the three mountains that oppress the people, the anti-feudal or democratic task cannot be considered completed if at the same time bureaucratic capitalism and imperialism have not been overthrown, not to do so is to stop the revolution halfway and allow the forces of reaction to reestablish themselves. Without having seized power in the whole country it is not even possible to speak of the liquidation of feudalism; as some dream, who think that by overthrowing a tyrant feudalism disappears.

The beginning, therefore, implied a great rupture, because as Chairman Gonzalo teaches us, only by breaking everything that binds us to the old and rotten order can we destroy it completely and utterly, because if we have any interest in this outdated world we cannot destroy it. Thus, crushing revisionism inside and outside the Party, the great rupture was made: the initiation, the ILA 80. That can never again be erased or written in the opposite direction as the damned rats of the revisionist and capitulationist Right-opportunist line have pretended. To conceive of the initiation as a great rupture has a great theoretical and practical importance for the world revolution, which implies that in its preparation, existing a revolutionary situation in development, this can never be the basis to center the political activity of the people in electoral processes because these disorient it from its revolutionary road. Therefore, it corresponds to promote the development of the struggle of the masses beyond what the reactionary State order allows, surpassing the legal order of the prevailing system, all serving to initiate the people‘s war, to make the leap and thus elevate the democratic revolution to the highest form of struggle, the people‘s war. A leap that implies that great break with the old reactionary order. Therefore, those who affirm that the particularity of their process is to have „prepared the initiation using the elections to the parliament“ of the reactionary State, defending it as a great contribution to the world revolution, „a break with the tradition of the international communist movement“, indicates a serious problem of conception, it indicates that the beginning was not conceived as the revolutionary break with the old order to destroy it totally and completely; that therefore, for them, the beginning did not mean that great leap, that one foot remained attached to the old order and the other was placed in the revolution, that is not progress by leaps as demanded by the revolutionary dialectic, but progress by small steps, vulgar evolutionism. Besides, it indicates a closed-mindedness to learn from the negative lessons of the history of the revolution1 written in blood. That expresses problems of conception and that is going to be expressed in the problem of the construction of the front ↔ new State, problems in the conception of maoism and therefore of the new power. That is the sense of this proclaimedrupture with the tradition of the international communist movement“ to prepare the initiation, that is to say, it is a rupture with the marxist-leninist-maoist theory on the State and the revolution. That is tantamount to a submissive uprising. And the worst, is that others who claim to defend maoism, think that the war can be stopped to focus on elections for the parliament and the constituent assembly of the old State as a necessary step to develop it, that is to maintain that the revolution to triumph has to march through the institutions of the reactionary State, so that once conquered the parliamentary majority, „legitimately“, to take the „power“ or „legitimize“ the „rebellion“ through the blessing of the ballot boxes. When the key for the maoists, as these 27 years of development of our people‘s war teach us, is to strive to develop the instruments to carry the revolution to the end, that is to say, with the great contribution of Chairman Gonzalo, the concentric construction of the three instruments of the revolution: Party, Army and front ↔ new power. Building from the beginning the new: new power, new politics, new economy, new culture, new republic. Developing unified people‘s war, countryside main and city complementary, another great contribution of Chairman Gonzalo, thus preparing the insurrection from the beginning. Thus, the key to the question is to organize the masses in an armed manner in order to seize power throughout the country, for the maoists there is no other road or other perspective. That is what the Communist Party of Peru has been doing during these years of the triumphant revolution. Today, in this celebration we reaffirm ourselves in upholding, defending and applying marxism-leninism-maoism, in carrying the revolution to the end through people‘s war, and we call on the Left, on the communists, wherever the problem is expressed, to break with everything that binds them to the old and rotten order so that they can destroy it thoroughly and completely; we call on them to reject and crush every conception contrary to maoism on the central problem of every revolution: power, to overcome this grave situation in which the people‘s war has entered there because of problems with maoism; these comrades have the great responsibility to take maoism, embody it and apply it to the concrete conditions of their revolution, rejecting „constitutional“ illusions, rejecting collaboration with the parties of the big bourgeoisie and the landlords servants of imperialism and persisting and further developing the people‘s war in that country, to carry the revolution to the end. That is their great responsibility before their own revolution and before the world revolution. These comrades in arms, in these complex and difficult circumstances, like the other communists of the world, have in the people‘s war in Peru a luminous torch and a firm and sure ally. The question is to dare to be sure that the revolution is today the main historical and political tendency in the world and is commanded by maoism.


