Writings of Dr. Grover C. Furr

Historian Grover Furr's writings in defense of communism.

Dr. Grover C. Furr is an American historian who has carried out a persistent and energetic defense of Comrade Stalin and the experience of socialist construction in the Union of Socialist Council Republics from its founding until the counter-revolutionary coup of 1956, carried out by N. S. Khrushchev. His writings provide extremely important source material for rebuking anti-communist propaganda narratives against the international communist movement. For this reason, we reproduce the available books and essays here.

However, it should be noted that Dr. Furr is not an organized communist, nor is he a marxist-leninist-maoist. He is simply a revolutionary socialist academic. Therefore, while his work to gather and present these sources is a great resource for communists and revolutionaries, we cannot rely completely on this work. That would be one-sided and subjectivist. What is needed is a proper analysis of Comrade Stalin and the Soviet experience, and not only a defense of it.