Ukraine Is the Victim of Russian-U.S. Aggression and Their War Conspiracy

Statement about Russian imperialism's war of aggression against Ukraine and the ongoing maneuvering of the imperialist superpowers and powers.

Proletarians of all countries, unite!


Central Committee
Proletarian Party of East Bengal

Reproduced by
The Red Flag


Russian imperialism launched a direct military aggression in Ukraine on the morning of February 24, after nearly two months of military mobilization on the Ukrainian border and various threats from both the sides of Russia and the US/West.

War is going on.

However, many parts of Ukraine has been occupied by Russia.

It may be assumed that if the Western imperialists do not take part in the war directly or cease-fire does not occur, Russia will be able to occupy Ukraine. And they will establish a pro-Russian government there.

In that case, a pro-Western civil war is more likely to unfold, as it is now, with pro-Russian rebels against the pro-Western government. By dividing Ukraine into two parts, Russia and the United States may continue their conspiracy through two puppet governments also. All in all, the conflict will continue.

Russia recognized Donetsk and Luhansk, two regions bordering Russia, as independent countries before the invasion of Ukraine. Where the armed activities of the pro-Russian rebels were already going on. Russia may also allow some of these territories to remain «independent» under its influence.

Arms race and Russian aggression around Ukraine is a manifestation of the rapidly developing Russian-US (and China-US) inter-imperialist conflict. Ukraine was once part of the socialist Soviet Union. This was later maintained when the Soviet became capitalist and social imperialists. But with the «collapse of the Soviet Union» in 1990s, Ukraine became a separate state along with 13 other states. Thus the US imperialist bloc had played a huge role, apart from the internal reasons behind the creation of many US-affiliated states. They were then able to turn their main imperialist rival, the Soviet Union, into a second tier imperialist country and US emerged as a single superpower.

For many years after the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia had compelled to accept various political and military conspiracies of the US/Western imperialists in the new states bordering Russia. But in recent years, the emergence of China as a formidable opponent of the United States, along with the escalating crises in the United States itself, has led to a breakdown in the US-led unipolar world. Its contradiction with Russia and China over world domination continues to intensify. Recently, this inter-imperialist conflict has become openly hostile. American imperialism has played a protectionist role in its global empire in the face of this crisis. Somewhere (in Afghanistan) it has retreated.

China, on the other hand, has publicly announced its intention to assure its share in world domination and has adopted various measures. Russia also has already consolidated its own home and has forged closer ties with China against the United States. It has become courageous to wage military invasion, may be limited, for capturing their previously lost «Empire» into their web. US imperialism plans to annex Ukraine to the NATO military alliance as part of escalating anti-Russian political and military conspiracies in Eastern European countries through its puppet governments. Russia has warned of this before also. Side by side, they have supported various armed groups against pro-US Zelensky government of Ukraine. In the end, when the Zelensky government was adamant in its decision to join NATO, Russia decided to crack down on this «insolence». The result is aggression in Ukraine.

Although China, till now, did not directly support the aggression, but it is expressed that she is on the Russia’s side against the US through the pre-war Putin-Xi Jinping talks and the abstention of China from voting on a US ceasefire proposal in the Security Council. Definitely, Chinese social imperialists have their own agenda. But US is her main opponent. So, China is not bringing it’s pre-conflict with Russia to the fore. China has important political-military issues against the US/West, including Taiwan, Tibet, Hong Kong, Uyghurs, borders with India, and the South China Sea. The issue of its trade war with the US has very much intensified.

So China now sees Russia as its ally against the United States for world domination.

Russia’s superpower aggression in Ukraine has on the one hand proved the rapid escalation of the inter-imperialist contradiction, which has spread over to not only economically and politically, but also militarily. On the other hand, this event has initiated the final disintegration of the unipolar world.

It would not be a big mistake to call it as the preamble or direct preparation of the third world war. Although no one probably will want to take the risk of such a war, which will endanger the whole imperialist world. But they are compelled to wage such a proxy-war. This is what happened in Ukraine.

At present, the intensification of inter-imperialist contradiction is the manifestation of the very crises of the system. They have no solution other than war. It is not a matter of the will of a person, Putin or Trump. The development of fascism in capitalist-imperialist countries, even in Russia and America itself, shows that the imperialist system is in deep crisis. In order to deal with this crisis, fascism is growing and developing in those countries today. This is what is pushing them into such aggression. US imperialism had the exclusive rights over this aggression for the past three decades. This is now advancing to be snatched by Russia. Tomorrow China will do the same. Taiwan or the South China Sea is its immediate field. Being involved in war as a result of inter-imperialist conflict is a rule of capitalism-imperialism . Whether it is regional or proxy war, limited or all-out world war. They cannot survive without war. The Great Lenin showed it a hundred years ago. Only with the uprooting this imperialist world order and establishing a socialist and communist world system without exploitation, all the people of the world will be liberated from this endless unjust war that destroys their lives, livelihood, peace, comfort, dignity and property.

