SWITZERLAND: The Main Enemy Is at Home!

Swiss imperialism objectively participates in the preparations for a 3rd World War on the side of U.S. imperialism. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare for transforming the imperialist war into revolutionary civil war in Switzerland.

SWITZERLAND: The Main Enemy Is at Home!


  • The Swiss Government has decided to implement sanctions against Russia, which will mainly hit not the ruling class but the already impoverished people of Russia. In doing so, the Federal Council objectively takes the side of the superpower USA in the coming world war.
  • If a 3rd World War breaks out, Switzerland will be economically belligerant, no matter if it is formally «neutral» or not.
  • Just as the people of Russia, Ukraine and other countries suffer in this war, the Swiss people will suffer as well. They will suffer through price increases, inflation, restrictions on civil rights and other results of the war.
  • Therefore, as suffering people in a belligerant country, it is the duty of Swiss communists and revolutionary socialists to «transform the imperialist war into civil war» if the world war breaks out, just as much as in other countries.

«Imperialist interests are manifested, as everyone knows, not only in territorial, but also in financial acquisitions. It should be borne in mind that the Swiss bourgeoisie exports capital, no less than 3,000,000,000 francs a year, that is, imperialistically exploits backward nations. That is a fact, and another fact is that Swiss banking capital is intimately associated and intertwined with the banking capital of the Great Powers, that the Swiss Fremdenindustrie, and so on, represent a permanent division of imperialist wealth between the Great Powers and Switzerland.


It therefore befits the bourgeois to try to instil in the people, in the exploited, faith in the bourgeoisie of their own country and use plausible phrases to conceal the realities of its imperialist policies.

Something quite different, however, is expected of the socialist, namely: merciless exposure that leaves no room for illusions about the real policies of their ‹own› bourgeoisie. And continuation of these real policies by the Swiss bourgeoisie, such as selling the nation to one of the imperialist coalitions of States, is much more probable and much more ‹natural› (that is, more in conformity with the nature of this bourgeoisie) than defence of democracy in the true sense of the word, which would be contrary to its profit interests.

To each their own›: let the Grütlians, as servants and agents of the bourgeoisie, deceive the people with phrases about ‹defending neutrality›.

Socialists, on the other hand, as fighters against the bourgeoisie, must open the people‘s eyes to the very real danger, proved by the whole history of Swiss bourgeois politics, of being sold by their ‹own› bourgeoisie!»

V. I. Lenin: «Defense of Neutrality» (January 1917)

The Swiss Government has decided to support the European Union‘s economic sanctions against Russian imperialism following the Russian invasion of Ukraine on Thursday the 24th of February, 2022. According to 20 Minutes: «Switzerland adopts EU sanctions but does not freeze funds. […] Switzerland will adopt the majority of the E.U. sanctions against Russia.» At the same time, according to SRF, Federal President Ignazio Cassis has announced that the Federal Council «waives its own sanctions for the time being. However, Switzerland is tightening the rules for circumventing sanctions imposed by other countries».

This represents a new step in the Swiss bourgeoisie‘s policy of selling out the international and Swiss working class in the interests of imperialism. The imperialist war of aggression waged by Russia against the people of Ukraine is now being answered by the Western imperialist powers, headed by U.S. imperialism, with preparations for a new, imperialist 3rd World War. By participating in the sanctions against Russia — which, as was proven by the sanctions against Iraq, cause misery for the common people and barely affect the ruling class of Russia at all — Swiss imperialism is objectively taking the side of U.S. imperialism in the preparations for the coming world war.

Swiss occupant soldiers (SWISSCOY) in Yugoslavia under Yankee command.

This shows just how false and hypocritical the Swiss policy of so-called «neutrality» really is. Trading arms with and investing money in one side of the coming war, while imposing sanctions against the people of the other side of the coming war — this is what their «neutrality» really boils down to! It is nothing but economic and financial participation in the coming imperialist world war.

The Swiss capitalists are selling out the people of Russia by supporting the sanctions. They are selling out the people of Eastern Europe, who suffer under NATO occupation. They are selling out the people of the whole world by participating in the preparation of a new world war, which would be unprecedentedly brutal, and for what? For Ukrainian grain, Polish car factories, Russian gas and Belarusian oil! These are the reasons why millions upon millions of people could be slaughtered in the very near future — and the Swiss capitalists, as usual, turn a profit.

