The International Proletariat Shall Conquer the Earth

Statement by the Communist Party of Switzerland (Red Faction) on the occasion of the International Day of Struggle of the Proletariat 2022.
Proletarians of all countries, unite!
There is one goal, the conquest of power!




Provisional Central Committee
Communist Party of Switzerland (Red Faction)
Reproduced by
The Red Flag
Statement by the Communist Party of Switzerland (Red Faction) on the occasion of the International Day of Struggle of the Proletariat 2022.
Published for the first time by The Red Flag.


We take the position of the international proletariat, the last class in history, with its own class interests different from and antagonistic to those of other classes, and with an aim that only the proletariat directing the peoples of the world can attain, communism, the only unsurpassable new society, without exploited or exploiters, without oppressed and oppressors, without classes, without a State, without parties, without democracy, without weapons and wars, the society of «Great Harmony», the radical and definitive new society towards which 15,000,000,000 years of matter in motion — that part of eternal matter which we know — has been inevitably and irresistibly heading, but only by propelling the class struggle forward until it reaches the epic heights of people’s war, with guns in the hands of the armed class and masses of people, and counter-revolutionary war is destroyed forever, imperialism and reaction are overthrown and swept off the face of the Earth, and in the shadow of the guns of invincible people’s war upon which the dictatorship of the proletariat rests, society is transformed in all spheres, destroying and eliminating all class differences and private ownership of the means of production that gives rise to them, ending war forever, and communism shines for all humanity.

Since we take the position of the international proletariat, our starting-point is that its ideology today is Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, with Maoism main as its third stage, the highest point the ideology of the proletariat has reached in its historical process of development. It is within this context that we take up the class position and interests of the Peruvian proletariat as part of the international working class, since only on the basis of the universal doctrine of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism is it possible to stand with the proletariat and fight for its interests, here or anywhere else. There is only one proletarian ideology; it is applicable to the whole world and its development is a single world process.

Abimael «Gonzalo» Guzmán: «Develop the People’s War to Serve the World Revolution» (August 1986)

May 2022 marks the 103rd Anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of Switzerland on the 24th and 25th of May, 1919 in Bienne in Jura. Thus, from the very founding of our Party and onwards, the Swiss communist movement has been inseperably linked to the struggle of the oppressed nations for freedom from Swiss imperialism; the movement in our homeland has from its very birth been an international one. Lenin pointed out:

In order that acceptance of internationalism by the Swiss social-democrats shall not remain an empty and non-committal phrase — to which the adherents of the «Centre», and social-democrats of the epoch of the 2nd International generally, always confine themselves — it is necessary, first, consistently and unswervingly to fight for organisational rapprochement between foreign and Swiss workers bringing them together in the same unions, and for their complete equality (civic and political). The specific feature of imperialism in Switzerland is precisely the increasing exploitation of disfranchised foreign workers by the Swiss bourgeoisie, which bases its hopes on estrangement between these two categories of workers.

Second, every effort must be made to create a united internationalist trend among the German-, French- and Italian-speaking workers of Switzerland, a trend that will make for genuine unity in all practical activity in the labour movement and will combat, with equal determination and on principle, French (in Latin Switzerland), German and Italian social-patriotism. The present platform should be made the basis of a common and united platform of the workers of all three main nationalities or languages in Switzerland.

Without such a fusion of the workers of the revolutionary direction within all the nations of Switzerland, internationalism remains nothing but an empty phrase, and it would really be better to talk a little less about the 3rd International and a little more to help practically create this 3rd International on the particularly favorable soil of Switzerland.

V. I. Lenin: «Tasks of the Left-Radicals or Left-Zimmerwaldists in the Social-Democratic Party of Switzerland» (October-November 1916)

The founding of our Party was preceded by the founding, in 1878, of the first Swiss labour party by Comrade J. P. Becker, a pupil and ally of Marx and Engels, whom Marx greeted as the decisive force in the struggle against anarchism in the Workers’ 1st International, and whom Engels called the founder of the first people’s army in the history of the world — the volunteer workers’ and peasants’ army which Comrade Becker commanded in Germany during the Revolution of 1848-49. Our Party was founded by Comrades Leonie Kascher and Jakob Herzog, pupils and allies of Lenin himself, and Lenin made it clear that only the followers of Herzog would make the revolution in Switzerland when he said that in Herzog we had the labour leader the Swiss revolution needed to achieve victory. It was the pupils and allies of Comrade Mao Zedong who exposed the liquidationism of the «Party of Labour» and refounded our Party as the Communist Party of Switzerland/Marxist-Leninist, 50 years ago this year. Today, our Party is being refounded by the pupils of Comrade Gonzalo; we are the bearers of the torch of international communism in the imperialist countries today. Lenin wrote:

The Swiss social-democrats must support in all other Socialist Parties only the revolutionary-internationalist forces, the forces that accept the Zimmerwald Left. This support must not remain platonic.

