Peru People’s Movement: “Long Live the International Proletariat! Long Live the People’s War!”

Proletarians of all countries, unite!
There is one goal, the conquest of power!


Peru People‘s Movement

Red SunReproduced by
The Red Flag


The new great wave of the proletarian world revolution advances every day more; maoism, its sole guarantee of triumph, embodying itself in the peoples of the world, generating communist parties, passing on to lead it.

On this new 1st of May, the Peru People‘s Movement, generated organization of the Communist Party of Peru, salutes full of joy and revolutionary optimism the international proletariat, the international communist movement, within it the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement, the communist parties, the revolutionary organizations and the peoples of the world.

Today is a day of celebration for our class, it is a working day of celebration of proletarian struggle in all the countries and continents, of struggling for making imperialism, revisionism and world reaction definitely disappear from the face of the Earth, of this struggle in which the proletariat can not emancipate itself from the yoke of the dominant and exploiting class — the bourgeoisie — without emancipating at the same time and forever the whole society from exploitation, oppression, class division and class struggle. This is the struggle for our sole and unrenounceable historic goal: forever shining and golden communism.

This is our historic mission, we will arrive to communism, for fulfilling it we need to organize ourselves in a party, distinct from and opposed to the others, with the objective of taking the power, the communist party.

Today we need to refound the communist parties, as marxist-leninist-maoist militarized communist parties in each one of the countries, this is our strategic pending task, in which we the communists are making significant advancements from Italy to India.

Parties that in this process generate their leadership, based on a guiding thought, as a result of the application of the universal truth of the ideology of the international proletariat to the concrete conditions of each revolution; indispensable guiding thought for getting the victory, conquering and defending power; and even more, for continuing the revolution and keeping its course towards our goal.

We need communist parties to initiate, develop and lead the people‘s war to triumph in each one of the countries, as a part of the world people‘s war that we oppose to the imperialist world war. This is more urgently today than ever, to confront the imperialist aggression against the oppressed countries of the third world of Asia, Africa, Latin America and even in Europe itself, to confront the U.S. imperialists‘ plans for hegemony and its role as sole world gendarme; plans that are now being applied as a „world anti-terrorist campaign“ in collusion and dispute with Russia and the imperialist powers as England, French, German, Japan, China, etc. All this within the general contrarevolutionary offensive that it leads. Thus, the Communist Party of Peru leads the world campaign against imperialism named: „Yankee Go Home!“, which is being developed with people‘s war and actions that shake the whole rotten world imperialist order.

Today, in this celebration of proletarian struggle we reaffirm ourselves in that the banner once raised never must be lowered, that with people‘s war we make the democratic revolution, the socialist revolution and proletarian cultural revolutions until we enter communism together with all of humanity. People‘s war until communism!

Upholding even more marxism-leninism-maoism, mainly maoism is decisive in order to fulfill our irreplaceable historic role, in order to transform the world. As Chairman Gonzalo, leader of the Communist Party of Peru and the Peruvian revolution, teaches us, we must always base our politics on the all-powerful truth of marxism-leninism-maoism, mainly maoism.

Today this is more necessary because the general contrarevolutionary offensive, headed by U.S. imperialism as the world hegemonic superpower, dreams of sweeping away the proletariat and its irreplaceable historical role, aiming at the heart of the class, its ideology, marxism-leninism-maoism, the dictatorship of the proletariat, revolutionary violence and socialism.

The basis of the international situation that exists today is made up by the economical relations of imperialism, higher and last stage of capitalism. Imperialism is monopolistic, parasitic, in decomposition and dying capitalism.

The distinctive feature of imperialism is the division of the world on one side, in a great number of oppressed countries and, on the other side, in a insignificant number of oppressing countries, that dispose of colossal riches and a powerful military force. Imperialism is drowning and will definitely drown in a complex system of all kinds of wars. The imperialist powers take part inevitably in different alliances that are the antechamber of new wars among them, today within the accelerated preparation of a third imperialist world war. Imperialism suffers huge bankruptcies, crisis etc. within the general and final crisis that it confronts. Massive decisions are taken under military pressure. It corresponds to the period of the „50 or 100 years“ in which imperialism and world reaction will drown.

Against what has been established by maoism, some, miserable famous „destillers“, repeat what is propagated by imperialism, reaction and revisionism, as modern pontiffs of false dogmas and say that „imperialism would not be in general crisis“, they talk about the „decade of growth in the United States“. But they forget to say that the relationship between the rentier capital linked to the stock market in relation with the GDP of the United States arose in only five years from 81% in 1994 to 184%. In other words: in 1999 the mentioned rentier capital surpassed the entire GDP of the USA with 84%. This implies a complete divorce between the rentier sector and the production, this stamps a mark of parasitism on the whole country, which lives by the exploitation of the labor of the proletariat and the oppressed countries. This implies that in this decade U.S. imperialism has been the big winner and the peoples of the oppressed countries are in a bigger catastrophe, their debt increased from 1,300,000,000,000 of dollars in 1992 to 2,100,000,000,000 at the end of the year 2000. This implies imperialist parasitism, growth of the importance for the economy as a whole of the benefits coming from the interests and earnings, etc.

