SCANDINAVIA: Governments of Norway and Denmark Surrender Sovereignty to U.S. Imperialism

In response to Russian imperialist aggression against Ukraine, U.S. imperialism is consolidating its hold in Europe. The Governments of Norway and Denmark have signed «defensive treaties» allowing their countries to be occupied by U.S. imperialism. The people of the Nordic countries must fight to prevent a U.S. occupation of their homelands, which would be no different than the German occupation during the 2nd World War.

SCANDINAVIA: Governments of Norway and Denmark Surrender Sovereignty to U.S. Imperialism


  • In response to Russian imperialist aggression against Ukraine, U.S. imperialism is consolidating its hold in Europe.
  • The Governments of Norway and Denmark have signed «defensive treaties» allowing their countries to be occupied by U.S. imperialism.
  • The people of the Nordic countries must fight to prevent a U.S. occupation of their homelands, which would be no different than the German occupation during the 2nd World War.

«In areas occupied by the enemy, guerilla units, mounted and on foot, must be formed; sabotage groups must be organized to combat enemy units, to foment guerrilla warfare everywhere, blow up bridges and roads, damage telephone and telegraph lines, set fire to forests, stores and transports. In occupied regions conditions must be made unbearable for the enemy and all their accomplices. They must be hounded and annihilated at every step, and all their measures frustrated.»

J. V. Stalin: Radio Broadcast (03.07.1941)

In response to the expansionist acts of war and aggression committed by Russian imperialism against the people of Ukraine, which have now developed into a full-scale war for transforming Ukraine into a Russian colony, the imperialist Norwegian and Danish Governments have revealed themselves as nothing but an isolated group of Quislings.

The Danish Government, which is headed by the fascist pretending to be a socialist Mette Frederiksen — who is responsible for a borderline genocidal policy against refugees and who upholds a regime of apartheid laws for migrant communities — announced on February 10th that it is negotiating a new «defensive» treaty with the USA. This new treaty will allow the stationing of Yankee troops on Danish soil and the construction of Yankee military bases in Denmark, especially on the strategically important island of Bornholm. A paragraph establishing U.S. extraterritoriality in Denmark is also being debated — under this paragraph, it would be forbidden for Danish courts to persecute U.S. soldiers.

A similar agreement was signed by Norway in April 2021. This agreement allows for the construction of U.S. military bases in Norway and provides extraterritoriality for U.S. soldiers, who thus cannot be convicted of any crimes they commit in Norway.

The strategic importance of Denmark in the Baltic Sea region is so great that U.S. military plans during the Cold War called for the total nuclear bombardment of Copenhagen and Bornholm to prevent Soviet troops from passing through the straits.

In response to the new «defensive» agreement, demonstrations have taken place all across Denmark. In cities such as Copenhagen, Aarhus and Rønne on the island of Bornholm, people have protested against the stationing of Yankee troops in Denmark.

Denmark and Norway are founding members of NATO and are imperialist powers in their own right. However, due to the experience of the anti-fascist armed resistance struggle in the two countries during the 2nd World War, when both countries were occupied by German imperialism, stationing foreign troops in these countries has been all but forbidden. Indeed, to sign a treaty allowing for the construction of foreign military bases in a country constitutes a gross violation of the sovereignty of the country in question — and extraterritoriality even more so. For example, the Danish Constitution clearly states that all restrictions on the country‘s sovereignty as well as important international agreements require a popular referendum in order to pass.

Thus, the ruling Quislings in the Norwegian and Danish Governments have not only betrayed the interests of their people — they have even broken their own fundamental laws. No popular referendums have been held in Norway and Denmark concerning these treaties, making them illegal. In illegally signing these treaties, key steps have been taken in the direction of the complete abolition of Norwegian and Danish sovereignty in the event of a world war. In such a situation, these countries would — according to these new «defensive» treaties — be completely occupied by U.S. imperialism and thus turned into its colonies. This would be no different from what German imperialism did during the 2nd World War.

History clearly shows what happens to these kinds of country-sellers. Vidkun Quisling, after whom the synonym for traitor is named, was a Norwegian military officer during the 2nd World War. On the 9th of April, 1940, he attempted a State coup whilst the Nazi invasion took place. He was appointed Prime Minister of Norway in 1942 and served as such until 1945. Quisling and other members of his puppet government were found guilty of high treason and sentenced to death — Quisling was executed by firing squad on the 24th of October, 1945. A total of 40 persons were executed for treason after the 2nd World War in Norway. The legal precedent set by this is clear — those who sign away the national sovereignty of Norway are to be executed.

In Denmark, the precedent is no less clear. On the 9th of April, 1940, Nazi Germany invaded and occupied the country. This was possible only due to the explicit collaboration of the social-fascist Prime Minister Thorvald Stauning, who represented the worst of what false «marxism» has to offer. Stauning — who had been denounced by Lenin 25 years prior as a lackey of the imperialists — surrendered his country to German imperialism, openly praised Hitler and condemned those who offered resistance to the occupation. Stauning died in 1943, but he was no less of a traitor than Quisling, and would have been shot in exactly the same way had he lived. Nazis, spies, occupant soldiers and snitches were routinely executed in the armed resistance struggle of the Danish people, and this was sanctioned by law after the war. From 1945 to 1950, more than 400 traitors were executed, formally or informally, by the armed people. Again, the legal precedent is entirely clear — those who sell out the Danish people are to be executed.