V. I. Lenin: «Tasks of the Left-Radicals or Left-Zimmerwaldists in the Social-Democratic Party of Switzerland» (October-November 1916)

Our Party shall be refounded in the next few years, we shall make the Swiss revolution by way of armed struggle according to the October Road in the light of the proletarian military theory of people’s war — the only actual strategy for the socialist revolution in the imperialist countries which any organisation in the world has — and Switzerland shall be a shining barricade and red base area for the proletarian-socialist world revolution. And until this great strategic goal has been reached and afterwards, we pledge to our comrades across the Earth: Switzerland shall be a true centre of proletarian-internationalist solidarity and support for you!

We take this opportunity of the International Day of Struggle of the Proletariat to greet our comrades across the globe who are currently waging or preparing to wage armed struggle for the seizure of political power and the building of socialism and communism, be they Communist Parties, revolutionary organisations or individual comrades fighting for the great goal of founding, refounding and strengthening the Communist Parties as part of and in service of the world revolution, guided by the only, scientific and all-powerful proletarian ideology, Marxism-Leninism-Maoism.

In particular, we greet the Communist Party of India (Maoist), which directs the people’s war in India, the most decisive battlefield in the world today, a people’s war in which millions of people are currently fighting to overcome the genocidal «encirclement and suppression» Prahaar-3 campaign waged by the Indian reactionaries by taking a new leap in the development of the people’s war to the strategic stalemate through the establishment of the first revolutionary base areas, which are projected to include a population of 200,000,000 people within the next phase of the Indian revolution. The victory of the Indian new-democratic revolution shall tip the scales of the balance of forces in the world today in favour of the revolution, just as the Chinese revolution once did.

We greet the Communist Party of the Philippines, which continues to display its great persistence in directing the people’s war in the Philippines, which has great perspectives for Asia and Oceania. We reaffirm our support for the Philippine revolution against the fascist regime and against the domination of the country by U.S. imperialism, Chinese social-imperialism and all other imperialists. The upcoming elections in the Philippines are nothing but the choice between plague and cholera; the semi-feudal economic base does not permit any use of Parliament by the communists and revolutionaries. The point is not to identify either the State or non-State faction of the sub-contractor bourgeoisie as a «national bourgeoisie», but instead to boycott the elections and prevent them from taking place wherever possible, to serve the development of the people’s war. We are certain that the Left in the Party will impose itself in the struggle against the Right-opportunist deviations which continue to express themselves within the Party directorship, such as support for the Russian war of aggression on Ukraine or the capitulationist tactic of «peace talks», which must naturally be eliminated within the Party by the comrades.

We greet the Communist Party of Burma, which fights alongside the Burmese people in their anti-fascist struggle and correctly rejects the fake «peace negotiations» of the Burmese ruling classes, raising the slogan of people’s war. We are certain that the Burmese comrades will succesfully reinitiate the people’s war and crush both the fascist State-landlord regime and all of its imperialist masters, without falling under the domination of Chinese social-imperialism, the third superpower, which will undoubtedly attempt to abuse the Burmese people’s struggle for its own exploitative aims.

We greet the Communist (Maoist) Party of Afghanistan, which is preparing the initiation of the people’s war in Afghanistan against the most reactionary, obscurantist and mediaeval landlord rule of the Taliban. We greet the Proletarian Party of East Bengal, which is persisting in the armed struggle on the path laid out many decades ago by Comrade Siraj Sikder. And we greet the comrades in Nepal, Bhutan, Indonesia, Ceylon, Vietnam, Kampuchea and other Asian countries, who are struggling to refound their Communist Parties and reinitiate the people’s wars across the great strategic region of Asia, against all sorts of fascist and social-fascist rule and in spite of all the insults thrown at them by the revisionist traitors.

We greet the comrades in China, both on the mainland, in Taiwan province and in Hong Kong and Macau, who are fighting to unify under the flag of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism in the struggle against both the social-fascist rule of the «Chinese Communist Party» headed by the self-styled «Führer», Xi Jinping, who will be buried in the cave he grew up in by the Chinese people once they return to Yan’an, as Comrade Mao Zedong rightfully directed the Chinese communists to before his death, and the semi-colonial rule of the Chinese reactionaries in Taiwan province who act according to the wishes of U.S. imperialism.

We greet the comrades of North Africa and West Asia, this great region in which the people fight against all sorts of imperialist and reactionary exploitation and oppression — the Marxist-Leninist-Maoists of Morocco and Tunisia as well as in other countries, who are putting the founding of genuine Communist Parties on the agenda.

But in particular, we greet once again, with unspeakable class pride and joy, the comrades from the Maoist Communist Party of Turkey/North Kurdistan, our siblings-in-arms, our closest comrades, our hope for armed revolution in Europe and the Middle East, this shining example which we strive to always learn from in our struggles; all people in the world must understand what it truly means that the Party founded by Comrade Kaypakkaya was refounded last year, that it celebrates its 50th Anniversary this year, and that it is preparing the reinitiation of the people’s war in Turkey/North Kurdistan, this country which forms the bridge from Europe to Asia. A great belt of revolution shall soon stretch from the Balkans to Oceania, and no force on Earth can halt this process!

