MOLDAVIA: Russian Imperialism Plans War of Aggression

As Russian imperialism is struggling to bring about a leap in its invasion and occupation of Ukraine, it is preparing to open up a new front in the war by annexing Moldavia.

Cover Image: Fascist Russian troops in Transnistria, the Russian-occupied part of Moldavia.

By a contributor to The Red Flag
  • The new Tsar Putin and his fascist-imperialist forces of aggression have suffered a decisive defeat at Kyiv and are now struggling to strengthen the Don Basin front in the war.
  • In a desperate attempt to open up a new front against the Ukrainian people, the Russian fascists are scheming to attack Moldovia by way of the Russian colony of Transnistria.
  • The imperialist and hegemonist geopolitical ambitions of the new Tsar Putin and his new Rasputin Aleksandr Dugin rely upon rapid Russian expansion in the parts of Europe and Asia which have not yet become part of the Western imperialist bloc.
  • The warmongering imperialists are bound to lose. The people of Ukraine and the world are bound to win in the struggle against imperialism and hegemonism.

[…] the course of the war has shown that the alliance of the fascist States did not and does not rest on a reliable foundation. The Hitlerite coalition was formed on the basis of the predatory, rapacious ambitions of its members. As long as the Hitlerites were gaining military successes, the fascist coalition appeared to be a stable association. But the very first defeats of the fascist troops resulted in the actual disintegration of the bandit bloc.

I. V. Stalin: «Speech at a Celebration Meeting of the Moscow Council of Working People’s Deputies and Moscow Party and Public Organisations» (06.11.1943)

Russian imperialism has lately been facing some serious difficulties in its war of aggression on Ukraine. Since the defeat of the fascist Russian forces at Kyiv in the beginning of April, the Russian aggressors have been attempting to consolidate and gradually expand their position in Eastern and Southern Ukraine, with the aim of annexing the entire Don Basin region and conquering a land bridge from the Don Basin in the East through Crimea in the South to Transnistria in the West. Deutsche Welle reported on Russian imperialist intentions to formally annex the Don Basin and thus consolidate their position in the East of Ukraine:

The U.S. warned Moscow plans to formally annex parts of eastern Ukraine, specifically the regions of Luhansk and Donetsk, after Russia failed to take the Ukrainian capital Kyiv.
Michael Carpenter, U.S. ambassador to the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, said: «Russia plans to engineer referenda upon joining sometime in mid-May.»
He added Russia also has a similar plan for the Kherson region. Carpenter told reporters in Washington the U.S. believes «the reports are highly credible».
The new focus sees Russia shifting to capitalizing on existing territorial gains in the east while pounding the southern port city of Odesa.

However, advances are slow, and Ukrainian forces are causing a lot of problems for the Russian forces, who can only advance slowly in the South and barely in the East, at the cost of a total retreat of all Russian forces from the North (the region centred on Kyiv). This shows that the Russian imperialists are unable to seize Ukraine before the 9th of May, as they had initially planned.

Map of the present situation in Ukraine provided by the Danish Government.
Blue: Ukrainian counter-offensive
Red: Russian-controlled areas
Pink: Russian movements of troops

Recently, The Times reported that Ukrainian military sources are counting on a Russian invasion of Moldavia, which is the Western neighbour of Ukraine, around the 9th of May. Russian imperialism has already occupied Transnistria, the part of Moldavia which borders on Ukraine, since 1992, with an armed force consisting of an unknown amount of soldiers. According to The Times:

Russia will attempt to open up a new front against Ukraine from Moldova, according to Ukrainian military sources.
One said there were a «number of indicators» pointing to an attack in the near future on the former Soviet State, which has only 3,250 soldiers in its army. A successful takeover would lead to Russian troops moving into the Black Sea port of Odesa, in Ukraine, from the west.
«We believe the Kremlin has already taken the decision to attack Moldova. The fate of Moldova is very crucial. If the Russians start to take control, we will, militarily, be an easier target and the threat to Ukraine will be existential», said the source.
Map of Moldavia, including its Russian-occupied territory of Transnistria.

