Peru People’s Movement: “We Greet the Victorious Completion of the Party’s Campaign”

Proletarians of all countries, unite!
There is one goal, the conquest of power!


Peru People‘s Movement
October 2008

Red SunTranslated and reproduced by
The Red Flag


The Peru People‘s Movement, with overflowing joy and full revolutionary optimism, expresses its warm revolutionary greetings and subjection to our leadership, Chairman Gonzalo; to all-powerful marxism-leninism-maoism, Gonzalo thought, to the Communist Party of Peru and its basis of Party unity, to all its directorship system, to the comrade who directs the entire Party and the Central Committee and greets each one of the directors, cadres and militants of the Communist Party of Peru, as well as the fighters of the People‘s Liberation Army, the new power, the masses and the people in general for the victorious success of the plan and the campaign of the Party that has completely and thoroughly defeated the campaign of encirclement and annihilation of the enemy called „Excellency“, which began at the end of August and ended in complete and resounding failure, as was sealed with the great action of the People‘s Liberation Army in the district of Tintay Puncu, province of Tayacaja (Huancavelica), on the 9th of this month, and the subsequent action of the Party, in which soldiers of the Special Command in Vizcatán were annihilated. The Party has achieved this new success firmly united in our leadership, in our center of Party unification, Chairman Gonzalo, in the comrade who leads the whole Party, in its Central Committee, in our ideology, its principles and in our goals to fulfill. The whole Party as a whole, all the committees of the Party, marked by the action of the Main Regional Committee, have responded and contributed to crush „Excellency“. Since the beginning of this year, reaction has been concentrating efforts, forces and resources to go against the Main Regional Committee of the Party, within its „VRAE Plan“, which, as we have denounced, is a national plan aimed against the Party, but focused on dismantling it. Reaction dreams of destroying the directorship, to destroy the Party, to suffocate and crush the revolution, and dreams of separating the Party from the masses; as Chairman Gonzalo teaches us, to annihilate the Party is to postpone a revolution, not to finish it, because as long as there are communists and masses it can never be finished.

The Party has crushed the plan of imperialism and reaction with firmness and resolution applying to preserve the directorship of the Party. In the development of our counter-campaign, the Party has developed, against this plan that means greater intervention of U.S. imperialism, the world campaign: Yankee go home! In the development of this campaign, since the end of August, we have denounced the vile and cowardly genocide promoted by the armed forces and police in application of their plan within „Excellency“, showing the world the genocidal entrails of the old bureaucratic-landlord State, of the genocidal, fascist and country-selling government of García-Gampietre, of his Minister of Defense Flores Aráoz and other ministers, of his armed forces and police, starting with his Joint Command, with the complicity of the Church, the Judiciary, the Attorney General‘s Office, the Ombudsman‘s Office and the NGOs that call themselves defendants of their so-called „human rights“. Vile, cowardly and unpunished genocide that only the Party, exercising people‘s justice, will punish in the course of the people‘s war itself. As it has done by striking accurately and harshly the genocidal forces of the enemy during the actions of the people‘s war carried out in the course of our campaign since August to date, in the action of the 14th of this month we have struck the genocidal forces of the Pichari Base, which were acting in the zone of Vizcatán. And the delegitimization of the old State, of its institutions and authorities, of the imperialist intervention, advances further as a concrete result of its failure in the application of its plan.

The enemy‘s campaign, crushed by the Party, is part of the greatest direct intervention of U.S. imperialism, framed within the criteria of the „new Pentagon doctrine“, which has been presented at the end of July as the „National Defense Strategy of the United States“, which for its „low intensity war“, incorporates the most recent experiences of its failures harvested in the occupation of Iraq, Afghanistan, the Horn of Africa, etc. Its operation „New Horizons“ is part of the Yankee military intervention plan in Latin America and, specifically in Peru, which also bears the name of „New Horizons“, within which is located the „VRAE Plan“, in whose current phase it targets the Main Regional Committee and is aimed at annihilating the Central Directorship of the Communist Party of Peru. The part which is known by the media, in application from May to December, is centered in the area of the Main Regional Committee. It is accompanied by a great media promotion to obtain favorable public opinion for the further development of its counterrevolutionary war. It contemplates in its execution a diversity of actions, part of them are conceived as softening actions prior and during the military actions, which considers within its objectives: 1. That the population where the military action is going to be carried out gets used to the presence of Yankee officers and personnel. 2. To win the minds and hearts responding to what is established in its doctrine that „prioritizes gaining legitimacy and influence in the population“. According to this „doctrine“: „Combat actions always play a role. But operations against terrorists are subordinated to the task of supporting local government authorities and economic development.“ The Southern Command has provided directorship, military training, weapons, equipment and supplies for the officers and troops of the genocidal armed forces and police (they are special forces); installation of anti-subversive bases (also called anti-drug bases) and field hospitals. Applying in this way its military doctrine that says: „Our security is better served not through our own military actions, but through our putting our regional partners in the situation that they themselves govern and defend their interests.“ This is the importance and scope of the „Excellency“ campaign that the Party has resoundingly crushed.

This victorious success of the Party‘s campaign and the crushing of the enemy‘s „Excellency“ campaign means that the implementation of the enemy‘s plan begins with failures, but it continues until December. They go from failure to failure, neither in the Main Regional Committee nor in the rest of the country can align the self-defense committees or „peasant patrols“, which we hit them from inside and outside, applying to isolate their black heads. The enemy thought to focus on this part of the development of their plan in the VRAE and the Party with accurate and forceful blows of resounding national and international success has opened them in a wide territory and has been hitting them part by part, thus annihilating their living forces, these are retreating but they are going to continue. Now they have to fight in Huancavelica, they cannot see it there. And, as we have said, they are in a hurry, they have a timetable until December. On the other hand, everything that the fascist, genocidal and country-selling García government does shows the failure of its „Excellency“ campaign, such as the change of the Prime Minister to put in another puppet, „MRATA“ J. Simon Munaro to try to cover up his defeat and infamous genocide.

We are growing, the Party has been forging its directorship, each day more and more steeled in the image and likeness of Chairman Gonzalo, applying Gonzalo thought to respond to the new and more complex situations that the development of the people‘s war is posing. The People‘s Liberation Army is fulfilling its role by increasing its bellicosity and prowess, increasing the number of fighters and advancing in the increase of modern weaponry, wresting it from reaction, which is its main source. The People‘s Liberation Army, all-encompassingly led by the Party, fulfills its role as the backbone of the new power defending and developing it, advancing in recovering what has been lost. The masses of the new power, with sacrifice and revolutionary courage, give their all, making possible with their effort and sacrifice the victories of the people‘s war. Everything that the reactionaries say — both the fascist, genocidal and fatherland-selling García, his Minister of Defense, military, police, parties, deputies, henchmen, journalists, Peruvian and foreign press agencies — is reflecting the great success of the plan and the campaign of the Party and the fulfillment of the strategies and objectives outlined by the Party‘s plan. It shows, at the same time, that the Party‘s struggle, the people‘s war it directs, has not stopped for a minute; the Party is never paralyzed because it is clear on the course to follow, united in the leadership of Chairman Gonzalo, in the basis of Party unity, in the people‘s war, in the plan. The glorious work of more than 28 years of people‘s war shows that it can never cease. Thus, the Communist Party of Peru with more people‘s war serves the world revolution, to enthroning maoism as its only commander and guide, to smashing the imperialist plan of the „peace accords“ and to dismantling and smashing the rot propagated by the new revisionism.


October 2008