What has been pointed out explains the basis of „the decade of growth“. This expresses major decomposition of this imperialist country. Signs: U.S. imperialism have the biggest public debt in the world, the debts of the U.S. companies was 144 times higher than than the sum of their debts in 1964. The indebtedness of the U.S. households reach 34% of their income, meanwhile the part saved by these households in relation to their incomes, between 1990 and 1999, decreased from 8% to 0.8%. The deficit in the balance of payments of U.S. imperialism, increased from 1992 to become, at the end of 2000, 420,000,000,000 dollars. The import of merchandises surpassed the export of U.S. merchandises. Since the middle of the decade the output of steel is stuck in the United States, the sales fall and the prices go down, U.S. imperialism is in the last place on the list of productivity of the 11 most important steel producers in the world, that means that in spite of the billions of subventions that is obtained in this industrial branch it can not take part successfully in the world market. It is a colossus with clay feet. Complete: the imperialist parasitism includes all the imperialist countries but this development is uneven and it manifests itself in a particular way, in the United States, since U.S. imperialism is the hegemonic power, this is more significant.

The peoples of the world do not need imperialism. Politically it is very week, since it is divorced from the people‘s masses and does not please anybody. Everyday all around the world especially in our oppressed countries it commits huge crimes for keeping the oppression and exploitation of the great majority of the world population, in order to submit them to the greatest misery, to conditions of infrahuman existence.

There will only be peace when imperialism be eliminated. The day when the paper tiger will be destroyed will arrive. But it will not disappear by itself; for that it is necessary to wage people‘s war. Nothing or nobody will be able to stop the wheel of history. It is not true that imperialism can put an end to the international communist movement, we are matter itself in motion, we are its conscious part, and this until communism. All the opportunists have looked at and always look at the enemy as an all-powerful super colossal.

Today the proletariat advance in its struggle against imperialism, revisionism and world reaction hoisting red flags with hammers and sickles, developing people‘s wars in Peru, its vanguard, in Nepal and Turkey. The communists assume more their responsibility. Advances in the pending task of refounding communist parties are made. The international proletariat and the peoples of the world, develop everyday more their struggle against imperialism, revisionism and reaction; but this is lived sharper and more intense in the struggle of the oppressed peoples for their liberation, thus the main contradiction between the oppressed nations and imperialism is expressed. We are in the new great wave of the proletarian world revolution; revolution is the main political and historical tendency. Impose maoism as commander and guide of the proletarian world revolution!

The development of the two-line struggle in the international communist movement, and within it, in the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement, it is synthesized in how to concretize the main strategic task for the communist of the Earth, we are in favor of maoism leading this new great wave and, others to make it abort. How does this take place concretely? We reaffirming ourselves in our leadership Chairman Gonzalo and his all-powerful thought, in the Communist Party of Peru and the people‘s war that it leads all-embracingly. Others, try to use the bend in the road caused by Chairman Gonzalo‘s detention (1992) to negate Chairman Gonzalo and Gonzalo thought, creative application of the international ideology of the proletariat to the concrete conditions of the Peruvian revolution and the international class struggle. These want new power without support bases, without leadership, without guiding thought, without Party that leads the three instruments; without that maoism will not be able to impose itself, because without that there is no people‘s war. So they are the same as the cursed rats of the revisionist and capitulationist Right-opportunist line.

That is why the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Peru in the document of May, 2001, „Long Live the 21st Anniversary of the People‘s War!“1 has established clear position against those that repeat reaction‘s plans. What corresponds is that they rectify themselves, they have to make self-criticism for having accused Chairman Gonzalo of being a revisionist and only repeating the stinking vomits of imperialism, reaction and the Right-opportunist line rats; they have to assume the declaration of the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement of May, 2000: „For a Century of People‘s Wars!“ They do not want to take what the Communist Party of Peru says, but to the millimeter what the reaction says.

In Peru, the people‘s war develops more, serving the overcoming of the bend in the road, to defend Chairman Gonzalo‘s life and, linked to it, Comrade Feliciano‘s. This has not stopped not for a single moment and the next 17th of May will celebrate its 22nd anniversary. The reorganization of the Party is developing and growing more. All this is expressed in the shaking actions in the countryside and the city, the enemy is in panic, because the actions are increasing in Ayacucho, the actions of the Party has shaken them and they are more afraid than ever, this shows that Ayacucho, the constant and heroic forge, is the main and pull the other ones, is decisive, this is expressed in the whole development of our people‘s war.

The Peruvian reaction everyday worse, more drowning, its new government, a Yankee runt, with the „Yankee with Indian hat“ (Toledo) everyday more discredited and faced with the powerful struggle of the masses, this shows that with more fascism the people‘s war develops more, there has never been and never will be an oppressing force that will be able to stop the revolution. They are changing their laws and striving to be deserving the U.S. imperialism, the motion against Cuba and Toledo‘s declarations against Chávez from Venezuela (complete negation of the national sovereignty) are part of it, all for failing.

The Peru People‘s Movement considers this celebration appropriate, for reaffirming itself, once more, in its firm pledge of defending our leadership against any attack, wherever it may come from, for closing ranks with the principle that the directorship never dies, of subjecting firmly to the leadership of Chairman Gonzalo and to the Central Committee. It takes firm position for the principle established by Marx that the flag once it has been raised never must be lowered, for people‘s war until communism.

We are sure and we are firm practitioners of the principle, that with Gonzalo thought our Party solves all the new problems that the revolution face. Today the people‘s war is more developed and confronts more complex problems. This demand from us and give us greater victories for the Party and the class: Honor and glory to the international proletariat!







1A falsified document by the Red Sun police conspiracy‘s non-existing „Central Committee of the Communist Party of Peru“.