We greet the heroic struggling people of Swaziland, which under the directorship of the Communist Party of Swaziland is waging a just, patriotic, anti-fascist and democratic armed struggle against the arch-reactionary landlord dictatorship of King Mswati the last, the only remaining absolute monarch on the African continent. The Communist Party of Swaziland is gradually advancing in its understanding of the semi-feudal and semi-colonial character of Swazi society and of the new-democratic revolution in the form of people’s war following the road of surrounding the cities from the countryside as the only possible solution to the persistent problems of the Swazi people. We know that there are comrades in the Party who are taking up the ideas of Comrade Mao Zedong — and these comrades must push for the integration of the Party with the international communist movement and the establishment of a correct revolutionary strategy for the Swazi revolution, so that this Party will serve as a beacon of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism in Africa, the decisive continent of the world revolution in perspective, on which many people’s wars have already taken place, such as those in Azania, Zimbabwe and Guinea-Bissau and Cape Verde, and on which many more will take place as soon as the Swazi spark lights the praries of Southern Africa with the flames of people’s war.

We greet the comrades across Latin America who are advancing in the refounding of the Communist Parties and the preparations for people’s war, in particular the Communist Party of Brazil, which finally announced its long-anticipated refounding this year on the occasion of the 100th Anniversary of its founding. We also greet the Communist Party of Ecuador (Red Sun), which is preparing the reinitiation of the people’s war in Ecuador, as well as other comrades across Latin America who are making progress for the same goal, like in Chile and Colombia, despite all manner of reactionary repression.

We reiterate our support for the genuine Leftists in Peru, who are fighting for the second refounding of the Communist Party of Peru under the most difficult conditions, in the face of the lies, slander and distortions by the capitulationist and revisionist Right-opportunist lines in Peru headed by the elements who used to be known as «Miriam» and «José» respectively, as well as by the «Left»-liquidationist line which has structured itself within the remnants of the Peru People’s Movement. We are completely certain that our Peruvian comrades, who made real advances toward the refounding of the Party in 2017, will overcome their misconceptions about «general reorganisation» and throw all of these revisionists on the trash heap of history.

We greet the comrades of the Left in the other imperialist countries, like in the USA, Germany, Denmark and Australia, who are fighting the domination of revisionism and dogmato-revisionism in the revolutionist and communist movements (respectively) of their countries and are struggling to found new organisations suited to the forms of struggle which the refounding of their Communist Parties demands. The new efforts being made to impose Marxism-Leninism-Maoism in Australia are highly encouraging and the Swiss communists and revolutionary socialists are closely following the developments there.

In particular, we are very happy to hear of the expulsion of the head of the White-chauvinist, patriarchal and dogmato-revisionist clique who treated the U.S. revolutionary movement as his personal fiefdom, and who was exposed as nothing but an abusive pig after he had proclaimed his «Leadership». We are certain that the U.S. comrades will overcome their limitations and sweep away the remnants of the dogmato-revisionist line, so as to unite the entire U.S. communist movement into one revolutionary current for the refounding of the multinational Communist Party of the USA. We reaffirm our support for Comrade Rashid, the foremost communist leader and political prisoner in the USA, who is leading the Black nation’s just struggle against Yankee semi-slavery, and we reaffirm that no genuine U.S. communist movement can come to be without fighting for the participation of the Revolutionary Intercommunal Black Panther Party, so long as those comrades also advance in overcoming their own ideological deviations, which are remnants of the revisionist line historically pushed by Huey P. Newton, despite his contributions.

We greet the dissolution of both of the revisionist factions of the «Revolutionary Communist Party» in Canada, and we continue to hope that the genuine communists in Canada will overcome their limitations, be they of a dogmatist or empiricist character depending on the colleagues in question, so that the struggle for refounding the Communist Party of Canada may advance and the Canadian people shall set an example for armed struggle in the settler-colonial countries, without falling into either Appelian «third-worldist» or settler-chauvinist deviations, which shall resolve important new questions faced by the international communist movement today in countries such as Canada, New Zealand, Australia, the USA, Palestine and Azania. The revolutionaries of Canada must understand that neither the «Leftist» form of liquidationism represented by the former faction in Québec, nor the Rightist form of liquidationism represented by the former faction in English-speaking Canada, nor the ultra-dogmatic views which are presently being circulated by certain people in the country, will actually help to forge an ideological and political line for the Canadian revolution.

We greet the formation of the Maoist Communist Party of Spain, which is a great development in the struggle of the Spanish people against imperialism, sub-contractor capitalism and semi-feudalism, provided the comrades advance in taking up a correct class analysis of Spanish society, in particular the peasant and national questions. We hope that comrades in other third-world countries on the European continent, such as Portugal and Greece, will follow the example set by the Spanish comrades. We also hope that the Galician comrades will overcome their small-bourgeois-nationalist limitiations and unite into one single multinational communist organisation in Spain together with the comrades of the Maoist Communist Party, thus correcting their own deviations and at the same time infusing the entire Spanish communist movement with their own long and valuable experience with communist work.