According to the National News Agency of Ukraine:

A certain activity is already being observed in the airport of Tiraspol, the capital of the unrecognized republic of Transnistria. Russians may try to transfer its troops on Il-76 planes and helicopters taking off the occupied Crimea. At the same time, protests and riots are to be set up in Moldova’s capital Chisinau.
It is reported that Russia may try to invade Moldova closer to May 9th, when Russia celebrates Victory Day. On this date, President Vladimir Putin may announce recognition of Transnistria’s independence, which would lead to the unfolding of a «Donbas scenario» and pose a direct threat to Moldova’s territorial integrity.
The Russians will then start to supply large amounts of weapons to the country before moving to try to make it part of Russia, the source suggested.
A successful takeover would lead to Russian troops moving into the Black Sea port of Odesa, in Ukraine, from the west, thus opening up a new Russian front against Ukraine from Moldova.
As reported earlier, an «urgent issue» of the Transnistria newspaper had allegedly been printed, dated May 2nd, where «acts of terror» are covered and an appeal is published, presumably from the population, to President Putin, asking the latter to intervene.
A number of explosions were reported in Transnistria over the past week, including targeting the HQ of the local security agency in Tiraspol and a TV and radio broadcasting center in the village of Maiac.
Also, the Russian intelligence launched a false-flag operation, circulating hoax warnings, allegedly coming from the Ukrainian security forces, of the impending missile and artillery strikes on the region. Local armed forces were put on high alert.

In response to the series of false-flag attacks carried out by Russian imperialism in the Transnistria region of Moldavia, the «President» of the Transnistrian puppet regime announced a general mobilisation of all men aged 18 to 55 on the 28th of April and called for Russian intervention against Moldavia. Russian imperialism is concretely planning yet another fascist onslaught on a sovereign country by planning to attack Moldavia. According to Al-Jazeera:

Russia plans to seize the Donbas region and southern Ukraine, a military official said, explaining the latter move was a «way to Transnistria», the Russia-backed breakaway region in Moldova.
Rustam Minnekaev, deputy commander of Russia’s central military district, made the announcement on Friday at a meeting in Sverdlovsk, according to Russian media.
He said capturing Donbas would enable Moscow to forge a land bridge between the Crimea, the Black Sea peninsula it annexed in 2014, and the eastern region.
«Control over the south of Ukraine is another way to Transnistria, where there is also evidence that the Russian-speaking population is being oppressed», Minnekaev said, without providing details of the alleged oppression.
President of Belarus Aljaksandr Lukašenka showed this map of planned Russian troop movements during the beginning of the Russian war of aggression on Ukraine. The map shows planned Russian troop movements to and from Moldavia.

It should come as no surprise that Russian imperialism is planning the annexation of Moldavia. Ever since the end of the Cold War, control of Central Eurasia has been a central amibition of Russian imperialism, particularly of its fascist ideologues such as Aleksandr Dugin, whose voice is often heard in the Kremlin. Aleksandr Dugin represents a specifically Russian variant of fascism, which he calls «Eurasianism». In recent years, the term «Rashism» (meaning «Russian fascism») has become a popular name for this phenomenom in Ukraine and the West. Dugin’s ideology echoes that of Adolf Hitler in particular when he argues for Russian control of the «World Island» of Eurasia through control of its «Heartland» (Eastern Europe and Central Asia) through an empire which constantly expands its geographical territory, which Dugin calls a «tellurocracy», a specifically Russian form of the theory of «living space» promoted by Hitler in «My Struggle». Putin’s chief ideologue writes:

[…] Russian geopolitics is by definition the geopolitics of the Heartland; land-based geopolitics, the geopolitics of Land. Because of this, we know from the start that Russian society belongs to the land-based type.
Russia’s geopolitical identity, being land-based and tellurocratic, demands strengthening, deepening, acknowledgement and development. […] Russia’s political sovereignty is imbued with a much deeper significance: it is the realisation of the strategic project for the upkeep of the political-administrative unity of the Heartland and the (re)creation of the conditions necessary for Russia to act as the tellurocratic pole on a global scale.

