To fight for communism is to declare war on the old miserable society. This society that condemns us to twelve hours of work every day, only for our boss to pocket the majority and our wage to stay just as measly as before; in which our family and us get kicked out of an already too small block apartment once again because a speculant company smells the money in an expensive new building project; in which we can’t afford cheap food because the fruit is too expensive and school forces our children to buy overpriced laptops for class; in which our toiling brothers and sisters, the poor peasants of the world, have to ruin the soil day by day with seeds and pesticides from Syngenta to enlargen the riches of the local landowner and the mega company even more and eventually drink the pesticide themselves because the debt is no longer bearable; in which women in the whole world have to carry twice the work burden – production and family – on their shoulders and are supposed to be thankful for it, while queers are attacked, made homeless, persecuted, stuck in camps and murered because they diverge from patriarchal gender roles.

No wonder that workers and peasants in the whole world are taking up arms to seize power, drive out the old hell and build up and defend socialism; a society without exploitation and oppression that aims towards everything (school, land and factories) becoming commonly owned, everyone working collectively and shaping the world – towards communism.

Lenin recognized correctly that we only have organization as a means in our struggle against exploitation and oppression. Organized fighting means firstly that our class must form a communist party in each country, one that is capable of gradually leading all masses fo a country onto the battlefield against the old world and for the new one. Secondly, there has to be a military strategy for the victory of our class and the masses. This strategy is the people’s war. We have to wrest the old state’s areas away from it bit by bit with guerilla war and immediately construct a new power in all conquered zones, a red power for the masses and supporting itself on them. The old state can launch as many counter attacks and reconquests as it wants; the new power stays in the heads of the masses, more and more join the armed struggle against the old and the communist-led soldiers move among them like a fish in the water. If we follow this strategy and the path to communism resolutely, it doesn’t matter at all how many we are today; in the long run, we will win.

The largest example for this is the ongoing people’s war in India. It was initiated in 2004 by the Communist Party of India (Maoist) (CPI(M)). Today, around 150’000’000 people (2% of the global population) are living under the new power, the demoratic people’s dictatorship, where the soil belongs to those who till it, healthcare and childcare are collective and free of charge, the environment is revitalized and the people rule themselves through assembly-elected and always recallable representatives (commmunists, soldiers and progressives). The old powers reverently speak of the “red corridor” of India (the communist part) and try to destroy the people’s war with terror, genocide, lies and subversion; the success of their goals – or rather the lack of it – is obvious.

A people’s war is also being waged in the Philippines since over 50 years. Led by the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPPh), the people’s war has pushed on through countless setbacks, temporary defeats and attempts at treason in the past half century. Today, the fruits of the fight are ripening; on all philippine islands except for five, there are areas where communist guerilla warfare is led through the New People’s Army (NPA). The CPPh is also uniting more and more parts of the Filipino people through the NPA against the ongoing annexation of Filipino marine territory by social-imperialist China, with whom the tyrannical and genocidal Duterte is working together as ruthlessly as he usually only does with the USA.

These bulletins spread the newest news and developments of the two presently led people’s wars in the world. We are fully convinced that there will soon be three, four, ten people’s wars that we can report about and that will push forward the international battle for communism even further – until no more exploitation and oppression exists anywhere.

The “red corridor” of India.