We greet the revolutionaries in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus, who are no doubt fighting to transform the imperialist war into civil war and the national liberation war into people’s war, despite all forms of fascist repression, and we call on the Maoist Party of Russia in particular to fulfill its responsibility in refounding the Bolshevik Party and directing the second October against the fascist regime of the new Tsar Putin and his entire entourage of oligarchs and cultists like Alexander Dugin, the new Rasputin. We also greet the important statements which have been made across the Nordic Countries against NATO membership and imperialist war, while reserving our significant disagreements with certain questions. We reaffirm the only possible position for proletarian internationalists to take when one finds oneself in a belligerent country (be it directly or indirectly involved in the imperialist war):

Can a communist, who is an internationalist, at the same time be a patriot? We hold that they not only can be but also must be. The specific content of patriotism is determined by historical conditions. There is the «patriotism» of the Japanese aggressors and of Hitler, and there is our patriotism. Communists must resolutely oppose the «patriotism» of the Japanese aggressors and of Hitler. The communists of Japan and Germany are defeatists with regard to the wars being waged by their countries. To bring about the defeat of the Japanese aggressors and of Hitler by every possible means is in the interests of the Japanese and the German people, and the more complete the defeat the better […]. For the wars launched by the Japanese aggressors and Hitler are harming the people at home as well as the people of the world. China’s case, however, is different, because it is the victim of aggression. Chinese communists must therefore combine patriotism with internationalism. We are at once internationalists and patriots, and our slogan is: «Fight to defend the homeland against the aggressors!» For us defeatism is a crime and to strive for victory in the War of Resistance is an inescapable duty. For only by fighting in defense of the homeland can we defeat the aggressors and achieve national liberation. And only by achieving national liberation will it be possible for the proletariat and other working people to achieve their own emancipation. The victory of China and the defeat of the invading imperialists will help the people of other countries. Thus in wars of national liberation patriotism is applied internationalism.

Mao Zedong: «The Role of the Communist Party of China in the National War» (October 1938)

We also reaffirm that imperialist «neutrality», as is practised by the Swiss, Swedish and other imperialist bourgeoisies, is nothing but belligerancy in the imperialist war under a different mask, as Lenin pointed out:

Acceptance of the proposition that the present war is imperialist, that is, a war between two big freebooters for world domination and plunder, does not yet prove that we should reject defence of the Swiss homeland. We, Swiss, are defending our neutrality; we have stationed troops on our boundaries for the express purpose of avoiding participation in this robber war!

This is the argument of the social-patriots, the Grütlians, both within the Socialist Party and outside it.

It is based on the following tacitly accepted or dexterously manipulated premises.

Uncritical repetition of what the bourgeoisie says, and what it has to say, to maintain its class domination.

Complete trust in the bourgeoisie and complete distrust of the proletariat.

Disregard of the real, rather than imaginary, international situation resulting from the imperialist pattern of European relationships arid the imperialist «tie-up» of the Swiss capitalist class.

[…] Imperialist interests are manifested, as everyone knows, not only in territorial, but also in financial acquisitions. It should be borne in mind that the Swiss bourgeoisie exports capital, no less than 3,000,000,000 francs a year, that is, imperialistically exploits backward nations. That is a fact, and another fact is that Swiss banking capital is intimately associated and intertwined with the banking capital of the Great Powers, that the Swiss Fremdenindustrie, and so on, represent a permanent division of imperialist wealth between the Great Powers and Switzerland.

V. I. Lenin: «Defence of Neutrality» (January 1917)

What must be understood in the present movement is that the two imperialist blocs, the Western and the Eastern Bloc, which are directed by the imperialist superpowers, must be broken up; this will significantly decrease the chance of an imperialist world war. At the same time, the emergence of new imperialist superpowers cannot be accepted, so it is necessary to oppose the European Union completely, whose federation would only mean the consolidation of Western and Central Europe under German-French hegemony and colonial domination, mainly that of German imperialism — nothing but a Fourth Reich. The struggle against NATO should be supported. The struggle against the European Union should be supported. If opposing hegemonism means tactically supporting such measures as purely defensive military alliances or economic customs unions, then it is a necessary tactical measure to do so, just as Comrade Mao Zedong supported the establishment of the European Economic Community. As Mao Zedong explained to a French Government delegation:

I advise you to prepare civil air defence besides the Maginot Line and the atomic bomb. Do you have any idea how the world will change? We are not the chief of staff of the superpowers. You have been likewise bullied by other countries.

Under the present situation in Europe it seems difficult not only for you but even for the U.K. to launch a war. The so-called allies are hardly reliable. They may be congenial on some questions, while not on others. It will be relatively easy for us to come to agreement, but rather difficult when we negotiate with the USA or the Soviet Union.