Since the initiation of our people‘s war, the old Peruvian State, reaction and imperialism, mainly U.S. imperialism, have endeavored to annihilate the people‘s war, by means of their „anti-terrorist laws“, persecutions, tortures, prisons, concentration camps and mass murders, the genocides subjecting themselves to the reactionary law of „steal everything, burn everything and kill everyone“, action carried out by means of their police forces, first, and then with their genocidal armed forces, with the organization and support of the „self-defense committees“ or „peasant patrols“. Counterrevolutionary action that from the beginning until now has always failed: operations and campaigns of encirclement and annihilation within their counterrevolutionary war, first, under the „counterinsurgency“ strategy of U.S. imperialism and, in view of its resounding failure, since the end of the 1980s, they began to apply the „new strategy“ of U.S. imperialism known as „low-intensity warfare“. From the beginning they counted on the advice of their master, U.S. imperialism, and other imperialist powers, and then with Fujimori‘s self-coup, on April 5th, 1992, he assumed the direct direction of their „low-intensity warfare“. Always with the vain objective of separating the Party from the masses. After the capture of Chairman Gonzalo (September 12th, 1992), the enemy under the direct direction of the CIA has used this fact politically, to present our leader infamously as a revisionist and a capitulant, mounting hoax after hoax. For this they counted on the collaboration of informants and traitors, who in the prisons structured themselves as a revisionist and capitulationist Right-opportunist line, which was born driven and nursed by reaction, hand in hand with the CIA and will be so until the end of its days, with which it set up the hoax of the „peace letters“ and all those that have followed, up to the current „request for general amnesty“ through the rat Miriam, passing through the hoaxes of the „defeat of the Shining Path“ and „of the Shining Path remnants“. And to each and every one of these hoaxes, the Communist Party of Peru, with its omnipotent directorship of the people‘s war, has blown them out of the water.


In 1982, with the development of the guerrilla warfare, the people‘s committees emerged and with it the new power, directed and built by the Party in a concentric form, thus from its beginnings the new power was born crushing campaigns of encirclement and annihilation, building the new: new power, new economy, new culture, new republic. With people‘s war we have shaped the path of encircling the cities from the countryside, from the beginning of the armed struggle, of the guerrilla war, therefore of the strategic defensive, to develop since 1991 in the strategic stalemate and to build the conquest of power throughout the country.

After the capture of Chairman Gonzalo, on September 12th, 1992, the Party with people‘s war has been solving the problem of directorship and overcoming the complex and difficult bend into which the people‘s war entered. The Party has defined a directorship since 1992, which has been forging itself more and more in the forge of our people‘s war and in the hard struggle of two lines within the Party as a directorship with recognized ascendancy; likewise, it continues to build the three instruments of the revolution in ambush in the masses, following the principle: „the organizational follows the political“. All the new problems that arise for the revolution, according to the new circumstances, the Party has been solving them by grasping Gonzalo thought and holding firmly to its directorship, as it has been since the beginning. Having solved the key problem of directorship, the Party has been developing the task of building superior apparatuses to those of reaction, which is what corresponds in the present stage of the strategic stalemate to build the conquest of power throughout the country. This allows the Party to mobilize and lead the struggles of the masses in and for the people‘s war, with infinite confidence in the masses and they are ready for the revolution and will not defend the old State, nor the genocidal armed forces, because the Party since before the beginning of the armed struggle lives and fights with the masses as the highest form of organization, directing absolutely the Army (main form of organization) and the front (the third instrument) to take power by means of revolutionary violence.