Therefore, the war, even the world war cannot be canceled. They will definitely carry out war and aggression in the countries and regions under the influence of one another. Their hands are stained with the blood of the world people. It will surely be increased. No pacifist propaganda can stop it. The question is, what is the way for the people to survive? What is the way to protect the independence of small countries?

Ukraine is a smaller capitalist country both militarily and economically than the US-Russia. It has the right to survive as an separate country in the face of aggression from major powers.

But the country’s bourgeois ruling class is divided vertically into the US and Russian spheres. The Zelensky government is a complete puppet of the United States. That is why Ukraine vigorously wanted to join a military alliance like NATO.

Today’s Russia cannot accept the US military presence and its larger war preparations in the regions adjacent to its border.

Therefore, it is no doubt that the NATO-Head US and its servant the Zelensky government are as responsible as Russia for the aggression in Ukraine. Today, Ukraine and its people are crushed in the face of the war-plots of both the sides.

The Western world and their media are making a thousand attempts to portray the Zelensky government as great, heroic, democratic and patriotic. In reality, they are nothing more than a pawn in the hands of US and Western imperialism. They are desperate to be agents of the NATO military alliance in the name of independence. It speaks of independence in its own country, but has suppressed the right to self-determination in Russian-speaking territories such as Donetsk and Luhansk. Zelensky is so racist that he has openly opposed the Palestinian liberation struggle in favor of Israel, in unison with the United States and Israel. This is why he is so dear to US imperialism.

In reality, the Western imperialists are using Ukraine in their anti-Russian war strategy, strengthening their arms trade, trying to beat their rival Russia keeping the gun on the shoulder of Ukraine. And in the face of Russian aggression, they are hiding their war-tactics by the cover of the shield of «anti-war» peace and humanity. Before the war, they shouted that they would show Russia if she attacks. But now they are limited to imposing various sanctions. They have proved that they want to use Ukraine to weaken Russia.

Today, they are talking about military aggression, humanity, democracy, freedom, etc etc. But, apart from the history of the last few centuries, only what they have done and are doing in the last two decades of this century is enough to prove their hypocrisy. Today, those who have joined the US in imposing sanctions against Russia have worked for US military aggression in countries around the world, including Iraq, Kuwait, Libya, Afghanistan, and Syria.

Many people say that in the face of aggression from superpowers like Russia and the United States, small countries have no way of defending their independence. But history does not say that. A very underdeveloped country like China defeated the then superpower Japanese imperialism and American war conspiracy under the leadership of the great revolutionary communist Mao. A small underdeveloped country like Vietnam defeated a superpower like America in the war. The same thing happened in the Korean War.

This is what happens when a people’s war is waged by uniting the people in a real anti-imperialist program. Only a revolutionary communist party led by the working class can do that. In today’s world that is the maoist party.

The Ukrainian government is a puppet capitalist government of the US/Western imperialists. It is not possible for them to defeat the Russian aggression by waging a protracted people’s war keeping themselves outside the war-plots of all the imperialists. They have no progressive program. They want to resist Russia inviting the US and NATO and relying on them.

Western bourgeois democrats and humanitarians, as always, are saying that war is not the solution. They deliberately confuse the difference between a just war and an unjust war. In other words, they support unjust war. Today, for example, in the name of opposing Russian aggression, western supporters on the one hand are hiding the US/NATO war-plots. And on the other hand, they are glorifying Zelensky’s Western-backed war. The people must build a people’s war to counter the imperialist aggression and war-plots. The people’s war is the way to establish real peace for the people. Without this, they will be the victims of imperialist unjust war, and will be murdered, crippled, become refugees in millions, witnessing loss of their property and helpless spectators of reactionary events.

In such an incident, the situation of Hasina government and Bangladesh state has become tense.

They are «observing» and chanting «peace, not war!». They themselves are now under US sanctions. They do not want to provoke the United States any more. On the other hand, they dependent on Russia (and China) through many ways. It is not possible for them to take any effective and correct position. As is the case with India also.

As the inter-imperialist conflict intensifies, their crisis is bound to erupt.

We have to unmask their so-called pacifism. And we have to strengthen the people’s war in this country as well.