Mao Zedong: «International Issues Should Be Settled Through Joint Consultation» (13.07.1970)

He then pointed out:

Is it rather chaotic now in Europe? When I say chaotic, what I mean is there are 60,000,000,000 U.S. dollars running rampant in Europe, and, moreover, the USA doesn’t honour its commitments. My word! It is really a difficult problem. The USA is a big despot, separated from Europe only by the Atlantic Ocean. The few superpowers are always in discord. We don’t wish to see Europe in such chaos. You must watch out for the Soviet Union, whose policy is just a feint to the East and attack in the West. It talks about attacking China, while actually it intends to gobble up Europe. That’s dangerous!

Mao Zedong: «Soviet Policy Is a Feint to the East and Attack in the West» (10.07.1972)

Summing up this point of view, he also stated during a conversation with a former British Prime Minister:

We shall be glad to have Europe become powerful.

Mao Zedong: «Talk with Edward Heath» (25.05.1974)

Naturally, such a policy only applies in the tactical struggle against the hegemonic ambitions of the imperialist superpowers and their preparations for world war, and has nothing to do with supporting one’s «own» imperialist bourgeoisie or supporting the imperialist powers themselves. To take up such a Right-deviationist policy would be nothing but betrayal of the world revolution and capitulation in front of one’s «own» capitalist class. At the same time, however, we should not take up a «Left»-deviationist policy of neglecting contradictions within the enemy camp and simply ignoring the effect which trends among the imperialists have on the political situation in the world. As Comrade Stalin correctly pointed out:

The reserves of the revolution can be […] Indirect: a) the contradictions and conflicts among the non-proletarian classes within the country, which can be utilised by the proletariat to weaken the enemy and to strengthen its own reserves; b) contradictions, conflicts and wars (the imperialist war, for instance) among the bourgeois States hostile to the proletarian State, which can be utilised by the proletariat in its offensive or in manoeuvring in the event of a forced retreat.

[…] As for the reserves of the second category, whose significance is not clear, it must be said that sometimes they are of prime importance for the progress of the revolution. One can hardly deny the enormous importance, for example, of the conflicts between the small-bourgeois democrats (Socialist-Revolutionaries) and the liberal-monarchists bourgeoisie (the Cadets) during and after the first revolution, which undoubtedly played its part in freeing the peasantry from the influence of the bourgeoisie. Still less reason is there for denying the colossal importance of the fact that the main groups of imperialists were engaged in a deadly war during the period of the October Revolution, when the imperialist, engrossed in war among themselves, were unable to concentrate their forces against the young council power, and the proletariat for this very reason, was able to get down to work of organising its forces and consolidating its power, and to prepare the rout of Kolchak and Denikin. It must be presumed that now, when the contradictions among the imperialist groups are becoming more and more profound, and when a new war among them is becoming inevitable, reserves of this description will assume ever greater importance for the proletariat.

I. V. Stalin: «The Foundations of Leninism» (April 1924)

The imperialist powers cannot be exempted from their crimes, and all communists and revolutionaries in the imperialist countries must recognise that the main enemy at all times is at home, that it is one’s «own» imperialist bourgeoisie. The struggle against imperialist colonialism, semi-colonialism and militarisation must be supported. The external colonies of imperialism in Europe, such as Greenland, Northern Ireland and Belarus, must be liberated, as must the external colonies of imperialism around the world, such as «French» Guyana, Kanaky, Eastern Samoa and other countries; the semi-colonies of imperialism, from Iceland through Spain and Portugal to all of Asia, Africa, Latin America and Eastern Europe (with the exception of China, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Russia and Finland, which are imperialist superpowers or powers) must be liberated; and the internal settler-colonies of imperialism, be it Chechnya, Palestine, Azania, New Africa, East Turkestan, Tibet or Jura and the Romanish region of Switzerland, must be liberated. There are certain imperialist chauvinists who like to pretend that the Black nation in the USA, the Aboriginal nations in formation in Australia, or the Uighur nation in China, are «not nations» and that «socialism will solve their problems». This is nothing but the most sinister social-imperialism. Lenin said:

The bourgeoisie was actually introducing slavery in the colonies and subjecting the native populations to unprecedented outrages and acts of violence, «civilising» them by the spread of liquor and syphilis. And in that situation socialists were expected to utter evasive phrases about the possibility of accepting colonial policy in principle! That would be an outright desertion to the bourgeois point of view. It would be a decisive step towards subordinating the proletariat to bourgeois ideology, to bourgeois imperialism, which is now arrogantly raising its head.