The international proletariat and the peoples of the world must know that, the people‘s war has not been defeated, in spite of all the fierce counterrevolutionary campaigns against the leadership, the Party, the ideology and the people‘s war. And we owe this to Chairman Gonzalo and to Gonzalo thought and to the fact that we have a directorship headed by the comrade who directs the entire Party and the Central Committee, who, firmly subjecting himself to our directorship and his all-powerful thought, has known how to lead the Party, the People‘s Liberation Army and the new power to overcome the bend; a directorship steely in the fiery forge of the people‘s war, firmly attached to the principles and flexible in their application; directorship that with shrewd and firm management of the two-line struggle defends the red line of Chairman Gonzalo and crushes the Right leaving it as a henhouse stick, as a condition to advance, firmly maintaining the course of the people‘s war; directorship that leads our undefeated and unbeatable people‘ss war against all the fierce campaigns of imperialists and reactionaries, who have used all their mercenary machinery of the mass media and institutions, NGOs, Truth and Reconciliation Commission, etc., revisionists and capitulants for these black ends. The „defeat of the people‘s war“, „the division of the Party“ and the „ideological and political degradation of its militants“, among other adjectives, have been their spearheads to attack us and to satiate their rabid illusion of defeating us, hoaxes of „peace agreements“ and „political solutions“ have been shameless letters to spread capitulation, regrets and betrayal, to generate public opinion against the Party and the Peruvian revolution while justifying their genocide and crimes committed by the armed forces and the police and their auxiliary forces (self-defense committees or peasant patrols). With the people‘s war, our directorship has left the new revisionism, which has acted as a sounding board for all these ferocious campaigns of the counterrevolutionary enemy, without a floor.


The People‘s Liberation Army applies forceful blows against the old State, its armed forces, its police forces and auxiliary forces and has been mobilizing the masses through massive agitation and armed propaganda both in the countryside and in the city. In the course of which People‘s Liberation Army units have entered the villages and small towns such as San Francisco, Pichari, Santa Rosa and Aucayacu and held mass assemblies, in which the Party‘s policies have been downloaded and mobilized to unite them under the directorship of the Party. And in many other places, for example, as the newspaper Correo (September 26th, 2006) reports with reactionary dread:

Worrying! Shining Path directors are trying to recruit into their ranks adolescents and young people who live in the towns of Tambo, San Miguel and the Apurímac River Valley.

Speeches offered by members of the Shining Path would confirm this purpose. In the last few weeks there have again been incursions in the areas of Cotonia, Usmay and Jaren where the alleged Shining Path members, who range from 18 to 42 years old, carried sophisticated weapons […] The incursions carried out would have been parallel, since in the areas mentioned, in some cases more than 15, in others 20, and in the area of Jaren is where about 90 subversives have entered […] And the fact is that the Shining Path would not only dedicate themselves to recruiting young people but also to carrying out people‘s schools teaching them the ideology of Lenin, Mao Tse-tung and Marx?“

But, what do the experts on the subject say?

The actions shown by the remnants of the OT-SL [Terrorist Organization Shining Path] in Ayacucho during the last few days, is part of their campaign carried out with the purpose of demonstrating their presence and consolidating their validity by exploiting the inactivity of the State, getting closer and closer to the cities and police and military dependencies that could become easy targets for their violent actions.“