Aleksandr Dugin: «Last War of the World-Island: The Geopolitics of Contemporary Russia» (2012)

Compare this to Hitler:

What I call a healthy proportion is that in which the support of a people is guaranteed by the resources of its own soil and sub-soil. Any situation which falls short of this condition is none the less unhealthy even though it may endure for centuries or even 1,000 years. Sooner or later, this lack of proportion must of necessity lead to the decline or even annihilation of the people concerned.
Only a sufficiently large space on this Earth can assure the independent existence of a people.
Therefore we National Socialists have purposely drawn a line through the line of conduct followed by pre-war Germany in foreign policy. We put an end to the perpetual Germanic march towards the South and West of Europe and turn our eyes towards the lands of the East. We finally put a stop to the colonial and trade policy of pre-war times and pass over to the territorial policy of the future.

Adolf Hitler: «My Struggle» (1925)

Aleksandr Dugin, too, seeks to «pass over to the territorial policy of the future», and in doing so, he is simply putting down on paper the pre-existing, strategic aims of Russian imperialism in the synthesised form of his geopolitical theories. In 2008, before the Russian war of aggression against Georgia broke out, Dugin stated in South Ossetia:

Our troops will occupy the Georgian capital Tbilisi, the entire country, and perhaps even Ukraine and the Crimean Peninsula, which is historically part of Russia anyway.

By understanding the theories of Dugin, which are concretely the guiding thought of Russian imperialism in its present, neo-tsarist, fascist form under the Putin Government, we can understand the future moves of Russian imperialism. Following the invasion and occupation of Ukraine, Russian imperialism will inevitably seek to invade and occupy Moldavia and Georgia, as it already has military footholds within both countries (Transnistria in Moldavia and Abkhazia and South Ossetia in Georgia). It will apply the same tactic as against Ukraine in both cases. It will then aim for countries such as Kazakhstan, Armenia and Azerbaijan, where it has a military presence, and Mongolia, North Korea and Iran, where it enjoys significant prestige and support from the local reactionaries. These are the ways in which Russian imperialism can consolidate and expand without entering into an open confrontation with the Western imperialist bloc, which would lead to the 3rd World War. Therefore, Russian imperialism will seek to rapidly expand into and consolidate its control of these countries, either through direct annexation into the Russian Federation (as in Chechnya and the Don Basin) or into the Union State (as in Belarus). As this «intermediate zone» between the Western and Eastern imperialist blocs is rapidly swallowed up by the imperialist superpowers, the 3rd World War will become more and more inevitable. Russian imperialism is the main threat to world peace at present, as it seeks its «place in the Sun», but U.S. imperialism is the main enemy of the people of the world, as it is the biggest of the imperialist slave-owners. Chinese social-imperialism is an imperialist superpower on the rise. The other imperialist powers are also scheming and attempting to use the situation to their advantage in fighting for a bigger share of the slaves. No imperialist superpower and power can be supported by the revolutionary proletariat. We must:

1. Resolutely oppose the Russian war of aggression on Ukraine, its ambitions for annexing Ukraine, Belarus, Moldavia, Georgia and Kazakhstan, and its hegemonic global ambitions.

2. Resolutely oppose the expansion of NATO and the European Union and the stationing of imperialist and reactionary troops across Europe.

3. Resolutely fight for the break-up of both imperialist blocs at the world level.

4. Resolutely support the people of the countries being oppressed or threatened by Russian imperialism and the other imperialist superpowers and powers.

5. Resolutely oppose the sham imperialist «neutrality» of Swiss imperialism and the attempts to tie Switzerland to U.S., German and French imperialism. Prepare to transform both imperialist war and imperialist «neutrality» into revolutionary civil war.