EUROPE: The Imperialists Are Preparing a New, Third World War

As NATO bolsters its Eastern flank and Russia runs out of room in which to expand in Europe, a 3rd World War is gradually approaching.


«Modern war is born of imperialism. Capitalism has reached this highest stage. The productive forces of society and the dimensions of capital have outgrown the narrow framework of separate national States. Hence the striving of the great powers to enslave other nations, to seize colonies as sources of raw material and places for the export of capital. The whole world is merging into a single economic organism; the whole world is divided up among a handful of great powers. The objective conditions for socialism have fully matured and the present war is a war of the capitalists for privileges and monopolies to postpone the collapse of capitalism.»

V. I. Lenin: «Draft Resolution of the Zimmerwald Left» (Before 20.08.1915)


  • Through the Eastward expansion of NATO, U.S. imperialism is making it impossible for Russian imperialism to expand in Europe without a world war.
  • Through the invasion of Ukraine, Russian imperialism is seizing almost all «unoccupied» territory in Europe.
  • Therefore, a 3rd World War will inevitably take place in the coming decade or so, as the imperialist superpowers are preventing each other from expanding without one.

In allowing Russian imperialism to invade and occupy Ukraine and transform the entirety of it (as opposed to previously just Crimea, Donetsk and Lugansk) into a colony, U.S. imperialism has made a concession to Russia in Europe. In the short term, Russian imperialism is given room to expand and maneuver — a redivision of Ukraine from mainly U.S. semi-colonial domination to Russian colonial domination has taken place.

Russian imperialism has been allowed to create one continuous belt of colonies from its colonial warlord State Transnistria (the Russian-occupied part of Moldavia) through Southern Ukraine to Crimea, the Donbass, Southern Russia and its colonial warlord States Abkhazia and South Ossetia (the Russian-occupied parts of Georgia). This will allow Russian imperialism to stabilize its colonial domination in Eastern Europe in the short-term. However, in the mid-term, Russian imperialism has lost all its options for expansion in Europe through the present aggressive expansion of NATO, the U.S.-headed imperialist military alliance.

Following the Russian invasion of Ukraine, U.S. imperialism immediately began utilizing the situation to its advantage through a consolidation and expansion of NATO, especially in Eastern Europe. For the first time in NATO history, Sweden and Finland, two imperialist powers which have hitherto been «neutral», joined in a NATO summit on Friday the 25th of February, 2022. Finland and Sweden maintain a standing invitation to become part of NATO — and for the first time in history, more people in these countries support joining rather than abstaining from the alliance. In response, according to The Hill, Russia threatened nuclear war against Finland and Sweden should they join NATO. Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova stated:

«Finland and Sweden should not base their security on damaging the security of other countries and their accession to NATO can have detrimental consequences and face some military and political consequences.»

«Some military and political consequences» — does this not refer to nuclear warfare? What other «military consequences» would Russia possibly have to threaten NATO member States with? It is absurd to think that Russia meant anything else by this declaration.

Moreover, U.S. imperialism is consolidating its hold over existing NATO member States by enforcing that they contribute 2% of their national budgets to NATO, that they allow for the stationing of U.S. troops, planes and ships on their territory, and that they allow for the construction of U.S. military bases on their territory. The recent agreements between the USA, Denmark and Norway prove this (The Red Flag reported).

If Sweden and Finland join NATO, that will mean the complete expansion of the U.S.-led military alliance to cover all imperialist countries in Europe except for Austria and Switzerland. This will mean the complete encirclement of European Russia by imperialist powers of an antagonistic bloc headed by the U.S. imperialist superpower. As is well known, the strategic goal of U.S. imperialism for three decades now has been the gradual encirclement of Russia and China, so as to prepare for a 3rd World War in which the USA would be guaranteed victory. Concerning U.S. President Biden‘s «2022 National Defense Authorization Act», Professor Michael Klare wrote:

«[The Act] provides a detailed blueprint for surrounding China with a potentially suffocating network of U.S. bases, military forces, and increasingly militarized partner states. The goal is to enable Washington to barricade that country‘s military inside its own territory; and potentially to cripple its economy in any future crisis.»