The People‘s Liberation Army in the course of these mass mobilizations has promoted the boycott against the regional elections, which even U.S. imperialism itself, much to its regret, recognizes that it has been successful2. The People‘s Liberation Army has applied selective executions against the enemies of the people, as for example: in the surroundings of the city of Tingo Maria in the Department of Huanuco, in April of this year, executing four traitors. The People‘s Liberation Army has promoted actions against bureaucratic capitalism, such as against the Camisea gas project; ambushes such as for example: on December 13th, 2006 in Machete, in the city of Tingo Maria in the Department of Huanuco, in the department of Ayacucho (the reaction recognized nine dead), in Churcampa in the department of Huancavelica on January 7th (the reaction recognized one dead and one wounded), on February 7th in Tayacaja also in Huancavelica (the reaction recognized one dead), at the beginning of April in Huanuco (the reaction acknowledged one dead and five wounded), on April 20th in the area of Madre Mia in the Department of San Martín, in which seven patrol cars of the Peruvian National Police were attacked (the reaction acknowledged one dead and several wounded), just to name a few examples. It is necessary to emphasize that the reaction follows the concept of diminishing the figures of the actions and the number of their dead and wounded and magnifying the number of dead, wounded and detained on our part. Although, after the publication of this „Report“ some newspapers have given figures of more than 650 actions of the People‘s Liberation Army for 2006, contrary to the figures of the aforementioned report which reduced them to 96. The People‘s Liberation Army has been carrying out systematic attacks against the „anti-subversive“ bases, directed, equipped, etc. by U.S. imperialism, as for example: in the third week of April against the base of Tulumayo in the zone of Santa Lucia, a joint base of the Special Forces of the Police and „anti-terrorist“ units of the reactionary army. The anti-aircraft defense capacity of the People‘s Liberation Army is very well known, it has strongly hit the helicopter gunships of the reactionary armed forces, on numerous occasions, as in: the anti-aircraft action of December 8th, 2005 near San Martin de Pangoa, in the Ene river valley, in which three helicopters (two of the police and one of the army), were attacked by a unit of the People‘s Liberation Army. In synthesis, the actions of the People‘s Liberation Army shake the country and the reaction is prey to desperation, the actions express the increase of the combativity and the number of People‘s Liberation Army fighters. All these actions show their guerrilla character and refute any accusation of terrorist actions. This thriving development is concretized in the system of people‘s committees, which are organized in support bases, which are the core of the people‘s war, which are developed surrounded by guerrilla zones, in which the new power is also established. With the development of the people‘s war also arose the sixth form of the new power, the people‘s struggle committees, the development of the new power in the cities. Imperialism, reaction and revisionism have tried for years to deceive the world saying that the new power does not exist, but the real and concrete fact is that the new power exists and is developing, shining defiantly before the world. For example, in the newspaper Correo in the summer of 2002, it was reported that in the area of the Main Regional Committee, in the zone that reaction calls the VRAE (Valley of the Apurimac and Ene rivers), there are 100 towns, in which the Communist Party of Peru has established open people‘s committees, where the red flag with the hammer and sickle flies in the square and where the new State functions openly. But, it is not only there, the people‘s committees and the support bases exist throughout the country, not only defending themselves, but also recovering what was lost and expanding the scope. Thus, on March 19th of this year units of the People‘s Liberation Army attacked patrols of the armed forces in the town of Huachocolpa (Province of Tayacaja of the Department of Huancavelica) when they were trying to penetrate the town causing one dead and three wounded to the reactionary genocidal forces and in revenge these have assassinated three villagers, the fight took place in this town of more than 3,000 inhabitants. In the reactionary newspaper La Republica of April 21st, the following appeared:

The inhabitants of Huachocolpa find it strange to see the army commandos, who since Monday night have taken control of their town, because the hikers, almost daily, and in groups of four or five men, with rifles on their shoulders, came down from the top of the mountain, to provide themselves with food and medicine. This remote town in the province of Tayacaja (in the Huancavelica Region) is one of those places where the population still has to live with the Shining Path. In any case in a peaceful way, they say, but always with the calm and tacit threat of the cold rifle. In spite of everything in Huachocolpa nobody names the word: Shining Path or terrorist.“

The same Regional President of Huancavelica, Federico Salas, in the edition of the newspaper Correo of March 27th, expressed clearly: „Huancavelica lives in a very delicate situation. There are even areas where no authority can enter. What I wish is, that they are aware of this situation, at some point it will also have its effect in Lima and if that happens, who knows it will be too late.“ In that sense Salas challenged President Alan García or „any other authority, to deny the existence of the liberated zones“, in the communities of Huancavelica. Salas said, „to prove that these zones exist and are increasing every day“. Thus, the new power is developing in the countryside and „is increasing more and more every day“.