Communist-directed partisans routed the German invaders from Denmark. The Yankees are fools if they think they are any different.

The Norwegian and Danish people will in no way accept these new attacks on their sovereignty. In these countries, there is a strong labor movement, broad patriotic sentiment and many class-conscious proletarians who increasingly take up the necessity of the socialist revolution. The struggle for refounding the Communist Parties in these countries is picking up speed, as the recent refounding of the Young Communist League of Denmark and other facts clearly show. What is needed is that these young communists take up marxism-leninism-maoism and organize clandestinely in preparation for the armed struggle and the final class war, which alone can install socialism in the Scandinavian countries.

But it is not only the people of Norway and Denmark whose sovereignty is being sold. The people of Iceland are held in semi-colonial oppression by U.S. imperialism, which considers this country to be no more than an air and marine base for the stationing of its troops. The Icelandic people have been made a target for the aggression of Russian imperialism should a new world war break out. The people of Greenland stand in a similar situation, as they would be transformed from a Danish colony into a U.S. one and become an object of struggle for the redivision of the world in the event of a new war. As for Sweden and Finland, the people of these countries are presently being increasingly threatened by Russian violations of their air space and territorial waters, and are being encouraged to join NATO as a result. According toThe Hill, the Finnish Prime Minister stated Thursday that «it is also now clear that the debate on NATO membership in Finland will change». On Friday, both Sweden and Finland will be present at a NATO summit meeting.Joining NATO would only make the people of Sweden and Finland targets of Russian aggression and U.S. military occupation in the event of a world war.

For the people of the Nordic countries, a world war would inevitably mean becoming the object of U.S. colonial oppression and Russian expansionism. They would become occupational and war zones, subject to nuclear bombardment and crimes against the civilian population. Now, more than ever before, it is necessary for the people of these countries to demand complete independence and respect for their sovereignty. Neither participation in NATO nor U.S. troop deployment is enough to save the people of the Nordic countries from war. The historical experience of the Danish-Prussian wars of 1848 and 1864, the Norwegian independence struggle of 1905, the Finnish civil war of 1918-19 and the armed liberation struggles of the Norwegian and Danish people of 1940-45 have proven beyond any reasonable doubt — the only safeguard against occupation and war is an armed people conscious of its own interests.

At the same time, the people of these countries, and particularly the class-conscious workers, should never forget that these are imperialist countries, whose ruling capitalist class — even if they choose to be «neutral» — will always seek to use any situation, be it a state of war or of peace, to exploit and oppress the people of the third world. «Neutral» imperialist governments participate in wars of aggression through trade with the belligerant States. Moreover, the imperialist States of Norway, Sweden and Finland exploit and oppress the Sami nation, which is in a state of colonial occupation by these three powers and Russia. Denmark continues to maintain its 300-year iron grip on its Greenlandic colony, even as it increasingly pimps out the Inuit people to Chinese imperialism. Svalbard is nothing more than a project for the Norwegian exploitation of Thai, Ukrainian and Russian migrant workers under colonial conditions. And Iceland, as a semi-colony enjoying no genuine independence, is subjected to Yankee military occupation, German economic domination and Danish cultural hegemony.

Yankee occupational troops in Iceland.

The communists, proletarian revolutionaries, class-conscious workers and all peace-loving people of the Nordic countries must immediately demand:

1. U.S. imperialism must leave the Nordic countries and the Nordic countries must leave NATO. The restrictive weapons laws in these countries must be abolished and the general population must be armed and organized in a people‘s militia.

2. The Sami nation, Iceland and Greenland must all be granted immediate national independence and provided the necessary means to establish a self-sufficient economy, educational system and militia by their former oppressors.

3. The Nordic countries must enter into a purely defensive military pact with one another. This alliance must not be allowed to be used against perceived internal threats. The Nordic countries must ban the export of weapons to other States. The Nordic countries must ban the deployment of their own troops abroad.

Real, working-class Communist Parties need to be founded/refounded in these seven Nordic nations. They must organize clandestinely and build up their own armed forces as the only possible guarantee against betrayal by their «own» governments. The above demands must be raised, but can only be guaranteed by socialist countries. Therefore, the communists must at the same time fight to initiate the armed struggle and take power so as to really implement these policies.

In the event that a country is occupied, the communists have a duty to enter into a united front with their «own» national bourgeoisie and fight a guerrilla war until the enemy is driven across the border — and not one step further — before transforming the national war into a class war against the very same bourgeoisie.

In the event that a country attacks other countries, the communists have a duty to fight for the transformation of the imperialist war of aggression into a civil war. Here, it should be remembered that Danish and Norwegian imperialists are both currently engaged in wars of aggression and that Swedish and Finnish imperialism recently were as well (in Libya and Afghanistan respectively).

The ongoing acts of aggression by Russian imperialism must be understood as what they are — an isolated imperialist war of aggression against a third-world nation conducted within the framework of U.S. imperialist preparation for an imperialist 3rd World War. In the long run, it is U.S. imperialism which will be the main enemy, even if Russian imperialism is currently the main threat to world peace. This can never be forgotten, especially by comrades working in countries participating in or aligned with NATO.