Talks with the Delegation of the Sweden-Kampuchea Friendship Association

Proletarians of all countries, unite!
There is one goal, the conquest of power!


Pol Pot
August 1978

Department of Press and Information
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Democratic Kampuchea
Reproduced by
The Red Flag


On August 24th, 1978, Comrade Pol Pot, Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Kampuchea, Prime Minister of the Government of Democratic Kampuchea, received the delegation of the Sweden-Kampuchea Friendship Association and had friendly and warm talks. On this occasion, he answered a number of questions put by the Swedish friends.

(First question: „Excellency, what is your opinion about the intellectuals and educated people of the former society? Can their knowledge be used for the reconstruction and building up of the new Kampuchea?“)

The Constitution of Democratic Kampuchea clearly stipulates: „Every citizen of Kampuchea has the duty to defend and build up the country in accordance with their abilities and their possibilities.“

Concerning the intellectuals and those who have been trained in the former society, they have also the right to work like every citizen of Kampuchea, each one in accordance with their possibilities and abilities. In the revolutionary movement of Kampuchea, whether before or during the five-year war against the U.S. imperialist aggressors or after liberation, they have participated in various activities following their task and they have brought about an appreciable contribution.

In the restoration and construction of New Kampuchea, they have also brought about their contribution, each one in accordance with their possibilities and abilities.

(Second question: „Excellency, your Government has accused Vietnam of carrying out activities aiming at fomenting State coups in your country. Can you give us some precise details about this?“)

Vietnam has used all means, even the most despicable and cruel ones, provided it could swallow Kampuchea following its strategy of „Indochina Federation“. The State coup is a form which Vietnam has unceasingly resorted to in order to carry out this strategy. During the five-year war, at the time when they have come to take refuge in Kampuchea‘s territory, the Vietnamese have tried several times to foment State coups aiming at overthrowing the Communist Party of Kampuchea and creating a party, puppet of Vietnam, called „Workers‘ Party“. In 1970, they fomented a State coup but they failed. In 1973, they fomented once again, but they still failed. In 1975, before the total liberation of our country, they still tried once again to foment a State coup, but they failed again. And since the total liberation of Kampuchea, the Vietnamese have continued to carry out activities in order to foment State coups against Kampuchea. At the same time, they have carried out acts of subversion and provocation along the borders, in our territorial waters and islands, and they have perpetrated aggressions against Democratic Kampuchea. During this year of 1978, after having suffered successive heavy and ignominious defeats in their aggressions against Kampuchea since the end of 1977, the Vietnamese have tried to foment a new State coup. They have planned to assassinate the leaders of the Communist Party of Kampuchea by their agents. They thought that if they succeeded in assassinating the leaders of Kampuchea, there would certainly be confusion, for there would not be any more leaders of the Party and the State. They would then mobilize their armed forces to aggress, invade and annex Kampuchea and take possession of it at one go, hoping that the Party, the people and the Revolutionary Army of Kampuchea will kneel down in front of their savage forces. That is a pipe-dream. The Party, the people and the valiant Revolutionary Army of Kampuchea cherish their homeland more than their own lives, and they have inflicted a very heavy and ignominious defeat, unprecedented in history, on the U.S. imperialist aggressors and their lackeys. This Party, this nation, this people and this Army will surely inflict on the Vietnamese aggressors, annexationists and swallowers of territories a bitter defeat, and that in spite of all Vietnamese maneuvers.

(Third question: „Excellency, there are some contradictions among the non-aligned countries. What do you think about these contradictions and the future of the non-aligned movement?“)

The political principles of the non-aligned movement are the mutual respect for independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity, non-interference, non-aggression, mutual respect on the basis of equality and reciprocal benefit, respect of the right of each country and each people to decide by themselves their own destiny, non-resort to force to intimidate, threaten and aggress the others, non-adherence to any bloc, prohibition of all foreign countries to install military bases in its own territory. That is the soul of the non-aligned movement and also that of all the independence-, peace- and justice-loving countries throughout the world.

Contradictions indeed existed within the non-aligned countries. There have been in the past, and there still are at present. And there will still be in the future. They are contradictions between two opposite forces:

  • On the one hand, some get their followers together under the orders of the master on the outside aiming at placing the movement under their wing. In the past, the U.S. imperialists were the chieftain, who have mobilized their followers to oppose the movement of non-alignment. At present, Vietnam and Cuba, under the order of the international expansionists, are striving to gather their followers to transform the movement of non-alignment into their instrument.
  • On the other hand, there are forces which defend the sacred principles of the non-aligned movement. The overwhelming majority of the non-aligned countries have defended these principles and resolutely waged the struggle under various forms against a handful of countries, which have posed as non-aligned countries in order to carry out activities aiming at destroying the non-aligned movement.

At the beginning of 1976, Vietnam and Cuba tried to induce Democratic Kampuchea to join a group they called the „progressist group“ inside the non-aligned movement in order to harm and lead this movement to serve their strategy of aggression and expansion. Democratic Kampuchea had immediately rejected this maneuver of Vietnam‘s and Cuba‘s by telling them that this would mean to set up an alliance inside the non-aligned movement and to divide and split the movement.

At the same time, more and more countries which do not belong to the non-aligned movement have defended the principles of independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity, of mutual respect, equality, non-interference, non-aggression, non-resorting to force, etc., and have opposed all countries and their supporters which have violated and destroyed these principles.

At the present stage, the position of defending independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity and the right to decide by oneself one‘s own destiny has been strengthened and is strengthening powerfully. This force has highly emerged in the five continents of the world. The forces of the U.S. imperialists and their puppets, the forces of the international expansionists and their puppets as well as the other reactionary forces which aim at destroying the will of being independent and sovereign of the independence- and justice-loving countries and peoples the world over have suffered and are suffering bitter defeats. In the future, they will still suffer heavier and more ignominious defeats.

Democratic Kampuchea has faith in the sacred principles of the non-aligned movement and is confident of the brilliant future of these principles.

(Fourth question: „Excellency, in your opinion, what are the prospects of a development of the relations between Sweden and Kampuchea?“)

Democratic Kampuchea wishes that the relations between our two peoples and two countries, Kampuchea and Sweden, would develop favorably and quickly on the basis of mutual respect for independence, sovereignty and the right to decide by oneself one‘s own destiny, of non-interference in each other‘s internal affairs, equality and reciprocal benefit.

The progressive peace- and justice-loving Swedish people have supported the struggle of the Kampuchean people. The Sweden-Kampuchea Friendship Association has played here a pioneer and vanguard role. Democratic Kampuchea and her people would like to express their most profound thanks and wish that the ties of friendship between our two peoples and two countries, Kampuchea and Sweden, would further develop.

We are convinced that there are wide prospects for the development of our relations of friendship in various fields.