So it is, as confirmed by the actions and words of the Party, the reaction has been paying great attention to the VRAE because of the increase in the work of the Party, when the fascist, genocidal and country-selling García with great fanfare says: „bombing and exterminating the maceration ponds“, to those of the coca with bombing from airplanes, he is referring in the background to the support bases, in particular to the VRAE, the concrete thing is that it is part of the war, the masses of those places have been maintaining against all odds the support for the people‘s war, they are an example of sacrifice, of giving everything for the Party and the revolution, that is why they give so much importance to the zone. In all their „campaigns of encirclement and annihilation“ against the support bases and units of the People‘s Liberation Army, the enemy has run away like a chicken, we have given them accurate blows that they will never forget, like the action against the helicopter in 1999. That is the importance that the VRAE has, it is not for anything else, they have never worried about truly fighting drug trafficking. The Yankee CIA — just as it has been doing in Afghanistan and has always done, as it was revealed in the „Iran-Contra scandal“, during the Reagan administration, with the direct implication of old Bush — monopolized through Montesinos the illicit drug traffic, brought down the „Vaticano“, the „Shushupe“, „traqueteros“, „los norteños“, as well as others, while using the „narco“ Zeballos, that of Aerocontinente, as their direct administrator and front man in the business. The monopoly of drug trafficking by the CIA and the highest and even the last civil and military authorities of the old State is an inseparable part of the „low intensity“ counterrevolutionary war, there is not and never has been a reactionary war without „spoils of war“, they are for spoils, perhaps García in his first Government did not do it in Huallaga with Mantilla, Cubas Caba and Pérciles Sánchez Paredes, for something before, in 1982, García, when he was president of the Human Rights Commission of the Chamber of Deputies, personally met with Pérsiles Sanchez Paredes in the prison of Trujillo, where he was detained for drug trafficking, there they sealed the commitment and association in the business, where the first fruit was the financing of his campaign for President, that of 1985, today the implication of García and his people in the illicit business will be much greater. The Yankee State Department financed the magazine Caretas during the 1990s not only with „advertisement“ from the World Bank but also with money coming from drug trafficking through big ads paid by „Aerocontinente“ of the narco Zeballos, Zileri Gibsón, its director, fought with Montesinos, while the latter, by order of the Yankee master, warmed his wallet through Zeballos, so don’t be surprised; The October, 1993 edition of Caretas, which spread the hoax of the „peace letters“, with big headlines saying that the President „went bankrupt“, was financed in this way. If not, let him deny it and we will see. „Sheriff“ Benedicto Jimenez received money from Zeballos when he was in the „special operative group“, then in Panama and remains in the „business“ until now. Also, all the trials against generals, admirals and lieutenant generals of the Army, Navy and Air Force of its genocidal armed forces and its police are there, although trapped in the twists and turns of the corruption of its judicial body and prosecutors. As the „Perciles“ said „confessing sincerely“, „a pass“ is not of a few kilos of „pastita“ (drugs) but by tons, so all of them not only have to find out but give the corresponding orders to their subordinate staff of officers and troops, it happens for everyone. And he did not lie, „he was sincere“, proof to the song: the cases that have come to public light when the presidential airplane, helicopters, warships and even submarines have been used to transport drugs by the ton. The Party unmasks the hoax that „we have changed“, that now „we are producers“, that „the Shining Path are now providing security“; our militants, fighters and masses, the broadest people‘s masses, know that all this that reaction propagates in its information media is false, that its objective is more genocide, with this they will be in the same song and dance until we give them a good one. The reality is that we do receive logistics from the masses and because of our handling of the geography, they cannot prevent it, the greater incorporation of the masses into the people‘s war has been concretized in the expansion of the guerrilla zones that touch Lima. And in the cities it advances, as regards the third instrument, as we have said when referring to the mass work of the Party, creating organizations superior to those of reaction, promoting the organizations generated so that the masses can organize themselves according to their specific demands, all in function of the people‘s war, that is why reaction weepingly says: „there is infiltration by the Shining Path“ in every people‘s struggle, be it of teachers, students, workers or peasants. In spite of the barbaric repression, the Party advances in the directorship of the struggle of the masses in the cities.


In this way the Party has been defeating all the plans of the new fascist, genocidal and country-selling García government. The Party with people‘s war has blown up one by one the new hoaxes of the regime, as we have seen previously, it has boycotted its regional elections and with that hindered its plans for the installation of the new administration. The Party has dealt a crushing blow to its plans to neutralize the actions of the Communist Party of Peru, as can be seen from its own reports. In the Main Regional Committee, Ayacucho, where they are focusing so much, the actions of the Party are irrefutable proof that their plans are not working, the guerrilla struggle is expanding, sheltering and promoting the centenary struggle of the peasantry for land, which is growing and expanding.