V. I. Lenin: «The International Socialist Congress in Stuttgart» (August-September 1907)

At the same time, it is not permissible to fall into «anti-national» illusions, as the German dogmato-revisionists for instance do, and on such a false basis oppose the just patriotic sentiment of the people. We must unite all communists, that is, those who are fighting for a society without private property, political power or patriarchy; we must unite all proletarian revolutionaries, that is, those who are fighting for the completion of the present stage of the revolution in each country; we must unite all progressives, that is, those who fight for the interests of the people without regard for the law; we must unite all democrats, that is, those who fight to defend and expand the democratic rights of the people; and we must unite all genuine patriots, that is, whose who fight to defend or obtain national self-determination against colonialism, semi-colonialism and hegemonism. This is also the case in imperialist nations which oppress other nations, even when that oppression takes place within their own borders through a settler-colonial stratum. As Comrade Stalin stated:

Earlier, the bourgeoisie, as the heads of nations, were for the rights and independence of nations and put that «above all». Now there is no trace left of this «national principle». Now the bourgeoisie sell the rights and independence of their nations for dollars. The banner of national independence and national sovereignty has been thrown overboard. Without doubt, you, the representatives of the Communist and Democratic Parties, must raise this banner and carry it forward if you want to be patriots of your countries, if you want to be the leading powers of the nations. There is nobody else to raise it.

I. V. Stalin: «Speech at the 19th Congress of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union» (14.10.1952)

This position was originally put forward by Comrade Lenin, and it remains valid today:

We are full of a sense of national pride, and for that very reason we particularly hate our slavish past (when the landed nobility led the peasants into war to stifle the freedom of Hungary, Poland, Iran and China), and our slavish present, when these selfsame landed proprietors, aided by the capitalists, are loading us into a war in order to throttle Poland and Ukraine, crush the democratic movement in Iran and China, and strengthen the gang of Romanovs, Bobrinskys and Purishkeviches, who are a disgrace to our Great-Russian national dignity. Nobody is to be blamed for being born a slave; but a slave who not only eschews a striving for freedom but justifies and eulogises their slavery (for example, calls the throttling of Poland and Ukraine, and so on, a «defence of the homeland» of the Great Russians) — such a slave is a lickspittle and a boor, who arouses a legitimate feeling of indignation, contempt, and loathing.

V. I. Lenin: «On the National Pride of the Great Russians» (12.12.1914)

We must support every struggle against our «own» imperialist soldiers, weapons and bullets across the globe — the imperialist troops must either go home or die plundering — and we must resolutely oppose all professionalisation of the imperialist and reactionary armed forces and police and all reactionary militarisation of society, which has a fascist character. At the same time, we should support the enlargement of the militia to include all adult members of the entire population, regardless of gender and nationality, and the general armament of the people, so as to break the bourgeois State’s monopoly on violence. We cannot fall into pacifist deviations and we cannot dismiss the masses of soldiers as «reactionaries», neglecting to do work in the enemy armed forces, which will inevitably be our main source of arms, training and recruits during the coming revolutionary wars. Lenin pointed out:

Today the imperialist bourgeoisie militarises the youth as well as the adults; tomorrow, it may begin militarising the women. Our attitude should be: All the better! Full speed ahead! For the faster we move, the nearer shall we be to the armed uprising against capitalism.


The whole of social life is now being militarised. Imperialism is a fierce struggle of the Great Powers for the division and redivision of the world. It is therefore bound to lead to further militarisation in all countries, even in neutral and small ones. How will proletarian women oppose this? Only by cursing all war and everything military, only be demanding disarmament? The women of an oppressed and really revolutionary class will never accept that shameful role. They will say to their sons: «You will soon be grown up. You will be given a gun. Take it and learn the military art properly. The proletarians need this knowledge not to shoot your siblings, the workers of other countries, as is being done in the present war, and as the traitors to socialism are telling you to do. They need it to fight the bourgeoisie of their own country, to put an end to exploitation, poverty and war, and not by pious wishes, but by defeating and disarming the bourgeoisie.»

V. I. Lenin: «The Military Programme of the Proletarian Revolution» (September 1916)

Finally, we also greet the blow which was struck at the «Committee Red Flag» dogmato-revisionists in Germany through the valuable polemic issued in the name of The Sparrow by revolutionaries who left the sect, and in particular the great practical example set by the more than 110 young revolutionaries participating in the Red Youth Bloc at the Lenin-Liebknecht-Luxemburg Demonstration this year. We greet the advances made by the German youth who uphold Marxism-Leninism-Maoism, in particular the revolutionaries in Münster, who are setting an example to the entire German working class. Never again shall the German Left fall victim to the lies of anti-Germans, who, full of Nazi guilt and fake internationalism, oppose the German people under the cover of «anti-imperialism». Eternal honour and glory to the unforgetable historical memory of Council Germany! The German revolutionaries must redouble their efforts to unite under Marxism-Leninism-Maoism and struggle to refound the Communist Party of Germany, sweeping away all obstacles in their way, including the dogmato-revisionist trend, which is mainly represented in their country by the «Committee Red Flag».

