SWITZERLAND: Propaganda actions for International Women’s Day 2021

The experience of all liberation movements has shown that the success of a revolution depends on how much the women take part in it.

V. I. Lenin: “Speech at the 1st All-Russia Congress of Working Women”, 19.11.1918.

We have received documentation of propaganda actions carried out for the 8th of March, International Women’s Day, in the cities of Bern and Basel, which we reproduce.

Banner in Lorraine, Bern, reading: “In the People’s War in Peru, rapists and woman-beaters get shot! Let’s follow their example! Proletarian feminism for Communism!”. (In Bern German.)
Banner in St. Johann, Basel, reading: “Combat imperialism and patriarchy! For a class-conscious women’s movement!”. (In Prussian German.)

We are very happy especially to see the developments of the revolutionary movement in Bern, where our colleagues are more and more taking up the only ideology of the international proletariat: Marxism-Leninism-Maoism-Gonzalo Thought, mainly Gonzalo Thought. This is part of the general developments of the proletarian revolutionaries in Switzerland.