The Last Round with the Japanese Invaders

Proletarians of all countries, unite!
There is one goal, the conquest of power!


Chairman Mao Tse-tung

Selected Works, Vol. 3
Foreign Languages Press
Peking 1965
Reproduced by
The Red Flag


The Chinese people heartily welcome the Soviet government‘s declaration of war on Japan on August 8th. The Soviet Union‘s action will very much shorten the war against Japan. The war is already in its last stage and the time has come to inflict final defeat on the Japanese aggressors and all their running dogs. In these circumstances, all the anti-Japanese forces of the Chinese people should launch a nation-wide counter-offensive in close and effective coordination with the operations of the Soviet Union and the other allied countries. The 8th Route Army, the New 4th Army and the other armed forces of the people should seize every opportunity to launch extensive attacks on all the invaders and their running dogs who refuse to surrender, annihilate their forces, capture their arms and matériel, vigorously expand the Liberated Areas and reduce the areas under enemy occupation. We must boldly form armed working teams which, by hundreds and by thousands, should penetrate deep into the rear of the enemy-occupied areas, organize the people to wreck the enemy‘s communication lines and fight in coordination with the regular armies. We must boldly arouse the people in the occupied areas in their tens of millions and immediately organize underground forces to prepare armed uprisings and to annihilate the enemy in coordination with the troops attacking from without. Meanwhile, the consolidation of the Liberated Areas must not be neglected. Among the 100,000,000 people there, and among the people in all other areas as they are liberated, we should universally carry out the reduction of rent and interest this winter and next spring, increase production, build up the people‘s political power and armed forces, intensify militia work, strengthen army discipline, persistently develop the united front of all sections of the people and guard against waste of manpower and material resources. All this is designed to put more punch into our army‘s offensive against the enemy. The people of the whole country must be on their guard to avert the danger of civil war and make efforts to bring about the formation of a democratic coalition government. A new stage in China‘s war of national liberation has arrived, and the people of the whole country must strengthen their unity and struggle for final victory.