We are completely opposed to the social-imperialist policy of «abroad work» being practised by the dogmato-revisionists of the modern-day 2nd International — that is, the entire degenerated structure of illegitimate international agreements, «coordinating committees» and directives under the control of the dogmato-revisionist trend, which is trending toward collapse in connection with the imperialist war, nothing but a farcical historical echo of the historic 2nd International turned inside-out, which consisted not of sects but of parties with mass influence — to which the «Committee Red Flag» belongs. These opportunists use a combination of praise, lies and thinly veiled threats to worm their way into the directorship of circles of inexperienced revolutionaries in different countries, and abuse their position of influence to manipulate these colleagues like puppets in order to win prestige and new forces for themselves. The dogmato-revisionists have already usurped apparatuses in Denmark and France — they were also already violently expelled from Switzerland. We reiterate our just demand: The practice of «abroad work», and particularly its social-imperialist form, must be banned in the international communist movement. «Abroad work», as practised by a great deal of organisations in the history of the international communist movement, is at best a Bundist policy (which creates national and borderless organisations rather than international and territorial organisations) and at worst simply a social-imperialist scheme aimed at preparing public opinion for the annexation of those countries to the «metropole» as colonial dominions following the «revolution». All local organisations controlled from abroad must be dissolved and their members must either return home or join the territorial Communist Parties or revolutionary organisations in the countries in question. Lenin correctly pointed out:

In everything else [than propaganda and agitation in Yiddish, its own literature and congresses, the right to advance separate demands to supplement a single general social-democratic programme and to satisfy local needs and requirements arising out of the special features of Jewish life] there must be complete fusion with the Russian proletariat, in the interests of the struggle waged by the entire proletariat of Russia. As for the fear of being «steam-rollered» in the event of such fusion, the very nature of the case makes it groundless, since it is autonomy that is a guarantee against all «steam-rollering» in matters pertaining specifically to the Jewish movement, while in matters pertaining to the struggle against the autocracy, the struggle against the bourgeoisie of Russia as a whole, we must act as a single and centralised militant organisation, have behind us the whole of the proletariat, without distinction of language or nationality, a proletariat whose unity is cemented by the continual joint solution of problems of theory and practice, of tactics and organisation; and we must not set up organisations that would march separately, each along its own track; we must not weaken the force of our offensive by breaking up into numerous independent political parties; we must not introduce estrangement and isolation and then have to heal an artificially implanted disease with the aid of these notorious «federation» plasters.

V. I. Lenin: «Does the Jewish Proletariat Need an ‹Independent Political Party›?» (15.02.1903)

We reaffirm our commitment to the reunification of the international communist movement on the basis of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism. We adhere to the proposal of the Communist Party of India (Maoist) to form an International Communist Forum for debating the ideological and political line of the international communist movement and coordinating its activities, which we see as a real and practical step in the direction of establishing the Communist 4th International on the basis of the modern expression of the ideology of the proletariat and as the World Party of the working class which must correctly apply strategic centralisation and tactical decentralisation. We reaffirm that we are totally and completely opposed to any «Unified International Maoist Conference» without the participation of specific Communist Parties which are actually waging or preparing to wage people’s war, since such a conference would objectively be an attempt to split the presently already weak international communist movement, and whatever «New International Organisation of the Proletariat» would be produced by such a conference would objectively be nothing but a sectarian abortion, which the genuine communists of the world would be forced to oppose, condemn and fight. Those who seek the unity of the international communist movement should start from the desire for unity on the existing relative basis of unity, and on the basis of that unity, struggle on the basis of principles to achieve a higher relative basis of unity. To begin by excluding certain Parties and organisations which do not accept one’s own definition of Maoism when there does not even exist a forum in which this definition can be struggled over simply won’t do. The main danger to the international communist movement at present is therefore the dogmato-revisionist trend, which is represented among others by the revisionists of the «Committee Red Flag» and the Peru People’s Movement, and these revisionists must be expelled and the line they represent demolished through persistent two-line struggle before genuine unity of the international communist movement can be reached. And such genuine unity on the ideological, political and organisational level in a refounded and militarised Communist International which respects the autonomy, independence and self-reliance of its Sections is needed if the international communist movement is to meet the challenges that the present epoch faces us with. As Comrade Mao Zedong correctly stated:

The next 50 to 100 years or so, beginning from now, will be a great era of radical change in the social system throughout the world, an earth-shaking era without equal in any previous historical period. Living in such an era, we must be prepared to engage in tremendous struggles which in form will have many features different from those of struggles in the past. In this undertaking, we must integrate in the best possible way the universal truth of Marxism-Leninism with the concrete realities of China’s socialist construction and with those of the world revolution now and in the future and, through practice, gradually get to know the objective laws of struggle. We must be prepared to suffer many failures and setbacks resulting from our blindness, an thereby gain experience and win final victory. When we see things in this light, there are many advantages in envisaging a longer period of time, whereas harm might result from envisaging a shorter period.

Mao Zedong: «Talk at an Enlarged Working Conference Convened by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China» (30.01.1962)

The 21st century will be a century of decisive importance for the proletarian-socialist world revolution. As the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement correctly proclaimed, it will be a century of people’s wars. This century, we are facing an unprecedented sharpening of all the basic contradictions at the world level, especially the main contradiction (imperialist superpowers and powers <-> oppressed nations), through imperialist wars of aggression and imperialist world wars for the redivision of the world, through capitalist destruction of the climate, through reindustrialisation, mass migration and fascist militarisation and corporativisation of bourgeois society, and through the falling rate of profit which will eventually culminate in unceasing capitalist economic crises of overproduction due to negative returns on investment, which can only be counteracted by more unemployment, more crises, more wars and more destruction of the environment. This is the main contradiction in the world at present due to the fact that imperialist exploitation and oppression of the colonies and semi-colonies is the motive force in shaping world politics currently, while any of the other basic contradictions can become the main one in a given moment — for example, the inter-imperialist contradiction would become the main one in the event of an imperialist world war.