The reaction of its master, U.S. imperialism, against the Party and the people‘s war has not been long in coming: According to various sources of reaction itself, a series of events in the last weeks of February and the first weeks of March confirm the interest of the U.S. Southern Command in increasing its military participation in the Apurímac and Ene River Valley — the zone known as VRAE. Thus, in February, the head of the U.S. Southern Command, Admiral James Stavridis, visited Lima. High level talks were held with Peruvian authorities. Along the way, the military exercises „Condor Hawk“ between the U.S. and Peru took place in the northern city of Chiclayo. Rumors spread that the U.S. Military Base in Manta (Ecuador) would be moved to the north of Peru (Piura). On March 25th, declarations by the genocidal Peruvian Vice-President Luis Giampietri in favor of an external credit to finance acquisitions, which was welcomed by Defense Minister Wagner, who seeks to finance, among others: special forces, unified command, and communications systems. The Minister of Defense also announced some time ago that the „rules of engagement“, a copy of the combat regulations of the Armed Forces of the United States, which the civilian and military genocidal authorities consider as an „armor“ for the members of the reactionary Armed Forces against future trials for genocide, are in the process of being approved. This occurs while the deployment of the reactionary Armed Forces in the area of the Main Regional Committee, particularly in the VRAE, is expanding. On March 23rd, the State of Emergency was extended in several southern provinces. On March 29th, the general commander of the reactionary Army, Edwin Donayre, „invited the business sector to economically support the functioning of the counter-subversive bases“. The week of March 26th, Wagner traveled to Washington, accompanied by officers of the Joint Command of the Armed Forces, where a meeting with Secretary of Defense Robert Gates was scheduled. All the facts analyzed converge in showing an unusual interest on the part of the Department of Defense and the U.S. government, through the Consultative Group of the Embassy in Lima, in „strengthening relations“ with the Peruvian armed forces. Then, at the end of April, the U.S. State Department released its report entitled „Patterns of Global Terrorism 2006“, where it states that „Shining Path has strengthened and is once again a threat“ to the Peruvian State. On May 1st, Wagner declared to La República of Lima that „the Peruvian government agrees with the report of the U.S. State Department“. On May 8th, the genocidal García appeared to try to deny that he was „psychotic“ about the „terrorist“ advance, and fearfully complained because the Shining Path is taking advantage and mobilizing the peasants“. Then, on May 10th, the Yankee Undersecretary of State, Negroponte, was in Lima to talk with the genocidal García „about commercial matters“ and „the fight against drug trafficking“. Days before, Garcia had been in Washington in talks with his master, the genocidal Bush, as in October of last year, to continue with the subject of the approval of the Free Trade Agreement and the fight against „narcoterrorism“. These facts, which show the reaction of U.S. imperialism to our actions, constitute privileged material proof and, therefore, irrefutable political proof of the development of the people‘s war in Peru, which has repercussions in the very den of the world counterrevolutionary gendarme and that the enemy, in spite of its desire to silence them, sees the need to recognize it in order to further develop its „low intensity“ counterrevolutionary war.

Thus it is demonstrated: that the pretended defeat of the people‘s war is nothing more than the dreams of genocidal hyenas, of imperialists, reactionaries and revisionists; that reaction cannot annihilate the people‘s war no matter how much they fabricate new plans, we are sure that the people‘s war will defeat them, as it has done with all the previous ones. Fulfilling its reactionary task of annihilating the people‘s war, its main task, is a historical and political impossibility for reaction, therefore, this new government of the old State will fail as all the previous ones in this and its two other reactionary tasks (reimpulsing bureaucratic capitalism and restructuring the State). On what is our firm conviction in this respect based? That the people‘s war is led by the Communist Party of Peru under the leadership of Chairman Gonzalo and the all-powerful Gonzalo thought, because it has a recognized directorship forged in the image and likeness of our leader, because it is sustained by the people‘s masses, mainly the poor peasantry, under the trembling banners of marxism-leninism-maoism. The people‘s war in Peru is the proof of the universal validity of maoism, with which the world revolution entered the phase of the strategic offensive and from its initiation serves the world revolution and has the support of the communists and revolutionaries of the world and of the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement, of which the Party is a member and struggles for the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement to advance, marking with fire and crushing all attempts of the new revisionism to blow it up to create a new revisionist spawn of an „International“. We reaffirm that the new international as an expression of the revived international communist movement will be made up of the parties and organizations that are truly for communism and people‘s war, and whose nucleus will be the parties that lead people‘s war. Consequently, with certainty, the new International will not emerge from the head of any revisionary. Our people‘s war is glorious, victorious and invincible, hard and prolonged; and it will continue indeclinable, the raised flag of armed revolution will never be lowered until communism, practicing that the directorship never dies and people‘s war until communism:









1From the end of 1917 the Austrian monarchy and the German Empire fell into disintegration and after the end of the world war both emperors fell, it was a hard blow for the Austrian and German bourgeoisie that were very weakened, revolution was the order of the day. Mutinies in the army and strikes by starving workers from 1917 onwards were a daily occurrence in both countries. The social democratic parties of these only tried to calm the soldiers and workers in order to channel them into “disciplined” actions. When in November 1918 in Vienna and Berlin, respectively, the Republic was announced, the workers demonstrated in front of these rallies calling to declare the socialist republic as in Russia. The state had practically collapsed in both countries and in many cities workers spontaneously formed Soviet-style workers’ councils which organized everyday life. They were inspired by the ideas of the October Revolution in Russia and wanted to turn them into States of the Dictatorship of the Proletariat. In some cities it was not possible to do anything without the permission of the workers’ councils. But the traitorous leaders of Austrian and German social democracy were not in favor of the proletarian revolution. That is why they said that the conditions were not ripe for the socialist revolution and that it was necessary to proceed step by step, otherwise the intervention of foreign powers would follow. These traitors, these “bloodthirsty dogs”, as proud of their counterrevolutionary role they called themselves in the words of the head of the parliamentary majority of the German Social Democrats, Scheideman, were the only ones capable of “establishing order and democracy”, that is, of keeping afloat the capitalist system in Austria and Germany, to cite only two examples of twin betrayals. The bourgeoisie of these imperialist countries was aware of its situation and therefore called upon the leaders of the SPÖ (Austrian) and the SPD (German) to participate in the management of the state. The traitorous role of Ebert, Scheideman et al. as executioners of the German revolution is beyond doubt, they had Rosa Luxemburg, Karl Liebknecht and thousands of German communists murdered. That of Otto Bauer and Co. in Austria is also well known. Thus, the revolution was defeated in both countries by the treachery of revisionism and the insufficient development of the communists, who only with the events in progress had broken with the social democratic parties and founded the Communist Party. The participation in the government of the social democrats made it possible for the reactionary forces to recover from the revolutionary events of 1918-19 in these countries. After the social democracy had completed the work for the bourgeoisie and exchanged “revolution” for “democracy”, the PsDA and the SPD fell under the pressure of the same bourgeoisie to which they rendered their “brilliant service” and were losing electoral strength, also suffering the wear and tear of their collaboration in the governments and parliaments (constituents in between) of these two imperialist states, ending up corrupted to the marrow and discredited, as it should be, they left the governments. The betrayal of social democracy opened wide the doors for the triumph of fascism in both countries.

The top leaders of the Social-Democratic revisionists in both countries and in all cases showed a very fierce resistance in words, but an absolute silence in deeds, because these “socialists” were under pressure from the proletarian masses who wanted to follow the road of the socialist revolution and the dictatorship of the proletariat like the Bolsheviks led by Lenin. For that reason they used a very radical language.

In the SPÖ program it said that the party should change society through parliamentary measures, in a “peaceful” way (“more than 50% of the votes”). Only when the capitalists tried to establish a fascist system would the establishment of the dictatorship of the proletariat be necessary.

All these people, like those of their own ilk, in all times and places, always put the resistance against the attacks of reaction at some future time, “when reaction will disown the electoral triumph or commit electoral fraud or a coup d’état to impose fascism or restore the monarchy” (Any resemblance with current events and characters is not mere coincidence).

2See report of the U.S. State Department on „Patterns of Global Terrorism 2006“.