We, the Swiss workers, peasants and soldiers, are being sold out. Our Government and the financial capitalists who rule it, through participating in these war preparations, are directly causing rising prices of petroleum, heating and electricity, which in turn affect food prices and the prices of other necessities of life. According to the Russian news agency TASS:

«Gas prices in Europe rose above $1,000 per 1,000 cubic meters for the first time since the end of January amid growing tensions around Ukraine. The overall growth in gas prices was around 13.7%, according to London‘s ICE.

The price of March futures at the TTF hub in the Netherlands rose to $1,031.8 per 1,000 cubic meters, or 88 euro per Mwh.»

The hypocritical «neutrality» of the Swiss capitalists in promoting the E.U. sanctions as a form of economic and financial warfare, the Swiss capitalists are increasing their own market shares, but to the detriment of the people of Switzerland. In the last four days, stock prices in Switzerland have fallen by roughly 4% — a very large drop. This will inevitably cause the working masses to suffer more, as unemployment, hunger and homelessness will rise, while wages will drop.

These economic and financial measures are only the prelude to actual Swiss participation on the side of the U.S. in the coming war. Whether or not Switzerland will openly and militarily participate or it will simply side with the USA in its «neutrality», as it sided with Germany during the 2nd World War, is not yet defined. Most likely, the Swiss capitalists will seek to minimize damages and maximize profits through covert participation rather than overt participation. Either way, Swiss imperialism will maneuver in an attempt to be on the winning side — in this way, it will gain access to more economic resources, more migrant labor and more gold than before the war.

This is how Swiss imperialism operates — as a parasite on the other imperialists powers. This is the real economic basis of Swiss «neutrality». Just as Swiss capitalists continued to participate in the slave trade as late as 1865, when the Federal Council upheld slavery as a «legitimate business», today Swiss capitalists continue to participate in the no less brutal super-exploitative enslavement of the third world, which is upheld as a «legitimate business» as well. Nothing has changed, because the capitalist mode of production remains the same.

During the Russian October Revolution, the soldiers “turned their guns around” and helped to end the imperialist 1st World War through the revolutionary civil war in Russia.

It is completely clear that the slogan «Turn the imperialist war into civil war!» adopted by the Zimmerwald Conference — which was held in Switzerland in 1915 and condemned the European social-democrats for supporting the war — is still valid. This slogan, as Lenin pointed out, also applies in supposedly «neutral» countries, which participate less overtly, but no less materially, in the imperialist wars as well.

By supporting the warmongering of U.S. imperialism and NATO, Swiss imperialism has made itself a belligerant power in the war to come against the equally warmongering Russian imperialists. This must be firmly realized. As communists and socialist revolutionaries, as progressive and democratic people, as genuine patriots who do not want to see our homeland with blood on its hands, and our people sold to the highest bidder — Yankee imperialism — we are duty-bound to fight for peace. This peace can be attained and guaranteed only if we are willing to fight for it. Our demands must be the following:

1. The Swiss Government must immediately ban weapons exports to and trade with all belligerant States. It must immediately impose sanctions on all belligerant States.

2. The Swiss Government must not only condemn Russian imperialist aggression, but also the aggressive Eastward expansion of U.S. imperialism through NATO.

3. The Swiss State must adopt as part of its Constitution provisions forbidding the deployment of Swiss troops (including both SWISSCOY and advisors) abroad and forbidding entry into and cooperation with military alliances such as NATO.

4. The Swiss Government must implement price stoppages for electricity, fuel, heating, food, clothing and other necessities, as well as a rent stoppage. Make the rich pay for their own war!

5. The Swiss Government must implement a federal 35 CHF minimum wage, enforce the constitutional right to «assistance when in need» which must correspond to the miminum wage, and implement federal guarantees for employment and housing.

6. The Swiss Government must grant citizenship to all working residents, take in refugees without placing them in the inhumane concentration camps currently operating, train all citizens in the use of firearms and distribute such firearms to them, purge its police and militia of fascists and fifth-columnist elements expressing loyalty to U.S., Russian or Chinese imperialism, and ensure the national defense of the country without relying on anything but the Swiss people.

The General Strike of 1918 was supposed to be the prologue to a revolutionary civil war in Switzerland to put an end to hypocritical “neutrality” (which is just imperialist war in a “milder” form). This picture shows counter-revolutionary Swiss soldiers occupying Zürich.

These demands can only truly be met through the socialist revolution and transformation of Swiss society. That is why our slogan must be: «Class against class! War against war!». As Karl Liebknecht, the great German communist who through his unbending opposition to the slaughter that was the 1st World War more than anyone in Western Europe fought to make this slogan reality, once said: «The main enemy is at home!»