This policy has been pursued for decades regarding Russia and is now reaching its maximum extent. With potential Swedish and Finnish membership in NATO, a new «iron curtain» will be completed in Europe, consisting of the borders between Russia on the one hand and Norway, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania on the other hand, as well as Bulgaria and Turkey across from Russia on the Black Sea. We are not mentioning Ukraine, because it is currently being transformed into a Russian colony. We are also not mentioning Moldavia, because it is not a member of NATO and is a «neutral» State according to its Constitution. Therefore, with the exceptions of Moldova and the Caucasus, Russian imperialism will very soon be completely unable to expand in Europe, which will necessarily lead towards an armed conflict between it and U.S. imperialism in the struggle for the redivision of Europe between the two superpowers present on the continent. The «intermediate zone» between the two superpowers in Europe is now almost reduced to nothing.

It is not only in terms of NATO membership and the occupation of Ukraine that these superpowers are objectively heading for world war. It is also in terms of military bases and troop deployment. U.S. President Biden has ordered the deployment of 7,000 more Yankee soldiers to Eastern Europe and has moved large contingents of troops, planes and vehicles from Western and Central Europe to Eastern Europe — bringing the total amount of Yankee troops in Europe up to 100,000. That is almost 1/3 of the entire Russian army. Moreover, NATO has actived its Response Force of 40,000 soldiers, which will be ready at any moment to deploy against Russia if necessary. Of these troops, over 13,000 are German. German imperialism has sent troops and planes to Lithuania, Poland and Romania, among other places. Danish imperialism has sent battleships and planes to Estonia. In general, there is an enormous build-up of troops and weapons on the increasingly militarized NATO-Russia border in Europe.

In sum, with Russian imperialism‘s push to the West and U.S. imperialism‘s push to the East, a solid border between the two imperialist superpowers in Europe is being built. This border is becoming more rigid and more militarized, giving neither side the opportunity to expand without a world war. As imperialism necessitates constant expansion in order to secure raw materials, labor-power and new markets, this is inevitably the final preparations in Europe for a 3rd World War. The 3rd World War will inevitably break out in the short-to-mid-term, that is, within the present decade or in the next at the latest. Whether this takes place sooner or later, the Russian invasion of Ukraine will inevitably be the prologue to the world war — and the revolutionaries of the world must prepare themselves.

In view of the above, our policy must be:

1. Oppose all deployment of imperialist troops in Europe — especially Yankee troops. Oppose the expansion of NATO. Oppose the construction of military bases in Europe. Demand that countries leave NATO, develop nuclear weapons for the purposes of deterrance only and arm their own people as the only possible defense against war.

2. Oppose all expansion of Russian imperialism in Europe. Demand that Russia end its invasion of Ukraine and its occupations of parts of Moldavia, Ukraine and Georgia. Demand an end to Russian provocations against Sweden, Finland, the Baltic States and other countries.

3. Support the just independence struggle of the nations occupied by the imperialist superpowers and powers. Support the just patriotic struggles of the people of Europe against superpower troop deployment, military bases and other violations of sovereignty.

4. Fight to defend our hard-won civil and labor rights. Fight to expand these rights in countries like Switzerland, where labor rights are almost non-existent. Fight against inflation, price hikes and rent hikes — demand that the rich pay for their own war. Fight the concept of «internal peace» with the exploiters and oppressors in our own country.

5. Build strong, clandestine anti-war organizations which cannot be smashed by repression; organizations that are not «against all war» but against unjust war, and which are ready to use all means necessary to fight the war and its consequences for the people — including using violence to push through demands.

6. Organize clandestine Communist Parties, people‘s armed forces and a broad, anti-imperialist united front in all countries in preparation for transforming the imperialist 3rd World War into revolutionary civil war in all belligerant countries (including supposedly «neutral» countries) and revolutionary national war in all occupied countries, or to prevent the imperialist 3rd World War by the same means.