POEM: “The Great Internationalist”

This poem has been sent to us by an anonymous contributor. It is about the leader of a German counterrevolutionary organization styling itself as “Committee Red Flag”. These people are rats and snitches, racists, patriarchal chauvinists (they hate women and queers), and want to reestablish the German “Reich” under “red flags”.


Great man, they call you “Führer”
The only one who may interpret the faith
The great internationalist, endless solidarity procurer
Except for Jews, Blacks and gays.

You worship Gonzalo, he’s like your god
Put up his portrait, sing endless praise, you bet
But now came the day when he could finally be gone
And you burn your idols with cheap cigarettes.

Your committee is black, your conference a sham
We’ve seen it and others will too
Launch into struggle, discard your scam
We will unite — without you.