At the same time, the contradiction (bourgeoisie <-> proletariat) is sharpening and will continue to sharpen, as real wages are pressed below the cost of living, as militarisation of society increases and as the labour aristocracy in the imperialist nations is gradually dissolved by the process of capitalist polarisation. The tendency of mass migration toward the creation of internal colonies in the imperialist countries themselves also has the effect of sharpening the contradiction between the working and capitalist classes. The contradictions between the imperialist superpowers, between the imperialist superpowers and powers and between the imperialist powers themselves are also sharpening as a result of these processes, and new imperialist wars of aggression, directly (as in the case of the Russian invasion of Ukraine) and by proxy (as in the case of the Turkish invasion of Iraq), and an imperialist 3rd World War is being prepared. Finally, the contradiction (capitalism <-> socialism) continues to unfold on the ideological level and is rapidly developing, as the generalised counter-revolutionary offensive by imperialism, revisionism and reaction against Marxism, the Communist Party, the dictatorship of the proletariat and socialism is being overturned by the advances of the revolutionary movements directed by the Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Communist Parties in several countries in the world. This contradiction will develop qualitatively with the reestablishment of socialism in the world and will then unfold at the political, economic and military levels as well. All of these basic contradictions affect one another and are rapidly sharpening to the point that they must be resolved by way of world revolution in this century. In short, imperialism, revisionism and reaction are jointly preparing for monstrous crimes against the international proletariat and the people of the world, and we must fight to either prevent this genocide through revolution or to end it through revolution if it takes place.

As a result of the sharpening of these basic contradictions, and especially of the main one, the people are rising in new struggles all across the globe. The violent anti-fascist struggle in Sweden, the struggles against starvation in Egypt and Ceylon, the struggle against the grotesquely repressive «Zero Covid» policy in social-fascist China, the massive wave of anti-imperialist protests across Russia, the women’s struggle against Islamic fundamentalism in Afghanistan, the struggle against sub-contractor capitalism in Kazakhstan, the victory of the national wars of independence of Mali and Afghanistan, the struggle for land reform in Zimbabwe, the continued armed struggle of the Palestinian people against the Zionist reactionaries, and the glorious national liberation war of the Ukrainian nation, are all proof that there exists a stationary or developing revolutionary situation across the third world, and that even in the first- and second-world imperialist countries, there are violent class struggles and varying degrees of revolutionary sympathy, which can be transformed into a revolutionary situation by a conscious proletarian vanguard applying a correct ideological and political line and the strategy of people’s war specified according to the conditions of the country in question, be it as the road of surrounding the city from the countryside in semi-feudal countries (such as most countries in Latin America, Africa and Asia), as the October Road in capitalist countries (be they imperialist like Switzerland or oppressed like Poland), or creatively applied to countries where the system of semi-slavery predominates (as in the South of Sudan, in Mauritania, in the Gulf States and other places). The road of the revolution always differs according to pecularities, and no dogmatic application of the theory of people’s war will ever be capable of leading the people to victory in the revolution, as history has proved beyond any reasonable doubt. Comrade Mao Zedong said:

Whether in China or in other countries of the world, when all is said and done, over 90% of the population will eventually support Marxism-Leninism [today, Marxism-Leninism-Maoism]. There are still many people in the world who have not awakened because of the deceptions of the social-democrats, revisionists, imperialists and reactionaries. But sooner or later they will gradually awaken and support Marxism-Leninism [-Maoism]. The truth of Marxism-Leninism [-Maoism] is irresistible. Sooner or later the masses of the people will rise in revolution. Sooner or later the world revolution will triumph.

Mao Zedong: «Talk at an Enlarged Working Conference Convened by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China» (30.01.1962)

What is necessary is for the Communist Parties to initiate, reinitiate or develop their people’s wars according to the specific conditions of the revolution in question; for the revolutionary organisations to constitute themselves Red Factions of their Parties in order to found or refound them; and for the individual revolutionaries to exert the utmost efforts to found such revolutionary organisations. The world revolution demands that these tasks be fulfilled by the communists of all countries. If they do not fulfill them, others will rise to take their place. The people of the world can no longer tolerate living under capitalist rule. We are entering a decisive period of a new great wave of the proletarian-socialist world revolution, similar to the ones experienced in 1917-21, 1945-48, 1968-75 and 1996-2004. The strategic defensive into which the world revolution entered following the restoration of capitalism in China in 1976 will soon be overturned by the struggle of the international working class and the people of the world. We shall triumph. The class enemy shall lose. The international proletariat shall conquer the Earth.

Switzerland, 01.05.2022