Resolution of the International Socialist Congress in Amsterdam

The resolution of the 6th World Congress of the Socialist 2nd International, held in Amsterdam, The Netherlands in 1904, which condemned socialist participation in bourgeois governments.

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6th World Congress
Socialist 2nd International
August 1904

Reproduced by
The Red Flag

This Resolution was adopted by the 6th World Congress of the Socialist 2nd International, held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, from August 14th to 20th, 1904. It condemned the participation of the revisionists in bourgeois governments.


The Congress repudiates to the fullest extent possible the efforts of the revisionists, which have for their object the modification of our tried and victorious policy based on the class war, and the substitution, for the conquest of political power by an unceasing attack on the bourgeoisie, of a policy of concession to the established order of society.

The consequence of such revisionist tactics would be to turn a party striving for the most speedy transformation possible of bourgeois society into socialist society — a party therefore revolutionary in the best sense of the word — into a party satisfied with the reform of bourgeois society.

For this reason the Congress, convinced, in opposition to revisionist tendencies, that class antagonisms, so far from diminishing, continually increase in bitterness, declares:

1. That the Party rejects all responsibility of any sort under the political and economic conditions based on capitalist production, and therefore can in no wise countenance any measure tending to maintain in power the dominant class.

2. That Social-Democracy can strive for no participation in the Government under bourgeois society, this decision being in accordance with the Kautsky resolution passed at the International Congress of Paris in 1900.

The Congress further repudiates every attempt to blur the ever growing class antagonisms, in order to bring about an understanding with bourgeois parties.

The Congress relies upon the socialist parliamentary groups to use their power, increased by the number of its members and by the great accession of electors who support them, to persevere in their propaganda towards the final object of socialism, and. in conformity with our program, to defend most resolutely the interests of the working class, the extension and consolidation of political liberties, in order to obtain equal rights for all; to carry on more vigorously than ever the fight against militarism, against the colonial and imperialist policy, against injustice, oppression and exploitation of every kind; and finally to exert itself energetically to perfect social legislation and to bring about the realization of the political and civilizing mission of the working class.